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  1. Good grief. bammers are even pathetic, when it's just a pretend championship.
  2. And mental maturity overcomes every bit of that.
  3. Nothing to blame this on but what's between the ears. It's all mental. Hopefully that issue goes away his Soph year.
  4. I think some of these guys like to try to be the only one right at times and just go against the grain so they can say told you so.
  5. If I were Leonard Hamilton, I would tell the FL Senate thanks but no thanks. But maybe he's got some bammer in him.
  6. How stupid and lame is this: FSU National Champs
  7. You are still giving more "scholarships" to some teams than others based on the number of seniors they have. Would never be done. Not in basketball, anyway.
  8. Yep, you still have recruits coming in. As bad as it is, better to just leave it alone.
  9. I dont see any equitable way of doing this. One team may have several seniors, one may have none. So you are going to give a team more schollies than others? It's just effed up regardless. Might as well accept it as it is and move on. And yes, it sucks.
  10. ALL spring and winter championships cancelled. No softball or baseball college world series 🙄
  11. Cal wins with his recruiting. I think he is still a good coach, but his best years are behind him imo.
  12. Exactly. Just because he won the league at UK doesn't mean he did the best coaching job. They mailed in the vote on this one.
  13. Yeah, the only problem I have with any of this is Cal as COY. More than one coach in the SEC did a better job imo. With the recruiting advantages and officiating advantages Cal gets, he underachieved if you ask me.
  14. SEC Tourney Odds: No. 2 Auburn: 72.6% for semifinals berth, 39.5% for finals berth and 20.3% chance to win the tournament. The rest is here: