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  1. What's the name of the coverage scheme where Derrick Brown runs off the sideline and flattens a wideout again? Wouldn't mind seeing that one more time if George motions out wide this week.
  2. Like Fleck. Wouldn’t hate Steele if we miss on some others. Now that UAB just got manhandled by a mediocre TN team, can we stop talking about hiring Bill Clark?
  3. Yep. I really like Gus as a person, but I think it's passed time we all acknowledge that he struggles to develop QBs. I don't think Gatewood is the answer that some want him to be. I wish the issues were that simple, but the truth is the scheme is weak. I'm not sure there's any way the offense even returns to average without a coaching change. I won't be upset if Joey gets a shot, but I think it's pretty naive to expect a big improvement. We've seen this play out too many times before with Gus.
  4. Sensei Mud was pretty good, I thought.
  5. Man. That's how you lose a tight football game. Going to need a miracle to pull this out.
  6. Really appreciate the outstanding effort from the defense so far today. Amazing to believe we're not out of this one yet, and that's all them. This FL defense is stout. Going to have to find a way to get something moving on the ground to have any chance to win. Hoping to see one of those random magic Boobie drives he seems to pull out every couple of games.
  7. I’d say the old “lies, damned lies, and statistics” adage applies here. Bo is definitely less accurate than some of our prior QBs (Stidham, for example), but there are two big contributors to his low completion percentage that skew this comparison. 1) Bo throws the ball away rather than take sacks. These all count as incompletions. He may be ditching the ball a bit too early every once in awhile, but overall I think most of us are happy with this approach. Especially in comparison to our last QB. Bo would not have taken 12 sacks or whatever against Clemson a couple of years back. I’m for it, regardless of how pretty or ugly his numbers look as a consequence. 2) Bo is young, and in an effort to protect the football he sometimes errs on the side of putting the ball where no one can get it, rather than put it up for a possible pick. He said this in his post game interview after TAMU. I think he’s being a little too cautious with his long throws as a result, and the overthrows are his attempt to give his receivers (like Schwartz) a shot while keeping the DBs away. As he grows as a QB and learns trust and timing with his receivers, I expect this to improve. It may never completely resolve though, this may be a negative part of his style. JF3 was a mess. He never had that kind of pocket presence or downfield anticipation. He was operating on a much simpler level, and even as a big run threat could basically only complete short passes and screens. If you can’t see the difference between the two, I don’t know if any of us can help you.
  8. One of your top three complaints about Gus is that he doesn’t develop backup QBs enough?
  9. DL - B+ - OR schemed well to neutralize them early with quick passes, and they struggled to stop the run initially. Once they settled in, things improved and they locked the run down. Still had trouble truly disrupting the pocket until the end of the game, but showed well overall against a stellar O-line. LB - A- - Couple of missed run fits early, but once they settled down they played lights out. Incredible athleticism across the board. Delivered some tough hits and set the tone. Wanted the win badly, willed the rest of the d on. I know the d-line got all the hype but the LBs were the best unit on the team overall IMO. I expected big things from Britt and he delivered, but Zacoby McClain also had some big moments and seems like a competitor. DB - B- - An up and down performance. Watching Davis fail to contest that TD catch was rough (although I understand the height difference - hit him and take 15). Not sure who was at fault but they also blew some assignments early. That said, they also stepped up in a big way down the stretch and played hard. And Tutt and Dinson were fantastic all night. OL - C+ - Struggled in the first half. Improved in the second and finally got some push. Had a couple of costly false starts. Pass protection wasn't bad, just had a lot of blitzes called. Still an area of concern IMHO, though I really appreciate how hard they fought in the end. RB - B - Boobie stepped up in a big way and put the team on his back for awhile. Great grit and toughness. Still didn't see the kind of explosiveness we need to develop an elite O this year. Enjoyed seeing Joiner on the wheel route - hope we see more of him this year. Looking forward to seeing DJ Williams in action too. WR - B- - Missed some blocks, got pushed around a bit. Seth is a boss and made the plays when they mattered most. Stove is a great weapon. Really anxious to see Schwartz get back into the fold. No one was able to consistently help the young QB, but they didn't hurt him much either. QB - B- - Amazing first start for Bo. He made some mistakes and his youth showed at times, but he has arm talent and incredible of mental toughness. He kept his composure and battled through a rough start in a huge game where many would have folded. Mostly made good decisions, didn't take a lot of unnecessary negative plays despite not really being 'eased in' with a bunch of quick passes. Couldn't have asked for much more from a true freshman. I hope he grows up quickly - if so this team could develop into something special. Special teams - D - Way too many big returns. Missed a FG. Tutt looks gifted on punt return duty. Otherwise, ugly stuff. Gave OR a shot at a major Hail Mary upset in the final seconds. Playcalling - B+ - Put a little too much pressure on Bo at times, and tried to get too tricky. Had to 'learn the team' a bit in real time, but things started to really click in the latter part of the game. It wasn't perfect, but I'm optimistic. Adjustments: A+ - Started out getting smashed and totally flipped the script. Fun to watch.
