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  1. I agree would love to joiner get his chance. I just don't think we can continue losing players to transfer every year. You may lose one here and there but we have lost to many over past few years. The other problem is how can a coaching staff, if they are going to redshirt a player, screw up the number of games he has played in. This is just part of the narrative that Gus doesn't have a clue how to manage this program.
  2. So you are fine with another freshman leaving this sinking ship. Not to mention about another 20 from past two recuriting classes you guys can enjoy the ride down with this clown.
  3. At what point in time has Gus ever built a QB. I haven't ever Witnessed Gus developing a QB.
  4. There is a buyout if he leaves but it's relatively small in comparison but I am sure Auburn would wave it to end things and everyone save some respectability.
  5. If this is remotely true then not only Leath but the whole board needs to go. This is beyond embarrassing talking about killing recuriting.
  6. Our offensive problems are not all on our QB his regression is a trend for Gus. Since he has not been able to develop any QB. The only way this program goes to the next level is to clear house. Jodi has no business being a coach on this staff our receivers are just not very good. And recuriting of RBs and linemen is beyond poor.
  7. I think this is what you get when you hire n OC and tell them to run my offense. We still have a horrible offensive line and due to lack of development our QB play hasn't been that good either. But I agree with you this doesn't look anything like chips offense.
  8. I agree with that I was just responding to part of never losing to them again. We will not always win when Saban leaves, so yes it doesn't matter who the coach is.
  9. To me it's not winning all the time it's about being competitive year in and year out. And developing the players that chose to come here and give Auburn everything they have for the time they are here. I never expect to go 12-0 every season but to not be competitive that's a different thing.
  10. and like opinions I disagree with your clueless one.
  11. Can't do any worse than this clown and his side show coaches.
  12. If you look at the number of recruits that have been here and left over the past two years I think everyone would know why we keep having to play freshmen.
  13. Problem is that in year 6 you should not have to rebuild it should be next man up.
  14. I would put the whole offensive side including coaches on that bus.
  15. OL has been horrible all year long and next year if this same staff is here it will not be any better. Everyone jumps on stidham but we have zero running game and our receivers half the time drop the ball.