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  1. Report: Malzhan staying

    Pretty much this. I hope they didn't pay him 7 mil with a big buyout but it seems close to that. If he continues to Gus that could hurt badly in 2-3 years. Then again, what's it matter? The fix is clearly in for college football. Corruption has reached a tipping point. Until this system is changed, there is no more truth in college football. I've officially lost interest. I'm not a fan of WWE and that is what college football just became.
  2. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Most are discussing that it's not worth a bidding war to keep him, not just simply getting rid of him. Huge difference.
  3. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    I have no issue admitting I don't have that answer. I'm not suggesting him leaving is a great scenario. I just think the risk of who to hire is less than the risk of a new 30- 40 mil contract on Gus
  4. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    And if it's 7 mil? Just match it? No thanks
  5. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Don't have that answer honestly. But I believe getting into a bidding war for a guy that is 4-7 against his rivals with several blowout losses and 2 of the wins on miracle plays is detrimental mental to the long term health of the program. If he gets 6-7 mil a year in a new contract and tanks like he has the previous 3 years then the damage will be much greater than just a few mil. He's just not worth that risk IMO. AU is much bigger than Gus MALzahn.
  6. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Does he deserve to be fired? Of course not. Does he deserve 7 mil a year. Not even remotely. Just depends on how much Arky is willing to pay. I'd say match 5.5 mil and anything over buh bye
  7. The Trenches

    Offense completely and ridiculously unprepared for this game. If all it takes to go from great to pathetic on offense is to have one hurt player then what do we really have? Play calling hasn't changed and a hurt player keeps getting thrown into the game to the entire teams detriment. Gus can go to Arky. He can't handle anything changing ever. Unbelievably pathetic showing. This comes solely down to coaching and we were out coached by a million times. Don't even deserve to be on the same field, let alone play on New Years. So we won 2 games we shouldn't have. We lost 2 we should have won. I'd say that makes our best very average. Another 3 or 4 loss season. This is the best Gus can do. No loss in him leaving.
  8. SECCG - Pregame Sights & Sounds

    Ga fans are up front and quiet. AU fans are behind them constantly chanting and cheering as if it's a timeout in the middle of the game. Chanting IGTBAAT and doing the (left side) ORANGE (right side) BLUE as well as doing the kickoff war eagle. They are LOUD. Ga fans are silent.
  9. Another mind boggling quote

    We have him....with Cam we would be undefeated because the bad playcalling would just result in Cam running for a td. Also, we constantly throw Hail Marys 😂
  10. What happened Saturday? Persepctive (LSU)

    Actually a change at qb might be the answer. Of course JS is an awesome qb that in the right system may win a Heisman. However, when we force run the ball 3/4 of every game, we should probably have a running qb to atleast freeze the D a little. Man just saying that makes me wanna face palm my own post. We need a new coach yesterday
  11. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    So that makes him a fake fan that needs to be run out of the system? Not seeing it. Sure if abw is doing that he shouldn't. Both sides should drop it. We (almost) all know Gus is fired and continue to check in to see if it has happened yet. Just because a few aren't there yet doesn't make them less of a fan (and this coming from someone who is boycotting the program until Gus is gone)
  12. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    In all fairness he (Abw) was responding to a poster (eagle eye)that claimed he is such a better fan than him (abw) that "fake" fans like him (Abw) should be "run right out of the system". What he (Abw) said is not even in the same hemisphere of what Eagle eye said in regards of claiming to be a better fan. I don't agree with his assessment but the personal attacks aren't needed.
  13. Officiating In the SEC

    Not sure what that means....don't live in Montgomery
  14. Coach O says after game he out-schemed Gus

    This game seemed more like Gus outschemed coach O in how to intentionally lose a game. This is getting reminiscent of Bowden running up the guy every play on 3rd and 10. I think Bowden wanted out and now so does Gus. No other explanation makes any sense. No way anyone with a brain runs it 17 times in a row on first down with the game on the line. Heck we were still doing with a 2 point lead. The only way it could have been more intentional was if we did it down by 1. Hell even when we were down by 1 with 2 minutes left at our own 20, we were going play action! EVERYONE IN THE STADIUM KNEW WE WERE PASSING. THE ONLY REASON TO PA THERE IS TO HURT YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. I seriously wonder if this was intentional. Get up big to prove what you are capable of and then sabotage the game. I can't fathom any other possibility. That begs the next question, what would he be trying to get away from? JJ? Dye? Other PTB? All of the above? I'm sure someone on the inside could shed some light. There has to be some kind of turmoil behind the scenes somewhere.
  15. Time to boycott

    Why do you think no one good ever does?