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  1. EYE OPENING and undeniable facts

    Those are embarrassing stats for sure. Silver lining though is that I'm actually impressed our last 5 losses have all been to top tier schools.
  2. Some people want Gus out, some want him to stay. Can we compromise and let him coach the first half of games, then bring on a closer HC for the second half? Cuz we'd probably win a championship every year . . .
  3. The Perfect Scenario

    Haha, nice. Never occurred to me it was even statistically possible to beat UGA and Bama twice each in the same season. Although at this point it would be nice to beat one of them once in the course of a season . . .
  4. With our #10 AP ranking this week, Auburn has now been ranked in the AP/CFP Top 10 at least once every year under Gus. 2013: #2 end of year 2014: #3 on November 8 2015: #6 on September 12 2016: #8 on November 12 2017: #10 as of October 8 So, just an interesting bit of trivia. Perhaps the take-home point here is that the pollsters have not been afraid to give us a chance these past several years, which doesn't feel like it's always been the case as an AU fan (see: 2004). Also interesting to note the downward trend in our highest ranking from year to year. Hopefully we will reverse that trend this year.
  5. While I obviously want to see AU win championships, I'm honestly more of a week-to-week guy, and a close loss doesn't bother me much as long as it's an exciting game (which imo the Clemson game wasnt). Just play well and distract me from the real world, lol. I 'believe' I have enjoyed watching this team play the last two weeks, and I believe they are good enough and motivated enough to make things exciting this year.
  6. FINAL: Auburn 49 Mississippi State 10

    OC Anonymous lol. You're exactly right. Gus seems to be really on, or really off. I suspect he always will be, due to his philosophy towards coaching in general. Many people criticize him for being too conservative but I think he's the opposite: he experiments a lot, and a lot of experiments fail, no matter who you are. But during these broader experiments people look to the things in his scheme that do remain consistent, and blame him for failure to adapt. Gus is much more willing to build the team around the talent, whereas someone like Saban would embody the opposite philosophy. Say what you will about which style is preferable, but we knew Gus's philosophy from day one. Saban builds a machine, Gus tends to a garden. The machine will be consistent but will never match the beauty of our run in 2013, during which the character of our team evolved organically over the course of the season.
  7. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    We are looking good so far, but Gus has never had trouble starting a game.
  8. Chip admits to calling all plays

    My guess is Gus gives his OCs his playbook and they call the plays autonomously from there. So you have the OC calling plays, but they still look like Gus plays because they are.
  9. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    Let's give Gus the credit he deserves: he brought HUNH to college ball and stormed his way to two NC games in 4 years . . . and then college football caught up with him. Now he's just another mediocre coach. It doesnt dimish his previous accomplishments to say his time has passed, but passed his time has.
  10. Orange Jerseys!

    On the flip side, I have a friend who works at a Coca-Cola packaging plant. They have a "certified color expert" who makes sure the boards they print are the EXACT color of 'Coca-Cola red' every single day, because that specific color code is so crucial to their branding, and has been for decades. The motto 'don't mess with success' works well enough for them. Very few of the top programs mess with their look. Would you rather be a Coca-Cola or a Surge?
  11. Down year for the SEC

    Florida State was 9-4 going into the 2003 Sugar Bowl (and lost). That's the only other time it's happened in the past 30 years -- didn't check beyond that.
  12. Orange Jerseys!

    Interesting. I can imagine that, all things equal, something like color psychology could give one team a slight edge. But seeing as Oregon went 4-8 (I think) this year despite having the flashiest unis around, there are other variables that seem to have a greater impact on success.
  13. Down year for the SEC

    Yeah, the SEC is down a bit this year, but, speaking objectively, it's about time. You should always assume a regression to the mean. The surprise is that it took this long. No matter which player/team/conference is 'up' one year, the safest assumption is that they will regress toward the pack the next year. That's why it's so rare to see yearly contracts -- the admin wants time to see a regression to the mean after a stellar season. Hence yearly bonuses, which work to the advantage of the contractor. No team in the history of college football has managed to maintain a win percentage equal to a 9-3 year. Think about that for a second, especially if we end up 9-4 this year. Any better and we'd be at a level of success year-in and year-out has proven to be unsustainable for anybody. EDIT: my math was a little off.
  14. Kiffin to Florida Atlantic

    I guess there's an appeal to being chief of a smaller tribe, but I personally don't understand giving up a major role at a powerhouse to go coach at the, what, 5th, 6th, 7th best program in a state? Although I'm certainly glad he won't be calling plays for Bama anymore.
  15. Four straight bowl games

    We probably would not have made a bowl ten years ago with our record last year. I do think the Sugar Bowl this year is a significant accomplishment though. I don't like the argument that it's less valuable because we have 4 losses or because 'the SEC is down.' If I had the time, I'd look at how every team's win percentage this year matches their historical win percentage to see if the SEC really is down, or if the floor has been raised. Teams like Kentucky and Vandy have had good years, and when they start beating the likes of UGA and UT it can be easy to say the SEC is down, but that may not be the case. I have a feeling that if the conference does well in the bowl season, you'd see that the majority of teams ended up with a higher win percentage on the year than their historical average. FYI at 8-4 we are .667 on the year which exceeds our historical average of .631.