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  1. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Im trying but Im sorry. There is nothing about this offense that causes optimism. Total disaster.
  2. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Its deja vu all over again.
  3. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    My first impression is that he lacks the instincts of a good QB. Seems to be an overthinker and not a player. Is that being rusty? Beginning to wonder.
  4. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    I cant see the whole field on TV but it appears they must be downright awful. That or Stidham has stickum on his throwing hand.
  5. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    The problem is offense, not defense. Our game plan seems to be to draw a play out of a hat. No rhythm or sense to anything.
  6. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    No rhythm, less than stellar playcalling, and a still tentative QB. Not clicking at all.
  7. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Terrible effort on Stoves part. Go get the ball. Would have at least gotten a PI if he would have done something.
  8. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Playcalling aside, Im very disappointed in our QB play. He needs to start playing ball at some point. Way too tentative to be effective.
  9. Pettway vs. Clemson

    You started drinking early today, huh?
  10. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs GSU).....

    Dont even know what to say to this other than smh. Talk about bending over backwards to try to make something negative out of a positive with really no basis at all other than conjecture. Do you think Coach Steele doesnt know this? Do you think how we approached Ga Southern defensively has anything to do with how we'll approach Clemson? Never mind your remark about not playing assignments, when we played great assignment D all night long.
  11. Florida State 2013 allegations

    Not surprising at all to see Chris Casher's name on there. That guy had no business graduating high school much less playing D1 ball. He left Faith Academy in Mobile after his Jr. year because he was way behind and not going to graduate - and they wouldnt appease him because he was a football player. So he transferred to Davidson - and suddenly a guy who couldnt pass a class was able to take 2 years of classes at Davidson in one year (yeah right) and qualify for FSU. Was absolutely pathetic. His recruiter? Well, Dameyune Craig of course. How do you think he used to "lock down" Mobile?
  12. Hurricane Harvey

    Im an insurance adjuster. Listened to horror stories all day long from some broken people. Its really bad in a lot of areas.
  13. Four years later and I'm still mad

    Yeah, thats it.
  14. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 5 (First Day Full Pads)

    That is good news, but let me be a negative nancy & see if I can somehow twist that into a negative...oh, wait I see a couple of people have already pounced on that. Never woulda guessed.
  15. 2018 D Line Recruiting

    Yeah, I mean look at all the 5 stars bammer gets. Its all about their tons of uniform combinations for sure. AU is good enough with plenty of tradition that it doesn't have to rely on gimmicks. Besides, when was the last time you heard a highly touted recruit say he went somewhere because he liked their helmets? The effect of that type stuff is highly overrated imo. Do they like it? Sure. Does it affect where they play football? No.