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  1. First let me clear up something you seem to fail to factor in- I don’t read this board every day and I certainly don’t read everything you post. I only respond to direct replies to me. I don’t have the free time nor the inclination to stay on here often, especially since the death of someone I met here who became my best friend. to suggest that myself or anyone on the left is close minded is absolutely ridiculous. There’s plenty of research that proves that as wrong. But good for you for blasting someone in the right. As for Trump, he is intellectually deficient so any praise for him is aki
  2. Oh good, another pissed off conservative male.
  3. On 8/11/2020 at 3:52 PM, GiveEmElle said: Ok, so you aren’t referring to this thread and the most recent exchanges you and I have had. You’re dragging up last months posts. heres the straight, the cages were built during the obama administration. But that administration had NO FAMILY SEPARATION policy. The children in cages right now were out there by a policy written be Stephen Miller, resident WH White supremacist and Trump adviser. So you can do what every other Trumper does and def
  4. Ok, you haven’t presented any facts to me. You got mad because I stated another poster was voting for Trump and you stated whining that the poster never said that. Then you got your panties in a wad because I wouldn’t quote said post. All you had to do is scroll back and read. You wanna start paying my bills, then I’ll do the work for you. I lumped you in with Trumpers because you are a weak male, probably white, that screams like a howler monkey over crap that doesn’t matter. This whole thing started because you said someone didn’t say something that in fact was said. And your litt
  5. I’ve found that mature conversations with people who think a Reality game show host is a great POTUS just isn’t possible. And sweetie, this is the smack talk forum. You can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I disappear because I have a job, kids, and elderly parents to care for. None of you Trumpers ever present facts. Stop whining, you sound like your Cheeto Jesus.
  6. Are you not capable of scrolling back? Post fast? I have a job, a college student, a high school kid, and two parents I take care of., not to mention laundry and meal prep. So I don’t check this site all day everyday. I’m capable of posting links but I’ve found here that you right wingers always yell FAKE NEWS when a credible link is posted.
  7. Yes you did miss it. But it’s there. He is going to vote for the guy who consulted a pillow salesman on COVID. Scroll back dumbass.
  8. Cute. Use a joke about mental health to make fun of me. One of the students at my school committed suicide. So I pretty much think you’re an a**hole to make a joke like that.
  9. “Voting isn’t marriage. It’s public transport. You aren’t waiting for “the one.” You’re getting on the bus. And if there isn’t one going to your destination you don’t stay home and sulk. You take the one that’s going closest to where you want to be.“ - Mohammad Safa
  10. Like I said, go cast your vote for the man who will destroy democracy. He will be unrestrained in a second term. But don’t expect me to respect you.
  11. You want to quibble over my word choice. Got it. Every damn one of you Right wing people want to argue about what you implied without knowing one damn thing about what I think. So let me give you more insight. Bill used his power to sexually assault Monica. He has a history that has rape allegations. He also had a relationship with Epstein, that’s not good. But here’s the good part- Bill Clinton isn’t on the ballot. I can’t take away my vote for him way back when I was starting college. He was a two term POTUS and I can’t change that. If he is convicted in this mess with Epstein, he deserves
  12. See, I have no problem with stating that Bill is a philanderer. He used his position to take advantage of Monica Lewinsky and she was the one who paid the price, despite being a victim. Now, you wanna own up to Trump’s rape? Or you just wanna talk about Bill?
  13. Oops you did it again. Let me know when you get ready to discuss what I actually said instead of what your trying to say I said.
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