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  1. WarEagle2423

    2019 S Kendarian Handy-Holly (Minnesota Transfer)

    Marcello says he is transferring as a walkon.
  2. WarEagle2423

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Proud of this team, regardless. They fought to the last out. High character guys with a bunch of heart. That's what baseball is all about. The future is bright. We'll be back. War eagle, guys!
  3. WarEagle2423

    Baseball vs Florida Game 2

    If Mitchell can give us 6 innings with 2 ER or less, we have a pretty good shot of winning. Hopefully the bats explode tonight.
  4. WarEagle2423

    Baseball vs Florida Game 2

    Josh Anthony might be becoming one of my favorite AU athletes of all time. Dude's just always energetic and electric. He was the first one out there to Jarvis after the walkoff. He's a team-first guy. He has had his struggles, but he's came up huge lately. Still pissed about him not getting drafted. And Estes, who had a game today again too. Here's to hoping they have a couple of more games as an Auburn Tiger, and then go on to find a spot somewhere in the minors.
  5. WarEagle2423

    Pitching for Super Regional vs. Florida

    Hopefully, Mitchell throws a gem and we don't have to worry about any of it haha.
  6. WarEagle2423

    Pitching for Super Regional vs. Florida

    So I would think we go Mitchell tomorrow. Then, who? Coker and Owen or Welby? Or do you think they'll try and throw Davis or Greenhill back out there? Does anyone know how many pitches Greenhill threw today? He through 3+ innings today, didn't he? I'd be surprised to see him again.
  7. WarEagle2423

    Auburn Players Drafted

    Steven Williams could go back to catcher, you would think.
  8. WarEagle2423

    Auburn Players Drafted

    Gah, I hate it for Jay and Josh. Hopefully they sign with someone and prove the doubters wrong. Estes has been consistent both years he's been here. And Anthony has been our hottest bat lately it seems like. I especially hate it for JA because he turned down pro ball to come here. And he seems like a genuine, good-hearted dude. Hope both of them ball out this weekend, more so than I already did. They deserve to get a shot and get picked up.
  9. WarEagle2423

    Auburn Players Drafted

    And Josh Anthony. Hate it for him. Didn't he get drafted decently high before coming to AU?
  10. WarEagle2423

    Auburn Players Drafted

    Hoping Jay Estes gets picked soon. He deserves it.
  11. WarEagle2423

    Auburn Players Drafted

    He's a draft-eligible sophomore because he's already 21
  12. WarEagle2423

    Auburn Players Drafted

    What's it looking like with him still coming? 20th round isn't bad, but I'm sure if he has a good 3 years here, he can improve on that.
  13. WarEagle2423

    Kyler Murray drafted #9 in MLB Draft

    Said he's still committed to playing football in the fall and the As are ok with it. He's a 5'10 QB who is going to be good in college, but it will take a lot for him to make it in the pros with his height. I would've taken the $4.67M and headed straight to the baseball field. Hope he proves everyone wrong for his own sake if he chooses to pursue football long term.
  14. WarEagle2423

    Auburn Players Drafted

    He's going to shock the world and come back for his senior year....jk. Hope he kills it! Anybody else from AU projected to get drafted? Josh Anthony, Andrew Mitchell, Luke Jarvis, Jay Estes, Calvin Coker, or Brendan Venter?
  15. WarEagle2423

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Our half of the bracket if we made it to the CWS would be so much tougher than the other half.
  16. WarEagle2423

    Men's Roster Breakdown Through 2020.

    Are we looking at anybody who can play the 1 (point guard) for next year? Harper is going to be our only one next year as it stands. Was curious of the chances that we are going to bring in a grad transfer or incoming freshman to give us some depth behind Harper next year.
  17. Anthony doesn't look comfortable at first.
  18. Yep, just that kind of night. Oh well.
  19. Also, that looked a good bit outside to me. Still, probably should've fouled it off.
  20. Sounds like there are more OM fans than AU fans at the park.
  21. Dang, Estes hit it just foul down the line. Would've at least scored 1.
  22. Looked like he was trying to bunt for a hit. The 3B might've been playing deep. Or they might've had the shift on him like they did Williams.
  23. WarEagle2423

    2019 3* TE Luke Deal commits to AU!!! (5/25/18)

    Boom! War eagle!
  24. The lineup was posted with Jarvis and then Davis, and that's what it's been all tournament. But Davis just batted before Jarvis. Wonder why they made the late switch.
  25. Mitchell needed only 9 pitches for 3 Ks. Perfect inning.