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  1. They constantly bring up football season - the ultimate butthurt evidence. My favorite one is them saying they are in our heads when they are posting on Auburn social media accounts 不不
  2. The butthurt by the bammers is glorious. I've laughed all morning. Good lord, what a bunch of idiots 不不不
  3. Wish he would get back to his old self. He hurts us alot at times
  4. He knows no other way. The crimson turd
  5. Honestly, they could have called a lot more than they have
  6. I dont know how it works, but it seems this guy will not have a ballot after this season. To let him have one is detrimental to the process. 丑
  7. Welp, don't let the screen door hit you on the way out.
  8. I would say Flan's 3 ball. It's all over the place right now, and I know it has to be frustrating and affecting his play in other areas.
  9. I think I lot of his issue on offense is confidence and being comfortable being aggressive offensively. At times he gets the ball and he looks like oh s***, I got the ball lol
  10. I say definitely not. Keep it the size that it is.
  11. Great win for the good guys. That depth is tough closing out a game. Couple brewskys and a win
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