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  1. Anyone make these any more?
  2. Please inbox me if you have some for sale.
  3. that have flown under radar? I am looking to be lazy during this rainy day.
  4. You are correct. We need another lib in here.......
  5. I would love to have that Mack Truck on the Plains!
  6. LMAO +1000
  7. Love your work StatTiger
  8. Well said
  9. Put this POS under the jail...
  10. Wow... Terrible
  11. You made me think of an excellent horchata margarita I had at La Cava del Tequila in Epcot. I need to get the recipe and whip one of those up. Really a margarita? Hmmm interesting... If you find the recipe let me know!
  12. I'd love to try it... Im in Albertville!