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  1. Just received a text that Carnell’s uncle is telling people that he accepted the job and that he’s on the road recruiting this morning.
  2. I feel like we've got a better chance with Richards than Cain.
  3. Really like the size of these secondary players were bringing in this year
  4. He announces Friday and Colby Wooden announces tomorrow.
  5. Looks like stretch is going to reclassify
  6. Why was Hugh freeze at our scrimmage?
  7. Someone get the bagman to Lawrenceville ASAP!
  8. Haven't seen any updates. How'd his visit go?
  9. Back on campus for the fourth time this month.
  10. Pickering just committed to Miss state
  11. Jones is back on Campus watching his teammates play in the 7 on 7 tournament.
  12. The 5-foot-11, 170-pound Katy, Texas, native spent the last two years playing for Lee College in Baytown, Texas. McCormick started 19 games as a sophomore last season. He averaged 18.5 Points, 5.3 Rebounds, 6.4 Assists while shooting a FG% of 42.8 and 36.4% from behind the arc. He'll have two years of eligibility remaining and fill the void let by the departure of Davion Mitchell. The Tigers now have 11 of 13 scholarships filled going into the 2018-19 season.
  13. Looks like we’re about to land someone