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  1. Who will be this Iron Bowl's unlikely hero?

    Was going to be my pick too, one area to attack this Bama D is in the flats with the swing pass. Texas AM had quite a bit of success doing it.
  2. Bama Injury Update

    Antler Spray
  3. What is the key to an IB win?

    JD also dropped an INT right in the numbers and forced a fumble
  4. What changed for Stidham

    I could see his draft stock rising especially with the national attention Auburn is now getting, but this is a very deep class for QBs so it would probably be smart to wait a year. I think right now he is estimated as the #10 QB prospect.
  5. What changed for Stidham

    Any chance we keep Stidham another year?
  6. Arky QB Arrested

    Wow, I wouldn't have expected this from him. He had a friend of his shot and killed in the vehicle Kelley was driving. Not that the circumstances are anywhere close to the same but you would think an incident like that would make you value life a little more.
  7. Braden Smith

    Another outstanding game from Braden Smith. All game long he was playing til the whistle and putting defenders on their backsides. I'm looking forward to @JMR break it down. When a video of the Auburn Offense vs Georgia Defense is cut I would recommend watching it one time through and follow Braden.
  8. Favorite play of the night

    The throwback screen
  9. renovating the restrooms

    Bathroom renovations and nobody has made a poop joke, I'm disappointed in you guys. "Well a lot of Auburn fans are full of ..it" "We need it with all the ..it Malzahn has put us through"
  10. Saturday games 11/11 -Upset Alert

  11. Saturday games 11/11 -Upset Alert

    Not a Saturday game, but I'm going with the Friday curse. Stanford upsets Washington
  12. Gary Patterson

    Gary Patterson on interviewing for the Tennessee and Nebraska jobs. His last quote is golden "Tennessee didn't think I could handle the big stage," Patterson said. "My wife and I went to dinner with them, and I could tell they had already decided on Kiffin. It was the same with Nebraska. I interviewed and could tell they had already decided on Pelini. I think a lot of these ADs now are more interesting in hiring guys who're going to win the podium than they are in hiring football coaches, and there's a lot more to it than that if you're going to win championships." Patterson smiled when asked whether he would have taken either the Tennessee or Nebraska job had he been offered. "It's sort of like the old Garth Brooks song. Sometimes the best prayers are unanswered prayers," Patterson said.
  13. UAT player indicted for felony assault

    I keep seeing reference to a video, but do not see one?
  14. Auburn #14 in Initial CFP Rankings

    I hope our players aren't looking for ways to get into the playoff, focus on the game at hand. @DAG says it every week, "just win"
  15. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    I was lucky enough to get some field passes for the LSU game, wondered down the Auburn sideline and found Chip's (Gus') play calling sheet