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  1. ^ Exactly what I was going to say. Seth lost a lot of money when he was absolutely dominated by Jaycee Horn at USCe. Doubt his attitude helped, but think losing this match up was the bigger reason he fell so far.
  2. Yea agreed. I get that he’s young, and had it been only the one episode it would seem to be a tragic, dumb teenage mistake. But he clearly failed to learn much from taking two people’s lives. The repeated episodes suggest that he doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions for other people. I’m not saying he should be imprisoned for an extended period based on this alone, but he shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel of a car for a long, long time IMO. And should anything else happen... I worry about what lies ahead for this kid. Dark clouds on the horizon. Let’s hope he proves us w
  3. Yep. Who started the play by charging into the wrong gap.
  4. Agree. I have some respect for Alabama as a rival. You have to give them credit for accomplishing something amazing. Iron sharpens iron. It just makes beating them all the more satisfying. Bowl cut is a cheating wannabe loser who ACTS like he has accomplished what Saban actually has. And for some reason Gus managed to consistently underperform against them (with the one big exception) which has left them extremely cocky toward AU. I can’t wait to see them completely collapse.
  5. Thank you. I don't mean to be self-righteous and rant at others. Most of you know a lot more about football and basketball than I do. I'm usually pretty passive on the board - I'm not that type that likes to hear myself talk or enjoys arguments. But this subject is one I feel the need to address at times given that it's what I do all day and there is a tremendous amount of misinformation spreading in many places. Now let's all hope that the P1 variant doesn't prove my optimism to be misplaced.
  6. 24, I'm sorry to unleash on this but I'm so tired of hearing this nonsense over and over. I sincerely wish I could've worn a GoPro to work so you and others could see what it was like in there this winter. In both of the hospitals where I work in the MICU, standard COVID19 admission protocol includes what's called a respiratory pathogen panel. It's a test for a number of common viruses, including both SARS-COV2 ('COVID 19') and influenza. So all of the hundreds of patients I saw with COVID also got a PCR (high sensitivity) flu test. Want to know how many tested flu positive? 1. At th
  7. I actually don’t think this is a crazy idea, provided we get enough people to take the vaccine this summer. Especially if we really do have enough to vaccinate all adults by the end of May. I’d go in person this August or September if so. It’s been a rough year but there is real light at the end of the tunnel absent some nightmare spike protein mutation.
  8. Is it, though? Does anyone do less with more talent than Kirby? I mean, Gus maybe, but he’s gone now.
  9. Wow pretty impressive. We’re lucky to have Zakoby. He was solid all year and may be the most under-appreciated player on the team. If only some of those RBs could’ve been tackled by the D-Line...
  10. Nothing encapsulates Auburn 2020 like watching Bo Nix try to hurdle a man standing straight up in front of him.
  11. Offensive players getting visibly frustrated with each other. Can’t get Harsin in there to take control of this nonsense fast enough.
  12. Wonder if that means Harsin has another DC lined up already?
  13. It’s honestly kind of fascinating to watch this game. We have a ridiculous advantage in speed, athleticism, size that comes across even on tv, but no one in orange and blue seems to know how to play the game of football so we’re being handled.
  14. Thanks for telling us this. I have been wondering how we let Napier get away. Guess that explains it. Makes everything about the last couple of days make a lot more sense.
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