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  1. boisnumber1

    Kickoff game announcers

    Dang. I was hoping we would get that female announcer on espn 😁
  2. boisnumber1

    Two running backs separated from pack!

    Just curious, how many practices have you watched? Or is this a totally unfounded "hunch"? He's been stepping up since spring.
  3. boisnumber1

    Big 10 is in trouble

    In a word...Yes.
  4. boisnumber1

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 2

    Or "The Cheetah" since we're the Tigers.
  5. boisnumber1

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 2

    Why dont we just call it our Topless Formation? I can hear Rod now, " Tigers going Topless on 3rd and 2..."
  6. boisnumber1

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 2

    Maybe even EXTREMELY creepy 😣
  7. boisnumber1

    SEC's 139 1,000-yard rushers

    Isnt Pat from SNL their coach? 😂 (sorry, Im showing my age here)
  8. boisnumber1

    SEC's 139 1,000-yard rushers

    Appears so. I guess when sabear retires, they will list the top 25 in alphabetical order so they can stay at #1 😁
  9. boisnumber1

    SEC's 139 1,000-yard rushers

    Am I the only one who thinks the list being in alphabetic border is odd? Wouldn't you list #1 as #1? Regardless, WDE
  10. boisnumber1

    Former UGA players comments on Pruitt

    I wouldn't put any stock in anything aaron murray says. He's a little whiny b***h just like his mommy.
  11. boisnumber1

    UNC suspends multiple players

    For an institution that peers down its nose at others, UNC is about as dirty as they come.
  12. boisnumber1

    “Landshark Tony”

    Silly now to try to hang on to anything Rebels imo. They've already bowed to the pressure. They should have gone ahead with some reasonable 100% change, instead of this nonsense they've been trying.
  13. boisnumber1

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    Muschamp is an idiot for commenting on it at all. But Ive always thought he was a just a foulmouth idiot, so I may not be the one to ask
  14. boisnumber1

    Takeo speaks with the team

    Lovin this.
  15. boisnumber1

    Anonymous coach speaks on Auburn

    Yeah, teams figured it out late in the season. Thats why we beat 2 number 1 teams - late in the season. Sounds more like a waterboy's comments than a coach's.