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  1. boisnumber1

    men vs Dayton Preview

    Hope we play well. I expect the D will be good, but our O has been erratic. Haven't hit our stride imo. Home crowd will be the difference.
  2. boisnumber1

    Freeze and Malzahn spotted in Auburn

    Absolute sacrilege. You will burn in hell for this one.
  3. boisnumber1

    Game tonight with UNC Asheville

    Yes. We sewed a lot of games up last season with FTs - small leads at the end were games we put away. Dont like what Ive seen so far, but can be fixed.
  4. boisnumber1

    Who replaces Chip?

    If it's KB, there will be a mass suicide jump from the Haley Center scheduled, and I might be there. Still, it wouldn't surprise me at all.
  5. boisnumber1

    Chip Out As AU OC (thread title updated)

    That's easy 1. They arent his recruits 2. Give him another year or two and their OL will be awful. That's what he does. He left PSU in shambles too.
  6. boisnumber1

    Texas A&M vs. LSU

    I also can draw the conclusion that DC needs to stay away from the AU program forever. He's toxic & an average coach at best.
  7. boisnumber1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Don't know who sam vecenie is, but sounds like a total moron. But like(his words)...AU shot poorly, battled foul trouble all game long, arguably only played ball less than half the game, had one of the better players not even play the entire game and still only lost by 6. Im happy we hung in there, but you could argue AU beat themselves as much or more than Duke did.
  8. boisnumber1

    Men Vs. Duke

    We arent playing anywhere near our best ball yet imo. Its still very early in the season. We stay healthy and we can do very deep in the tourney. Talent and experience are a great combo that is rare in college ball.
  9. boisnumber1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Are you serious? Duke will beat them by 40.
  10. boisnumber1

    Men Vs. Duke

    I think if we have Purifoy, we probably win that game. One more quality body would have been big. Funny how refs call a game based on their preconceived idea of how it should go.
  11. boisnumber1

    Men Vs. Duke you can roll around on the floor with the ball and it not be a travel? Can you do flips too?
  12. boisnumber1

    Men Vs. Duke

    A lot easier to play good D when you know odds are a foul isnt going to be called.
  13. boisnumber1

    Men Vs. Duke

    No freakin way.
  14. boisnumber1

    Men Vs. Duke

    They only had to foul Wiley 3 times before one was called. Progress.
  15. boisnumber1

    Men Vs. Duke

    Played like crap for most of the half, but still in it. I will take it. That being said, yes the officiating is lopsided, but I cant remember the last time I watched a college basketball game that was even close to being well officiated. Its pretty much a joke and has been for years.