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  1. Official Postgame thread

    Auburn was unprepared for it how ? I have no idea but they were unprepared
  2. Official Postgame thread

    This is the truth
  3. Official Postgame thread

    Thank god for the new early Signing period majority of the class has already signed
  4. Official Postgame thread

    Let this stink in , our best performing receiver today is really a kicker ......
  5. Official Postgame thread

  6. Official Postgame thread

    Agreed ! That’s what I’m moving on to .
  7. Official Postgame thread

    This is only in the moment I’m sure they’ll be over it soon
  8. Official Postgame thread

    Well of course But Auburn losing to UCF deserves an reaction
  9. Official Postgame thread

    I would make that argument because I’m an Auburn fan and i don’t care who were playing I want to win. And that’s for every Single sport
  10. Official Postgame thread

    As we should , we’re invested fans
  11. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    Good point , that happens when you tend to overthink , you try not to and you end up under thinking . Either way he can’t get out of his own way even though he keeps trying to sell to us that he can
  12. Official Postgame thread

    Well get the whiskey ready my friend cause this is the life of an Auburn fan
  13. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    It’s actually pretty simple . Gus is so bad in bowl games because he’s a person that overthinks . It’s harder to overthink something when you only have a couple days to prepare vs having nearly a month . He cant stop himself from overthinking every play every game decision etc
  14. Official Postgame thread

    I already know how this day goes auburn loses to UCF while uGa and bamma win big smh
  15. Official Postgame thread

    Yeah i agree i give JS a pass considering our offense line looked the Group of 5 offensive line