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  1. Probably because it's the only time that anyone noticed UMd even had a football team.
  2. Yeah, I guess we can always rest assured that no matter the alternate uni, it wont be as bad as MD's.
  3. The only issue with this has been mentioned. When schools choose to do an alternative uni, rarely -and I mean rarely - do they not look like total shite. It's usually a what the hell are they wearing moment. I would rather go with just a helmet change for a game or something like that because I do not trust someone else to not totally ass it up 🤷
  4. So refreshing. He literally said more in 10 minutes of that press conference than Gus said in his the entire time he was here.
  5. Yeah, I get the get him the ball more, but honestly how creative can you really get with a 300 lb TE. The ceiling for creativity there is pretty low. It's not like he's some 6'6 pass catching machine. His blocks could he highlights at times, but the other TEs can be just as effective there. Idk...to me, it was more of a cool novelty to have a 300 lb TE than anything else. Gus surely thought it was, whether he used him or not.
  6. Lol that's a thought, but hardly creative.
  7. That's a great thought, but what did you seriously think they could "creatively" do with JJ at TE? Serious question.
  8. The only hope of a NFL future for JJ is on the DL. He may have been a novelty at TE, but his measurables weren't going to help him there. He has the size and speed for a good DT, and it would really be a mistake to not try it. I think the coaches see it, and I think JJ and his dad apparently see it too.
  9. This is freakin *"#$&# awesome!
  10. So is this just another way of saying "Drink more beer, son" ?
  11. Man, our big 3 sports this year has sucked balls - footballs, basketballs, and baseballs. Each sport made me look forward to the next, but they have all been bad - with two of the sports supposedly having excellent coaches. Guess I will look forward to summer now. No AU sports to stink that up for me at least.
  12. The turds played a 15, 10, and 11 seed yet could not advance to the elite 8. Talk about getting an easy path. 😂😂
  13. Nice to see JJ working with the return team. He's one whose abilities fit that role. Returns had really been a sore spot for me under the previous coach.
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