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  1. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    Wisconsin has basically the same resume as bama, and they are now #6 due to having to play in a conference championship game. I agree with a poster above, and do away with the conference championship games since they obviously don't help you at all.
  2. Projection: Peach vs. UCF

    I'd like to see us play TCU in the Cotton Bowl!
  3. Stidham - Will he stay or will he go?

    And how many times did we run it after that?
  4. Stidham - Will he stay or will he go?

    I still can't figure out why we never ran a dang slant route.
  5. A little perspective, please

    One thing that stuck out to me tonight was all the missed tackles. Very uncharacteristic of our D.
  6. it's been a great season. Favorite Moments?

    Keeping bama from being able to win the SEC!
  7. I just really hope we don't end up playing Wisconsin in a bowl game again.
  8. Update on Arkansas HC search

    I think if he leaves we should be able to entice a top coach from a top program to come have a field day with the talent we have.
  9. Softball Recruiting Areas

    My daughter received her first D1 JC offer on Monday! We are waiting for a couple of weeks to see if another one comes in before she makes her decision.
  10. Softball Recruiting Areas

    My daughter has a couple of offers from smaller 4 year schools, but we are actually holding out for some JUCO offers. Two years paid for, then you still have a shot at going on to finish at a 4 year school.
  11. Weekly Presser - Arkansas

    We might beat Arkansas, depending on the team's mental state, and we should beat ULM. So that would make us 7-5 and on our way to lose another bowl game against a team with a pulse.
  12. Coordinators Silence

    LSU scored off of a drive consisting of jet sweeps. That made me sick. When they ran it up the middle those few times on that drive and got stuffed, I said here comes the jet sweep, and bam there it was. Horrible angles taken by our D and horrible attempts at tackling. I really thing our Defense has taken a couple of steps backwards. Also, why does it seem that we can't catch what should be easy interceptions?
  13. New Auburn bowl projection Washington has a strength of schedule of 65. Not overly impressive when it comes to playoff resumes.
  14. Heisman Trophy

    Not happening this year. It's going to Jalen Hurts.