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  1. Piketiger1990

    Bama departures

    I feel like Saban has been hiring “recruiting” coaches and his attempt to balance that is hiring these “off the field” coaches (who really are on the field). Their talent level never drops but their team, especially on defense, looked very unprepared in the playoffs this year. If Oklahoma doesn’t come into that semifinal game as tight as they did, they could have worn Alabama out by the 2nd half
  2. Piketiger1990

    First Game

    MODs move if necessary. Taking my son to his first game this Saturday, I haven’t been involved in the pregame pageantry in some time so any scheduling information or recommendations would be appreciated. War Eagle!
  3. Piketiger1990

    2018-19 1,000 Yard Rusher?

    Has there been an update on Boobee’s injury status? Honestly don’t see anyone other than him getting to 1,000.
  4. Piketiger1990

    Week 2 SEC Slate

    A couple of dark horse division contenders in Miss St and Florida so I’m interested in seeing them play some decent competition
  5. Piketiger1990

    Malik Miller’s status

    I wonder if there’s any chance he gets moved to fullback, especially with Cox graduating. Seems like his best chance at getting on the field.
  6. Piketiger1990

    Big Kat Bryant

    Absolutely, if he stays on his feet he gets one or two more sacks in the game. Showed up in the back field consistently and TD seemed to draw a penalty every time he got in the game.
  7. Piketiger1990

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    *Runs through wall*
  8. Piketiger1990

    “Landshark Tony”

    They’re intro song should be “baby shark doodoodoodoodoodoo”.
  9. Piketiger1990

    Men vs Alabama

    Cole Blackstock time
  10. Piketiger1990

    Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    And also over playing on defense which is forcing our bigs to help and allowing easy dunks.
  11. Piketiger1990

    Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    His youth is getting exposed tonight
  12. Piketiger1990

    Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    Harper having to sit has been the difference. Mitchell is talented but just doesn’t have the same command of the offense like Jared. We will need to hit free throws late to win this one.
  13. Piketiger1990

    Emmert aware of sexual assault charges at MSU

    What exactly is Emmert’s connection to UAT?
  14. Piketiger1990

    Men vs. Missouri

    Keep Barnett from getting hot and we win this by double digits.
  15. Piketiger1990

    Men vs. Arkansas

    Absolute correct, and very irritating. I say after the first half let the folks standing go take any of those empty seats. Arena would have been 100% full if not for that one section