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  1. No idea what Tre's issues really are, but spice and these other "synthetic" drugs floating around can definitely make people do some downright crazy things. See it every day. I actually would rather Tre's issues be something like this because it's something he can get past, whereas a brain injury...not so much. The fact that he's trying to make a return makes me doubt there's a brain injury but that's just a hunch based on nothing else. Either way he has a long road convincing a team that he is "stable".
  2. Many of your posts are downright idiotic. This is another of those.
  3. I will just be glad to have ALL of our receivers running a route instead of 1 running a route and the rest running 5 yards then stopping and twiddling their thumbs until the play is over, Never realized how often we did this until I sat in the upper deck for a few games.
  4. KJ is somewhat quick but speedy he is not. I want someone back there that worries the opponent, someone they fear. KJ is not that in any way. Put anyone else back there with him thats decent & they will kick to KJ every time. Hes no threat as KR.
  5. KJ still at KR. Ugh. Aggravates me. What do coaches see that no one else does?
  6. Meh...he wouldnt add anything to our team. Not someone we need imo. Couldnt see him enjoying having to share the ball as much as he would at AU either.
  7. I guess he gets paid pretty well to waste so much time on all that. Just stupid imo...and no i didnt read it. Reminds me of something I might have thought of when I was 14 or so.
  8. Yet they never learned that. Not all season long.
  9. At least we are consistent at something...choking the game away. Def a recurring theme. I dont know that Ive ever seen a team so good at doing so.
  10. Yeah hes a punk in most every game.
  11. Sec refs are clowns.
  12. Lol youre just babbling about something you know nothing about. TJ surgery is much rarer in QBs than pitchers. Arm motion is different. Many pitchers come back from that surgery every day; some dont. Your statements on Queen & his surgery recovery are totally baseless.
  13. That's 20 minutes more than dameyune craig. Besides its totally irrelevant.
  14. JF3 should give the track team a try. Im not saying that to be facetious. I really think that best fits his skillset.
  15. I agree. I guess the point I was trying to make is there is a happy medium somewhere in there & going beyond that is a waste of $$.