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  1. I understand people abuse the system but we’ve created a situation where abusing the system is more profitable than working by not paying a living wage.
  2. Perhaps if you’d read the entire sentence rather than the portion you quoted you’d not have to ask “Huh” and make a stupid reference to cattle.
  3. I’m sure from your moral high ground hunger doesn’t exist. I can’t name these children because I’m obligated to privacy laws but I’ll share a few stories with you. K got angry about a teacher admonishing him. So he left school. A search of the entire grounds preceded. I drove to a local store and found K walking back towards school. Wanna know why he was walking back? He was hungry. His grandfather had had him arrested for taking his debit card to buy food earlier that week. He was willing to face punishment just to eat in the school cafeteria. L was around six when she came to my AWANA class. We were learning about Old Testament feasts. I had apples and honey. She ate all on her plate. Then asked for more. I sent the small amount of leftovers home with her. She was hungry. A first grade child on a school field trip to the museum where I work sat and listened as I taught about foods that NA’s ate. I passed around various seeds and I noticed she was saving them in her hand. She was saving her tiny handful of seeds to take home to her siblings so they could have food. To you these children may be talking points but to me they are real faces that face hunger on a regular basis.
  4. The Right has used religion to manipulate voters for a long time now, especially in the south. It’s easy to do with Christians who have no basic knowledge of God’s word. Starving a child because they had the misfortune of being born to a drug addict by taking way SNAP is ok but two people of the same gender getting married is an abomination that will result in the destruction of traditional marriage. I liked Christianity before it became a political party.
  5. I hear what you’re saying. From where I’m standing, I don’t see it and I vehemently disageee. That doesn’t mean I’m saying that left wing politicians are faultless, I’m not. They make mistakes too. But there’s only one party trying to take healthcare away from my child with a pre existing condition. There’s only one party trying to control what I and my daughters can and cannot do with our bodies. There’s only one party trying to condemn my gay friends and take away their right to marry and have children. There’s only one party trying to starve its citizens by eliminating SNAP. There is only one party demonizing immigrants while turning a blind eye to white supremacy. There’s only one party in cahoots with Russia. I see a huge difference.
  6. Great. I look forward to never hearing you spew your insanity again.
  7. So you have nothing better to do in life than keep up with how long it takes me to respond to your post while noting that I responded to other posts. Get a life a**hole. Even if I don’t agree with her comments on Obama, which if you will note she claims are mischarcterized, it doesn’t mean she is anti Semitic. You just look for a fight. You can’t win with the males on here so you think a female is an easy win. You look like a complete fool whining about how long it takes me to respond. Now run along and play in the street.
  8. I’m weary of the “both parties” line. They aren’t the same. A party that promotes a boogeyman Jew funding every protest against Trump hardly has a write to chatter about hating Jews.
  9. Well a**hole, I’ve actually been busy so you’ll have to excuse me for not responding to you in a manner that you deem appropriate. I wasn’t aware of any disparaging remarks she made about Obama. Again, if you’d like to direct me to a link with the quote, I’ll respond. It might not be on your timetable since I’m not an elderly white male who can stay on a message board all day posting insane bull**** so I can make myself feel like I have worth and value in this world. I have a job and children as well as a crippled father to tend to.
  10. “All about the Benjamins, baby” is from a rap song. So I guess she is in touch with rap music. So I don’t have a problem with that.
  11. Dual hypocrisy? Just who makes up this couple?
  12. Why don’t you quote the ones you’d like me to comment on so I’m not searching blindly for the one you want.
  13. My thoughts on Omar... she was elected by her district and is a target for unfair criticism because of her faith. It’s oddly ironic that the same people crying about her antisemitism also have a Jewish boogeyman.
  14. Isn’t a message board a place to express one’s opinions? Isn’t that why there are hundreds of different threads? FYI- saying you think something is weird is not JUDGING. Edit- you’re honest to god childish if you have to give a dislike emoji just because you don’t like the person.