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  1. Good list. I can't see Brumbaugh's name without wanting to punch Hines Ward.
  2. They are still managing to hang around.
  3. Someone besides Coop needs to make some shots these final 3 mins. He should have double digit assists easy.
  4. This lead evaporated quick. Missing too many open looks.
  5. How is the espn2 game so far behind the rest?
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKhmqNanmPg/?igshid=1xa2q3xzsz1gw
  7. Take a look at this guy's post history. Either a troll or a single-digit IQ.
  8. Idc about the nfl, but was happy to see Rogers lose. Idk why. Something about him just bugs me lol
  9. Three picks in the second half is not nothing either. They gift wrapped that game to the Packers and the Packers couldn't even take the gift.
  10. Well, Brady's performance yesterday wasn't the reason they won for sure. They won in spite of him if anything.
  11. Or perhaps, HIPAA. I think hippa is a cool hippo.
  12. I missed the game, but watched one of the highlight vids on youtube. It had the tv broadcasters on the play by play. The awful job of rambling on about non-related bs was noticed immediately. I was like...wth? It was like watching a game seated next to two people who wouldn't shut the hell up so you could enjoy the actual game. Had to be the worst job of "calling a game" I've ever heard.
  13. Yeah, I think the intensity of the rivalry is probably the main reason for the wins, but then that makes the thuga record even more frustrating.
  14. Without the Ws from the refs this year, the record was trash. The team looked awful in many cases. I think a new coach will bring some fire to the team, but I'm definitely tempering my expectations for the next couple of years. We've been on a downward trend, and a lot of what needs fixing are not overnight fixes. Yeah, we have a new staff, but they are coaches, not magicians.
  15. It is freakin hilarious to me that Malzahn's record is 3-5 vs. satan. The greatest coach in all the world barely has a winning record against a high school coach running a high school program. It is inexplicable, really.
  16. A lot of good info but really mostly things we already knew or suspected. Also, have to take it in context. This is one guy's experience - a guy who didn't even get on the field. I'm not saying I doubt anything he said, but I'm sure other opinions from other players would differ. I'm not accepting something a couple guys said as gospel, but it is informative. The main thing is the facilities which we knew, and Gus stuff, which we knew. I didn't really hear any earth shattering. If you did, you haven't been paying attention.
  17. Says the UT loser who can't stay off the Auburn message board.
  18. The big orange refers to the dumpster fire that is tennersee 🔥🔥🔥.
  19. The answer to guarding him right now is to back off and let him shoot. He can't throw it in the ocean from the 3. When he gets that going, then it will be something. He's a great player, but still can be so much more.
  20. Marcellus Mostella will always be better than anything you can make up.
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