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  1. We all do. SW struggled at the true deep pass, but everything short of 30 yards down field he was usually very accurate. That doesn't imply that Stidham won't win the job and be better, but to completely write off SW as an under 10 yard passer is wholly inaccurate. I would be mildly surprised if SW wins the job, but the difference isn't so stark that it's a foregone conclusion by any means. The main factor at the moment is SWs ability to get reps with a healing arm in a new offense (to an extent) while battling a healthy opponent who is already expected to win the job. It's an uphill battle for him, but he has done it before so I wouldn't be extremely surprised if he started game 1, just mildly.
  2. Sw averaged 12.6 yds/completion and was top 30 in the country in yards per attempt (4th in the SEC) and that includes games playing injured and horrendous play calling with terrible wr route trees....
  3. Oh no..... BUBBLE SCREENS :
  4. Occurred on June 1 if you read the article. Not new.
  5. 1. Have seen it probably 30 times. I see seen 2 twice...
  6. Glad they won this one. A loss here ended the season. At least with the win we can still hope for some kind of post season. Glad the d seemed to play better the 2cnd half. 1st half was kind of rough. I tuned out and started watching Boon Dock Saints instead (better choice even with the win )
  7. Gave up over 40 in the 1st half to the worst team in the league. What's the excuse for pathetic defense this week? Just can't match up well with the team that's 1-13 in league play? I guess that's what I get for watching a half. Likely take the second half off and find something better to do. This has become unwatchable. Worst team in the league waltzing through our defense. We may win but our defense won't be the reason.
  8. "Offense is gonna sling it" (according to a freshman receiver and has zero to do with the actual offense)...................
  9. Does this apply to all players with similar records and worse? Yes? Fine. No? Favoritism, bias and selective reasoning. I'm pretty sure the answer is no so that should clear that up.
  10. See my post above. I think AU took care of their own when the opportunity arrived. Not so much pushed someone else out to make it happen.
  11. It was more like a perfect storm. His brother was/is their head coach and was suspended for a year. Seeing as he had the same philosophies and had quality experience, it was a perfect bandaid for their team as well as getting him a resume boost as being a HC at the professional level. May not have been a wise move for him, but I'd bet it was his move to make.
  12. Left to be the interim head coach at a professional Canadian league team. Heads up an AAU academy now. I'd bet Pearl could pull him! Certainly worth a shot. Would have to be an improvement over uhum..uhum...uhum...
  13. CBI does. CIT does not. Oregon won the CBI a few years back. CIT has never taken a power 5 school.
  14. Never said I liked him as a coach. What's interesting is BP runs the same offense Barbee did. So clearly BP has immensely better talent, yet still gets blown out. Maybe Barbee could come coach D and leave the Pearls coaching offense? No way in Hades it would hurt the D.
  15. Yes it was ugly, but they gave more effort than these guys. They just had much less overall talent. They'd give full effort until the game was out of reach IIRC. I never saw them give up over 60 points in a half, let alone 3 games in a row