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  1. Well, Chip Lindsey is looking for work
  2. I can’t stand Dan Mullen. He thinks way too highly of himself, and he got all pissy when he couldn’t buy Cam so he sent the ncaa our way.
  3. IMO he will be back. He made way to much progress this year to not come back. Also, no contest that he beats Finley out for the starting job again.
  4. I really think we will see DD hit the portal after the season. I really wanted to see what he could do, but I guess he doesn’t fit whatever Harsin is looking for.
  5. Yeah, him and this trash staff need to relocate. This is pathetic football.
  6. There’s that bullet to the foot. Hope we convert this 3rd and long. A score here just might break the pups.
  7. I can’t believe that we are only going to put up 3 legitimate points on A&M.
  8. Not the drop itself, but the DA play call, yes.
  9. I’d like to congratulate Harsin and Bobo on this crap game plan. The offense had no fire from the get go. Couple that with stupid play calling and this looks like the same crap Gus gave us. Pathetic!
  10. So I guess this Aggie defense is better than UGA? That’s the only explanation I can come up with for three straight quarters of crap offense.
  11. My feelings won’t be hurt when Carlson moves on. I guess his brother set the bar too high.
  12. I think it’s a fumble. Good play by the rebelsharkbear defense.
  13. I really think he’s had a nagging injury. He looks like Tank tonight and he hasn’t looked that way in a few games recently.
  14. Harsin needs to realize that he’s losing this game right now, unless he gets the team refocused.
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