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  1. Appreciate the heads up! I watched it earlier on Twitter! Dinson’s story is part of the reason I chose him. He’s resilient. Bounced back stronger than ever. Glad to have him repping AU! WDE! P.S. Our video/digital marketing team is the best in the business.
  2. Off topic, but Kavosiey Smoke has been in at RB for Kentucky in their game, and he looks good! The rest of the team doesn’t, but he’s looked like a solid back. I remember recruiting him, and if I remember correctly, he wanted to come to AU, but we didn’t have room/had higher kids on our board. Either way, glad to see him doing his thing out there.
  3. I know a bunch of people that had their flights delayed/cancelled last night, so I’m sure that affected the turnout. I know a couple of people who’s flights got completely cancelled, so they elected to drive to Dallas. The ones who did still come anyway probably slept in this morning I would think.
  4. Met Owen and a couple of other football players today (KJ Britt, Smoke, Schwartz, Kameron Brown, Travion Leonard, Chandler Wooten, few others). All seem like good kids. I like the character of the kids we have been recruiting.
  5. This thread being back is making me happy about how close football season is, but where is the Mark My Word or Prediction thread? One of my favorites.
  6. I’ve already picked! Jeremiah Dinson!!
  7. He’s been one of my favorites for the past 2 years. Just seems like a silent leader on that defense. Just gets his job done. Hope he shows out this year!
  8. Saw where Omari Porter committed to Stanford. Were we not recruiting him? Isn’t that Larry Porter’s son? Feel like since it’s a weak db class that we could’ve at least taken a chance on him.