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  1. Davion Mitchell Transferring

    Wow. Thought he was being groomed to take over.
  2. Danjel Purifoy

    Was on Instagram yesterday! From the fingers of Danjel himself, he's planning on coming back! 🙌
  3. T.D. Moultry

    Not saying he wouldn't be a good buck. But he's a heat seeking missile at LB! He was rated the number 3 inside linebacker. I just don't think he's that big of an upgrade over big cat Bryant at the buck. Id like to see them both on the field at the same time
  4. T.D. Moultry

    Am I the only one that hates Moultry isn't going to be at LB?! I mean let Big Cat get the buck work and keep TD at LB. That would be a monster front!
  5. Auburn Loses Exhibition

    Welp! This thread was an overreaction! Ha!
  6. I thought that coach Pearl said he wasn't enrolling early. Did something change?
  7. 2016 Fall Camp - Practice 9 (Scrimmage #2)

    It was probably on the exchange of the zone read. Not to big of a deal
  8. Welp!........that was fast
  9. TSD done, Reed not returning

    Why is Reed not returning? I thought him and Horace would be a force
  10. 2017 4* LB Tadarian "TD" Moultry signs with AU (Updated)

    Looks like they're back in it. I figured that would happen but I'm guessing they have to much ground to make up if he sticks with his spring time table https://www.seccount...-in-the-picture
  11. Men vs. Tennessee - Game Thread

    This is painful
  12. Under Armour/AU basketball

    Don't they have orange shoes with a blue logo?
  13. Auburn vs Indianapolis - 11/5/15

    Full highlights from the game! Don't know who Rod was talking to. Cause it wasn't us! Ha!