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  1. The context I was referring to was yours saying he sounds like a supreme hater. Of course we all have logs in our eye so there is probably never an appropriate time to use that one
  2. "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" As Ikeel replied, it was a fact based prediction
  3. I thought I was reading that he wasn't likely to be the main starting qb as a Sr. Should he start and look good then I may change my prediction
  4. Too early to predict he never plays meaningful snap as a qb at AU? I swear I've seen this story play out 20 times and it almost never works out. Seems like I've seen it as recently as last year...Oh yeah...JF3...everyone excused that he didn't start as qb in he can't even crack the top 4 at qb. There's usually a reason these guys don't start at qb. If an excuse is even attempted that the guy ahead of him is better at qb..well then that's a pretty clear indicator....usually anyways. Maybe he'll be the exception (unlikely)
  5. Mal Moore is no longer there...
  6. I could be wrong here.... but if we beat MSU, sweep bama and split LSU/OM we could end up at #1 in the SEC overall. Seems that would do it, right?
  7. Lmfao. Attack attack attack. Don't believe I've ever seen any substantial discussion on this forum in years. Just hit pieces and fighting. Stumbled in looking for news on the protest. Hasn't changed a bit. If it's not on your side you bash it. If it is you defend it. It's as if no one has their own minds in this country anymore. Just political affiliations that tell them what to think. Sad really.
  8. Just a coincidence this wasn't discussed when Obama got to put in his 2 judges?
  9. West Ga has a football team? 😂
  10. They are already a bunch of wienkies...might as well have their king!
  11. While I a agree with the premise...picture a junior in HS...5 star player grew up dreaming of playing for bama...goes to that same school and suddenly because of something an ex coach did he can't go there. How would that work? NCAA supposed to believe he recruited himself if he's allowed to go to bama? So like I said, I agree with the premise....but I'm not sure it's the proper solution. JMO.
  12. Does the rule apply to any school that recruited a player or can a coach go work for a school that didn't SIGN any of his players? That should be the stipulation if it isn't. That would open most schools for available jobs, though the 4 year limit should be 1 or 2...
  13. Stidham won't be calling plays
  14. No doubt. This thread is seriously based on doom and glooming a current position of strength 2 1/2 years from now. I'd bet if all those scenarios come true, we could still find a JUCO. Here is another scenario. Economy crashes, no one can afford college, college football ceases to exist. Could happen
  15. First dated "bought and paid for Yeldon" and now Watson? I'm sure she likes them for their "inner beauty" right? Lmao. Something's amiss here