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  1. Some truly delusional posts in this thread. This is a huge win for AU, and the best coach we could’ve realistically hoped to bring on board. Only Deion was in this tier, and he had many more question marks. The man has grown over the last twenty years as a person and a coach. Fantastic news!!! Can’t wait to see what happens in the portal next month…
  2. Honestly, I haven't had any fun watching Auburn football this year. But right now, I'm having fun. Win or lose, thank you Cadillac.
  3. Hahahahaha.... this is so crazy. Both TOs. I just love it.
  4. I have CHILLS thinking about Caddie's halftime interview now. Paraphrasing - "Someone's gonna break, and it ain't gonna be us." LEGENDARY!!!
  5. Again, not sure we're going to kick the 4 FGs without them scoring it takes to tie the game. Why not?
  6. We get it man. Caddy is trying to make something out of (almost) nothing- relax. Was an opportunity to set a tone and generate a spark in a game we’re going to lose without one. I’m not upset about it.
  7. Well… we are who we are at this point, but at least Harsin is gone. Gonna enjoy watching these kids play under Caddy regardless. WDE. Whatever happens tonight, the future is brighter.
  8. Concerned I may be having a stroke. I just cheered for a Marcello take on Twitter and am pulling hard for Lane Kiffin or Deion Sanders to be our next coach. Life is weird.
  9. If you dig deep you’ll find enough hate in your heart for both. I did at least.
  10. Yea fair enough, I think that’s valid. Mostly I’m talking about the people who keep suggesting that he’s actually a really good coach, or that he’s going to win a bunch of games if we don’t fire immediately. He’s not a good at any facet of the game, and it’s not the ‘situation’ at Auburn that is the problem.
  11. I’ve been amused by all the commentators recently who keep saying that we’ll all be sorry about Harsin once Auburn beats A+M and Ark and WKU. People keep suggesting it’ll be hard to fire him if we keep him too long. Look at this team against an absolutely atrocious defense today - DURING the half of the game where we sometimes score points, no less. No, we won’t be sorry. He’s the worst coach at AU in decades. He is not good at any part of the job.
  12. This coaching staff seems to think Shenker is a shifty, fast guy. It is extremely confusing to see how they try to use him.
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