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  1. If you actually have football knowledge and watch film then you would know there is a difference in Chip Lindsey's play calling style and Gus Malzahn's. But I understand going with the popular mob mentality opinion when you don't actually know football. Thank for your input though. 😄
  2. Y'all so lame. If Gus said he would remain the play caller then all of you would have been upset. He announces what you wanted and y'all still crying. Sounds like people who whine and complain no matter what
  3. We wouldn't have to. We just had 4 seniors graduate. And Jared Harper declare early. That's 5 scholarships
  4. True but remember he won't have to start right away. McCormick is a good PG in his own right
  5. More on Cooper! The streets are talking! And I'm listening! Ha!
  6. 😂😂😂😂 Really people. In sports your Highs aren't as high as you think and the lows aren't as low. 6-6?! Trust me. AU will be fine
  7. Does anyone know why the basketball highlights aren't being uploaded to YouTube?
  8. ? I hope he's just enjoying the recruiting process.
  9. I feel you. I just know I had seen them mention Pappoe being interviewed. Maybe they're saving that info for premium
  10. Why haven't we heard much about George Pickens? Other than seeing him in a group photo and on the visiting list I wouldn't have known he was in town for big cat.
  11. Wow. Thought he was being groomed to take over.
  12. Was on Instagram yesterday! From the fingers of Danjel himself, he's planning on coming back! ?
  13. Not saying he wouldn't be a good buck. But he's a heat seeking missile at LB! He was rated the number 3 inside linebacker. I just don't think he's that big of an upgrade over big cat Bryant at the buck. Id like to see them both on the field at the same time
  14. Am I the only one that hates Moultry isn't going to be at LB?! I mean let Big Cat get the buck work and keep TD at LB. That would be a monster front!