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  1. I still keep coming back to the first and goal pick six. It was a great play by McClain but I can’t believe Alabama made that call. Najee Harris was eating our lunch in the first half. How do you not give the ball to him at least two runs in a row? Surprised Saban hasn’t taken more heat for that.
  2. Reminds me a little bit of Duke Williams. Big body, does a good job of catching with his hands and not his body, and uses his size to shield defenders from the ball.
  3. There were three bama fans riding in the back of a pick up truck. The truck hydroplaned into a lake and sunk. The man driving the truck swam to the bank as some spectators gathered. “Why haven’t the guys in the back of the truck swam up yet?” a woman said. The driver of the truck replied “They’re still trying to figure out how to let the tail gate down”
  4. If I can literally call the play and know exactly where the ball is going, so do these SEC defenses. This happens 7/10 plays. If I were Gus I’d go 4 wide HUNH all game, seems to be the only time we have successful drives.
  5. Explanation of categories for anyone wondering
  6. TD or Big Kat has to step up. That’s the one key missing piece to our defense is a consistent pass rush from the DE/Buck.
  7. Slant for a TD Pass to a TE for a TD Gatewood passed for TD Bo keeps it more on the zone read Gus doesn’t pound Whitlow up the middle vs a loaded box He must read this board cause that was everything on our wish list for the game
  8. Gus was going to call a fake kneel hand off to shivers. Tulane coach new it and called timeout
  9. Lots of damage in downtown Wetumpka. Multiple buildings/houses flattened. Haven’t heard of any deaths yet but I have heard of a few injuries.
  10. I feel like Saban has been hiring “recruiting” coaches and his attempt to balance that is hiring these “off the field” coaches (who really are on the field). Their talent level never drops but their team, especially on defense, looked very unprepared in the playoffs this year. If Oklahoma doesn’t come into that semifinal game as tight as they did, they could have worn Alabama out by the 2nd half
  11. MODs move if necessary. Taking my son to his first game this Saturday, I haven’t been involved in the pregame pageantry in some time so any scheduling information or recommendations would be appreciated. War Eagle!