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  1. I'm wondering when Tenn gonna get it. Pruitt can't not cheat.
  2. What a crock. If they come out with something like this for AU, we better be dragging them into court the next day. If this were a blue blood, they would get nothing.
  3. Definitely the earliest in a return that I knew he was gone. He hit the corner at the 20 and I knew it was all over. I will also add that kicking the FG was idiotic by lil nicky.
  4. Very sad day. Not much more I can say.
  5. You just answered your own question. IF he was willing to play combo guard...he is not. Everyone sees his highlights and gets all excited. He doesn't play D, not really tall enough for a SG, and Cooper is a better PG. He won't come to AU for obvious reasons, and I'm not losing any sleep over it.
  6. Burger King All-American?? I was a Krystal's All American back in the day πŸ˜‚
  7. Just the typical social media attention whore. The world is full of them.
  8. I was at the UT game in the student section. That play was directly in front of me and the hit looked so much more violent live than any clips I've seen. Cobb didnt know what hit him.
  9. I've seen him play too, can agree to disagree. At 5 9, 186 , a 4.65 forty is hardly outrunning everybody. He is athletic, but free agent athletic.
  10. The Navy QB was a serious reach too. A QB/RB/WR that isnt good enough to play any of the 3 positions in the NFL.
  11. Some of these picks, not just because they aren't AU, are absolutely wasted draft picks.
  12. Idk. I think he thinks he knows more than his coaches. Don't think it would have been any better.
  13. Those teams didnt exist when I was growing up πŸ˜‚
  14. That twitter account has been active since yesterday. Must be legit.
  15. I havent seen enough of Thor to know his skills, but he definitely looks long enough to play the 5. Looks longer than 6 8 in the clips I've seen.
  16. LSU trying to save face. What is the "culture" that Will Wade and his staff are building? Paying players? I don't see how you can insinuate you doubt a player's character when you have egg all over your own face.
  17. The more I see of these recruiting insiders, the more I see it is just a guessing game with them. Yes, they have contacts in certain programs where they may have access to information that the average Joe can't get, but is it really inside info on where these recruits will go? Most times not. Add in that some of these guys are obviously biased to certain programs, and it really doesn't make sense to put much stock in their opinions. They are well informed of the recruiting process, but that doesn't prove anything to me.