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  1. Respectfully to all involved- Please wear a mask when you go out. It won’t do much to prevent you from contracting COVID19, but it will reduce your chance of spreading it to others if you happen to be an asymptomatic carrier. Don’t be a Typhoid Mary because of your pride. This is not a political issue. It’s an issue of protecting the heath of your fellow citizens and being responsible. This will lower transmission and increase the chances of businesses staying open without our case numbers shooting up (and causing another lockdown). Seems like everyone should be on board. There is no downside. You may not be seeing the effects of this virus, but they are absolutely present in the larger community. I’m very glad so many of you have been spared any personal experiences with the virus. Let’s keep it that way.
  2. EXACTLY THIS! We do not have the capacity to deal with the influx of cases if this pattern of spread continues. There are only so many of us around and the real danger is our system being overwhelmed to a point that the quality of care we are able to provide falters. I’m optimistic that we’ll avoid this scenario in most of the country if everyone takes the social distancing seriously. But we’re all relying on each other to do the right thing. So stay home!
  3. Excellent question. The R0 is about ~ 2.2-2.5 based on the Wuhan data. That means each person infected initially spread it to 2-3 others, which leads to exponential growth. Some countries were able to dramatically decrease this with their quarantining- we are hoping to do the same. For comparison, the R0 of the flu (in modern times, with the vaccine) is about 1.3 in recent years.
  4. Pulmonary/Critical Care fellow here (doc near the end of my specialization training). Glad you guys are mostly taking this seriously- it’s the real deal. Infectivity is high. The current mortality estimates are probably biased to the high side, but it looks like we’re talking about a death rate of AT LEAST 1% and maybe even closer to 3.5% - a rate which is shockingly high for something this easily transmissible. We aren’t anywhere close to the crest of the wave yet so it’s hard to say exactly where we’re headed, especially months down the road. I think there’s still a reasonable chance we have a football season if we take the social distancing seriously and some of the treatments in the pipeline pan out like we hope (I’m betting on Remdesevir). But regardless, we’re in for a rough couple of months at a minimum and I highly doubt we see any delayed Spring practices/games. There are some CDC models that predict we may have interval outbreaks for over a year... let’s hope we don’t see that reality come to pass. I hope we’re all reminiscing about how weird this was in June or July, but there is a real chance it will still be active on a major scale. Stay safe everyone- AND STAY HOME!
  5. BREAKING: Gus announces new DB coach - JB Grimes!
  6. I wish it was as simple as just upgrading the OL talent/coaching, but I'm afraid the offensive problems we have under Gus run deeper than that. The scheme, offensive gameplanning and general level of offensive coaching are poor. Stidham spent two years here and never learned how to keep his eyes downfield under pressure or take a hit to deliver the football. Bo doesn't really seem to have improved in any meaningful way this year and is still throwing the wrong routes at times and rolling out as soon as he gets the snap. Slayton was apparently an excellent receiver but never really looked much better than average in his time here because all we threw to him were deep balls. I could go on, but the point is the whole offense is consistently failing to get it done on some fundamental levels. Gotta change the head coach before this mess gets any better.
  7. I've wanted the powers that be to fire Gus and hire PJ Fleck since the loss to FL. Everything I just witnessed has only reinforced that opinion.
  8. Hats off to a good Minnesota team. Fleck has them coached up. We had absolutely no excuse for losing to a team with so much less talent. It's time to fire Gus. He doesn't have what it takes and never will. He's had too many chances to improve and just hasn't. An extremely poor showing. He should be really embarrassed. Gus has ONLY won the Birmingham Bowl and the Music City Bowl. Time to go. Fire him today.
  9. What's the name of the coverage scheme where Derrick Brown runs off the sideline and flattens a wideout again? Wouldn't mind seeing that one more time if George motions out wide this week.
  10. Like Fleck. Wouldn’t hate Steele if we miss on some others. Now that UAB just got manhandled by a mediocre TN team, can we stop talking about hiring Bill Clark?
  11. Yep. I really like Gus as a person, but I think it's passed time we all acknowledge that he struggles to develop QBs. I don't think Gatewood is the answer that some want him to be. I wish the issues were that simple, but the truth is the scheme is weak. I'm not sure there's any way the offense even returns to average without a coaching change. I won't be upset if Joey gets a shot, but I think it's pretty naive to expect a big improvement. We've seen this play out too many times before with Gus.
  12. Sensei Mud was pretty good, I thought.
  13. Man. That's how you lose a tight football game. Going to need a miracle to pull this out.
  14. Really appreciate the outstanding effort from the defense so far today. Amazing to believe we're not out of this one yet, and that's all them. This FL defense is stout. Going to have to find a way to get something moving on the ground to have any chance to win. Hoping to see one of those random magic Boobie drives he seems to pull out every couple of games.
  15. I’d say the old “lies, damned lies, and statistics” adage applies here. Bo is definitely less accurate than some of our prior QBs (Stidham, for example), but there are two big contributors to his low completion percentage that skew this comparison. 1) Bo throws the ball away rather than take sacks. These all count as incompletions. He may be ditching the ball a bit too early every once in awhile, but overall I think most of us are happy with this approach. Especially in comparison to our last QB. Bo would not have taken 12 sacks or whatever against Clemson a couple of years back. I’m for it, regardless of how pretty or ugly his numbers look as a consequence. 2) Bo is young, and in an effort to protect the football he sometimes errs on the side of putting the ball where no one can get it, rather than put it up for a possible pick. He said this in his post game interview after TAMU. I think he’s being a little too cautious with his long throws as a result, and the overthrows are his attempt to give his receivers (like Schwartz) a shot while keeping the DBs away. As he grows as a QB and learns trust and timing with his receivers, I expect this to improve. It may never completely resolve though, this may be a negative part of his style. JF3 was a mess. He never had that kind of pocket presence or downfield anticipation. He was operating on a much simpler level, and even as a big run threat could basically only complete short passes and screens. If you can’t see the difference between the two, I don’t know if any of us can help you.