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  1. NCAA Ruling on Obstruction Call

    How anyone could think this rule would work in the real world is beyond me. Another snowflake rule for sure.
  2. Tony Barbee

    This is truly pathetic. Cal should just give him his walking papers. You know he is of no value to UK. Total loser in every aspect.
  3. Men vs. Clemson

    Been proud of this team all year. Tonight...ashamed. Terrible way to end a very good season. Losing your shot is one thing. Losing your heart is something else entirely.
  4. Men vs. Clemson

    This team has completely lost its mojo. No confidence, playing scared. Season is about to be over. Shorthanded or not, we are consistently playing well below our potential lately.
  5. Can it get any worse?

    Aren't we due one of those games where just everything goes in? I hope so.
  6. Official Tournament Thread

    There were some bogus calls that CC benefitted from late in the game as well. Of course, the media will pick just one that fits their agenda & ignore anything else. Its what they do.
  7. Sunday tip

    We gotta get out of this shooting funk we are in or it won't matter. Im hoping the end of that last game got us out of it, but its been very ugly. A sweet 16 trip would definitely be a bonus considering the challenges we have faced.
  8. Graduate transfers

    When I think of the degree of improvement that we saw from the frosh of last year to this year, I cant help but get pumped about Chuma. He could really be a big time player.
  9. Kudos SEC Network

    Anything with SEC in front of it is all about protecting the officials, including the SECnetwork. And yes, you are right. They go out of their way not to point out obvious terrible calls. Other espn broadcasters will call out officiating from time to time, as they should.
  10. Men vs. uat

    There is no competition for COTY imo.
  11. What a team!!!

    These guys are talented, they play hard, and they love each other. No wonder they just keep going. I love to see Wiley on the bench just as pumped as everyone else. Its obvious the chemistry with the entire team is top notch.
  12. Men vs. uat

    What. A. Team.
  13. Pettway is a mess

    This is very inaccurate. There are tons of players who make it starting for an SEC team and then crash & burn. Who says he put in tons of effort? Theres a long long list of players who can get by on talent alone for a time, but it catches up to them because they havent worked hard, and it always came easy. Every team has them virtually every year. Im not saying Pettway worked hard or not, but just because he started at Auburn doesnt mean he put in a lot of hard work. Results are showing to be the opposite, if anything.
  14. Men vs. South Carolina

    Absolutely a piss poor effort in every aspect of the game so far. Should have stayed in Auburn.
  15. Men vs. Kentucky

    Confidence is a big part too. Team doesnt seem to get rattled if we arent shooting well, or playing from behind. They have a good understanding that the game is 40 mins long, and they play for that entire 40.