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  1. After an upset like that you hope he he's hired an escort service to get him out of there.
  2. I don't think it's an unusual situation at all. All he has to say is the same thing every other coach says who takes a job before leaving one: "I'm focused on the next game and am not going to discuss anything beyond that at this time." And then silence. Simple, really.
  3. I'm really not thrilled about Kiffin or Freeze due to character issues. If it's Kiffin, he has handled this situation like a child.
  4. Yeah I thought it was standard parlance. "We're #1" etc...
  5. As if not being invited to a bowl at all is somehow preferable. This rationale reminds me of an unemployed guy waiting around for a management gig.
  6. Weird stats. Nearly +10 in time of possession, -70 in total yards, 10 point lead.
  7. Friendly reminder that Caddy does seem capable of making halftime adjustments. I know we're not used to that around these parts so I thought I'd bring it up.
  8. "What's that?" "I figure it's some guy's name. Some guy named Dabo."
  9. Texas 3&Outs really lived up to their name tonight.
  10. Caddy just pulled even with Harsin on SEC wins this year.
  11. As bad as we're playing, it's surprising to learn there's actually another team on the field playing even worse.
  12. We have more turnovers than they have points.
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