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  1. Sigh can we see him play a game before we start heisman talk 🙄
  2. 😁😁😁
  4. Woop woop War Eagle !!!
  5. It'll be our first test so regardless of the outcome we'll know by the end what kinda year we can have .
  6. WAR EAGLE !!!
  7. War Eagle !!!!!
  8. Wow just wow . This team is on FIRE!!! Playing like a team on a mission ! I love it WAR EAGLE
  9. WAR EAGLE!!!
  10. Welp ole miss... this is gonna felt for years and years to come
  11. Wow what a start to the season 😒
  12. Nice dish inside
  13. If we would play some defense we'd have a pretty big lead at this point
  14. The NCAA happened .. what recruit would wanna play for a program with that looming
  15. I absolutely love Coach Flo, yes she's isnt out recruiting the big dogs in women's basketball but you know what she is doing ? Leading her team to a 2nd straight appearance in the big dance . That right there helps greatly with recruiting. These kids want to play on the big stage , that coupled with the wonderful appeal of Auburn University with put Terri in a wonderful position to coutinue to bulid a successful program .