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  1. Who’s Excited?

    Where's Purifoy?
  2. Baseball Rankings - 3/19/18 Update

    I talked to one of their managers, and the guy that started is supposed to be their ace. Either way, pitching isn't their strong suit. They rely more on their offense.
  3. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    He committed to that other school across the state. At first glance, it seems unfathomable why he would go there with Tua and Jalen there, but he actually seems like a level-headed kid. Supposedly, he loved ECU and never would've transferred if it wasn't for a family issue. He said he had to be close to home (guessing someone close to him is very sick). Bama is only 2 hours from Brandon, MS, where he's from. As much as I hate Bama, I respect this kid for doing what he had to do to be close to his family.
  4. Baseball at South Alabama

    I would usually agree about not putting the winning run on base, but Swaggerty is an absolute stud. It was a risky but good decision to walk him. He's a first round talent. Already has 3 or 4 homeruns this year (one went 464). And he already had two solid ropes last night against us. He's the one guy you don't let beat you.
  5. Baseball enters the rankings

    That guy is a stud. We intentionally walked him in a crucial situation in the 8th, and it was a really smart move.
  6. Baseball at South Alabama

    Was there. Pretty sloppy game by both teams. But you could tell both lineups are solid. Cody Greenhill is a MAN. He was pumping it in there tonight. That kid is going to be good for us. All in all, this will go down as a really good win for AU.
  7. 5 Star Ashton Hagans decommits from UGA

  8. Baseball enters the rankings

    The game at South tomorrow will be tough. South has a very good lineup. A lot of lefties in it, so I expect the lefty Andrew Mitchell will start for us. I think it will come down to a shootout, as they can put runs up with the best of them. I'm a student at South, so I'll be there, rooting for AU of course.
  9. 5 Star Ashton Hagans decommits from UGA

    I just got an update from Bleacher Report saying he is reclassifying to 2018. Idk how to get the article on here.
  10. How do we look in baseball?

    Butch Thompson*. Thank God Butch Davis isn't our baseball coach haha. But I agree, CBT is very well respected in the baseball community and will have us competitive for as long as he's here, which is hopefully a very long time.
  11. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Having Bo Nix in the fold for us early should help us with them and other Olinemen. Knowing you'll have an elite quarterback to block for should be a major selling point.
  12. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    I would like to add a transfer OT, whether it be a graduate transfer or undergrad transfer, and roll one back. I wouldn't be opposed to rolling both back and going heavy on OT next year though. Seems like we've gotten off to a good start in building relationships with the '19 class. Having 27 slots could be a blessing.
  13. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Maybe some OT transfers will pop up this spring and give us a look.
  14. Let's Talk some BASEBALL

    I also graduated from South. I'm back here now for my second degree. I'll be at the game when AU comes here for sure. I'll definitely be sporting orange and blue though.
  15. Please pray

    Prayers sent!