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  1. Just thought I would refer to my post in the QB thread talk from a few days ago:
  2. AU at 1
  3. Some people just need $$ to motivate them. Its as simple as that. No need to overanalyze.
  4. I think there are a few of those guys with HC possibilities in their future.
  5. I will definitely have to avoid this thread when/if the starter is announced. Will be a whole lot of arguing about not arguing.
  6. 51 Male Fairhope AL Independent Insurance Adjuster AU 88
  7. Congrats to Andy. He must be overwhelmed with emotion.
  8. Pointless downgrade. What idiot made this decision?
  9. I would remain anonymous if those quotes were mine too. What a bunch of nothing from someone who seems to know nothing.
  10. It will always be the case. Just a matter of who and when: