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  1. Because it’s so hilarious that someone is stupid enough to blame one teacher in a rural corner of AL for the decline of math skills for an entire nation. But on the bright side, you can now go as the Headless Horseman for Halloween since you’ve laughed your ass off.
  2. I’m not asking you to do anything. But I am expecting grown men to understand that if there was a Native American person in your line of ancestors then that means you have NA ancestry. It’s so simple that my Kindergarten students can understand it. And while I don’t teach math I do teach Native American history with lessons that emphasize math and language skills. I’m very good at my job and you’re welcome to visit my classroom and witness it. As for the decline in math skills within the US the reasons for this are varied. I’ll be happy to discuss that with you if you wish but I will not shoulder the blame for that as your insult suggests. In fact it’s really moronic to insinuate that the decline of a nation’s math skills falls at the feet of one teacher in a rural county. I really don’t have that much power.
  3. I’m not asking you to do anything. Just sharing.
  4. Only my haircolor darling. And here’s some wisdom from your Stable genius:
  5. Life you know, it sometimes is a roadblock.
  6. I have listened to him. He has a rambling stream of consciousness pattern of speaking rather than using complete coherent sentences. When answering questions he is notorious for repeating phrases like “If you look at what’s happening” “They say” “Believe me” “Everyone knows” “not many know this.” He is as language professor, McWhorter points out “linguistically unadorned.” And Yes, obviously not the current list.
  7. You know I wear the heels in this relationship. 👠
  8. It seems the men he insults, you know like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, et al end up kissing his spray tan rather than standing up to him. And sweetie, Stormy is tough as nails. She isn’t as fragile as our Toddler In Chief.
  9. Well she is capable is speaking in coherent complete sentences so I’m sure she can write. Still on what list? The current best seller list?
  10. I swear to sweet baby Moses some of y’all don’t have a functioning cerebellum. Warren only said that she had Native American ancestry. She never claimed to be Native American or Indian, just that she had NA in her ancestry. A DNA test proved this. Even the Cherokee Nation bought into the GOP lies that she was claiming tribal identity. She clearly stated that she was not enrolled in a tribe nor did she claim to be a Cherokee. Regardless, many NA’s take issues with DNA testing so that’s an entire other argument. Concerns about genetic appropriation bring back negative reminders of the past. And they aren’t very open to digging up their ancestors for science. I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone has told me they had NA ancestry. It’s not uncommon for people to claim this and many people do have NA ancestry. My dad just got his DNA testing back and it showed 1%NA markers. His grandmother was 1/4 Creek. This whole battle is ridiculous and Trump repeatedly calling her “Pocahontas” demonstrates his cultural insensitivity as well as his glaring absence of historical knowledge in regards to America’s indigenous populace.
  11. Where did I say she was my hero? But I do have more respect for her than I do for Trump. So who are you praying to?
  12. Only he didn’t write his book. But you can pretend he did. The right never dances with reality.
  13. I’d say his constant deragatoru remarks towards women demonstrates his hatred. Not ready for equality? How did you draw that conclusion, counselor?
  14. Sure sure. And Devil’s Triangle is a drinking game. 🙄