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  1. That is all your opinion based on knowing very little facts.
  2. The hyperbole that most on here immediately jump on with always makes me laugh. You would think we just fired the HC who just won 6 NCs the way some act.
  3. I don't have a problem with it. It shows there's a sense of urgency. Why wait til season's end if it's inevitable. The same people complaining about it are probably some of the ones that yelled about Gus keeping Kodi Burns around way too long.
  4. Haha yep. I truly hope Bobo got his ass chewed as well. He has stunk it up.
  5. I just think the comments he's been making about WRs were probably directed more at the coach than anyone realized. We def have been playing the wrong guys, and having the wrong guy almost always running the deep route.
  6. Doesn't have to be. Harsin hinted last week about needing to look at the WR depth. This may have been brewing just based on coaching performance. CBH not playin' it appears.
  7. If we aren't still stubborn enough to play zone until we are a few TDs behind, we win. If not, long day.
  8. Playcalling has been atrocious. It's been just like Gus calls plays - just calling a play to call a play. It doesnt appear to be based on what the Defense is doing, not doing.
  9. He's mobile enough I think. Well, in a normal scenario. Idk if there is such a thing as mobile enough when it comes to our matador OL.
  10. I honestly would have liked to have seen the botched review of the drop by Shenker been correctly called - and then we scored. Not to take away from the plays TJ made, but without that SEC ref help, do we score? My gut says probably, but I wish I knew. That was a huge gift.
  11. TJ definitely has earned the start, but anything other than a wait and see attitude is overshooting it. Hopefully, TJ gets better and better every week, but this hyperbole of him being a THE MAN is a little ridiculous. Yes, he showed that he can lead the team. Yes, he made some good throws. Yes, he missed wide open receivers. Yes, the longest play on that drive was a gift given by SEC refs. As for the team playing harder when he came in...how long does that last? He throws a pick or two, are they going to stop playing hard? If that's what your teammates do, you don't have much of a team,
  12. It may have needed to come to this. Might be a good thing. Just painful for 58 minutes.
  13. Okay coach Mason. You know where you can stick your zone defense now.
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