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  1. What stands out to me is secondary depth/ injuries. Hopefully Dinson and Dean can come back full strength.
  2. I haven't watched a ton of his highlights but after watching this video he reminds me of a Chad Kelley type QB. Good movement in and out of the pocket to keep plays alive while keeping his eyes looking downfield. He looks really comfortable with the play action as well which is something we have lacked at times.
  3. Where are you streaming from. Can't find on app
  4. Where
  5. It's easy to tell how much Purifoy means to this team, rebounding and offensively.
  6. I promise you the best way to irk your bama peers tomorrow is to not say a word, act as if you didn't even know there was a game on. Staying classy, and making the bammers heads explode...win win
  7. Anyway to stream this game?
  8. I'm no offensive genius, but I think it's common sense to beat a zone you need to get the ball in the middle. We literally swing the ball around the perimeter or drive down the base line playing right into their hands.
  9. Can a player like Wiley go pro after this season?
  10. Yes it is. She had a broken jaw and multiple fractures, and all he gets is 100 hours community service... And the one year he was "suspended" he redshirted. Looks bad for Mixon and Stoops
  11. So our basketball and football teams are the same.... good defense, WTF on offense. Heron and Purifoy are the real deal but man we make mistakes like a JV high school team. You go from wow to face palm in 2 possessions.
  12. I've been craving some good gumbo.
  13. How bout Daniel Thomas though, I wish another Montgomery player would start playing that well.
  14. Maybe JJ can pull a Tre Smith. I'm just happy our coaches aren't trying to force an injured Sean White.
  15. Standing in Bryant Denny (alone not in the Auburn sections) in 2010 and every bama fan around me is cussing me and telling me that they'll get this win back when Cam is busted. I just stood there grinning from ear to ear and didn't say a word while Cam ran around the field.