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  1. Tre Williams out for Mizzou

    Didn't realize Tre Williams is leading the team in tackles even without playing against Missouri. His presence was definitely more noticeable than JDavis.
  2. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    To their credit Missouri's Oline has done well at protecting their qb all year. But our Dline was great once again in the run game and in play recognition.
  3. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Do we see Malik Willis now? Or are we still trying to hold on to that redshirt?
  4. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Ronnie Brown said in warmups he had a limp and would not play or play very little.
  5. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Ronnie Brown said he had a limp in warmups and either would not play or play very little
  6. Mississippi State vs UGA

    If you go back and watch the LSU game, LSU left at least 14 points on the table because of penalties. MSU was no doubt the better team that night but I don't believe the score is indicative of the gap between these two teams. LSU was undisciplined on both sides of the ball and that is 100% coaching. Perfect example of why an AD needs to hire the best coach not the home town "most liked" coach. Everyone loves Coach O and he is a great motivator but unfortunately for him I don't think he will be an SEC head coach for long.
  7. Shuffled Offensive Line

    With the injury to Darius James we got to see Casey Dunn play center and bumped Austin Golsen out to right tackle. Is there any chance this lineup could stick? Thankfully James' injury isn't significant and should be back. Also, some people weren't exactly excited about a grad transfer coming in to be a back up, well now we see how valuable he could be.
  8. Wildcat QB

    I'm hoping since Pettway will be back we will just go to a heavy run package in those goal line/short yardage situations. Also in the wildcat I don't understand why JS was lined up next to KJ, wouldn't you want him out wide to at least get one more defender outside of the box?
  9. Wildcat QB

    Since KJ will be presumably out for some time, who do you think will run the wildcat, or do we scrap it completely for Clemson?
  10. First Play Prediction: Georgia Southern

    WR screen to Ryan Davis
  11. Big games in week #1

    I still think FL ST is overrated and will get beat pretty easily. Their offensive line was atrocious last year and couldn't keep their QB upright. Defensively they might can compete but I think eventually will wear down.
  12. Auburn vs. Georgia Southern score prediction

    Slow start + GS slowing the game down + saving plays for Clemson = lower scoring. 28-10 Auburn
  13. 3rd OT

    I have the same concern for him in death valley against a very good defensive line, I would bet money the RB or FB who is pass blocking on 3rd down will be on the left side. If he can get through this game OK he's got awhile before he goes up against another elite defensive line.
  14. Caption This

    I'd like one scholarship to go...