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  1. I am having a hard time with the question that I keep seeing on here, what if Bo Nix is the better quarterback? I don't see the relevance to whether Joey needed to come into the game or not. Nix failed in his job as quarterback on many occasions during the LSU game and the Florida game. He was rattled, could not hit the side of a barn with a pass and generally just shut down. If we are playing to win for the entire team then as a coach, you allow that player to sit and gather his thoughts, talent ,whatever and you also allow the OTHER AUBURN QUARTERBACK a chance to help his team, otherwise
  2. Nix should have been benched because he deserved to be benched. He was not making the throws or the correct reads. Joey Gatewood is not a bad option just as a change of pace, he deserved, as a member of the team, the chance to right the ship. No one player should ever have that long a hook when they are not performing no matter whether he is a freshman or senior when there is another option. It was Gus's job to put the team in the best situation to win, not to baby Nix through a meltdown that lasted 4 quarters.
  3. Sorry, not the players, the d b coaches need to be called out, if the players are not focused or look confused at this late stage it is on the coaches I believe or the fact they change starters every week. Whether Whitehead ever plays defense again, it is very obvious we are having issues filling his position. And also I believe that 7 games is a significant punishment for a verbal confrontation and that if his suspension was lifted tomorrow I would not think we were being soft on discipline. For all I know there is a chart with infractions and punishments on the locker room wall that includ
  4. How is basically a 7 game suspension your senior year being soft on discipline or Urban Meyeresque. Whitehead was an important member of our team, a senior leader, not to mention our best safety it is frustrating with him being dressed out and not playing as we struggle at his position. Whether it is justified, it is still frustrating. The coaches could be just giving him a chance to go to the nfl by being on the field in some capacity, we will see. But, these positions have been a weakness for longer than this season. Hopefully we can focus on placing an emphasis on these positions in th
  5. If it was such a flagrant transgression then kick him off the team, don't drag it out. I am all for discipline but I still think the coaches( defensive backfield) should be called out also, they are getting worse not better. To a man they have looked lost the last two weeks, floundering even, that shouldn't be happening this late in the season. I don't think it is helpful for everyone to speculate each week whether the defense is going to change personnel.
  6. Either play him or don't but stop teasing him on special teams, the players also know they would be better with him. Maybe someone should be yelling at these coaches, it might just light a fire under them to actually coach them to tackle and keep position etc..... You could blame it on the revolving door of players but they looked pretty bad last year too. It almost seems that the db's are coached to take penalties instead of making plays(Mincy v Ole Miss). Someone called out the defensive line and they played lights out last week, so maybe someone should call out these coaches that think
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