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  1. Looks like could be a great all around WR. Hands look good, and looked like he enjoyed throwing some of those blocks.
  2. But Army's triple option did nothing against our defense. They came back when their QB who couldnt pass started completing throws all over against our D. We had relaxed & quite honestly, didnt expect them to execute throwing the ball like they did. One of those times where we made a 1 star qb look like a heisman contender.
  3. Nope. They wont even get a sniff from any reputable coach with experience. Not a chance.
  4. The guy was once a good guy, but has become a total fraud. Has embarrassed everyone. What a shame. Power? Money? Pressure to win? Whatever it was, he sacrificed his principles & became a fake in most all aspects.
  5. Only the 2nd game of the season, so not necessarily. A bad second game against a top DL wouldnt necessarily mean much for the rest of the season. A good one however, could mean special things.
  6. Too bad something's not different with fbomb - like being invisible & mute.
  7. Compare Auburns last 25 years to Notre Dame's. Auburn has played in 2 Nat Championship games in the last 7 years, and you wanna scoff at that? Great fan you are. My point is many act like playing Notre Dame is some big deal. Its not. 30 years ago maybe. They are has beens.
  8. What in the heck does the FSU of the 70's have to do with AU now? I'm all for playing ND, not rabid about it like some AU fans are, but this comment makes zero sense to me. When was the last time ND was really relevant for more than a flash in the pan year. Recruits haven't thought so in years.
  9. Jordan Rodgers is a tool riding on his brother's coattails. Lets see him pop off to JFIII's face.
  10. Yeah, not looking forward to listening to Rodgers at all.
  11. Really cool how they reformatted that so you can only see half of whats going on
  12. When has that other coach ever shown class? If you ain't got it, you can't show it.
  13. Very flawed line of thinking. He's brought more attention to AU by not saying anything than he ever would have just mentioning them like he did everyone else. Everyone giving saban too much credit on this. Its just a case of a pr*ck being a pr*ck. Nothing more, nothing less. Its who/what he is.
  14. Meh, they might as well get over it because we just gonna beat their @$$ again. But I imagine they havent gotten over it because their coach hasn't. He's the crybaby.
  15. Just ask the opponents what they thought of going against NM on Saturdays. Guarantee you their main line wasn't "Aw, he cant pass". He was a nightmare for everyone he played.