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  1. Ah, I forgot it was TJ that had Dyal out. I like the idea of Brown as an emergency catcher. I hope we can get him on the field somewhat regularly this coming year. He impressed me in his few plate appearances this past year. I can also see us going after a JUCO guy, especially with our success with Scheffler and Brett Wright. Can never have too many options or too much experience behind the plate. I’m excited about the potential lineup next year. We’ll have all 3 regular starters back in the OF. I’m wondering what Wiley and Davis do. I’m betting at least 1, maybe 2, leave. Ceccoli will probably take over at 1st if Davis leaves. If both leave, I see Moore going to 3rd, with Farquhar holding down 2nd. If Wiley stays, those 2 will probably battle it out for 2nd. Bliss will be SS regardless. The rotation is where it gets interesting. Ideally, Owen takes over on Friday’s, Bull moves to starter and takes over Saturdays, and then Fitts takes over Sundays. Swilling (the freshman) could make some noise and change that up or become the regular midweek starter. Barnett would probably assumed Greenhill’s role as closer in this scenario. Not sure about the rest of the bullpen, besides Fuller hopefully taking that next step and being a long reliever. I hate we’re losing Drew Baker to transfer. Admittedly, I don’t know much about any incoming guys, except that Swilling is supposed to be a stud. And the Foster kid (SS) could make some noise for us early on.
  2. There was a catcher getting a lot of pub before the season started this year that got hurt right before. Ryan Dial. I’d look out for him. I think him and Larue split time back there initially. Larue may also be able to pitch/play in the field some.
  3. Or they think we won’t be punting... haha
  4. Maybe we are sliding him over to TE with all the TEs we’ve been going after haha. I hate to hear that about Sheffield. That kid has so much potential. I don’t really understand this move to get a backup QB. If we had a spot open, I figured we’d use it for a punter or roll it over to next class. However, the coaches know better than I do, and I’m happy to get anyone who wants to be at AU. Hope he balls out!
  5. That ending was something else. If football wouldn’t have worked out for him, he could’ve been a heck of a preacher. He had a way of authenticity in every speech he made that made it easy to see why his players bought into everything he brought to the table. We lost a very special man. War eagle Coach Dye!
  6. Gah, I can’t wait!! Ive got big hopes for this season.
  7. Not sure of their responsibilities/duties, but I’m sure they at least get a stipend. I’m a graduate assistant in the Harbert College of Business, and I get a monthly stipend along with the university covering my tuition fees for grad school.
  8. Suspend him until June 1st, when they’ll probably come back to campus. (Just kidding haha). Hope he straightens up and gets back to the team. He’s a great athlete that showed flashes in the little playing time he got at WR. I feel like his ceiling on the defensive side could be huge. We need all the bodies we can get at DB.
  9. Looks like he’s friends with JK. Not saying it means much, but if we miss out on Brown and JK reclassifies and comes to AU, I’d be just as excited! In a dream world, we’d get JG, GB, and a true 5 (if someone transfers out) (I like the idea of Cardwell; don’t know much about his game, but I like how close he is with other AU players and how much he seems to love AU) for this class. Then in 2021, we’d bring in Kuminga, the Sanoga kid, and whoever else.
  10. I know it’s only been 5 games, but I’m extremely impressed by the depth of our staff. We look like we have plenty of options. This might be our best overall staff under Thompson.
  11. They are both private schools in Montgomery. I only knew where they went because I looked it up when you said it haha.
  12. Daniel went to St. James. Bright went to Trinity. Both from the Gump though!