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  1. Very interesting list to say the least. Some of the names I'm excited to see. Yeah, some are old. Some were not exactly what you would consider stand-outs when they were here - not even starters. There are a few that I just kinda laughed at tbh, but I will leave those names out.
  2. I havent seen too much bad from the UK fans on twitter, though I dont read a lot of it. Now the UT hicks were awful. Just a classless bunch.
  3. Am I the only one who noticed that it looked like Mac came awfully close to blowing out his knee on that steal & breakaway? Scared the hell outta me.
  4. At least "Coach" Barbee got to see it in person.
  5. Whats so aggravating about officiating like this is it is accepted as ok. Nothing will be said and nothing will be done. Its the status quo.
  6. Reid Travis is the second coming of Tyler Hansbrough. Does nothing but foul, and never gets called for it.
  7. DP has gotten better and better. He will be a force - hopefully starting today. Im probably more concerned about our D without Chuma than the O, though.
  8. We have a great bunch of guys on this basketball team. Do it for Chuma!
  9. And to read what the "media" writes, you would think BP is a serial killer.
  10. Meh, UT had just gotten a phantom, bs call on the other end too.
  11. I guess a lot on here are pulling for the vols. I would love to see them blow it.
  12. UT playing IA for the sweet 16. Talk about a lucky draw to advance. IA is slow as molasses.