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  1. I have no idea. Shocked at this decision
  2. Like bruuuuuhhhh!!!! This came out of nowhere to me. Was anybody else hearing about this?
  3. https://247sports.com/Article/Justin-Powell-transfer-Auburn-basketball-162070865/ please include at least a portion of the article and not just a link. Auburn freshman Justin Powell is transferring out of the program, he tells 247Sports. “I’m very thankful for my time at Auburn,” Powell told 247Sports. “Thank you to Bruce Pearl, the Auburn staff, my teammates, the trainers, doctors and everyone at Auburn but I felt that this was the best decision for me at this time.” Powell, a 6-foot-6, 205-pound combo guard, had a standout freshman season through six games with Auburn averaging 11.1 points, 6.1 rebounds and 4.7 assists, shooting 56-percent from beyond the stripe. The Kentucky native will quickly become one of the hottest transfers to hit the market this season. He was ranked as the No. 185 overall prospect in the 2020 247Sports Composite Rankings.
  4. If they don't start calling the fouls on guys undercutting Cambridge on the lob, I'm going APE!!!
  5. Carlton Davis and Jamael Dean are headed to the Super Bowl! I feel like if this duo was from Lsthru or Buma there would be a lot more talk about it in the media https://oanow.com/sports/college/auburn/super-bowl-bound-davis-dean-represent-auburn-in-title-game/article_16305f30-5ea2-11eb-9f41-3f04c488c6e9.html
  6. Another Boise staffer being brought on. Thoughts? https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Darren-Uscher-expected-to-be-Auburn-football-coach-Bryan-Harsins-Director-of-Recruiting-college-football-Bryan-Harsin-158728829/ Please post at least a portion of the artcile and not just a link. Trusted Boise State staffer to be Auburn's new Director of Recruiting One of Auburn football coach Bryan Harsin's most important and trusted employees at his previous stop is following him to Auburn. While the school has yet to make an official announcement, Darren Uscher, who served as Boise State's Director of Recruiting and Player Personnel, is expected to named the Tigers' new Director of Recruiting. In fact, Auburn Undercover has learned he already has been on the job for a couple weeks. Also, Uscher has changed his Twitter handle and bio to reflect his new job. Uscher Tweeted his goodbyes to Boise State on Saturday.
  7. AYEEE!!! Hope it happens. Pardon my ignorance, but who is JGT?
  8. Do we still feel good about him? Especially since he's choosing Friday?
  9. If you actually have football knowledge and watch film then you would know there is a difference in Chip Lindsey's play calling style and Gus Malzahn's. But I understand going with the popular mob mentality opinion when you don't actually know football. Thank for your input though. 😄
  10. Y'all so lame. If Gus said he would remain the play caller then all of you would have been upset. He announces what you wanted and y'all still crying. Sounds like people who whine and complain no matter what
  11. We wouldn't have to. We just had 4 seniors graduate. And Jared Harper declare early. That's 5 scholarships
  12. True but remember he won't have to start right away. McCormick is a good PG in his own right
  13. More on Cooper! The streets are talking! And I'm listening! Ha!
  14. 😂😂😂😂 Really people. In sports your Highs aren't as high as you think and the lows aren't as low. 6-6?! Trust me. AU will be fine
  15. Does anyone know why the basketball highlights aren't being uploaded to YouTube?
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