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  1. My exact thoughts watching his video. He's got a good bit of street ball in him as well. Going to be interesting seeing his transition to college. He looks to be able to battle to the basket for points when needed, but it's a whole different level in the ncaas. Obviously he likely won't look like his highlight tape, but he looks to be a potential great addition
  2. This is assuming he doesn't immediately revert to his old ways as soon as the offense sputters. One can hope that is not going to happen, but I'll believe it when I see it. I really hope I get to see it 🙏
  3. Welcome to the new article based forum on AUF. Only 2 or 3 non pinned threads on the first page are not articles.
  4. Pretty sure he was talking about the fact that you don't care at all about his dating a married woman, not Auburn as a whole because he was dating a married woman. Yes it happens, but the disturbing part is the acceptance of it. Of course the other part of the story is worse, but it doesn't lessen the first part and the fact that people aren't bothered by it. That's the society he is speaking of. A society accepting of adultery.
  5. There is no hot seat for him (and won't even be after next year if we look the same as this year). There may be for his assistants however. The Tony Jones talk asked about earlier is in regard to Jones being part of Bruce's staff for pretty much all of his success and getting him back would put the A team back together, where it appears to many that his current assistants may not be the best match with Bruce when it comes to on the floor coaching. So in simpler terms, hot seat for Bruce? No way. Hot seat for the rest of the staff? Depends on who they can be replaced with.
  6. Jones is teaching/coaching at an AAU academy. Probably a substantial raise if he came back if I had to guess
  7. I'd bet we could get Jones back. It may be the difference between average and very good. If I were Bruce I'd be on the phone all month trying to bring him back. Of course I'm not Bruce so who knows what his poa is.
  8. FIFY I expect that to change next year, but the lack of improvement from game one this year til now is 100 percent on coaching. Heck, I think we are worse today than we were game 1. That's hard to excuse as nothing to do with the coaches. I lean closer to mainly the coaches fault.
  9. Any way to create a separate spot for the 100s of articles posted here very week? I've stopped coming to this forum because 90 percent of the topics are articles. I already don't go to for a reason... (no offense fifty...appreciate your input here)
  10. I've harped on this all year. If you treat kids like delicate little snowflakes instead of holding them accountable, guess what you get? snowflakes. We are a team of snowflakes. Solve that and you'll see the improvement. Until then, I've pretty much stopped watching. Few things in sports I enjoy watching less than a team of snowflakes that don't have respect for their coach and their coach doesn't demand it.
  11. Looks like you answered your own question... and correctly I might add
  12. There's a fine balance here. Had Bruce recruited all freshman his first year then there may not have been any improvement in the team. That could have hurt recruiting the. Ext year and therefore the year after. I'm disappointed in this year and I believe there are some possibly serious questions about the coaching support staff. That said, Bruce had one hell of a mountain to climb. If they make the tourney next year, name another coach that could have done that out of this crap show of a program. I've said all year I have coaching concerns but nothing should happen until after next year. There is a solid reason for my thinking this. Next year will be the first year with continuity on this team. There should be marked improvement next year. Then and only then should any real eval be made. Bruce has gotten unreal talent here compared to what we are used to. Let's wait til next year to evaluate progress. Either way, we have the best recruiting coach we've ever had. He may have to tweak his staff, but we are a thousand miles closer than we were 4 years ago.
  13. They start games that way too. I'd venture to guess its what they are being taught. Shoot the 3 until it falls. Sometimes it works, more often than not it doesn't. If it didn't happen at multiple instances in every single game I've seen this year I'd be more inclined to blame youth/inexperience. When it continues regardless of results and there appears to be very little effort from anyone to do anything different or hold anyone accountable for those horrendous shot efforts, Im going to assume it's either a coaching decision or a lack there of.
  14. Didn't get to watch. Was 90 percent sure we'd lay an egg so didn't make any extra effort to watch. It's a shame to be able to tell ahead of time when a loss is coming. Such is this team. Cant get out of their own way. No excuses next year. This year can only be used as a building block. Let's hope they use it (coaches mostly)
  15. We all do. SW struggled at the true deep pass, but everything short of 30 yards down field he was usually very accurate. That doesn't imply that Stidham won't win the job and be better, but to completely write off SW as an under 10 yard passer is wholly inaccurate. I would be mildly surprised if SW wins the job, but the difference isn't so stark that it's a foregone conclusion by any means. The main factor at the moment is SWs ability to get reps with a healing arm in a new offense (to an extent) while battling a healthy opponent who is already expected to win the job. It's an uphill battle for him, but he has done it before so I wouldn't be extremely surprised if he started game 1, just mildly.