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  1. Great win today. Has to be the best effort of the season, however, this is just one of those outlier games until it's proven to be otherwise. Whether the team is actually turning it on for the post-season remains to be seen. This is the game I've been waiting to see all year though- imagining what could be done if shots were being made. Odds say it is an anomaly. Let's hope it's the start of something.
  2. Thomas especially, but measurables were never his problem. Coming up on the run when it was a pass is what he needs to fix.
  3. Iggy gotta be pretty bummed with that 40 time. Always thought it took him a bit too long to get to full speed. Expected Davis' to be better too.
  4. Tough loss, but we earned it. You can't play that stupid in the second half and expect to win. For a senior laden team, they sure play like freshman mentally at times. And its not just one player.
  5. Going for the "missed 3s in a game record". I mean, we've shot 3s well all year, right?
  6. He's not himself today. Hasnt played very well. I guess not 100%.
  7. I swear sometimes this team is stupid beyond reason. Stop heaving up 3s early in the clock!
  8. Yeo, ignore that 5 th foul on Richardson.
  9. Yeah. That was a foul on McLemore's face 🙄 these announcers are worse than the refs.
  10. Obvious shuffle of the feet there on UK.
  11. Are you kidding me???? He was 3 feet away!!!!
  12. Keep it close and steal it at the end - if we will be allowed to do so.
  13. Yeah that was a 50/50 ball that Okoro just got.
  14. We still think we can shoot 3s 28 games in.
  15. We've had too many defensive lapses recently.
  16. Cal was just mad because the refs waited 5-6 mins into the game before they instigated his plan for him.
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