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  1. I'm sure epilepsy patients that can't get cannibis to reduce seizure episodes don't find it silly to make it legal. Legalization creates easy access for people that require it for medical reasons. Comparing MJ to other highly addictive drugs is a false equivalency. The belief that MJ is this evil addictive drug is Jeff Sessions level ignorance.
  2. Comparing MJ to opium?
  3. I call false equivalency.
  4. Not a problem. There are lots of posts in this thread. I didn't read them all either.
  5. They have studied it for medicinal uses.
  6. Oh, I knew that. It was in an article I linked in a previous post on how CA tests for drivers under the influence of MJ.
  7. Interesting.
  8. Thank you.
  9. I'm sure Trump prefers charlatan Christians like Graham and Robertson to the Pope.
  10. I'm certainly not advocating for breaking the rules. You do that you face the consequences. I'm an educator so I have to be mindful of my behavior in public and on social media. I know the consequences of breaking unwritten rules. My point is merely that pot should be legalized. As you stated the paradigm is shifting but I know how slowly Alabama shifts.
  11. I understand that everyone has rules to follow. And if you are going to participate in a sport, job, etc you need to be willing to follow the rules. That said, decriminalizing pot is more than just eliminating a law because people can't obey it. Pot has been proven to have many medicinal uses from cancer to epilepsy. There aren't any long time negative side effects to people who use it in a responsible manner. Legalizing it can also create jobs. Somebody has to grow it, etc.
  12. California is doing this. They have a field sobriety test that includes eye movement Test they say is 77% reliable. They also do blood, urine and breath testing for marijuana.
  13. Can we just legalize pot for crying out loud?!