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  1. Don't know how to post stuff from twitter, but supposedly, he just committed an hour ago.
  2. I believe he'll be back at Clemson next year.
  3. Supposedly, he's dating TJ Yeldon's ex girlfriend who lives there. TJ and Ryan are best friends, so that caused some of the animosity. Supposedly, at least. Still doesn't excuse it.
  4. Continued prayers!
  5. And I went to high school with Ryan Anderson. I was a year above him. I have no problem with the guy. We were acquaintances back then and had mutual friends. I actually talked to him not too long ago, but this doesn't surprise me one bit knowing him and the way he is.
  6. This is why I'm glad to be an Auburn fan. I moved to Alabama from Mississippi and actually grew up liking Ole Miss. In high school, I visited Ttown and Auburn. Left Ttown feeling like the campus was nice, but everything else was subpar, including fans (for the most part). My first time in Auburn was for a game, and I fell in love with everything pertaining to AU. It just felt like a second home. I know there's bad fans for both sides, but they just seem way more prominent on the other side, and I really don't think there's any bias in that.
  7. Is there any chance his dad is leaving to fill in our vacated assistant role or for another job? I don't understand why he'd ask for a release if his dad is staying there.
  8. Yeah I heard the rumors around then, but I was hoping they were left at that.
  9. ?
  10. I saw where we got another walk on OL who had a 36 on his ACT. Who is that?
  11. Any chance he plays safety?
  12. Yeah, would've loved to see them in orange and blue. I wish we would've pursued my buddy from my class, Michael Pierce. He went to Tulane then Samford. This year he was a starting DT for the Ravens and named a top 10 rookie in the NFL. One of the most overlooked players I've ever seen.
  13. I didn't hear this, but it was the first thing I thought when I heard their WR coach left. I would hate it. Does Craig currently have a job with LSU or is he job searching?
  14. I do know Daphne's new coach and AD, Kenny King, played at Bama, so that may be an obstacle AU will have to get over if we recruit any Daphne kids.
  15. Not sure. That'll be a good question to ask him next time I see him though haha.