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  1. NorthGATiger

    2019 3* DT Jamond Gordon Commits to AU!!!

    I like them all as well. Johnson will not be a 3 star when everything is said and done. Kid looks really good to me. Behind the backers and in front of the safeties this kid will cause trauma lol
  2. NorthGATiger

    2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering

    It has been hard to tell from the articles not behind pay walls which way he is leaning if at all. I know how hard it is to get kids out of Mississippi but I think this comes down to an Auburn, Georgia, Bama, LSU, UF battle. Hope it's the good guys. E would we take Hall, Handy, Colby, and Pickering along with Jamond if they all wanted to come or will it be a 1st come first serve thing with some of them? Thanks
  3. NorthGATiger

    2019 3* DT Jamond Gordon Commits to AU!!!

    I was just going off of what they have him listed at, at the top of the page. He has the mobility - quickness of a Senderick Marks to me so DT would be fine as well.
  4. NorthGATiger

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    I have said this all along. Put 10-20 pounds on this kid and we have a tremendous athlete playing LB who is very rangy. For those that have forgotten go back and watch his tape. This guy could be a nightmare if used correctly. I struggle to see a guy with these attributes play Buck when he has so much more to offer in space.
  5. NorthGATiger

    2019 3* DT Jamond Gordon Commits to AU!!!

    If there are 37 better WDE's than him then they are unreal players. A few things about this guy that you don't see in every big man that will make him special. This kid can move laterally as well as having straight line speed for a big man. When he gets his hands on a player there are no slip aways for the runner. This guy plays full speed without giving up on plays. Also look how many times they have him drop into coverage on tape. I don't care how many stars he ends up with, this kid will cause major issues for OT's on the next level. Very versatile kid who can set the edge, play run defense, and rush the passer. This kid is a huge get for Auburn in my opinion and you will see other teams come after him hard.
  6. NorthGATiger

    The Texas Talent Debate

    I can't agree with you more about Louisiana. It is rare to get a good kid out of there. DeAngelo Benton and Trovon Reed were exceptions.
  7. NorthGATiger

    2019 4* WR George Pickens commits to Auburn!!!

    I do agree with you for the most part. What I have seen in the past is kids say all the right things you want to hear after visiting and talk about how high Auburn is on the list only to never take the next step and commit. I feel like sometimes we are too laid back at times and the kids cave under pressure from other staffs. We have a very nice pool of talent that holds Auburn in high regard. We just need them to take the next step. If Booth or some of these other guys pull the trigger I will feel much better. I would have to say right now my biggest wants are Booth, Cain, another stud LB, and some high level OT's. Just like any fan of any school I guess lol.
  8. NorthGATiger

    2019 4* WR George Pickens commits to Auburn!!!

    Could the staff have been told this by Pickens? I just wonder if that is why we have been hard after the kid from Texas when we thought we were taking two WR's in this class. I know there is always room for superior talent but would we take George, Haselwood, Curry, and Johnson. I would love to keep Pickens and Johnson while adding Haselwood or Curry but I don't know about all 4 if we are signing 23 this year.
  9. NorthGATiger

    Rivals Rankings Update Week (June 11-17)

    Rivals must think Pickens is having a change of heart or something to change his rating.
  10. NorthGATiger

    2019 3* OG Hunter Rayburn (Clemson)

    In a perfect world I would like to think we slow played him for someone we feel good about and value higher. Don't live in a perfect world and don't know who that would be.
  11. NorthGATiger

    2019 4* LB Christian Harris

    One of my favorite plays of all time. The other shots of this make it look even more incredible for those who were not fortunate enough to see it.
  12. NorthGATiger

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth

    No doubt. Like the headline this week....Auburn WR arrested on DUI charges. It is a walk on that nobody outside of the program even knew existed.
  13. NorthGATiger

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    In the past 4 years Gus has won 18 SEC games at Auburn. Mullen has won 17 SEC games at MSU. Who is the better coach getting more out of his players
  14. NorthGATiger

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    Take away a key player and you might lose. Take away a key player and you should not lose by 21. That game and game prep is on Gus.
  15. NorthGATiger

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    Have you seen Swift? Not to derail this thread but we just are not getting the horses we need at that position in my opinion. If Sony and Chubb had both gone down UGA still had Swift and Holyfield. We had KJ, a converted H-Back, a transfer from Baylor, a freshman screen catcher, and Miller. With all due respect we need to recruit this position better moving forward. I hope Asa, Worm, Joiner, and Whitlow prove to be studs because if we have injuries like this past year we are in trouble. I HATE UGA, but they are stacking the backs up. They have Swift, Holyfield, Zamir White, and James Cook. Back off of my soapbox now