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  1. GiveEmElle

    Greater threat— Mueller or Putin?

    Pirro even suggesting that a decorated veteran who is upholding the law is a bigger threat to democracy than a adversarial foreign dictator who murders his opposition is evidence of just how much nonsense Fox promotes. It’s North Korean state tv with more commercials.
  2. GiveEmElle

    Top CBS Exec Accused of Sexual Misconduct

    I said you were promoting rape culture because you suggested victims were out for money. You can spin it however you wish but that belief is a part or rape culture.
  3. GiveEmElle

    Top CBS Exec Accused of Sexual Misconduct

    And yet rape is still happening and women aren’t believed because people like to call out they few who lie and ignore the many who are victims. That’s why only 2% of rape cases are ever convicted.
  4. GiveEmElle

    Top CBS Exec Accused of Sexual Misconduct

    WTH is fact sensitive?
  5. Are you seriously this clueless? Or you just like talking to me?
  6. GiveEmElle

    Top CBS Exec Accused of Sexual Misconduct

    I’m very clear about what I’m saying. Victims of sexual assault and rape are too often not believed. This is a part of rape culture and it’s why many women don’t come forward. You just said that believing a rape accuser is dangerous. That’s the belief that I’m speaking about. I’m not dismissing a trial by jury when I say this. But when the first thing out of your mouth when you hear about sexual assault or rape is to question the victim’s motives you are perpetrating rape culture. There is a pervasive belief that women lie or have an ulterior motive. It’s sad enough to go through the trauma of sexual assault or rape without the added ugliness of people assuming you’re a liar or gold digger.
  7. GiveEmElle

    Top CBS Exec Accused of Sexual Misconduct

    Yes. You shouldn’t automatically presume a woman is lying.
  8. Where did you get that statistic? I’m pretty sure Americans have a higher chance of being shot by a white male than killed by a Muslim terrorist. It’s a shame that standing up for the rights of others is now being labeled as discrimination to conservative Christians.
  9. GiveEmElle

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    I had just forgotten about that player and wasn’t sure what the guy was talking about. 😳
  10. GiveEmElle

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    Someone want to refresh my memory? What’s this about?
  11. You just hit the nail on the head. This task force will protect discrimination and hate based on religious beliefs. Again, separation of church and state. There should be no government run religious task force. P.S. you are blind if you haven’t seen discrimination to Muslims.
  12. Really? You think this religious task force will stand up for Muslims? Buddhists? Mormons? This is nothing more than a task force set up to protect hatred done in the name of Christianity. What about separation of church and state? Are we just going to ignore that now? This is opening the door for forced religion.
  13. I appreciate Twitter’s humor but this is some scary s***. It’s stunningly ironic that the settlers who came to America were fleeing religious persecution and the government they established is now going to begin religious persecution.
  14. GiveEmElle

    Forced Patriotism in Pro Sports

    For many of us it smelled like money. I’d gladly live with that smell again.