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  1. Oh my gosh. Please stop with the Stidham hate. Get a grip, people.
  2. They have speed alright. That was one of the quickest 3 and outs I have seen!
  3. Rumors on twitter but no proof or credible sources.
  4. You are so right! He's had a championship year!!! This is definitely the best senior year of all time. As a side note, Jake is playing in the Unified Football State Championship game for Vestavia next Wednesday in Bryant Denny Stadium. This is a special football league where students with disabilities team up with typical peers and play. Last year, Jake's team came in second and the game was played in the Auburn practice facility. This year, we are hoping both Jake and Auburn win a championship!!!
  5. So today was basically the best day of my life. I was able to go on a VIP tour of Mercedes Benz stadium, go to both team locker rooms, go to the media viewing windows for both Auburn and Georgia, and see all the behind the scenes production stuff! We also got to meet Marcus Spears, Steve Shaw, and the president of the Atlanta Falcons. All thanks to my awesome brother, Jake. Anyway, I thought I could come share what I saw. Kerryon came over and got Jake from the sideline to come out on the field with him. He took pictures and talked with Jake for a good 5 minutes. He was walking aroun
  6. My heart can't take this game. Blood pressure through the roof ?
  7. I knew I spoke too soon when I said our special teams was playing okay
  8. I don't see how that wasn't a late hit on Stidham.
  9. Our special teams has been shockingly pretty good today, other than letting that one punt go and roll 20 yards ? We have to keep the pressure on Hurts in the second half. I wanna see some sacks.
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