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  1. GiveEmElle

    How guilty people act

    It’s evident that the point is that if this is just a witch hunt and they are all innocent as they claim there would be no need for a motion to suppress evidence.- you know, because there wouldn’t be any if you’re innocent. The point isn’t about how such a motion is rarely used. 🙄
  2. No, you aren’t. You are trying to normalize what Trump did, what CL did by saying Trump has been mocked too.
  3. Wow. There is no low that the Trump cult won’t sink too. So now we don’t need to leave disabled people out of mockery? Unreal.
  4. The only thing that gives me comfort in this is knowing that social media will be a record of those who were on the wrong side of history.
  5. GiveEmElle

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    I know you some of you think I’m blinded by hate, but a very YUGE KUDOS to Donald Trump for signing an executive order to end his administration’s policy of ZERO TOLERANCE which separates children from their parents. Well done.
  6. GiveEmElle

    Saluting the boss

    Ok. That settles it for me. Your reading comprehension isn’t functioning.
  7. GiveEmElle

    Saluting the boss

    Bottom line is this @no1autiger, you are using abortion to justify children being abused by our government. That’s a weak argument as well as pathetic.
  8. GiveEmElle

    Saluting the boss

    You’ve already told me Roe v Wade can’t be overturned by a political party. How would you like me to stand up for children? I vote for candidates who believe minimum wage should be increased. This reduces the number of abortions. I vote for candidates who care about children having healthcare. This reduces abortions.
  9. GiveEmElle

    Saluting the boss

    I didn’t say they did. Is your reading comprehension that challenged. I said I cared about women who have to chose abortion. I also said I wasn’t pro abortion, so all of your response is nothing more than lies to skewer what I said. I notice you have no comment on the statistics I shared about the number of children in foster care waiting to be adopted instead you cherry picked my comments and misinterpreted them.
  10. GiveEmElle

    Saluting the boss

    I wasn’t going for nice. Children are being put in prison so I’m not willing to be silent so you or anyone else here can stay comfortable.
  11. GiveEmElle

    Saluting the boss

    No Democrat is pro abortion. We are pro choice. So I do care about children but I also care about women who’ve been raped and chose abortion. I care about women who need a medically necessary abortion. I care about the woman who feels like ending her pregnancy is the only option. How strange. When there are 107,918 (2014) children ready for immediate adoption, a forced birth advocate wants even more children their progenators are unable or unwilling to care for. No argument about when their life began, they're here now. How many children are available for adoption in the United States? There are 107,918 foster children eligible for and waiting to be adopted. In 2014, 50,644 foster kids were adopted — a number that has stayed roughly consistent for the past five years. The average age of a waiting child is 7.7 years old and 29% of them will spend at least three years in foster care. What is the average age of an adopted child? The average child waits for an adoptive family for more than three years. 11 percent spend 5 years or more waiting for a family (43,083 children). The average age of children waiting for an adoptive family is 8. How much does it cost the government to keep a child in foster care? State and federal expenditures for foster care administrative costs (placing and monitoring children in foster care) totaled $4.3 billion. The number of children entering foster care or in care totaled 679,191. Thus, the average administrative cost per child served per year was $6,675.
  12. GiveEmElle

    Saluting the boss

    Well Jeff Sessions said enforcing law is biblical. Abortion is legal. And you’ve already schooled me on the fact that a political party can’t overturn a SCOTUS decision, so what do you expect my party to do?
  13. GiveEmElle

    Saluting the boss