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  1. Has to be. Baseball is very limited on paid coaches - only 2 paid assistants.
  2. This one is done. We dont look like a top 100 team tonight.
  3. This is painful to watch. We look like a team of freshman...high school freshman.
  4. 😂😂😂😂 I think youre lost dude.
  5. Yeah, we can win. Question is can we turn it around in the second half after playing so miserably in the first.
  6. My money says they suck at tiddly winks.
  7. Cambridge & Flanagan might as well hand it to the other team to take it out instead of shooting. Man, its some ugly FTs.
  8. We have not run any semblance of an offense. Just stand 8 ft outside the 3 point line and dribble around.
  9. Embarrassing ourselves right now. Look downright silly.
  10. Just ran right into Flanagan and nothing...
  11. Whole lot of standing around on offense.
  12. There are a couple guys on this team who would be better off shooting FTs blindfolded with their offhand.
  13. If we defend the 3, play like we did vs the leghumpers, it will be a win. Any conference win on the road is tough, and this one definitely will be. And I must add that we better be ready to be screwed over by the refs all game long. That's the only certainty going into the game.
  14. Just thought I would share a license plate I saw today. Maybe the most appropriate bammer tag I've seen 😛