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  1. AUatHeart

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    Well, we did lose to Orgeron in his opening season and I'm sure everybody here would agree that Jimbo is better than Coach O.
  2. AUatHeart

    Holy Cow! Copperhead in Laundry hamper

    Was on a ruck march one summer, and when we stopped for a break one of our Privates just basically flopped into the ditch with his rucksack. Private next to him started freaking out and screaming like a little girl because the flopper almost landed on a big rattlesnake. Strange thing to me was that the snake just slithered away, kinda like it was annoyed that he had taken his spot in the ditch. Also have had a water snake or moccasin try to climb in the boat with me on a couple of occasions. I don't like that at ALL!
  3. AUatHeart

    OL Recruiting Question

    Yeah, we use beamers not lambos.
  4. AUatHeart

    2019 5* LB Nakobe Dean

    Thanks for the info.
  5. AUatHeart

    2019 5* LB Nakobe Dean

    Any news on Dean? Seems like all the focus is on Pappoe, and not a lot of news on Dean.
  6. AUatHeart

    Softball Recruiting Areas

    I like it. As someone that started the recruiting process late (just because I didn't know I needed to start it at the 14U level) I received a lot of sorry we are no longer recruiting 2018's, or sorry we are working on our 2020 class.
  7. AUatHeart

    Post a picture

    Thanks. I have a friend that takes great pics of our team, and she was finally able to get one of a play at the plate. My oldest daughter is the catcher in this pic and she is like a brick wall behind the plate. LOVE watching her play!
  8. AUatHeart

    Post a picture

    She's out!
  9. AUatHeart

    A-Day thread

    I'm not sure he knows any other flavors.
  10. AUatHeart

    Softball vs. Kennesaw State

    You make a good point about the different hitting coaches they've had in such a short period of time. Last year my oldest daughter and youngest started hitting with a really good coach. He would do lessons at the school on Saturdays and made my life a little easier. Well, for the oldest who had been using a different coach, it sent her into a huge slump. And the puzzling part is that he wasn't changing anything major, but what he was trying to tweak and change got in her head and it affected her each time she got in the box. The youngest that hadn't had any other hitting coaches took to it and is doing great.
  11. AUatHeart

    Softball vs. Kennesaw State

    I'm not taking anything away from the Owls (heck even took my daughter there on a recruiting trip) but our girls have to start hitting better. I noticed a lot of first pitch strikes being thrown by Cutting that we'd just watch go on by. If you get behind in the count against a good pitcher it usually turns out badly for you.
  12. AUatHeart

    Softball vs. Kennesaw State

    I'll agree with you on that. Also, this poor hitting team was recruited by Myers, which kinda has me scratching my head a little bit.
  13. AUatHeart

    Byron Cowart at Maryland

    I was thinking the same thing.
  14. AUatHeart

    Devan Barrett as WR

    When that was posted, I honestly just thought they were talking about Canella. lol