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  1. They asked for and just got their raise with the stipend.
  2. Thank you. Exactly. I have a choice to make. NOBODY is forcing me one way or the other.
  3. Many regular students are also from poor families or are lower middle class. NOBODY said the kids were laying around or not earning their $70k.
  4. Yes I would ask for a raise. I don't want to split hairs but what is the cost for 5 years of rent, meals, tuition, books, tutors, a job interview with the NFL and a nice job to fall back on worth these days? I can tell you what it costs a student who is going to college out of state. I can tell you how long it will take for that student to pay off those loans and debt for those 5 years. Out of State tuition, books, room and board as well as 3-$12 meals a day is around $64,000 per year. I think when you add the tutors and other perks $65-$70K a year is a good pay rate for an Athlete in College. Best part is they don't have to acquire loans that take forever to pay this off. Is that minuscule compared to what the school brings in? Of course it is. Is the income of a General manager at a Chevy Dealership minuscule compared to what Chevrolet makes a year? Heck yeah.
  5. Words like "Free " and "Given" are used because of all of the talk about getting "Nothing". All of this arguing is silly. This is a simple problem in the greatest country in the world. If you don't feel like you are receiving adequate compensation for your time and energy, then quit. Nobody is "Forcing" anyone to play football. If I don't like what my job pays in relation to the millions of dollars in sales that I bring in every year then I have a choice to make. There is no law that says I have to work there. Likewise there is no law that states I am owed more money because the business is so successful. If you want a degree, you can either pay for a place to stay, your meals, your books, and your tuition while taking real classes or you can earn an athletic scholarship to help pay for as much of it as possible with tutors to do everything possible to keep you qualified. Just don't talk to me about what you are "Owed" because the big bully University is making money and you get "Nothing " out of it. Nobody is forcing you to play football. Lets also don't pretend that any athlete that can keep his nose clean is set up permanently with a better than most job doing something in the pharma field or insurance field. If you don't act like a DA then life won't be too hard after football.
  6. Great point. I am hoping that he can channel the type of offense he had when he was an OC and not the type of offense when he was a head coach.
  7. To be fair you must admit the top requirements to be hired on this staff are A) Former Player, B ) Coached with Gus Previously, C) Played for Gus Previously The offensive side of the ball has been a who's who of Gustav Comfort. Herb Hand, Grimes Twice Baked, Kodi, Caddy, Rhett
  8. Not to mention that Kirby has also hired Buster Faulkner to help with the Offense as well. Monken knows how to use elite talent and Buster knows how to get more offense with less talent. It is a great combo and it is precisely why UGA stays a step ahead of us. Kirby made an all in effort to change what they are doing. Gus hires another buddy to work with a staff of buddies.
  9. Olympics or NFL.......I'm taking NFL.
  10. Simple. Dye was a football coach. A man's man. Gus is a designer of an offense. Dye knew his players; their hardships, their upbringing. He could relate to being dirt poor or rich. He had heartfelt emotion you could see when he addressed his team during victories and more importantly losses. Dye could squeeze every ounce of greatness from all of his players who were willing. In victory Gus simply states the upward trajectory with an arm motion and in losses Gus says we didn't execute. Gus holds his HUNH Offense in higher regard than the team or any player. You can't be a person of sound mind and look at the Offensive performances against teams with a pulse and think the Offense is doing well unless you are Gus and the offense is like a child of yours that can do no wrong.
  11. If Anthony and his speed were at Bama or LSU the kid would be a rockstar. With Gus he gets underneath routes and many that have him catching the ball at a spot instead of catching it in full stride. Gus must stop using players for certain plays. It is way too predictable and leaves way to much talent sitting on the bench. It also leads to too much substituting. Pick your best eleven starters and have backups to provide the same quality reps when they need a breather. Stop bringing a guy in just to run a wheel route. It is so infuriating.
  12. I agree but what we need more than anything are WRs with speed and not speed guys playing WR. We are, and have been, in huge need of WRs that run great routes with speed. I can't tell you the last player at WR for Auburn that had game changing speed and ran excellent routes. We have got to start recruiting kids that are more than just good athletes that can out jump DBs.