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  1. Yep, I played for him as a freshman at John Carroll in 1977 (his last year as the head coach there), with another son of his, Ed. Heard a lot of good stories and about Tom the son and Conrad Dobler.
  2. What's the word on Marsh? Haven't heard anything on him at all? Will he be in the mix next year and if so, what position?
  3. What's the word on Marsh?  Haven't heard anything on him at all.  Will he be in the mix next year?  If so, what position?

  4. Bo was also in 5 events at the state meet (1981) and won 4 out of the five. The only reason he didn't win the last event was because it was a relay and it was a team effort rather than an individual event. Why was he in 5 events? That's all the AHSAA would allow anyone to compete in. Otherwise he would have participated in more.
  5. I'm sure the GMO foods we consume don't help, and there are lots of them.
  6. He did, along with others of the Sullivan tribe, and I forgot about him. I can honestly say I have no idea what kind of career Joe had at Auburn. Did he play any meaningful snaps?
  7. Pat Sullivan is the only one I can remember off the top of my head.
  8. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and was reminded again when CGM brought it up at the SEC media days, is the statement he made that “…we didn’t execute last year.” I’ve seen many comments about the QB and WR’s failures, but it seems to me that until you get a picture of the entire team’s performance, per player, on every play, you won’t truly know what the root cause or failure mechanism on any particular play can be attributed to. Every play is designed to score a touchdown and if it doesn’t, why not? Many potential failure mechanisms, i.e., blown assignment, wrong play call for the defense set (does the coach get graded on what play was called vs the right play call?), physical mismatch between offense and defense players, etc. Does anyone have access to how all the players grade out on every play? Is that info even available to the board? This also could be a testament to what Stat preaches about the lack of experience, especially last year, in that if too many mistakes were made by everyone due to this inexperience, and especially on a critical play, the team play won’t be successful. Another thing to use the grades for is to determine the timing of the mistakes. All is takes in one mistake at wrong time to kill a drive, create a turnover, commit a penalty, or any other negative play. Absolutely some to the mistakes can be pointed back to lack of coaching, but, once the players get on the field they have to execute, and if they don’t, can that be put on the coaches. I’m not trying to promote or defend any position here, just pointing out the fact that unless you get the data for every player on every play, do you know where the problem lies, and can you really correct a problem you may not know about? Think about this for a minute, and I’m guessing here, but let’s use 20 offensive players that are utilized per game due to substitutions, and each of those players makes one mistake, only one. That’s 20 mistakes out of about 60-70 plays, or about 30%. That’s not a very inspirational success rate, and if some of those players make more than one mistake the success rate is even worse. So, going back to the original statement, if everyone doesn’t execute the play as planned, every time, that play more than likely won’t be successful. I know there are some coaches on here that have a hell of a lot more knowledge in this area than me that can shed some light on this. Just food for thought.
  9. He already transferred to Centennial in Corona, Ca. Some old stomping grounds use to work in Corona way back when I live there now (Corona, CA) Well get your ass out there and say a few War Eagles to Tyjon Might just do that now that I know we're interested in him.
  10. He already transferred to Centennial in Corona, Ca. Some old stomping grounds use to work in Corona way back when I live there now (Corona, CA)
  11. Any word on Tre Williams? Another LB with high expectations but no word at all on performance thus far.
  12. One thing I noticed about this guy is that he takes the correct angles to get to the runner, something we haven't seen enough of.
  13. Don't post much but read alot, and one thing I haven't seen discussed is how each player graded out after each game. Is it even possible to do this from a fan's perspective? I'm assuming the coaches do it for the players so they know what to improve upon, but haven't seen any mention of it here. The reason I ask is because I agree that there is a problem on defense, or maybe many problems, and I don't have the knowledge of defensive schemes, alignments, assignments, etc., for each individual for each play, and to me if one wants to truly solve the problem/s, the problem/s must first be identified. Maybe the coaches on this board can pitch in here. Does the defense have players that grade out at 95%, but the 5% just happens to be the plays that score, or go for long yards? Are there alignment issues, assignment failures, communication issues? Does each individual only have a couple of mistakes each but those mistakes are costly? How many mistakes are allowed before that person gets replaced? Is it training, understanding, attitude? I'm baffled because I see our defense get torched each week but don't seem to see any improvement, and because I don't know the defenses and assignments, I have no way of being able to see what needs to be fixed or what to look for the next week for improvement, aside from the most obvious ones, like the wide open receiver for the touchdown. To me this has to be approached like any other problem in any other industry when trying to improve and/or resolve problems, in that the problems must be identified individually, almost using a Root Cause Failure Analysis approach. Troubleshoot to find the problems then correct them, and that goes for on the field and off the field issues. I was also watching the LSU/bammer game last night and the biggest thing that stuck out to me was that both of those teams' defenses seem to be able to tackle. I still see our guys not being able to do the basic tackling techniques, mentioned many times here, taking wrong angles, diving at the players' feet, etc. It's frustrating as he!! to watch. Also mentioned here before is that the defense seems to be able to do better in the second half each game, but for whatever reason this adjustment/better play can't be done during the first half of the game. Does the opposing team change its strategy at halftime and we just happen to adjust to what they adjust to? Is there a hellfire-and-brimstone speech that puts some emotion into the players at halftime? Baffling.