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  1. And he never corrects himself. He's totally clueless on how clueless he is.
  2. Grandma in orange on the front row was pretty pumped 😂
  3. I thought it was in all the way, and Wiley would have gotten the tip if not.
  4. That pick by Wiley at the end was pretty sweet too. Our OL needs to watch that 😛
  5. Hate that guy. He should not be allowed anywhere near a college basketball court. Wonder what he whines about today.
  6. Cant believe we got such a good shot to end it. LSU messed up stepping out on the 3.
  7. Hasn't been called all year. Dont know why. I would do it every time I touched the ball if it were me.
  8. Refs have no clue what over the back is. None whatsoever.
  9. And at times, our D is as bad as our O.
  10. Just hope for the law of averages to even out. If you're shooting 10% from 3, it can only get better right?
  11. With this shooting, we may be down 30 by then.
  12. Calling it offense isn't even accurate lol
  13. Man, sometimes I watch this team and think - we just absolutely suck lol
  14. He knew he shouldnt take the shot. Stopped 3 times, then still flung the cinder block.
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