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  1. Saw where Omari Porter committed to Stanford. Were we not recruiting him? Isn’t that Larry Porter’s son? Feel like since it’s a weak db class that we could’ve at least taken a chance on him.
  2. Man, I hope he’s just playing around.
  3. I like the idea of moving Wiley over there and putting Ceccolli at 1B, although Wiley played a good 1st this year. But I also think Warner or one of the others could fill SS/3B out. I like our options, and I trust CBT to put the best product on the diamond.
  4. Dang, I was looking forward to him having a huge year next year to redeem himself after the CWS miscue. Definitely understand the move though. Hard to turn down $500k. Best of luck! Now I guess Brody Moore for sure gets a spot on the left side of the infield. Wonder who will take the other spot.
  5. This thread reminds me about the Mark My Word thread. When do we usually start that thread for the season?
  6. I’ll be an MBA student this fall.
  7. Thanks for the info. I hate that, but I understand it for sure. Speaking of favorite posters, you’re one of my favorites. Always positive, and you can tell your genuine love for The Plains and everything involved with it. I appreciate that.
  8. What ever happened to him? Haven’t seen him post in a while. I’m guessing he graduated
  9. Dang, I liked Lau. Figured he’d start at 2nd if Bliss moved to SS. What do y’all think the lineup will look like next year?
  10. Well I’m starting AU’s Graduate Business School’s full-time MBA program in August, so feel free to hook your boy up with that scholarship haha.
  11. Regardless of what happens here, it’s been a heck of a ride this season. The future is bright on The Plains! WDE!!