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  1. I’m guessing Chris Moore is hurt? I don’t think I’ve seen him in all game. He usually gets some decent playing time.
  2. I’m thinking Chris Thompson with Mason coaching him up back there.
  3. It seems to me that Harsin/Mason might be waiting to see if Avalos is wanting to hire Danielson as DC. If they do, I feel like they’ll hire TWill. If not, then I think Danielson comes here. This is all my assumption, though.
  4. I don’t think Schmedding or Bedell are official yet, so I haven’t been counting them.
  5. So underrated. Butch is the man!
  6. I would’ve given him more than $80k, but that’s just me haha. Hell, Will Wade is out here offering up $100k. We need to step our game up.
  7. ^^^. She deleted the original cryptic emoji tweet, but she still has her replies up @ellitor
  8. So, it’s not letting me post a picture from my phone. Not sure why. But go look at Jaylin Williams’s moms Twitter. She tweeted some cryptic emojis, and then said there’s some very good news coming for AU. Trying not to get my hopes up, but...
  9. I’d be all for it. Seems like he can fire a team up. At least, this would fire me up as a player.
  10. I’d love that! If Bobo is the guy (not saying he’s who I want): OC/QBs- Bobo OL- Friend/other WR- McClendon/Dell RB- Dell/Caddy TE- Bedell/other I could live with this and be pretty happy about it. Not that my opinion matters
  11. Not saying Dell would go for this, but what if it ended up being Lebby and Dell as Co-OCs with Lebby coaching QBs and Dell coaching WRs (he played DB, so I’m assuming he should be able to make the transition if he made the transition to coaching RBs)? Then, we could keep Caddy at RB coach and go hire a legit OL coach and TE coach. I’d be ecstatic about it haha.
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