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  1. We have to beat them regardless.
  2. This game doesn't affect that. UF has to beat thuga regardless.
  3. I hope LSU curbstomps them, and Mullen gets hit in the face with the football 12 times.
  4. Me too. Personally I would have called neither, but you cant call one and not the other.
  5. What is the difference on the block? Well, it's bama of course.
  6. Great drive. That "blindside" call was bs. Danielson needs to go. Total idiot.
  7. Awe, I feel sorry for thuga. Just kidding, suck it dawgs!!
  8. Didnt care for play calls inside the 10.
  9. New life, but OT def in thuga's favor. Needed to steal that in regulation. This announcers are idiots. They expected Kirby to try a 60 yd FG? Thats fantasy.