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  1. I notice it more in the SEC than any other conference, and yes its gotten ridiculous. A DB for thuga tugged the LSU WR's jersey from the 10 yd line all the way into the endzone and not a single flag. Once you start trying to pick and choose when you are going to call a penalty instead of just enforcing the rules, the results aren't going to be fair.
  2. Run up the score to get bumped to #1. Make the pups cry.
  3. Didnt even attempt to use Burrow's mobility. Played right into thugas hands.
  4. Playcalling inside the 5 got stupid there.
  5. Yep, there was that one. And his demeanor really made you think he was wanting everyone there to know that was what he was doing. It felt like someone made him mad, and he decided not to be professional about it.
  6. I was wondering when we gained 2 losses, and lost a W.
  8. It's killing me. Yesterday, I was thinking we had a game. Really sucked when I realized we didn't.
  9. That is 100% true. Said that when it happened.
  10. Very impressive skills and athleticism for sure.
  11. Wisconsin will get stomped by OSU. Outside of OSU, the big10 is garbage.
  12. Great player, greater person. RIP & War Eagle.