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  1. I’ll take T’Varish (Chick) Dawson. I believe he’s going to have a huge year!
  2. We’re about to find out a lot about my guy Bryan Dale Harsin! i just found out his middle name is Dale, and I love it!
  3. He’s a grown man, as is Hunter.
  4. A breath of fresh hair. 1-0 in the Harsin era. Gotta give props to the head guy in charge!
  5. He looks like a grown man. Also, USC’s defense is looking rough…
  6. Just donated. Wish it could have been more. Thanks for all you do!
  7. I might be at that Stapleton concert too. However, I’m thinking about making the trip for this game and then watching my buddy (Jack Driscoll) play in Philly that Sunday against the 49ers.
  8. Will he still count against our class? If so, that’s dumb. Also, with the rise of transfers, do we think they’ll make any rule where you can bring in a set number of guys not counting against the 25 limit depending on how many your school has had transfer out? To me, that would make sense.
  9. Looks like a really good hire on paper!
  10. After I posted, I learned a little more about her. I’m on board! I think she could turn our great! Like someone else said, she seems to have a high ceiling as a coach.
  11. Kinda disappointed at first glance just based off some of the names that were brought up, tbh. But we’ll see how it works! Maybe she’ll be a star!
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