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  1. Not 100% certain of the rules, but I doubt the NCAA can stop him from visiting somewhere if he doesn’t have contact with any coaches and comes on his own accord (pays his own way). I could be wrong on that, but that would not make sense to me. He could’ve just been here visiting friends that happened to be football players haha.
  2. Gosh, I hope so. If we win these first couple of games, we could take off and put some people on notice. We’ll see if that happens, but it sure would be nice. How great would it be to beat UGA and then beat them for Mims??? Not sure of the likelihood of that happening, but I’d be all for it. It would almost take the sting away from the Broderick Jones situation last year. Almost...
  3. I can personally confirm he was in Auburn this weekend. I’m not an insider, but I’m a student at AU.
  4. I don’t think I can forgive him for how he handled that Daphne game last year.
  5. Ah I hear ya. One of my buddies got hired to coach the baseball team at Foley, and I think he’s helping with the football team, too. Hoping y’all make strides.
  6. Are you a Daphne fan? I graduated from Daphne! If so, we’re 2-0 and looked great this past week!
  7. I really think people are sleeping on Justin Powell. He’s going to make an impact at AU.
  8. Coach Bicknell was Ole Miss’s OL coach under Matt Luke last year, so he probably had a relationship with Mims at some level last year as well.
  9. Going back and forth between Bo and Pappoe. Give me Bo.
  10. Would this effect JD Davidson or Jabari Smith? Are we expected to have more than 2 spots open up?
  11. Yeah I saw that! And I saw we had that Gardner-Webb transfer punter too! At least we have some options now.
  12. https://auburn.rivals.com/news/updated-roster-weights-numbers-and-position-changes Some things that caught my attention: Frazier adding 33 pounds!!! Hope it’s good weight No Oscar Chapman (Aussie punter) Our Freshman WRs are huge! Our OL could be huge too! Hill at DB Newton at WR. Official number changes. Love Pappoe with 0 and Schwartz with 1. Also like Zakoby at 9. Zykevious Walker has been compared to Marlon Davidson, and now has his old number (3).
  13. Wonder when the new schedules will be in place. I’m in a wedding on October 17th (original A&M weekend), and it would be clutch if that turns into an away game haha. Knowing my luck, it’ll probably be the LSU weekend.
  14. Just saw this on Twitter. Looks like he was a 6’5, 205 pound freshman LB/DE at Kent State that redshirted last year. He went to high school at Hoover (3 star in Class of 2019). He’s a walk on. Welcome aboard! WDE! 🦅
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