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  1. What if Americans stood up to hate groups who use this flag as a symbol of white supremacy in the same manner they stood up to CK and Nike? But that’s not going to happen is it? People rather scream that CK and Nike are unpatriotic and ignore white supremacists just so they can wear the flag on their feet to show their true patriotism.
  2. So basically people who said kneeling was disrespectful to the flag are now enraged because we can’t wear the flag on our feet. Seems legit.
  3. People who had foresight knew this would be opening Pandora’s box. On the bright side it’s a few steps up, MW can speak in complete sentences.
  4. The scary thing is, we now know the village idiot can win the election.
  5. I just wonder if Sessions will run. Talk is Richard Shelby is pushing it. That will create an interesting scenario considering how vocal Trump has been on Sessions perceived failures. If he gets the Republican nomination will Trump support him?
  6. You’d be correct. My job performance has zero to do with my political beliefs. For men here who suggest it does, then I’m unequivocally stating that you are weak males with an inferiority complex . Your inadequacies make you resort to personal attacks on my profession which are unwarranted and undeserved.
  7. Keep on with the personal insults just because I’m not in agreement with you about how your POTUS is a white savior. It just evidences your lack of intelligence. Its also worthy to note than you’ve only attacked my inability to do my job and not anyone else who has expressed liberal views. Do you fear women who speak their minds?
  8. Oh, you got me on that one. I hate orange men. Or man. Since there’s only one on the planet unless you count the orangutans, which I happen to love. And I love white males as well, just not the ones who praise a mendacious intellectually challenged mouth breather. I’m not sure you’re aware but if you support a racist then that indicates you’re fine with it. And once again you crawl in the mud with weak males like PT and 64 and bring my profession into it without ever having seen me actually do my job. You have to result to personal insults merely because I see Trump for the con he is while you bend the knee.
  9. No you aren’t. You’re just making snide quips because you see an opportunity.