  10. Agreed. He seemed that way in fall camp too. I think he’s finally developed the confidence as a coach to be a bit more open about his doubts and mistakes. Personally, I think that’s one of the traits of a good leader, though I know many who would disagree. I think that insight and confidence leads to positive change. Gus is a good guy and good coach. Never going to become a slant loving, complex route tree teaching, tight end utilizing pass attack guru, but he has some real strengths and seems to be more open to evolving now. I hope we see more of that as the year goes on.
  11. KJ Britt is the real deal. Wow. No wonder they call him 'downhill'. Hits hard and has bad intentions. LB corps had a couple of misfit runs, but overall was fantastic. Excited to watch KJ play this year. Z McClain and O Pappoe also showed up a couple of times in big spots. The new LBs are still tough, fast dudes. Reloaded, no need to rebuild. Jeremiah Dinson came up BIG when needed. All over the field. Made some tough one on one tackles and got to Herbert. Quality player who had a good showing. Christian Tutt is the man. Some gutsy plays in the open field and in coverage. Confident, fast, athletic. Can't wait to see more of this kid. Seth Williams is a boss. Nix missed him a few times throughout the game, and he was clearly frustrated. He showed up on that last drive though. Kid is an incredible talent with amazing hands and a no-BS attitude. He is the player I want the pass thrown to with the game on the line. As per usual, the hype machine did not match the output on the field. Oregon schemed VERY well for our D-line with a lot of quick screens and slants, and as a result their impact was minimal, though they had some better moments in the second half. That Oregon O-line is legit. They played hard in a losing effort and I do believe we'll see more than one of them on Sundays. Hats off to them. I'd give a kidney to see Big Kat score an 80-some-odd yard scoop and score TD. So. Close. I can't tell where the difficulty in the running game stems from. Is it the O line or the RB position? I love Boobie's heart, but he doesn't seem to have top-end breakaway speed. Wouldn't be upset to see more of rotation with Shivers, DJ and even Joiner than we did tonight. Regardless, appreciate how hard they all played in the second half tonight. They gave their all, and it was inspiring to watch. Bo is young but clearly has raw talent and a lot of guts. He pulled through some adversity and found a way to win a really challenging game against a quality team. Sky's the limit. His time is now. I don't think we've seen the last of Joey in the red zone. Congrats to Gus and the whole team. War Eagle.
  12. Pretty concerned with how their o line is handling our d line so far. Have to give it to them, they’re good. Defense is just KJ Britt and a few warm bodies right now. hope the momentum shifts here soon.
  13. “... and everything that goes with that.”
  14. We've fallen to the point that people are seriously arguing that Coach O would be an upgrade? I'm not happy with Gus either, but Coach O isn't even the best coach on his own team. I wouldn't be upset to see Aranda here one day, though.