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  1. We've fallen to the point that people are seriously arguing that Coach O would be an upgrade? I'm not happy with Gus either, but Coach O isn't even the best coach on his own team. I wouldn't be upset to see Aranda here one day, though.
  2. God that hit looked so cathartic for Sal. Highlight of the game for me.
  3. Well, this one hurts. I'd like to petition that we stop calling half of team "the offense", and start calling it "Anthony Schwartz and 10 warm bodies". Grateful for the effort, but this is the most frustrating season since 2012. I look forward to our title run next year.
  4. Gus is frustrating, no doubt. Feels like we’re usually solid, but never win when it matters most. Tough game today. Some rough performances on the O-line, who continue to look overmatched. Stidham played OK, but those two picks hurt us badly. Can’t turn the ball over in SEC play and expect to win the game. Having said that, we should have won this game. I am not one who believes in blaming the refs for a loss, but they continuously called a very one-sided game. Feel like this one was taken from us. Couple of bright spots: Gus realizes what he has in his RBs and is giving Shivers carries. Young wideouts continue look great. War damn, everyone.
  5. I definitely wouldn't say they're dominating our DL. They done better than most would've expected, but dominated? The DL is still disrupting plays, just not getting consistent pressure.
  6. Team needs a spark. Someone has to get us fired up. We're playing below our ability. Can't go down two touchdowns here.
  7. Haven’t seen much out of Martin or Whitlow today so far. Might be more on the o-line, but I’m not excited about either right now. Hoping they prove me wrong here soon.
  8. Thoughts so far (sharing them here because my fiancé does NOT want to hear any more of this from me): The O-Line is hanging tough. Not able to create much on the interior in the run game, but that is a strength of the other team. Pass protection has been decent. Overall, not as bad as I was afraid it might be. Stidham and the receivers look sharp overall. Stidham still has issues dealing with pressure, but he has made significant strides since the beginning of last year. The wideouts have been on point as a group. The defense has been stout overall. Frustrating that our DBs seem to be explicitly coached to commit PI and not turn their heads in coverage sometimes, but they are not getting beat regularly. The d-line is absolutely amazing. Linebackers have mostly been on point as well, though there was at least one big missed fit that we paid for. If Gus continues to call runs up the middle all game, I’m going to have a massive conniption. Send help. Glad football is back! War damn!
  9. Sorry to see some of the insiders down on this hire - from my very non-insider perspective, I think it's great! He always seemed to do a great job coaching players up, and our O-line was a strength while he was here. He hit the ground at AU in 2013, and our O-line that year deserved a lot of credit for the all of the success in the run game (though I know the zone read takes one DE out of the play when run well, like Marshall did). Hearing all this negative talk about his recruiting - didn't he pull in Braden Smith? Might be misremembering. Either way, I think this is big upgrade and I'm very happy that we made a change at this position specifically.
  10. If the O-Line doesn't decide they'd like to participate in the game, this is over.
  11. "A lot of people around the country are routing for UCF in this one." Really? You think that's good commentary?
  12. Jarrett 'Crisco Cleats' Stidham needs to find a groove here.