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  1. I think the fouls on McCormick and Wiley really took our momentum. Especially the phantom second one on Wiley. Both fouls on McCormick were ticky tack.
  2. 2nd half gotta be more getting to the goal and more dishing to Wiley. We gotta get back on D better too, but not slinging up ill-advised 3s would help that some too.
  3. Yeah, it was amazing how quickly those whistles started coming when we looked like we were gonna really pull away.
  4. Call the foul you pos refs!!!! Good god!!!
  5. You mean Okoro getting shoved into the 3rd row? 😳
  6. It helps when he gets a decent pass.
  7. We gotta drive the goal. Stop throwing up 3s.
  8. We just need to get to half even or close.
  9. These refs decided before this game ever started that they were gonna be blowing the whistle on us foul or no foul. You can bank that.
  10. There is no way that ref saw a foul there. Total bs.
  11. Total bullsh**. Obvious refs are appeasing Cal.
  12. He came outta nowhere for that block tho
  13. Dont get cute on the break, just pass the damn ball.
  14. 😛 I keep telling myself that but...
  15. My son's band, The Sideliners, has a couple new originals. Do them a favor and stream/favorite/download. They are on all the major platforms: Temporary Intentions
  16. Really wish we would come out on fire and play our best game of the year. I've wished this about 25 times this season though.
  17. Yes, our transition D was consistently horrible all game long. Im not sure how many 3s bama made in transition, but it was a lot.
  18. Thanks for the info. Now I gotta get a shirt lol Cant be the one not participating, but I never buy orange AU shirts
  19. Prayers. Absolutely nothing worse than this.
  20. Luck is not a bad thing, if it's the good kind, but that seriously has to be about the dumbest thing I've ever seen as far as ranking basketball teams.
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