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  1. Even better. I'm not an avid baseball fan so don't know all the details. Mix Coker with Mize and surely at least 1 or 2 of the 47 pitchers we are bringing in can contribute. We may be pretty decent.
  2. I feel we will be pretty solid in pitching come next year. Coker will be back, right? He looked as solid as he could. I expect a very solid season from him. With a few solid incoming pitchers and possibly keeping one of our two top pitchers, we could be a great pitching team. Lose both of our top pitchers and we can still be a solid team. Maybe not excellent, but solid.
  3. Considering we were 1 inning away from hosting a super regional in his first year at a team that has only ever even been to 1 super regional ever...I'd say you're right!
  4. Sorry to derail, but are you referring to the hiring of Chizik who won our first NC in over 50 years or of Gus who played in another? Back to baseball...Butch had a solid early season. We did much better than expected. Then we completely fell apart in an epic manner. I THINK Butch will be a good one, but a solid start to a year followed by an epic crumble has me not counting chickens just yet. As long as we are relating to football.....Gus played for a NC in his first's been downhill ever since. Hopefully both teams get over the hump and become perennial solid teams
  5. Skunked by a midweek pitcher who's never pitched over 5 innings. What an ending to a crumbling season. Next year, or maybe the next
  6. And macho comacho makes an appearance! Wonder if it's too late for me to throw a pitch?
  7. Good thing we pulled Coker (sorry...this complete fall apart has me delirious)
  8. Re read. Clearly implied
  9. Same as the REGULAR SEASON
  10. Downright pathetic at this point. End of the year slide proves more than a fluke. We splay the post season same as the regular. Start out strong and then completely fold up shop and pack it in. At least we get experience this year. Guessing we can build on it next year. Think we have the right coach in place, just need more players and experience.
  11. These guys are just simply a better team than we are at every level and want it 100000 times more. Game over.
  12. No doubt. A couple good innings of D and a couple well timed hits and we squeak out of here. Need the FSU pitchers to slip
  13. Good grief. I'm out of positivity. The only thing I'm positive of now is our batting is not tournament worthy
  14. Pitching change looks like a bad move. Lucked out of that inning. Hope he settles in very quick or this one gets away quickly
  15. Not as much as lack of ability to hit pretty much anything