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  1. As third overall, no less. She's got a good shot at bringing home some hardware. Fellow American (and favorite to win) Simone Biles finished first. A couple other Americans finished #9 and 11, but get left out due to a two-per-country limit.
  2. I have a theory on this. Tell me what you think. Chizik, Malzahn, and Jay Jacobs were all believers in building a culture and image of Auburn as a wholesome family-oriented place. They pushed the 'Auburn Family' idea pretty hard. They did it because it matched their values, fit well in a small southern town, and frankly was a strong sales pitch for recruiting. This resonated well with a lot of the kids we offer, and even more so with their parents. Some of these kids come from rough backgrounds, and need to be somewhere where they won't get in trouble. Some were raised by single mom
  3. I actually like it as a starting point, but I agree that it's a little too busy. I'd say drop the 4 and focus on the TB initials and tank.
  4. It looks like Auburn didn't offer him when he was in high school, while Florida State did. Given the compressed timetable to make his decision, he might be leaning toward some programs that have already recruited him in the past. Auburn needs OTs as much as Florida State. I hope the new staff can get his attention.
  5. Nice find. His composite ranking on 247 is currently #754 nationally, to give an idea of how big of a big that is. I assume that number will be modified to reflect the rivals update in a few days.
  6. This video made me more sympathetic for Bo Nix that I expected. Not only did he constantly have free runners charging at him, but too often he didn't have check down pass options. I don't see what other choice he has on some of these plays other than to have happy feet. The funky throwing footwork is on him, though. Without improvement there he shouldn't remain the starting QB. The blocking schemes make me want to claw my eyes out, but I have no idea how to assess it. Are the players totally unprepared and making mistakes, or is the Malzahn/Morris Frankenstein of an offense so poorly
  7. Congratulations and War Eagle, young man! I notice he is surprisingly tall for a CB, at 6'4". To our more football savvy posters, do you think this is a coincidence and he's just the best player available, or do they have a certain role in mind for him?
  8. Auburn has some decent bench bigs, so this may not end up being a huge blow, but I'm really disappointed. He was a guy I wanted to watch more at Auburn. I still think he's making it harder on himself to make the NBA. He's going to be a journeyman in low level leagues, hoping to get noticed. I previously predicted that reality would steer him to come back to Auburn, and I was wrong. I hope he proves me wrong again and kills it.
  9. If you don't mind my asking, what's your source?
  10. Off-seasons are notorious for breeding out-of-control hype and optimism. There are endless possibilities for the upcoming season, fans are hungry, and journalists are more than happy to feed them hope and fantasy in exchange for clicks and subscriptions. But then football returns, and many a spring hero turn out to be a fall zero. JGT is telling me what I don't want to hear, which turns out to be what I actually want to hear. Tony Fair is way overweight, and needs to fix it ASAP or he will be a bust Jordon Ingram probably doesn't move the needle for this upcoming season
  11. Adding a Juco DB sounds like a move intended to impact the 2022 season more than the 2021. Still, I take it as a sign that the coaching staff is not enamored with the young players.
  12. I decided to look this post up on instagram. Sills has deleted his comments. I don't know what to make of this.
  13. How did it take this long for this issue to arise? I suspect somebody screwed up.
  14. Thanks for the link. I am a little surprised so many teams offer guaranteed money when they have no obligation. However, at this point I'm still skeptical that Thor will be drafted in the early second round. I just checked five mock drafts that have been updated in the last few days, and none of them have him listed at all. He has potential, but he is just too unproven. Per NBA rules, minimum contracts can only be up to two years in length (whether guaranteed or unguaranteed), and Thor is going to need at least that much time to develop into an NBA rotation player. So why should you
  15. There isn't any guaranteed money in the second round. It would be a risky move of Thor to go professional, and he shouldn't unless he is either very unhappy in college or in great need of cash.
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