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  1. Ditto. All the negativity is really tiresome. Some folks need to back away, take a deep breath and enjoy life a little more.
  2. Whoever we get I hope they do not have the corners play 10 yards off of the receivers like we did all season.
  3. "Also in last game we did mix in may ass plays on 1st down to keep defense honest." Whoa there hoss.
  4. I haven't read all the responses but I believe in this coaching staff and particularly our head coach. They will turn it around and I believe it will be this year. S.W. will get more confidence as he moves forward and make the Auburn family proud. There is a statistic that 6% of the people in the world will never be happy, no matter what. Sometimes I believe Auburn has about 90% of them as fans.
  5. Stubhub can have them on will call I believe
  6. Tell them if they can come physically remove him then he is off the team. It's past time people stand up.
  7. We went to MS State game this year and their huge jumbo-tron was impressive. They make the most out of it and the atmosphere it brings to that forsaken place. Can't help but think one that is even bigger will not be better. I believe this will be used as a important recruiting tool as well.
  8. I kinda like the industrial look at stadiums with the exposed beams. I think it looks better than having it all boxed in with bricks.
  9. We went to the game and thought they were gracious as well. Struck up conversations with people sitting beside us, even had a fan shake my hand on the way out. There was a loud mouth screaming cheaters a few rows back. It made it sting a little less with how we were treated.