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  1. KcPg14

    New Assistant named

    I know Wes on a professional and personal level. Great guy and coach. He was a great basketball player for Auburn back in the day (2nd all-time assist leader) and has experience as an SEC assistant coach at Mississippi State and has also had stops at UAB and Nebraska. He was an Associate Head Coach under Chris Beard (Texas Tech) at Little Rock and was promoted to head coach when he left. He has HC experience which is always helpful. It was some tough shoes to fill at LR and probably got the job before he was truly ready to take on coming off an NCAA tournament appearance. He has always LOVED Auburn. He’s a good recruiter and will tremdously help fill a void as an assistant. This is a great hire for Bruce and the men’s basketball program.
  2. KcPg14

    Replacing Person

    Chad Prewett promoted as temporary assistant from Director Of Ops position. Phenominal coach and has all the makings to be a great on the court coach and recruiter at the college level. Defense is his specialty. He was my head coach in high school and killed us everyday in practice. Even better person and extremely hard worker. Well deserved even under the circumstances
  3. KcPg14

    Men vs. Kentucky - Game Thread

    Actually NO. It was the right thing to do. It's the reason I hate fans rushing the floor or field. The fans don't belong there. Fans are by and large idiots and when it comes to something like this, there is a strong possibility of somebody from the stands doing something stupid and having a retaliation or just someone getting hurt. Fans don't belong on the playing field in any sport, ever. Calipari did the absolute right thing here and I applaud him for recognizing what was probably going to happen. I don't like it when fans rush the court or field either. But the students just ran out on the court and I'm totally fine with that. They are a big reason the basketball arena has loud fans every game. It's Kentucky and it's basketball. It's worth it if the students want to. Heck of a game. Loved the fight in the players without much depth. War eagle!
  4. Now that you mention it, I remember now. For some reason I was thinking 2011 was Venables first year. But point being, a coach should not be judged off of a bowl game. Especially Allen being judged off talent from USF.
  5. Don't judge an assistant coach by his bowl game. WKU is averaging 48 points per game and have a QB that will be drafted. Not giving excuses, but USF has been a terrible team until Tom Allen completely changed their defense. It's amazing they are 8-5 this year. But don't judge a coach based on one game. Remember when Clemson gave up 70 points to West Virginia?? Yeah, that was Brent Venables, known as one of the best DC's. Auburn fans have no right to be picky feel like we deserve someone better. He's a perfect fit if Allen is indeed the guy. The offense will be more important get back on track for Auburn next season as first priority.
  6. KcPg14

    Staff Changes

    My first pick would be Randy Shannon. Has plenty of experience, elite recruiter and gives us that south Florida recruiting region we lost with Muschamp and Trob leaving. Being the co-DC at UF for that defense doesn't hurt his resume either. I saw that TRob was offered an extension and a raise, but don't think he was offered the DC position.
  7. KcPg14

    Will Muschamp (Combined Thread)

    More than likely Gus knew at least 2 days ago that Muschamp was going to be uSC HC. And he knew Trob would more than likely go with him, unless Gus offered him the DC job. But obviously didn't. That's my guess. Or Trob could see the writing on the wall in another year or so. Regardless, Gus has to hit a homerun hire as DC and get that offense back on track or it's going to be a VERY long 2016 season.
  8. KcPg14

    Specific things you're looking for to change in 2016

    I don't have a problem necessarily with any of these except probably #2. I think Grimes is a good coach. It's just taken a while for Kozan to get back toward his 2013 form and breaking in a new center, with a guy that hasn't played the position before, has made things tougher. Agreed. JB Grimes is a really good coach. He's developed guys to play nearly every position on the line and has done a great job. How the player plays doesn't necessarily have everything to do with Grimes. If there is a change to the coaching staff, Lashlee will take the fall. I agree with your first point about his calling plays. I also agree with DCraig being QB coach and hiring a great WR coach. I wouldn't mind seeing DCraig with the OC title if Gus is calling plays.
  9. KcPg14

    Auburn vs. uat set at 2:30

    If the defense continues to play the way it has, it will put pressure on Coker to be perfect. With that said, Henry will be gone if he hits the open field. The only way we will have a slight chance in this game is if SW is 100% healthy. Passing is the only way to beat them. Their dline is too strong to run the ball consistently. The deep ball is their weakness.
  10. KcPg14

    LB play

    I think a lot with Frost and McKenzie has to do with not being developed properly and having 3 different DC's with 3 completely different schemes. Not making excuses for them, but I think we will see a lot better LB play in the future with other guys.
  11. KcPg14

    Adams, Lawson, Coleman / NFL Next Year?

    Avery Young is a Senior so he is gone regardless of draft grade. Young is a RS Junior. I think we will return all 5 OL. Young is the most likely to declare. That's a huge deal with the same backfield returning next year. Just need to replace some WRs. Adams is gone and will dominate at the combine. Lawson has to be able to prove he can play a whole season healthy first before he goes to the NFL. He has all the talent in the world, but no one will take a risk on him if he'll be sidelined. We'll lose Adams, Lambert, McKinzy, Frost, Jones, Countess, Garrett, Louis and Ray. There is a possibility maybe that Josh Holsey will be back next year with a medical redshirt. But that's a guess.
  12. KcPg14

    Expectation Management

    Offense I could agree with you, but you can't just plug 3 new guys that didn't start last year on the Oline and expect them to play well right off the bat. It takes time. Golson is still learning how to play center as well. A lot of people don't realize that losing a 4 year starter in Reese hurts the OL the most. As for the defense, it doesn't matter how much experience these 4th or even 5th year players have, they haven't been coached properly up until this point and have been through 3 completely different schemes. That's why Frost and some of the other guys look lost at times, because they haven't had great coaches that go back and teach the fundamentals. But now they do.
  13. If all else fails, Gabe Gross would be a good stand in. But he does not have much coaching experience at all. But he does have helpful MLB experience.
  14. Dak is a 3 yr starter in the SEC... How many 3 yr starting QBs do you come across in the SEC? Not very many at all. The last two I can think of are AJ McCarron and Aaron Murray. Dak is good and we didn't get a whole lot of pressure on him. Mississippi state will win at least 8 games. Auburn and Bama both will struggle more than the media previously thought. We played a great game last night. We improved majorly from last week to this week, which is promising to see.
  15. KcPg14

    Expectation Management

    Exactly! Very well said. We need to use next week to get the offense gelling and put some TDs on the board. And hopefully continue that success on defense and work out all the kinks in communication errors. Our next two SEC opponents are road games that are manageable. UK is going to be tough on Thursday night, but we have a week to prepare and if we win that game, I think that will spark us for the rest of the season. We just need that first SEC win. I wouldn't expect a horrible season. I think it'll be a lot like LSU last year... They had a lot of young talent as well. They got embarrassed by us last year but came up with a big win against Ole Miss and went into OT with Bama. They had the same type QB issues that we are dealing with now and the same OL issues. They developed their talent, and now look where they are sitting... 2-0 in the SEC and a RB that is leading the Heisman race. Developing talent: we need a season to do that. So many young guys. This freshman class is going to be special.