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  1. Weekly Presser - Arkansas

    We might beat Arkansas, depending on the team's mental state, and we should beat ULM. So that would make us 7-5 and on our way to lose another bowl game against a team with a pulse.
  2. Coordinators Silence

    LSU scored off of a drive consisting of jet sweeps. That made me sick. When they ran it up the middle those few times on that drive and got stuffed, I said here comes the jet sweep, and bam there it was. Horrible angles taken by our D and horrible attempts at tackling. I really thing our Defense has taken a couple of steps backwards. Also, why does it seem that we can't catch what should be easy interceptions?
  3. New Auburn bowl projection Washington has a strength of schedule of 65. Not overly impressive when it comes to playoff resumes.
  4. Heisman Trophy

    Not happening this year. It's going to Jalen Hurts.
  5. Score Prediction- Ole Miss

    38-10 AU
  6. Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    I'm thinking a low scoring game around 17-14 AU. I still don't trust our offense, or offensive coaches.
  7. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    I'm not sure how that will happen when they aren't allowed off the bench. AU 17 Mizzou 14
  8. What is Chandler Cox's role in our offense?

    I agree. Last year he seemed to love being a FB and hitting people. This year he seems to have regressed. I made it a point to watch him on several occasions yesterday and not once did I see him bust through and block somebody.
  9. Gus' Presser

    So having a different RB run the wildcat is a "new wrinkle"? Gus is a chump.
  10. Prediction for Game 3

    I really hope that we work out our frustration on Mercer. CCL calls the game with a chip on his shoulder, and the score should end up something like this, AU 63 Mercer 0
  11. FWIW.

    This is going to be a bad year to fire a coach. You could have aTm, Arkansas, UT, Ole Miss, and possibly UF looking for coaches at the end of the year. Not to mention the other conferences that will be firing coaches.
  12. What Clemson fans think of the game

    I've met quite a few Clemson fans, and never had a bad experience with them.
  13. Pettway vs. Clemson

    I agree that we'd have some impressive wins, but with our history and the fact that one conference gets left out, a loss to Mizzou would be that huge zit right on the end of our nose.
  14. FSU/Florida Games and Irma

    UF has moved their game to 11:30, not sure about fsu.