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  1. Offense Needs to Change

    I am with you here. I am not seeing how this offense could be that much more complicated. JS does not even get to audible or change plays at the LOS. The whole team still looks to the sideline for any changes.
  2. Offense Needs to Change

    Two quick things. #1 Chip had the same talent level as his competition. #2 Why does our offense look nothing like Tulsa or Chips with our WR's and JS at QB? If we don't have studs like bama to fill in for injured players then shouldn't we play to our strengths. I don't think it's the amount of time that will prevent Chip from being a top OC here.
  3. Offense Needs to Change

    If you are referring to WR screen and go deep then I hope Chip has more to offer and I know he does. The routes we run and the passing game do not look like what Chip has done in the past. This is what Chip is capable of. 2 backs with 1000 yards and the passing to go along with it. Most fans thought we were going to see more changes. Lindsey's Golden Eagle offense ranked among the best in the nation in 2015 in several offensive categories, including fifth in total touchdowns, seventh in total points, eighth in total passing yards and completions, and 12th in points per game and passing yards per game. The 2015 Golden Eagles tallied nearly 6,800 yards of total offense, including more than 4,200 passing yards and just under 2,500 rushing yards. The national leader with 102 explosive plays, they were just the second school in FBS history with a 4,000-yard passer, a 1,000-yard receiver and two 1,000-yard rushers.
  4. Offense Needs to Change

    I absolutely have zero issues with Gus as a person or the face of Auburn's football program as I believe he is a high character person. I just think as a coach he is stubborn and has serious trust issues. I don't think KJ was 80% for the game. Our gameplan and or the plays we ran were the exact same as the 1st game. Did he really think UGA would not fix the issues they had in the first game. Especially when they get to defend a RB that is nowhere near what he was. When it was evident that KJ could not carry the team and that the offensive gameplan was not working there was no answer. What did Saban do at halftime when the gameplan was not working against UGA? JS was not the reason why our offense was not working but I did not see anything different from us in the 2nd half. You can't just say KJ got us here and we have full confidence in him. The TEAM got you there and you should have full confidence in the whole team.
  5. Offense Needs to Change

    Ok. Now we agree. So does Gus need to let someone spend 18 hours a day on the offense and run it or does Gus need to run it spending 6 hours a day telling someone with the title of OC how he wants him to run it?
  6. Offense Needs to Change

    He isn't being paid to be a nice selfless person. The things I said are not directed at how he carries himself off the field or at the waffle house. Point blank do you agree with the gameplan for the SEC Championship game and using KJ. If you answer yes then I understand.
  7. Offense Needs to Change

    I'll take 2 out of 4 lol. But the question is if you don't use the ability that you used in the past that made you imaginative then are you still imaginative 7 years later when you are not imaginative anymore? Lol! Our run up the middle when we try to go up tempo is a prime example. Same exact play for 5 years.
  8. Offense Needs to Change

    Exactly. The biggest problem is that when Gus really needs to change things to accommodate injuries and such he does not do it. Even when his OC has excelled in the past where we need the changes made. 2017 SEC Championship game is the glaring prime example. Unborn children know that KJ can't play and that any contributions he provides will absolutely not win the game for us. So what does Gus do? He changes the gameplan to more of a passing attack and utilizes his other running backs right. Hell no. He runs the exact same thing as he did in game 1 with KJ crippled. Like UGA was going to play us the same way. And to further infuriate the masses in his post game interview when asked about playing another RB during the game he says some stupid a$$ crap like kj is the one who got us here and we have full confidence in him. How can any of you not agree that this is the most bull headed, unimaginative, narcissistic coach on the planet? The gameplan for the SEC Championship game is the exact example why people can't get behind Gus even when you point out the good things he does. The guy is infuriating.
  9. 2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    That would be correct. I just don't see a good fit with Kevin, Steele, and Gus. Now with a different staff at Auburn I would love to see KG here and I think he would do really well.
  10. 2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Well for starters he is extremely passionate about everything and let Steele know it on the sidelines at Carolina. Wanted to kill the man. Not sure how badly Steele would want to work with him. Greene was RUMORED to be a for sure hire to come with Charles Kelly until that fell through. Greene is a Dye man and I do believe Gus has had all of the suggestions from that camp and the PTB that he can stomach. His new contract assures that he will not have to listen to anyone regarding such matters and that is how it should be. If it isn't Gus' idea then I seriously doubt he will listen to that outside influence regardless of how great the hire might be. Philosophy wise Greene and Steele prefer two completely different styles on how to approach the game from a Defensive standpoint. Thats not made up and it isn't said to say one or the other is correct. My personal opinion is that Greene would go nuts coaching kids to play within our system under Steele. Steele has been successful here so what I think is irrelevant. Greene seems to be doing well in New York and the LBs seem to love his personality and intensity. For me personally, and you didn't ask, I would welcome Greene as not only a coach that knows his stuff but also, and just as important,as a recruiter. I would not have any hesitation following Kirby, Dabo, or Saban into the same house with Greene. He has the pedigree, he earned it the hard way, and he had extreme success at the highest level.
  11. 2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Mikey there have been a ton of actual truths shared on this message board that get referred to as being negative. The whining comment is hilarious. Labeling me as a whiner is the equivalent of calling you Enchanted, mesmerized, or spellbound concerning Gus. Should I refer to you as Malzahn Mesmerized from now on or Enchanted Mikey? I have a feeling you are about as much an Enchanted Mikey as I am a whiner so lets just leave that sort of garbage out of the equation. It's discussing Auburn on a message board not whining.
  12. Offense Needs to Change

    If I can say this without getting blasted......and no I'm not trying to be negative......If Gus had any intentions of ever changing what he does or letting someone else run their own scheme and truly call plays then he would hire an outsider who has never worked for or played under him. Lashlee, Kodi, Chip, Grimes, and Hand are what he has surrounded himself with. Gus is going to do what he knows and is not in the market for fresh ideas. In his mind he is the master. Gus does not throw short or intermediate routes over the middle because..........That is where he wants to run the ball. I about fell over when I heard that myself. I don't have the energy to argue but I am just going to sit back and watch this all play out. If Chip runs his offense or anything other than what Gus tells him to call then I will be pleasantly surprised. There has not been any evidence that this will happen.
  13. Offense Needs to Change

    Bird stop being so negative. I just can't take all the negativity in this thread.
  14. Offense Needs to Change

    Not being a smart butt here but do you think that will happen or be allowed to happen. I sure hope you are right.
  15. Offense Needs to Change

    They tried. Look at WDE's avatar to see the look on Gus' face.