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  1. Yes. That article was written after he was there for only one year. Most everyone expected him to do much better. With the addition of Shea I'd expect them to be much improved next year. But no he likely doesn't belong close to the top. Main point in these articles was not to knit pick who belongs where but to show that few outside of Auburn actually believe Gus is a top tier coach.
  2. Beilema I agree on. Les was top worthy of the top 20 when the article was written. LSU would be a lot better right now if they had kept him.
  3. According to people outside of Auburn, Gus is not in the top 15,maybe not in the top 30
  4. Arky will improve, Tamu will improve, Tenn will improve, we will still be Gus. 6-6 at worst 9-3 at best. If you think Stidham looked scared behind a veteran Oline, just wait til they are replaced with inexperienced lineman and inexperienced blocking RBs. O line will likely take a step back (what did we have 35 sacks this year?) D line takes a step back (they were the best crew on the field so they will likely still be good, just not as good) Gus will have zero motivation for a killer instinct. His only reason for two games of killer instinct was rewarded with a ridiculous payday. That's over (which became very evident already) Running game takes a big step back as Kerryon pretty much forced running game success. Don't see Martin being that powerful to do the same in tough games. What big game did we win away from home this year? Zero? We play 3 very big games away from home. We lose all 3 If the Oline looks better than expected we win the rest. If not we lose up to 3 more. Can a coach be on the hot seat less than a year after getting a 75 percent raise and 7 year contract? If so Id bet Gus can pull it off.
  5. I'd put it at 80 percent. There is a chance Gateway is as good as some say and if so he has a far higher ceiling in Gus's O than Stidham. I don't think Gateway wins the job, but it's possible
  6. About which part? He could get beat out by Gateway. If he doesn't he will likely improve his stock over what it is right now. Maybe not much, but I'd bet he atleast starts making better decisions which would improve his stock. Of course he may lose 6 games next year so who knows
  7. At which point did those two have (3) 4 loss or more seasons in a row? Fans have a right to be extremely pissed about a 4-5 loss coach getting a 75 percent raise and a 7 year deal.
  8. He'd be lucky to get a free agent deal right now. He's not going pro. Pros don't pay players that are 1-4 in big road games and a big part of the reason for the 4 losses. He will improve his stock next year (if he doesn't get beat out which he very well could). No way he goes pro this year.
  9. The money he is about to cost the program with (more) multiple 5 loss or worse seasons would pay his buyout in 1 year. It's worth it right now to fire him. A real coach would make the program an additional 25-50 mil a year in profit. Gus will lose the program money. No question it's worth it today to fire him iyam.
  10. I said he shouldn't get a raise period, but shouldn't be fired. Now I think not only should there be no raise, he should be fired before he gets home.
  11. Pathetic disgusting freaking joke of a coaching staff. It's still worth firing all of them. Has Gus signed the new contract yet? If so he owes us atleast 5 mil a year back. Man it is going to suck not enjoying AU football for the next 5-10 years. I'm officially pulling for 0-12 next year so everyone gets fired and MAYBE we get a real coach for once.
  12. This x10000000000000000000000 AU football will be garbage for atleast the next 5 years and the damage will likely last longer than that. Gus has been a horrible coach until he was on the verge of being fired. Then he stepped it up and won a whopping 2 good games to save his job. Apparently not getting fired gets you locked in for a 75 percent raise and 7 more years guaranteed. We are screwed for the not so near future. Not even worth watching this clown show
  13. Too late to send Gus to Arky? What a ridiculously patheticly coached team
  14. May be even better if they studied Ole Miss. We won that game by 21 and OM has better overall talent than UCF. Also almost all of Ole Miss's points came after the game was over. We were up 38-3 and put the brakes on. Please study that film for holes ?