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  1. Cocky, entitled whining instead of a reasonable take. Its a regular season SEC loss man. Let it go. It happens. Make it up in the tourney. Would've been fine to say 'We lost a close game to a talented SEC team in their home arena. Tough loss, we'll learn from it and be better in the next one.' How hard is that? Hell, I'm sure we'll probably be saying that at some point soon. And we'll hold our heads up when we do. This sounds like a coach on his way down who knows that he's been passed.
  2. Feel dumb for doubting this team. They are truly special.
  3. Cold shooting. Doesn't seem like our night at the moment. I'd count any other team out but not this one.
  4. Not even kidding - was there a fix in to get rid of Kessler specifically? Wish the NCAA actually looked into such things because there is no other explanation.
  5. Kind of cold half of shooting, we're away at our rivals' place, and one of our most dominant players essentially fouled out two minutes in... and yet, we came out of it with a five point lead. Pretty impressive honestly. This team is so good it's ridiculous. Could stay tight, but feels like a lot of bounces went their way that half. May open up still, we'll see.
  6. I hate complaining about refs in general... But what the hell is going on tonight in Coleman? Some VERY friendly AL calls.
  7. Lol this play will live in infamy forever in AU lore. When we get back to the top of the mountain, we’ll laugh about it as an example of the dark times. it wasn’t ALL this bad this year… but… yea this particular play was pretty terrible. Call, execution… all of it.
  8. There’s a lot one can say about Gus Malzahn and some of his coaching decisions/philosophies, but there’s just no doubt that he’s a very good human being. In a few years I’m confident we will all be thrilled to have him closely associated with AU again (just not as the coach).
  9. HUGE!! Great to have WR1 returning.
  10. Thanks for this take man, nice to see someone point out the reasons to be optimistic. Sincerely. I'm not sure Harsin's the guy and found this year pretty disappointing tbh, but it would be wildly stupid not to give him another couple of years to see if he can turn things around. At this point, we're committed to walking this path regardless. Hope you're proven right soon. We should be tougher than this as a fan base. We've been through worse (2012, anyone?).
  11. Lots of unnecessary drama here. It's generally not a good idea to burn bridges on the way out in most situations in life. You never know when you'll need a hand from someone later, and time has a way of smoothing over smaller frustrations into goodwill. The good times tend to be remembered more than the bad. But thinly-veiled shots like this sting, even down the road a ways. Gus handled this aspect of his parting with the program well IMO. But Bo et al... well, seems like the Nix family are more Festivus and less Christmas. Good luck to him at Oregon. Hard to feel optimistic about his prospects running a Kenny Dillingham offense, but what do I know - I'm just a stupid ungrateful Auburn person who struggles to recognize true talent, obviously.
  12. Feels like we're stripping this thing down to the studs. Hard to lose a ridiculous talent like Tank. Glad Alston seems like he's going to be an excellent RB... will soften the blow, along with Hunter. Man I'm going to miss Shivers even more now. I appreciate the hard work Bo put in for Auburn. I think this is for the best for AU, though. Our ceiling with Bo was only so high. Excited to see the offense under a new QB. Will be fun to see if Harsin can pull someone big out of the portal. May be rough for a bit, but major changes are needed.
  13. Unpopular opinion here, but I honestly don’t think his playcalling was terrible outside of a couple of noteworthy instances (Penn State fade will forever liver in Auburn lore). Honestly, he called some good games along the way. I think the problem was the significant lack of talent at WR/OL. Couldn’t open holes to run, couldn’t catch. Gotta recruit your way out of that situation, though, and that wasn’t happening. So I don’t have a problem with moving on from him. Really hoping the CFB gods smile on us and Grimes heads our way, but I’m also not holding my breath. Playcalling questions aside, it would also be pretty fun to steal Dell from UGA.
  14. Wow. Name names! The curiosity is killing me. But also, not sure I truly want to know. At least we have Bruce Pearl.
  15. Shout out to George Pickens for wearing the same number on his jersey as his number of receptions in this crucial game. What a loss he was.
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