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  1. GiveEmElle

    Trump— not for those uninterested in facts

    Side note- every time Salty calls Homer “Brother Homer” I hear it in Bill Paxton’s Randolph McCoy’s voice.
  2. GiveEmElle

    Republican Party - WTF????

    They have to steal power through gerrymandering, etc because they lack innovative ideas that best serve their constituents.
  3. GiveEmElle

    "Executive Time"

    He is running the country like a reality TV game show. Who didn’t foresee this?
  4. Well, I have an aversion to food mixed together so you won’t catch me sharing a spoon over a bowl of gumbo.
  5. Bad track record? Do you mean all the lies the GOP told? She helped to create the Children’s health insurance program, secured funding for 9/11 heroes, secured the violence against women act, lay the groundwork for ACA, supported Adoption and Safe Fanilies Act, did significant work that aided children who aged out of Foster care, secured funding for NY to rebuild after terror attacks, etc. I’m failing to see how she was a bad candidate as alleged.
  6. It would have been really nice if all this stuff had come out BEFORE the election instead of two years into Trump’s tenure and in a comedic routine.
  7. It’s comical how my posts send a manchild on a downward spiral. I am not homophobic in the least. I have gay and lesbian friends. In fact my lesbian friend gave me very nice seats to a game a JHS. She also shared her JD Fire with me. We drank from the same flask so idk, does that mean I like girls?
  8. Except most left wing people get news from a wide variety of sources. And let’s face it, the left didn’t elect a reality TV show personality to run the country.
  9. I’m not surprised. He went from criticizing Trump to licking his boots. Smells like blackmail.
  10. An intersting question is why the GOP didn’t hold him accountable. Did you notice the about face from Republicans like Graham and others? Remember the trip to Russia on the 4th of July? Uh, Russia hacked them too. If I had to guess I’d say Graham likes boys.
  11. The delusion is strong in the Trump cult. Turn off Rush, Salty.
  12. Now don’t forget, Pence was on the transition team. He knew about Flynn. And Flynn is singing like a bird. Pence and Jr will be the next arrests. Mueller still has dozens of unsealed indictments. I’m not sure how it will play out. I think Dems will let him serve out his term, beat him in the next election, if the GOP even runs him ( they are considering not running him). Then he is indicted as a citizen. Russia will dump their kompromat on him and Trump will be history.
  13. I think both of the women whom he paid off were beautiful as well as his wife. He has an attraction to fame, so a porn star, a playboy model and a nude model (Melania) are right up his alley. The women are just a notch in the belt of his demise. He has never been held accountable in his life for criminal activity so it wasn’t wise to compare the IC to Nazi’s right out of the gate. He is toast. They have so much s*** on him he will die in jail.
  14. There was only one way to take “old worn out stripper.” He is a bad deal maker but she is old and worn out? You May want to google images of them and reevaluate who is old and worn out. You can shortcut to images of Trump by googling “idiot.” That said, there is a hilarious irony in the potential of a woman taking him down.