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  1. hope we see Willis and Igbinoghene

    With Bubba ruled out for the iron bowl it would be dumb to even let KJ see the field tomorrow. Let Miller, Barrett, and Martin take all of the reps. Really want to see Miller. Also would love to see what Barrett can do with some real game time and not one screen pass and back to the bench.
  2. Georgia win had a great impact on recruits

    I wish like heck he was at the game. Hard to be committed, see that game and the crowd, and then change your mind.
  3. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    I can't see giving Gus anything more than a one year extension. If your dog bites you every time you enter your home you don't give him a treat when you walk in one day and he doesn't. Since 2013 Gus has finished 1st, Tied for 4th, 7th, and 3rd in the SEC. That averages to 4th place. Gus currently has the 3rd highest salary in the SEC since Freeze is gone. 8-5 and 7-6 with a sprinkle of hope every 4 or 5 years don't cut it with me for a contract extension. 1 victory against our rival that wasn't a fluke play does not mean contract extension. That sounds like something Jay Jacobs would do and quite frankly it reeks of the media baiting us into doing it. If Jay has truly made it hard for Gus and that has been the problem then lets see how it plays out next year before selling the farm. In my opinion as great as the Thuga win is, it gets cancelled out by the complete bafoonery of the LSU collapse. Good coaches don't lose 20 point leads over the course of 2 quarters to Ed Ogre. Has Gus turned the corner? Is he now a coach that has learned from horrible mistakes? Has ole Jay been holding Gus back? Lets let him prove it over time before we start throwing cash out the window after 1 overdue win against a rival.
  4. How bad do you hate UGA

    This will disappoint some of you I'm sure. I hate Thuga so bad that I would trade losses next year to ruin their season this year. By ruin their season I mean beat them so handily that they drop far enough in the polls to not make the final 4. That would be awesome in my book.
  5. Injuries heading into UGA Game

    Yes. Got destroyed on that play. I will say this. Big Mike isn't going to get manhandled like that if healthy. He may get beat but not like the blocked field goal.
  6. I wish we would play McLain in the TE spot

    We all saw the Spring game, which yes was a glorified practice, but you can't fake athletic talent when you see it. Gus' mentality is to pigeon hole a kid as the Y reciever and if he can't beat Slayton as a deep ball threat then he can't play. Use the guy somewhere else Gus. USE YOUR TALENT TO CREATE MISMATCHES FOR THE DEFENSIVE PERSONNEL. Gus won't try someone out at another spot once he designates them at one. Thats why Bubba was always going to be a blocking fullback until he was forced to use him at RB. The guy is just a dang idiot.
  7. I wish we would play McLain in the TE spot

    The list goes on and on. Stanton Truitt went to Monroe near where I live. Dude killed it in track and was a thick guy like Grant. Would have been a beast on the WR sweeps in motion. Single handedly almost took Monroe to the State final in football. Ole Gus moves him from RB to the slot and forgot about him. I would have transferred as well. As good as Lutz and CJ U. were they were underutilized as weapons. McClain can't sniff the field. We burnt Devan Barretts redshirt and he can't see the field. NCM can't buy a pass thrown his way. Malik Miller must have really angered someone because that young man is not allowed to leave the bench. Everytime I have seen him run he runs hard. Gus is the most hard headed coach I have ever seen. He has some type of mental disorder.
  8. How bad do you hate UGA

    Brother you and I are in the same boat. The game in Athens where Cox hit Aromoshadu I liked to have not got back to our car. Got in 2 brawls with some drunk idiots. Like you I feel Bama gets away with everything but my hate and disdain for Georgia is on a level all by itself.
  9. Gus would be wise to look around

