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  1. Thanks for the link. I am a little surprised so many teams offer guaranteed money when they have no obligation. However, at this point I'm still skeptical that Thor will be drafted in the early second round. I just checked five mock drafts that have been updated in the last few days, and none of them have him listed at all. He has potential, but he is just too unproven. Per NBA rules, minimum contracts can only be up to two years in length (whether guaranteed or unguaranteed), and Thor is going to need at least that much time to develop into an NBA rotation player. So why should you
  2. There isn't any guaranteed money in the second round. It would be a risky move of Thor to go professional, and he shouldn't unless he is either very unhappy in college or in great need of cash.
  3. This feels like a hire that could go really poorly (first head coaching role) or really well (many years experience at successful programs). Given where Auburn's program is at currently, this is the right type of hire.
  4. I imagine there has been growing frustration during the losing streak. This is a big-time game to break it! Congratulations to the young men on the team.
  5. I recognize that you spend substantially more time than I scouring Twitter and Auburn forums for information, but I'm skeptical. There is a going to be a stark contrast between Thor's perspective (communicated through Auburn insiders) and the perspective of NBA scouts. Demand for bigs, even stretch bigs, has plummeted in the last five years. They're getting drafted lower and earning less money in free agency. SFs are increasingly playing minutes at PF and PFs are increasingly playing minutes at C. Thor has enough potential to get picked up in the second round (where there is no guaranteed
  6. It was expected that he would declare and get input from NBA scouts. It is also expected that he will be back. Don't freak out.
  7. I thought this would be a little more expected from Auburn fans. JJ is finishing his fourth year of college, so I assume he is about to graduate. He has the ability to transfer without sitting out. His role at Auburn has been relatively minor despite being an older player, so he might want to explore an opportunity to have a bigger role on a less competitive team. Best of luck to him! Javon Franklin is in a similar situation. I expect him to enter the portal in the coming days as well.
  8. Okay, I'll start with a question. Which core skills do NBA teams expect prospects to have well developed before they declare, and which skills do NBA teams have the patience to develop themselves after a prospect is drafted?
  9. I'm still undecided on if it's best for Cooper to leave. He has undeveloped parts of his game, but Auburn basketball fans have never understood that you can still be drafted high if NBA teams think that you have potential. Mid to late first round picks usually don't contribute their first year anyway, so it gives the team some time to develop the player in the manner they see best. So does Cooper have enough potential to still be drafted pretty high after only one year? He certainly shows it in his court vision, but he lacks it in physical measurables (height, wingspan, leaping ability
  10. Spurs fan here. The issue in this case was that KL was diagnosed with a chronic injury to his knee tendon that causes him pain whenever he plays. The Spurs' position was that it would never heal, and the medical plan should be around managing the injury and his playing time over completely curing it. KL sought a second opinion who told him if he feels pain, he should take his time and not play. The situation escalated to the point that KL left San Antonio and refused to speak to any Spurs coaches or medical staff. It has now been about three years since he was traded and KL still has the
  11. We don't know why he's made this decision, but if it's a dispute over him being medically cleared, Auburn did the right thing regardless of the consequences.
  12. Many of you guys are far more optimistic than I am. We simply do not have an SEC-caliber left tackle on the roster right now, and we're not necessarily going to find one in the transfer portal. I also worry about these guys transitioning to an offense that actually teaches football instead of just a handful of plays. Will Adams, who transferred from Auburn to Boise State a few years back, spoke about how he struggled to learn everything. Some of our guys will be able to pick it up quick, and some will not. We'll be lucky if all our starters can pick this up quick.
  13. Assuming all this information is accurate (partial release first, then full release hours later after a backlash), Tennessee continues to look like one of the most incompetent programs in the country.
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