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  1. Why can’t we just have losses where we just simply get beat (in any sport)? We have to make sure we look absolutely awful every time we lose.
  2. I would think he’d have to sit out a year, but I’m not completely sure. I think he’s from Alabama, so maybe he needed to be closer to home.
  3. Calling it now. Huddy will be the new pitching coach for AU. Speaking it into existence.
  4. Have we offered that Thompson QB as a PWO, too? He impressed me in the state championship.
  5. Serious question. How is Oregon’s baseball team? Isn’t Robby supposed to be a big-time prospect in baseball?
  6. Don’t know how I forgot Jackson. Was thinking about him when I made my post, but I guess it just slipped my mind. But yeah, add him with Reed, Hardy, and Jones. And then do whatever with the last 2 slots, and I think everyone will be happy haha.
  7. So ideal case? -have Reed join today -sign Hardy in February -flip B.Jones to replace Buskey (assuming he’s doesn’t qualify) That puts us at 24 right (25 with Buskey)? With the last 2-3 spots, I’m guessing we’d look a GT/JUCO DT, then maybe another QB or best available prospect (maybe that JUCO CB) or leave the space(s) open for next year?
  8. Ole Miss outfielder. Was a freshman last year, and got some good playing time on a good Rebel squad. Speedy kid with a nice glove. Could fill in nicely at center. Got a pretty good bat as well.
  9. I watched him in the state championship live, and he impressed the mess out of me and my buddy. He made some elite type throws. We looked to see how highly recruited he was and were surprised to see he wasn’t that hyped up. He seemed to have the size and a little moxy to him. I would love if he chose to walk on here
  10. Haha. I’m surprised we haven’t looked at Daphne’s quarterback as an athlete. Trent Battle. Coached him a little in baseball. Heck of an athlete and good kid. He’s gotten some offers as a junior, most notably Kentucky/West Virginia I think. Hoping he tears it up his senior year.
  11. It’s Marquise Mclain’s (AU WR) little brother, Malik. He goes to Daphne.
  12. Awesome game to be at in person! Does anyone know why Franklin isn’t playing? It may have been stated, but I don’t remember reading about it. I’m just realizing he hasn’t gotten in all season. Is he recovering from injury still?