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  1. I just don’t want to play Wisconsin again.
  2. Since Wisky lost, does that mean we will have a top 10 match up next week?
  3. 41 point win on the road? I'll take it! War Eagle!
  4. Yep, and our defense won’t be able to keep up their intensity with the o going 3 and out all the dang time.
  5. Actually I would like to see UT become a power. That way bama would at least have one tough game come from the east each year. Goodness knows how they keep getting Vandy and UK as their rotational games.
  6. I’m just glad that AU football is fun to watch again! WDE!!!
  7. Speaking of Orange is the new black, I just can't seem to get into this new season. I don't like some of the new characters and the new facility they are in. Has it lost its allure to anyone else?
  8. Nope, they were searching for the devil so they could sell him their soul
  9. Mark my words: bammer will lose at least one game in the regular season but it won't matter as they will get in the CFP anyway. Mark my words: LSU will win the west, then lose to UGA in the title game. Therefore creating my first point. Mark my words: Michigan loses to Ohio State again and Harbaugh jets for the NFL at the end of the season to keep from getting fired.
  10. At least this way, if we were to beat LSU and bama in back to back weeks we wouldn't have to play LSU again in another week.
  11. War Eagle!!! Now it's time for me to start pulling for Vandy! We use Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital for my middle daughter so I've kinda adopted them as my second team.
  12. Once I could afford to put my daughter on a high level travel team and get the recruiting process started, most schools were full on her class and already working on their class that would graduate two years after my daughter.
  13. I went and watched Memphis play UAB in Memphis several years ago, and the first vendor I came to upon entering the stadium was a beer vendor. I was a little shocked and said I can't believe y'all sell beer here. Vendors response was, "you're going to need it to watch Memphis football".