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  1. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    And that means attacking a school shooting survivor for wearing a Cuban flag patch?
  2. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    Clarification- people don’t like Emma Gonzalez’ message so they attack her clothing choice. Plain and simple.
  3. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    I guess since you are unfamiliar with verb tenses, I'll explain to you that the word I used in regards to America atrocities was "committed" which is indicative of PAST actions, not current. Therefore, your attempt to argue about something that I never said is pointless.
  4. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    The genocide of Native Americans was atrocious. Have you ever heard of the Indian Removal Act or Residential Boarding Schools for the indigenous? Our county also enslaved a race of people then after they were freed refused them basic civil rights. Japanese-American internment camps were also a thing here in America.
  5. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    I find all of this ironic. The same people who are criticizing Emma Gonzalez for wearing a Cuban flag evicerated Collin Kaepernick for not honoring a flag of a country that committed equally atrocious acts. Those same people demand respect for their country’s flag and military yet stockpile weapons on the off chance that same military becomes tyrannical.

    Yeah. Go ahead and see a doctor for “happy pills”. Ya’ll are beautiful! 😍

    Let’s not sugar coat it. Raising daughters is Hell.
  8. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    Regarding Emma Gonzalez, a woman from TX, Julie M. Odneal, accurately depicts the criticism of this young activist. Her words: This girl. She’s learning what most women already know. She’s learning the tactics some people (men and women) will take in order to rationalize disregarding your message. They’ll criticize your hair—because valuable women should have beautiful hair. They’ll talk about your sexuality—because anytime they don’t like your message, your sexuality is fair game. They’ll talk about your clothes—because valuable women dress a certain way. And anything bad that happens to women is the result of the clothing they choose. They’ll criticize you because you don’t wear makeup because women, valuable worthy women, wear lipstick. They’ll deride your tears—because women are so emotional. Never mind the fact that, had the strongest among them gone through what you have, they would cry too. They’ll talk about the patch on your jacket—as if it’s relevant—because they can’t comprehend that a flag belongs, not to a country, but to the people. They’ll talk about how you should’ve been nicer to the unpopular kid—because, as always, it’s your responsibility to prevent violence against you. Men aren’t expected to behave but women are expected to soothe them and not provoke them. You must behave a certain way and, if you don’t, you deserve to suffer violence or even death. When you ask for, demand, safety and protection, they’ll tell you that you don’t deserve it. (They’ll tell you that the real threat to you is texting and driving and that you should just give up your cell phone. As if you wouldn’t gladly give up that and more to change what happened to you and your friends. The real threat is shoot-em-up video games. The real threat is violent movies and television shows like The Walking Dead. Seriously??) They’ll criticize you if you show strength and they’ll criticize you if you show weakness. If you’re proud, they’ll say you’re arrogant. If you’re vulnerable, they’ll mock you. They’ll show contempt for your intelligence, the fact that you’re well spoken. When you stand up and speak as a woman, they’ll call you a child. When you cry, they’ll tell you to grow up. Nothing you do or say or become will ever be enough for them. But that’s alright. Keep speaking up and out. Keep standing true to yourself—wear what you like, love who you love. Shout, cry, laugh. Because you, baby girl, are already MORE THAN ENOUGH. And there are millions of us, who are so proud of you.
  9. Where Is The Justice?

    I did not. My extra cash funds a dancer.
  10. Stormy Daniels Interview

    While I do possess women’s intuition, I’ve not fully come into my psychic powers yet. But as a General rule I use AU football player numbers on my lottery tickets. Bo and Lutz are always on the ticket and I switch up the other numbers depending on who is hot.
  11. Where Is The Justice?

    Somebody has been watching Fox News. McCabe set up a GoFundMe Page. Flynn’s relatives didn’t use the popular sight when setting up his legal defense fund. Maybe if Mike Jr would spend less time insulting Parkland teenagers and more time fundraising for dear old dad, they could keep their house.
  12. Stormy Daniels Interview

    This week is Spring Break and my two children are at an age where they primarily capable of self care with minimal guidance from mom. Also I can multitask. Thank you very much ! 🥂
  13. Stormy Daniels Interview

    I’ve gone from whore to elderly mother in this thread. Why don’t we just have an “Ask Elle” thread so we can clear up all the misconceptions about me?
  14. Stormy Daniels Interview

    I appreciate that. But the comment was inappropriate.
  15. Stormy Daniels Interview

    You know you’re my favorite! 😘