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  1. With the increased occurrence of transfers, do y’all think it will ever be a possibility that they change the rule to where you still can sign 25 people a class, but you can sign as many incoming transfers as you have outgoing transfers? For instance, you still sign 25 high schoolers, but if you had 7 players transfer out, you could still sign 7 additional transfers.
  2. Looks like a really good hire on paper!
  3. After I posted, I learned a little more about her. I’m on board! I think she could turn our great! Like someone else said, she seems to have a high ceiling as a coach.
  4. Kinda disappointed at first glance just based off some of the names that were brought up, tbh. But we’ll see how it works! Maybe she’ll be a star!
  5. Doe’s originated in my hometown— Greenville, Mississippi. I grew up playing baseball with the owner’s son/grandson, Sevi Signa. Haven’t been back down there in a while, but next time I do, you better believe I’ll be eating at Doe’s.
  6. I hope that doesn’t mean he goes to Kentucky. It would be hard to root for him there.
  7. We definitely just can’t have nice things. Obvious sarcasm, but man, I hate this. We’ll never get to see what he can do at the 2 with Sharife. He carried us for a little bit while playing out of position before Sharife got cleared. The 1-2 spots would have been stacked next year with Sharife, Powell, Alexander, and Johnson.
  8. I used to live in Fort Payne and went to church with his family. Great people! His oldest brother Logan was a year or 2 younger than me and was really good friends with my best friend’s little brother. He went to kick at Louisiana Tech, and their middle brother Evan just finished kicking at Florida. They were both amazing kickers, and Alex is supposedly the best out of the 3. I’d love to have him on the Plains.
  9. I like the idea of Chad Prewett getting the job. I think he would excel. And he’d probably be a cost-effective hire, if they are worried about that.
  10. I really think AU fans are sleeping on this guy. I feel like with all the hype around Jabari Smith (deservedly so), Alexander gets forgotten. (I said this about JP last year, so I hope I’m proved right again.)
  11. I watched a lot of them this weekend, too, and I agree. It’s crazy how stacked this conference is. Ole Miss is my 2nd team (grew up in MS as an OM fan before I ever visited AU), and they are just loaded everywhere. I was watching Arkansas, and I think it was their 10th pitcher of the weekend, and he was throwing 96-98. One of the Big 12 coaches commented on it, saying how ridiculous it was haha. But yeah, even the teams that didn’t play all that well this weekend will be really good teams once the season starts rolling and guys get back in a groove. It’s been a strange offseason, obv
  12. The person did say he wouldn’t go to Bama, so there’s that.
  13. You can also listen to it through Spotify or Apple
  14. Heard from someone who knows the kid that if he gets bigger offers (Auburn/SEC caliber), then he will probably go elsewhere. As much as we always want the AHS/OHS kids, going to college in your hometown isn’t that appealing to some, which I understand. I know I would want to go “see the world”, given the chance. This source could be right or wrong. Not saying anything concrete. Just thought I’d throw this in here to let you know what someone relatively close to the situation said.
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