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  1. I know it’s only been 5 games, but I’m extremely impressed by the depth of our staff. We look like we have plenty of options. This might be our best overall staff under Thompson.
  2. They are both private schools in Montgomery. I only knew where they went because I looked it up when you said it haha.
  3. Daniel went to St. James. Bright went to Trinity. Both from the Gump though!
  4. I’ve always said we were a baseball school...
  5. I really liked Bright tonight. He’s going to be a big piece in the future, maybe at some point this year.
  6. Gimel President is also on St. Louis. He walked out and played at Auburn 4 years until he grad-transfered to Illinois if I remember correctly.
  7. Why did they not give us the points for goaltending earlier? I’m at the game, and they called it, but we never got the points, and we never got an explanation as to why. Did they say something on tv?
  8. South Alabama has 10 kids in the transfer portal. Disappointing. With the new stadium opening up, I wish they’d go a new direction with their head coaching duties. I have friends that played there (my alma mater, at AU now for grad school), and there’s just not a lot of love between the players and the coaching staff. They desperately need to make a change.
  9. Yeah I’m not sure about that either. I was shocked that he wasn’t being recruited when I looked him up during that game. He looked every bit of the part. Could be a great diamond in the rough. He’s obviously a winner, and I would love to have him at Auburn.
  10. He’ll be playing in the McDonald’s All-American game with our boy Sharife Cooper! Along with Greg Brown. Hope they all play for the same team. Throw BJ Boston and Walker Kessler on that team too to make them see what they’re missing out on haha. Not saying we get Jalen and/or Greg, but dang, that would be unreal.
  11. Would love this! Watched him live in Jordan Hare for the state championship, and he absolutely balled out! I would love to have a story like his (unrecruited 0-star) come in and surprise folks and be a star. Obviously not saying that’ll happen; just that I think it’d be cool.
  12. Wasn’t Drew Baker that closer from Chipola? Wouldn’t he be a sophomore or junior? Heard he was going to be pretty good. Got drafted relatively early I think. I like that lineup though. Especially if Ceccoli and Farquhar are the real deal. My hope would be that Ceccoli could take over cleanup, with Rankin in the 5-hole. I feel like Davis is better suited for the 6-hole. I expect Brody Moore to get some decent playing time too. And that kid that transferred from Ole Miss if he doesn’t have to sit out (I’m guessing he will have to sit out). Other than that, I have no clue what to expect from anyone else. With the staff, I think it could definitely play out like that. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Horne and Fitts flip either. I would expect one to be the Sunday starter and the other to be the long reliever, first one out of the pen type guy. Other than that, I feel like everything else is up for grabs. I’m really excited to see how Garrett Wade comes back this year. I think he dealt with injuries last year, but he’s known to have some pretty nice stuff. I’m looking forward to the season, the best time of year. I’m confident we’re in great hands with Butch running the show. And now with Huddy added to Gross and Nonemaker, we have one of the top coaching staffs imaginable. WDE!