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  1. Who Put the Brakes On

    There’s only one coach that has been here under all the collapses ....his name is Gus
  2. next Head Coach

    Indeed he did , but he also has played in the last two national championship, winning one and almost won the other .
  3. next Head Coach

    No we don’t give up we do what every other Power 5 school does when their current coach isn’t cutting it , you try to throw money at the big dogs (who you know aren’t coming ) while at the same time try to outbid other schools for what we all hope is the next big thing .
  4. next Head Coach

    The climate is different, you can get that 15 - 20 years ago but now with what coaches are being paid the pressure to win is harsh . My point is they are much easier jobs with the same win expectancy as Auburn Playing Alabama and Georgia every year will make the job unattractive for a lot of coaches And not only that but you have to play them both within 3 weeks at the end of the season when most teams are at their best ...
  5. next Head Coach

    I mean the fact is most Power 5 Schools have to take a shot at a up and coming coordinator or an up and coming group of 5 coach . There’s no promise that he’ll work and no way of knowing if it’ll work until years down the line . With that being said I’m all for getting rid of Gus , he can’t give us Championships . But what do we get in return ? Most coaches will look at Auburn and laugh , though Auburn can pay the big bucks what coach would step into the spotlight of the SEC with a schedule that includes Alabama & Georgia every year .... there are much easier roads to Championships than Auburn the only thing we can do is roll the dice and hope we get the next Dabo
  6. My apologies - I set it on FIRE

    I’m ready for a change I can no longer support this madness
  7. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    So lemme get this right last year us beating LSU got their coach fired .. and a year later LSU beating us probably should get ours fired .... go figure
  8. This is why....

    Gus has proven too many times in big games he’s incapable of coaching to win ... get out to big leads and then fall apart and allow the other team to win
  9. This is why....

    Up 20-0 lose 27-23 how in the hell
  10. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    Gus choked once again ....... I’m over it
  11. Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    38 Auburn 13 Miss State
  12. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Let's do it Auburn!!!
  13. Pick the winners

    FSU vs Alabama Bama never loses these games regardless of what ppl seem to think will happen , so Bama wins as usual. Ohio State vs Indiana Thursday night @ Indiana ... Ohio State but could be a close game since it's game one Cal vs UNC Its at Carolina so I'll go with the heels NC State vs South Carolina NC State outscores SC Mich vs FL Fl suspends 10 players I don't see how they overcome that Michigan wins a close one BYU vs LSU BYU looked horrible against Portland St . LSU pulls away by halftime Maryland vs Texas Texasssss!
  14. open it up or go vanilla

    Honestly if I was Gus I would go all out for every opponent.... but I'm not Gus , and going vanilla is what Gus would probably do ... so I wouldn't be surprised if we got run run pass all game