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  1. msza

    Theoretical worst day in history

    Meh. We played in a down-to-the-wire high-profile bowl game on New Years Day in which we came up just short. All week, a talking point will be that we beat both NCG teams soundly during the regular season. That's good for us. It was peculiar how everything worked out, but I wouldn't say it was bad. 2012 was bad.. You can't win 'em all, but we won 10 this year and that's actually pretty good.
  2. msza

    Update on Arkansas HC search

    This is hurry-up, no huddle capitalism.
  3. msza

    Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Wow, good call. I had totally forgotten about him in all of this. Seems like everyone else has too...
  4. msza

    Auburn #2 in latest CFP rankings

    Thing is, we are all nervous about Saturday, but to anyone outside of the Auburn bubble, our rematch with UGA looks no different than the Oklahoma-TCU rematch. Sure, TCU might win, but considering the drubbing they received from OU a few weeks ago, who would expect it?
  5. Here's the scenario I'm worried about: OU and Wisc win their games and are in the CFP at #1 & 2. #7 Miami beats #1 Clemson in a classic. Miami jumps to #3, and Clemson falls to #4, bumping SEC champ AU to #5 due to Clemson's H2H win in Sept. This is the only way I can see us possibly missing the CFP if we win Sat.
  6. msza

    How will it end?

    Vegas still has Bama at better odds than us to win it all . . . I guess they're thinking that as of today, if Bama were to get in they're two wins away, whereas today we are three wins away . . . They are 4-1, we are 9-2.
  7. msza

    sec west champs

    Not sure why I got facepalmed above but it is true that when two divisional teams end with the same in-conference record, they are considered co-champions and the SECCG representative is then determined by a series of tiebreakers, the first being H2H results. . . Notice how it says the tiebreaker is used to determine the SECCG representative and not the division champion. Facts are facts . . . you may not like 'em but that doesn't mean they change to suit you.
  8. msza

    sec west champs

    Yes, we are co-SECW champs with Bama and we earn the right to represent the West in the SECG because of our H2H win over Bama. So, yes, Bama did win their division. So did we. But we get a chance to play for the SEC title and they don't.
  9. msza

    I'm saying it now

    Yup I was firmly on the bus til the LSU collapse when I truly came to think he just didnt get it. Maybe he didnt until then . . . But he has beaten two #1 teams since and we aren't even into the postseason yet.
  10. msza

    Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    29-23 AU. We stop Hurts near the goal line. Unfortunately, half the home crowd has already had a stroke.
  11. Strange team . . . look how similar the stats are between this game and our game against an undefeated #1 last week.
  12. msza

    Path to a National Title

    I'm not understanding the 4th #1 team in this scenario. Does the committee really reseed the winners after the semifinals? That seems totally unnecessary (and they don't do it in basketball...) Anyway, if they do reseed after the semis, and we are there, there's a good chance we'd be #1.
  13. msza

    Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    The IB is probably an even 50%, but add to that even a high probability of beating UGA again-- say, 70% -- we'd still be well under 50% to win both games in succession.
  14. msza

    Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    Obviously you recognize the folly of looking this far ahead, but the chances of us making the playoffs as SEC champs are about 90%, whereas the chances of us winning the SEC are probably about 30%. You're worrying about a leaky hull when there's a tsunami on the horizon.