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  1. I’m not a fan of Comey but if you want to talk about exactly who is an embarrassment to all the hardworking people of the FBI it would be Trump, the man who sided with a foreign dictator over his own intelligence agencies. Oh and let’s not forget his braggadocious monologue in front of the FBI wall of honor about his crowd size.
  2. Surely you drink the Trump koolaid. Trump was glowing about Barr after he scolded Comey.
  3. Really not surprising that Barr is going after Comey. He is afterall doing Trump’s bidding. But thanks for that little nugget that’s all over the news. Should I stay tuned to your posts or the news for “more to come”?
  4. McConnell paints bipartisan election security measures as a Trojan horse. #eyeroll Thanks for perfectly illustrating that Trump supporters don’t understand the difference between fact and opinion.
  5. Sue, I can read. But I will admit I don’t read entire thread always. When you respond to me I address what you said to me, not what you said six pages back. You addressed my comment in Trump wanting Russia in G7 as BS. I responded to that. Trump stated that Russia should be let in G7 and he blamed the takeover of Crimea on Obama. So his thinking is clear. He wants Russia back in and blames Obama. That isn’t my opinion, it’s fact. It isn’t my opinion the McConnell blocked bipartisan election security measures it’s fact. Trump supporters seem to not understand the difference between fact and opinion. Let me help you out. There are different flavors of ice cream is a fact. Vanilla is the best flavor of ice cream is an opinion. Understand?
  6. Damn. You are delusional. Trump tried to get Russia reinstated in G7. That isn’t BS it’s fact. Mitch Mconnell blocked bipartisan election security measures. Also fact. Which right wing media propaganda site are you bathing in? Fox? Limbaugh? Alex Jones? Brietbart?
  7. I’m sitting here right with a copy of the Mueller Report. While collusion isn’t a prosecutable crime, Mueller did indict 13 Russian nationals for interfering in our elections. Russian meddling isn’t a hoax. Now any sane person would have to ask themselves just why Trump stood on a world stage in a foreign country and sided with Putin over American intelligence agencies? Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, has testified that there was a Trump Tower project in Moscow. It’s also known that ANY property developments in Russia go through their government and Vladimir Putin. Trump most recently has tried to get Russia reinstated into G7 and has taken zero action on Russian election meddling. His lapdog McConnell has blocked bipartisan election security measures. It’s pretty obvious that there is something off about all this. But dear Sue, please enlighten me. What is this truth that I and a lot of people will soon know and when can we expect it? I just love a good right wing ominous warning, especially when they are from fellow AU fans.
  8. Lighten up? Dude you don’t know me from Adam. I just find all these excuses for Trump’s behavior laughable. Yours’ is definitely funniest. He hangs out with rappers so he is absorbing their misogyny. How’s the koolaid taste?
  9. You should consider working for Fox. Sweet spin. Pun intended.
  10. Hillary Clinton isn’t the President. They gave Trump nothing? You may want to read up on Russian money funneled through the NRA.
  11. This is my favorite trope. It’s like they completely ignore Trump is beholden to Russia, the NRA and corporate American. The only anti Trump knows is anti-truth.
  12. Memes. The only way conservatives know to express compete thoughts.