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  1. What I fail to understand is why these men view uteruses as more dangerous than assault rifles.
  2. Who knew healthcare could be so complicated.
  3. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that all we've heard for 6+ years is REPEAL. I believe Trump was the one who brought up REPLACE. So no one has worked at all on a replacement plan. It seems to me that there are too many agendas within the GOP that are working against each other. Ryan wants to destroy Obamacare, Trump doesn't want to be viewed as a failure on this issue. Ryan and others are dismantling regulations imposed on corporations via the EPA while team Trump is colluding with Russia.
  4. I understand your point. Here's mine- they both equally disgust me.
  5. Pretty sure they are on the same team.
  6. She's a pretty Ann Coulter.
  7. What is it they say about Karma?
  8. Excellent metaphor.
  9. Did you read that right wingers? Bannon wants to destroy your party. But go on defending him, saying he isn't white nationalist. That plays right in to his web, "It only helps us when they get it wrong. When they're blind to who we are and what we're doing."
  10. Please feel free to educate me on Bannon and the alt right since I've got it wrong and they aren't racist, anti Semitic, white nationalists. I'm sure they are just a great group of people that David Duke supports just because they are kind, good hearted, loving people.
  11. We are starting to see this bravado of expressing white nationalism among those in government. I took criticism from the Trumpets in another thread for labeling Bannon as an anti Semitic and white nationalist. You only have to look at his time as editor at Brietbart and how that outlet leaned towards the alt right to understand his views. It's in the White House now and they've sounded the dog whistle. King's comments are letting Bannon know that he is on the team.
  12. So Trump has pissed off the CIA, the FBI and a large group of lawyers. It may be true- he will die in prison.
  13. I am not disputing that there are things that could be improved with ACA. But if my car has a problem, I fix it rather than destroy it. ACA has insured thousands of Americans who couldn't afford coverage before. There has been testimony after testimony at Town Halls of people whose lives were saved by ACA. You can call those of us standing up against the repeal of ACA whiners if that's what you like. But make no mistake, that is nothing more than the priveledge you have blinding you to the fact that others will suffer because of this.
  14. Well we can't divide people into "you got sick from poor choices" and "you were just unlucky." Everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. It really is mind blowing how the GOP wants to deprive people of healthcare but don't want mentally ill people restricted from buying firearms.