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  1. I grew up in Mobile also. Those were good times. My older sisters went to elementary and maybe middle school with Scott and his older sister Edie I think was her name.
  2. Seems to be a wedge between DC and everyone not named Jimbo Fisher, tbh. DC was one of my favorite players, but not high on my list of coaches at all. Definitely born 20 years early as far as how he played the game.
  3. Apparently their basketball officials moonlight as baseball umps.
  4. One thing is for sure, we win this series, we beat unc & the umps. No doubt they've been doing all they can to help unc.
  5. He was good until the walk. I would have yanked him then.
  6. Maybe if they were working like me, they could afford it!
  7. Lets make sure that was his last AB of the season.
  8. They are going to get their share. We just need to keep adding runs.
  9. Dude didn't even realize it was a walk-off. Smh. will you ever hear a worse call for a three-run walk-off home run?