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  1. Bama Injury Update

    This is bama we are talking about. There will always be excuses no matter what.
  2. Stephen Roberts

    Exactly. WHAT DO YOU KNOW. You're the same genius who, when we were hiring an OC, actually thought you had special insight into the Oregon coach because you live in Eugene, OR. That's a special kind of you know what. The problem is not coddling players, the problem is internet twits that couldnt hold Stephen Roberts' jock making silly comments like yours. It's laughable at best.
  3. Stephen Roberts

    As far as Im concerned, we can delete this post. Effing leave SR alone. He puts it on the line week in & week out. Even bammers dont look for things to whine about like on this board.
  4. Ulm injuries

    How do you think having the backup in at the start of the 3rd was a good idea when the score was what it was? Glad you werent coaching. The game dictated how long he was in there.
  5. We really have some quality individuals on our team. I know not everyone is, but man we truly have a lot of guys with their head on straight.
  6. KJ an Every Down Back

    It is amazing how much KJ has improved in just one season. He was good last year, but he is leaps and bounds better this year. He's a stud.
  7. AU 40 UGA 17 -- Highlights

    So much better than any highlights with gary danielson's voice on them.
  8. Carlson

    I think the wind just made it difficult to guarantee a kick deep into the endzone, and with our pathetic coverage abilities the coach made the correct decision to not chance anymore deep kicks and go with pooch kicks. Was a great decision imo because our kick coverage was atrocious and bound to give up a long one. That's just my guess though.
  9. We have to root for Bama, don’t we?

    HELL NO we dont.
  10. Favorite play of the night

    That's because he was!
  11. Gus

    Oh, please. The only reason we won is because georgia just kept screwing up - well, at least according to verne, uh i mean, gary danielson - at least for 3 quarters. When we got to the 4th qtr and thuga still had pathetic rushing numbers, he finally shutup about it. Anyway, I thought Gus did a good job today. Kept the foot on the gas, made some smart decisions, and helped us win. I even liked the challenge near the end. Too many times in the past, he has done nothing in those situations.
  12. Aaron Murray's mom takes to FB

    I went and read that post and she is still responding to people. The woman is borderline nutjob. One of those morons that just dont know when to shutup. Any sane person would have deleted that post long ago, but she is still flapping her gums like a fool. Total idiot.
  13. Aaron Murray's mom takes to FB

    My thoughts exactly. Just the idea that she doesn't realize what she looks like babbling like this tells me all I need to know about her. Her husband must be some kind of wuss too.
  14. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Our ST coach should not have a job. Coverage is about as bad as it gets.
  15. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Its time. Gus has had his chances. He cant get it done. Its all on him. Much as I hate to say it, time to move on to someone else. Hes done. Hes failed his team time and time again.