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  1. Let’s talk about intelligence shall we? Your truth is that Trump supporters aren’t a cult despite evidence to the contrary. Your truth is that the GOP isn’t racist despite being supported by the KKK and even running candidates with ties to white supremacy groups. You regurgitate Trump’s line that media is the bad guy. Yeah, none of that sounds like a cult at all. 🙄
  2. Lmao. You’re literally defending a POTUS who cannot pronounce Yosemite yet I’m the one who needs educating. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. This is one of my favorite things about the Trump supporter. For 3 1/2 years they’ve screamed that the news was fake. But now news of terrorists and anarchist taking over Portland is real news. Antifa is real and covid19 is fake.
  4. I’ll concede that you weren’t making that argument , but you did respond to what I said in defense. It was just dumb luck for Trump that Tik Tok is harvesting data for the Chinese. We don’t need to promote a picture of him being concerned about China being a threat. He doesn’t care about America. I highly doubt his ban will be effective. Tik Tok is still up and running. My guess is if Trump finds out that some of his dumbass supporters are making pro Trump videos he would not issue a ban. And yes I do think it was a hinderance. 800,000 people ordered tickets and that’s quite a lot of corrupted donor data. One of my friends ordered tickets an still is getting requests for donations. She won’t give his campaign one red cent. And she isn’t the only one. If you can’t see how that’s costly to a campaign, I can’t help you. Trump recently whined about Twitter trends being unkind to him. He literally called it illegal. He is a mass consumer of social media. He knows who Sarah Cooper is.
  5. I did nothing for you other than challenge your support for the world’s dumbest man. You didn’t like it so you had to hurl an insult. Its amusing that you are championing a man that actually thought you could inject disinfectant in the body or hit it with light yet you call me the unintelligent one. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Go take your hydroxychloroquine and go to bed.
  6. First, I am only addressing Trump’s motives, not motives of people in NatSec or any other agency. If you think Trump remotely cares about our national security, you’re a fool. He doesn’t. I’m not saying you can’t agree with the ban, that’s on you. Personally I love the app and Trump can pry it out of my cold dead hand. 💁🏼‍♀️ Now, let’s use a little Logic about the Tulsa rally. Tik Tok users and Kpop fans ordered tickets to a rally they had no intention of attending. When you order tickets, even free ones, the campaign requires data- name, email, address, phone number. They then use this information to target donors because surely if you’ll attend a Trump rally, you’ll donate money. So thousands of people are now in a donor database for the Trump campaign. Some of them are legitimate donor targets, but thousands of them are not. The campaign has two options, use the data and waste time targeting people who won’t donate or scrap the entire data. So the overinflated crowd wasn’t the end of the effect. This corrupted the campaign’s data. Brilliant actually. Trump knows who Sarah Cooper is. She all over Twitter as well as Tik Tok. Her videos mocking him have hurt is fragile masculinity and he is hitting back with a ban. It was sheer luck that he could claim it’s because of security reasons.
  7. Actually when I said Trump supporters are a cult I wasn’t citing WAPO nor CNN. I was citing cult expert Steven Hassan. Feel free to insult my intelligence all you like , but I’m not the one who installed the village idiot in the White House.
  8. Let’s stop pretending that Trump’s concern is national security. It’s not. Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about security for America, see Russian election interference and bounties on American soldiers. Trump is only concerned about what personally affects him. So how does Tik Tok play in? This app users sabotaged Trump’s Tulsa Rally by having people order tickets thus corrupting campaign donor data. Oh and also there is Sarah Cooper.
  9. I’m going to enrage the cult with what I’m about to say, but it won’t be the first time. Their leader is astonishingly devoid of intelligence. I’ve literally heard five and six year old children that were more proficient in oral communication than Donald Trump. He babbles and rambles repeating words and phrases in an attempt to sound lengthy to disguise his ignorance on the subject matter. He has absolutely no comprehension of how government works. His geography knowledge is limited to non existent. Heck, he didn’t even know Israel was in the Middle East. And asking if you could inject light or disinfectant to the body was the moment every Republican should have walked away. But they didn’t. They stayed. And now their object of hopeless devotion is bragging about passing a dementia test. I’d be ashamed to even admit I supported someone so stupid. But they don’t care. Because his racism or xenophobia or boorish behavior turns them on. It normalizes their worst, and for that he had their undying and unwavering support.
  10. Thanks! I’m currently taking care of my parents so I’ve got free time when they nap.
  11. They are racists. Full stop. Of course they’ll come at me for saying that with the quip “I have black friends, I’m not racist.” But supporting a racist, is in fact racist.
  12. Because of a lower cognitive ability, conservatives are swayed easily by propaganda. There is no point in trying to reason with a Trump supporter. Rather accept them for what they are, a cult whose leader is above reproach.
  13. Here we have the Trump supporter focusing on a tree instead of the forest. He will never acknowledge that the riots were started by a white cop in Minneapolis. He will cling to false narratives about the protests. He will regurgitate Fox News and insist that Portland protestors are terrorists when in actuality all they did was graffiti some statutes. Again, he adamantly applauds the disregard of due process and advocates for tear gassing American citizens and shooting them with rubber bullets. He is cheering tyranny while democracy dies.
  14. They elected a Reality game show host. Now we are all contestants on Survivor.
  15. Here we have the Trump supporter regurgitating talking points from right wing propaganda outlets that insinuate that the protestors were “hoodlums” and “domestic terrorists.” Propaganda was a successful technique used by Hitler and the Nazi’s. Trump and right wing media have used it successfully as well. They’ve convinced his supporters that it’s perfectly fine to gun down protestors in the streets because they are alleged terrorists. Due process is no longer necessary.