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  1. And the Reality TV star turned POTUS strikes again. If he possessed even a minute amount of intelligence he would understand that the location of our submarines isn't a secret to be revealed on the playground to acquire praise from playmates. But he doesn't. This willfully ignorant man child views classified intelligence as nothing more than the cliffhanging drama on his reality tv show. While he hopes his ratings climb the rest of America just hopes to survive.
  2. Verily verily
  3. And here's the kicker. Drug costs are outrageous. Combating that would help lower costs.
  4. I do not understand how a party can be so heartless. They actually celebrated with beer over this passing through the house. Their pro-life rhetoric has just been proven false.
  5. Currently she is on the CHIP insurance which the GOP wants to eliminate. She can then get on her father's insurance but if the new healthcare plan removes pre existing conditions then she could be denied coverage.
  6. Diabetes is a pre-existing condition. From what I understand this bill will hurt those with pre existing conditions the most. My daughter is about to be a Freshman in colllege. She cannot afford to pay high healthcare costs but she needs insulin to live.
  7. I hope not. And I appreciate your prayers.
  8. My diabetic child may be on the verge of losing healthcare, so that's a fear I didn't have to live with the last nine years.
  9. Yes. I realize he is not Hitler. If he were he'd be dead. And I wouldn't have to worry about the fate of America.
  10. Perhaps we should listen to the voices of those who actually survived Hitler.
  11. If Salty weren't so enamored with the Orange Hitler, I'd think his trolling was his backwards way of flirting.
  12. Yeah, I did say that. Salty's trolling earned the insult. Feel free to go look up all the times he has been salty with me since you seem to be good at that.
  13. You aren't making sense.
  14. No offense, but you're a dumbass. Notice the quotes around the words little brother? Despite what your love interest Trump says, quotation marks aren't just used to indicate broader surveillance. Quotation marks indicate the words of another. Bammers call us little brother. In no way are we inferior to those lowlife classless morons. Thinking of themselves as big brother just bit them in the ass. You should read up on sarcasm.