    I am sick and tired of people wanting to keep a horrible coach for fear of failing at the next hire. How do you live your lives this way? You fire Gus because he is not a good football coach. He is a mediocre football coach and he has proven that to us for 5 straight years. There is nothing more to see. Do you keep paying the lawn service to cut your grass even though they do a horrible job because you are worried that the next guy won't be as good? I am begging for anyone to tell me what Gus does that is so great that we can't afford to let him go. There are 25 guys right now that you have probably never heard of that could win with the talent we have. As a head coach outside of 2013, what is Gus' greatest accomplishment at Auburn? To me, and yes I am a hater, what Gus does best is underutilize the talent he has for fear of them failing. He absolutely will let a kid waste 3 years of his life or transfer because he is too worried about a fumble or ability to block better than the guy getting ran into the ground. He finds 1 productive guy and rides him until he breaks.
  10. How bad do you hate UGA

    I have lived in Georgia my whole life. Grew up 30 minutes from the stinch in the air coming from Athens. Don't get me wrong, I hate Bama but there is no team, no fan base, nothing connected to sports in my life that I absolutely loathe and hate more than UGA. I hate them so badly I would trade going 6-6 next year under Gus to ruin their season Saturday. I know thats bad right. I despise that fan base that badly. I hate hearing everyday that we are like 2-9 against them in the last 11 years and that one of those wins was a fluke pass into double coverage. There is not another fan base on earth that has such a high opinion of themselves with nothing to back it up.
  11. I wish we would play McLain in the TE spot

    I have been screaming for this on these boards for months now. McClain has everything you want. Size, speed, and an absolute matchup nightmare for any defense. If you want to slow down Roquan Smith this weekend just keep pitching dimes to McClain right behind him. The kid can fly and he is 230 pounds. If you used someone like this then Thuga would have to resort to more of a nickel and zone defense. That of course opens the running game up more and gives Auburn the better match up that we want. But I digress. We will send everyone deep with no dump off option while Jarrett is getting blitzed like he stole from their families.
  12. Score Prediction- Georgia

    Thuga 45 Good guys 17 This has been proven over and over again when Gus plays a defense with talent. Our D wears down from the 3 and outs and Thuga pads the stats in this one.
  13. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    Just watched a bunch of this. #1 It's worth watching #2 We are running the exact same offense, same plays, same everything. Difference is that these plays need the QB threat to keep the ball. If you watch this and can tell me Chip Lindsey is running the show you need Lasik eye surgery. #3 Michael Dyer was a dang stud. #4 Much more imaginative play calling mixed in with the standard Gus stuff we see today. #5 Nic Fairley was as dominating an interior lineman as I can remember seeing. When he had the want to this guy was unstoppable. #6 Our speed sweeps are definitely missing someone with Onterio Speedwagon's speed. Say what you want but this guy just runs past defenders with angles to catch him. #7 Lutz was awesome. Great use of the TE. #8 Our lower ranked recruited players played with a chip on their shoulder and much higher than their recruiting rankings. #9 Our current WRs that are struggling need to watch Darvin Adams and Terrell Zachary. Guys played every snap like it was their last. My biggest takeaway is that we are running the same plays with players who just are not as talented and no QB run threat. This is not Chip Lindsey running the show at all. This is Gus' show and Lindsey calls Gus' plays from the play sheet. Today's offense is missing a few players to make this work. Obviously Cam Newton but Willis will shine just like Marshall or better. The speed sweep needs not only speed but a guy that knows when to turn it up field. Speedwagon and Corey Grant run this so much better than Stove and that isn't a knock on Stove. Why Stanton Truitt was not used more for this I don't know.
  14. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    If Gussy does this and does not go back and look at what he used to do when Lutz, McCalleb, and others were here and ATTACK this team with an actual game plan then he should be fired immediately after this game. He should be Lane Kiffened. You win games like this by finding weaknesses in the offense and defense of your opponent and figure out schemes to exploit those weaknesses. No good coach in his right mind goes into games against opponents with equal or better talent and just rolls the dice and hopes it works. This guy has one fishing lure in his tackle box. Its a beetle spin that he catches lots of Bream with in farm ponds that he fishes. He then takes it to the ocean thinking well hell it works in all of the farm ponds it must work here as well. If he tries fishing in the ocean this Saturday with his beetle spin then there is no hope for this program moving forward with Gus. I am starting to think this dude has some type of mental disorder.