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  1. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Just got off the phone with Sam and he said Texas is recruiting him the hardest right now along with Oklahoma State as a close second and Auburn and Nebraska probably third right now. He couldn't talk long because he's in the Bahamas for Spring Break. Much needed break as he's been really pushing himself mentally and physically of late. I definitely see a different mentality in this kid. At the beginning, he was very stressed about this whole recruiting process, but now with it in full swing and with him winning MVP awards at two camps now, he's more relaxed and enjoying the process a whole lot more.
  2. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    A little update for you guys... Sam Ehlinger went up to Dallas this past weekend for the Rivals QB Challenge and was named the top 2017 QB at the event. Here's what Adam Gorney had to say about the kid: "Ehlinger has good size at 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds and he's packed with muscle, so he's someone who can escape the pocket when necessary, set his feet and throw a really nice, accurate ball. It's clear Ehlinger has a lot of strength and it translates to his throws because the ball zips all over the field. He did a nice job, especially rolling to his right and nailing targets." Good stuff from Sam and hopefully he can build on it because he has the Nike's Opening Regional Camp on March 28th in New Orleans. He did say to me though that he played well, but could have and should have done better. Also, the first team he mentioned when talking about recruiting was in fact, your Auburn Tigers. This kid will be a top 100 kid in the country when it's all said and done. He's widely regarded as the clear #2 QB in Texas, only behind 5-star Shawn Robinson.
  3. UAB Players

    Their QB could end up at Texas with the uncertainty they have their. If Heard doesn't progess, he could be their guy. They have a good aforementioned RB who could be a good pick up for Auburn and they have a WR/Returner who's one of the best special teams guys in the country. Averages over 30 yds per return and took 4 back to the house this year.
  4. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Ehlinger's Sophomore season highlights. They're awesome so enjoy!
  5. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Interesting to know AUbritt. Ehlinger and Westlake finished the regular season with a 63-7 trouncing over Hays Lehman in which Ehlinger had 4 TD's in just about a quarter and a half of work. I say that because Westlake had 2 pick-sixes and one returned to the 8 yard line followed by a TD draw so he basically didn't get 3 drives. There were only 2 plays that I could find highlights of, but they're dandies. 74-yd TD run: Escape and 56-yd TD pass to Klubnik: Ehlinger finished the regular season with over 2700 total yards and 33 TD's. He gets a chance to add onto that when Westlake plays Round Rock Friday night at home in the first round of the inaugural 6A UIL State Playoffs.
  6. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Haha I'll pass it along.
  7. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Just another update from Sam's game this past weekend. Ehlinger only played one half in a 54-0 win over Del Valle to help Westlake clinch it's 27th consecutive playoff appearance. Ehlinger still managed to rack up 3 passing TD's while adding 1 on the ground. However, he was not the star of the game for the first time this season. 2016 S Stephen Rioux had 3 INT's with a pick-six as well as a blocked punt which he also returned to the house. Career game for him for sure.
  8. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Sam already has a very good realtionship with Rhett Lashlee that he started when Malzahn invited him to a camp where he impressed them so much that he got a private workout. He's been told to send his film in at the season's end and a decision on an offer will be made at that time, although I'm pretty confident he will get one. Sam is equally open to every school that is showing him serious interest right now, aside from the small football schools. He really likes Gus Malzahn and his QB pedigree is undeniable, and Sammy knows that. As for the Stanford thing, what parent wouldn't want their kid to get a Stanford education? I am by no means saying that, if and when that call from David Shaw comes, he will commit. It's just an offer that would justifiably be hard for any kid to ignore. I'll do this for you guys. I'll text Sam and ask him what his thoughts on Auburn are to gauge his interest and see what he says. If I don't like what I hear, I'll let you know and you won't see me here again. If I do like what I hear, likewise, but I'll stick around to give you guys more info.
  9. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Ehlinger actually came over to my house this past weekend to check on my brother who had ACL surgery a few days ago and inevitably we got to talking about recruiting eventually. It's a pretty hard topic to avoid for the kid. He gave me the "I'm going to go where I think I'll succeed. Don't know where that is yet though." Almost on que my brother and his friends interjected saying that they'd be disappointed if he went anywhere other than Stanford. He kinda shrugged it off, but it's pretty well known how big a Stanford offer is for any kid. As I've said previously, Sam has his head screwed on straight and values an education immensely. Heck, if I was his dad and my kid was deciding between my alma mater and Stanford, screw my school and go play under Coach Shaw and get a great education in beautiful Palo Alto, California. That's pretty tough to beat.
  10. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Another update for you guys if you care... Ehlinger and Westlake took care of Texas A&M commit Connor Lanfear and Hays this past Friday 49-7 for Homecoming. Ehlinger was 16-20 for 297 yards and 4 TD passes while adding 55 on the ground and another TD for a total of 5 in just 3 quarters of work. The real work begins this week as Westlake prepares for nationally ranked Lake Travis. This will be the true test of Sam's ability against a great defense much like Southlake Carroll earlier this season.
  11. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Well as far as I know, Lashlee keeps in touch with Sam and has asked that he send in his Sophomore film as soon as the season is over. As soon as Sam does that (he actually jokes that creating his own Hudl might help) then an offer may come. Same goes for Briles at Baylor, and that one seems more likely because Auburn doesn't really dip into Texas too much.
  12. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Quick question for you guys, would you like me to stop posting about the kid? If y'all do then that's fine and I'll leave the board.
  13. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    I have a bunch of family that went to Auburn and I'm doing this because I'd love to see him there. As for the Tennessee thread, I didn't start it and basically told them to keep dreaming.
  14. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    Also a little note, my little brother told me that Sam is up to 215 lbs now and losing some of what he calls "baby fat". He got a little lighter when the season started due to conditioning, but has put on some good muscle in the weightroom this year. His college playing weight could easily be about 230 lbs.
  15. 2017 3* QB Sam Ehlinger (Texas commit)

    I fixed the highlight links for those interested! By the way, Ehlinger finished 9-12 for 141 yds, 3 TD's and an INT (not his fault). He also added 82 yards on 7 carries and a 24-yd TD run.