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  1. Russian news for Salty

    So the FBI is wrong?
  2. Russian news for Salty

    Sounded like you were saying there was no evidence of collusion or election hacking. The FBI has clearly stated there is evidence of hacking and this current investigation is in regards to collusion.
  3. Russian news for Salty

    So Mueller is investigating a crime that there is zero evidence of happening? A FISA warrant was issued based on zero evidence? A home was raided based on zero evidence?
  4. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Spoken like a true smart ass. 😂
  5. Actually I was wondering why Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell jr have been so quiet. I guess natural disaster are just natural when the GOP controls the government.
  6. And speaking of non Christians, who are the televangelists going to blame for these natural disasters since God's very own man, Trump, is President?
  7. I'm a Queen when it comes to annoying people. Screw the PAC12. 💋
  8. Have you heard of the SEC?
  9. Trump pardons fellow racist

    Practicing pardoning?
  10. Trump pardons fellow racist

    Most, if not all, U.S. presidents have issued pardons and most of them are met with criticism. There is always someone who will voice outrage over pardoning a jailed criminal. Nothing new there. And on the surface, Trump's pardon of Arpaio seems to hold hands with racism especially after POTUS' unwillingness to condemn white supremacy after the events in Charlottesville. That we have a president that seemingly condones racism is troubling and I don't wish to be dismissive of that possibility, however I think this pardon illustrates a bigger problem within this presidency and it's the complete inability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil. Trump only sees two sides, those who like him and those who don't. It doesn't matter if you march in the streets chanting hateful things about Jews, if you speak well of Trump, he has your back. It doesn't matter if you cracked down on immigrants in a racist manner breaking laws while doing so, if you investigate birther claims Trump has your back. This president doesn't distinguish right and wrong and that's frightening. It won't take long for world leaders with intentions to harm us to learn that the American president can be manipulated by flattery. Putin already knows this. With Trump good is praise and support and bad is criticism and opposition.
  11. PAC 12? RME. I'd rather watch paint dry.
  12. It comes on past bedtime. So you're just sleepy.
  13. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    This is not good.
  14. Lol, no. But I've never been accused of not having imagination.