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  1. AU vs The Nations Best

    I think the worst thing about the situation is that the turds got to sit at home while Auburn got banged up, and they still eeked in the playoffs without winning their division.
  2. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Danielson saying KJ is more than half of this Auburn team really shows how much of an incompetent POS he is.
  3. Living in Georgia

    Glad I don’t have to listen to the BS anymore. They got their asses handed to em. WDE
  4. ***Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Oklahoma - Game Thread***

    Get Mixon to do it for you
  5. Three Cheers for the Defense

    Defense played lights out every game until they ran out of gas because the offense wasn't getting it done War damn eagle
  6. Sean White expected to play in Bowl Game

    Yeah but the Sugar Bowl is actually a good bowl game and it would be good to end on a high note for the players, fans, and recruits. We could potentially play a very good OU team and we need a good, solid QB to win the game.
  7. Sean White expected to play in Bowl Game

    Alabama preference. They love everything Bama and think that their football team is the best thing to happen to college football every year, as long as Satan is HC
  8. It's aggravating to have hope going into half time against Alabama, thinking we have a chance to pull it out. Make some adjustments and we're good. And then watching all of the adjustments the other team executes, and Gus comes back and says "lets do the same thing and hope it works." Literally the only adjustment I saw was that somewhere in the 2nd half, he pulled JJ and put in JF3. Yet he calls the same Cox play that he called at least 3 times in the whole game that hasn't worked. It's almost as if he looks in his 2 page HS playbook, closes his eyes, and picks some stupid play that hasn't worked in the game. It's especially aggravating that he continuously picks these trick plays that probably haven't been practiced very well, when the offense can't even get a 1st down with basic plays that have been practiced over and over again! It's almost as if Gus/Lashlee has run out of options on offense, so he tries to trick the opposition by calling some unorthodox play. Offensive plays are either: PREDICTABLE or just plain STUPID
  9. The WAY too early look at 2017 sunshine pump

    I don't want to see QB roulette at the beginning of the season. If Gus can't pick a QB for the Clempsin game, it's gonna be a rough time.
  10. Auburn with shot at Sugar Bowl

    No more likes, but This ^^ Sugarbowl is in New Orleans! Wouldn't be surprised to see a LSU bump
  11. Probably the last one on the bus

    Did I hear Gus say: "Didn't play well. Give them credit they're a good team. Really expected to play better then we did" I fail to comprehend why this is on the players. The coaching staff needs to get it through their thick heads that what they're doing isn't working! (Besides Steele and the D) QB roulette and crappy play calling won't cut it.
  12. Your Lasting 2016 Impressions

    True. Not paying triple digit $ to watch an embarrassing Iron Bowl showing
  13. Your Lasting 2016 Impressions

    At least maybe Auburn merch is cheaper right now?? In all seriousness, our D is the best. Those guys play hard every game and keep us in many close games. Coaching needs work, play-calling is questionable. At least we salvaged our season from being completely horrible, but we need to win these important games and find a consistent QB. You can't be successful without consistency. War damn eagle...
  14. Auburn vs. uat - game thread