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  1. This is about the stupidest comment I have ever seen on a football message board and that's saying a lot. The fact that you actually try to defend such stupidity...well nm. A coaches "playing days", as you call it, has nothing to do with how he coaches or what he does as a coach. To assert that it does, is just downright moronic. Many great coaches barely even saw the football field - if at all. If you are gonna complain about a coach, at least appear to have a little sense.
  2. What is the point of your post? If I'm reading it right, it's pretty stupid. You actually think someone making a crap watch list knows more about our players than our coaches? You realize at this point that there are about 65 Centers on the watch-list, right? The only thing this proves is that Golson is breathing and has a hearbeat.
  3. I originally put Fullwood in my top 4 on here but the Fullwood love in this thread is very overstated. He was an exciting back but some seem to be rating him on "what he could have done" rather than what he actually did. The more I think about it, dont think I would put him in my top 4. His overall career doesnt merit it. Not to mention he was a big draft bust as the #4 pick, I think it was. If he was as great as whats being stated in this thread he could and would have been productive elsewhere. I will leave Cribbs & Brooks just below Bo in no particular order. Fullwood is more about what could have been, but still had a good career at AU.
  4. Hard to say. A level below Bo for me would be Brooks, Cribbs, and Fullwood but wouldn't put one ahead or below the other. Little Train isnt on this list, but he was as versatile as they come and productive too. His NFL career proved that.
  5. Sucks for the DB position for sure. If grades are a problem for Character, maybe he can go to bama & graduate in 3 years. As for Jackson, if hes too lazy to put in effort, hes a waste of a scholly anyway.
  6. I know many people feel this way about Dye. I was in school when he was at AU and appreciate everything he's done for AU, but in 2017 I absolutely could not care less what he has to say. Other than Dye-hard AU fans - emphasis on the Dye-Hard - I don't think anyone else cares either.
  7. The real story concerning Foster's wonderlic score doesn't involve football. It's more about someone who scored as "illiterate" on the test yet he graduated from an institution of "higher learning" in 3 years - while having a full schedule of football and filling his body with substances that he felt were bad enough that he had to dilute a drug test. People can defend lame-brain Foster all they want. He's the perfect example of everything wrong with college football imo - but bama excels in giving us those examples, don't they? Fact is, the only worthwhile thing foster can do is play football - if you consider that worthwhile.
  8. I remember sitting in my room with my brother and a friend and listening to this game. IMO: 1. College football was so much more fun back then (maybe Im just old). 2. Tony Richardson and Reid Mcmillon at FB, with Bostic and Stephen Davis...that was a backfield that wasnt fun to tackle. 3. The 4th down play call on Nix's first play was Bowden's best play call at AU. 4.I still miss Jim Fyffe, nothing against Bramblett. 5. I still dislike jay barker now as much as I did then. Always great to see him throw some picks against AU.
  9. You missed the point. I wasnt referring to coaching ability at all.
  10. At least with saban, what you see is what you get. Urban is such a fraud in so many ways.
  11. Dishman could play. He's definitely seen his share of good QBs.
  12. It wasnt Vickers. Just had the typical espn talking head look but no idea who it was. Thought maybe someone else saw it too.
  13. Yeah thats what I was getting at. The other guy on there just kinda said he didnt agree on muschamp, but you could tell he wanted to say man thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard.
  14. Just curious...few days ago I flipped to SEC Network just before 6 because I was going to watch whatever was coming on at 6, and the Finebaum show was just wrapping up. Finebaum was out. The genius replacement was ranking SEC football coaches and his top 3 were Saban, Mullen, and Muschamp - and he was serious. There's a reason I haven't listened to sports radio in years, and this guy just reinforced my plans to stay away. Maybe he got some cash for saying that, I dont know.
  15. Man, this team has cornered the market on losing to total crap teams. A bad habit they need to break.