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  1. The defender did not go straight up at all. He started out 3 feet inside the 3 pt line.
  2. Dakich shutup. Youre effin blind and stupid.
  3. Your comments about Roc are laughable. He's hardly making money in the league as a RB. Has he even carried the ball since his whopping 8 carries 2 years ago? The most news he's ever made was getting suspended for violating the NFL drug policy.
  4. I've noticed that the over the back calls have been virtually non-existent this year. Idk if it's the direction they've been given, but they virtually ignore the overwhelming majority of them in AU games. Same goes for the offensive player pushing off with his off-hand. That blatantly goes on, and they never call it. Last night there were also a few times where it seemed they blew the whistle before the contact occurred - especially when Jones had the ball. Seemed the foul was predetermined.
  5. I keep waiting for it to happen, but Ive pretty much resigned myself to realizing we will just have to win ugly or not at all. Just not a good shooting team. Miss so many open looks.
  6. Sounded like AK and the other SECN announcer was pretty disappointed in AU coming out with a win.
  7. Got the right guys to the line for sure.
  8. No Flannigan fouled Jones on the elbow with his chin.
  9. Curious to see if we get hammered here, if a foul is called.
  10. Doughty needs to drive. At least he can shoot FTs.
  11. Too many extra passes by guys who dont wanna take the shot.
  12. Dips his shoulder INTO the D everytime, but its a foul on the D. Only a bush league ref cant figure that out. AKA SEC ref.
  13. We miss so much, it hurts our assists.
  14. Leading at half on the road. Time to close.
  15. Yeah he decided he was gonna take a shot no matter what.
  16. I honestly think most high school teams could shoot 3s better than us 😳
  17. He already has 2 fouls bcause of Musselman whining.
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