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  1. Starting running back today per Horton

    I don't care much about what the article says in April so I am not going off of the deep end. But there is a huge difference in Running Back by committee and RB by situation. If we go RB by situation with Gus' already super predictable play calling then it will be a looooong season.
  2. Auburn a sleeper in SEC West

    My view, which differs from many, is that Auburn is not a sleeper. Auburn has the talent to compete with anyone. I will be attacked for this thought but Auburn's struggles and strengths are brought on by scheme, game plans, adjustments, and lack thereof. Just look at our losses over the last 2 to 3 years. When we decide to look bad or make stubborn boneheaded decisions we do it up right. While there aren't many college head coaches on this forum there are a good many folks who watch and say, "What in the *(&^ are we doing". To me it often isn't whether we are talented enough but a matter of what our talent is being asked to do; or more importantly what they aren't being asked to do. On the other hand, you can't argue with how we look when we are clicking on all cylinders. Steele has done a tremendous job on defense. Gus has put up great offensive numbers we have not seen before. I just wish he would take the next step and incorporate some different things into his offense so that we can reach the next level without being so predictable. Part of that wish is not putting the whole offense on one player and having more than 5 different plays regardless of who we are playing. That to me is the missing piece we need to be consistent and be a very good team every year. What would Lincoln Riley or Dan Mullen do with the offensive talent on this team in comparison?
  3. Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    I agree if that's how it went down. I can totally understand as well if he sees what many others complain about with the play calling and lack of simple play designs. We truly were a go deep or WR screen offense as far as pass plays were concerned. We have so many more options to attack a defense that we did not ever attempt to use and I think for a QB getting killed by the rush that it has to be frustrating when a simple 7-8 yard slant would allow him to get rid of the ball quickly. We took too many 8 yard sacks that could have easily been 12 yard gains had JS not had to sit there waiting for the 20 and 30 yard routes downfield as his only option.
  4. Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    I guess I am different. When we were playing LSU or UGA the second time it had to drive him nuts to walk up to the line with a run up the middle called and see that the play was going to fail before the ball snapped. Honestly it's ridiculous to have to run something that you know is fixing to get blown up when you can easily have a simple audible to get out of it. In the 2nd half of the LSU game it was clear to see. In the UGA game, the confused PE teacher kept run blitzing Roquan over and over again and we could not check out of the play that was called. A play action with the RB picking up RS would have been killer on a quick slant where Roquan was vacating from.
  5. 2019 4* OT Wanya Morris

    It is hard to imagine what they are selling in Tennessee. Pruitt is probably one heck of a recruiter but that school has no offense and nothing else going for it to sell a kid right now.
  6. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Here is the thing with this. If these two kids commit to Auburn, AND START RECRUITING FOR AUBURN, then we can tell the confused PE teacher bye bye. It would be EPIC not just because they are studs but because the faucet for other studs in this class gets opened much further. To me the key to this is not only the commitment but the recruiting after the commitment. Pap can practically be in Athens in 30 minutes from his house. Even if he committed I will not feel comfortable unless I see the recruiting of other kids taking place by him. Then I think it will be over.
  7. Gus's final update before A-day

    This. If you want to see who is not playing this year then look no further than the stars from this game outside of the QB position. I am sure it is not as many as it seems but it just seems like any player on Offense or Defense that wins MVP will not be playing during the season. 2017 Defensive MVP: Paul James III, Buck defensive end Most surprising: Nate Craig-Myers, wide receiver 2010 Offensive MVP: WR Quindarius Carr
  8. Calvin Ashley

    I definitely don't think he is a bust and I am happy to hear that Troxell is playing really well. I think Iron sharpens Iron and the two will make each other better players in the long run.
  9. Calvin Ashley

    I hope so as well. It appears he has the physical tools to be successful. It may not have anything to do with it but I don't like it when a kid changes schools multiple times in high school for unknown reasons.
  10. Calvin Ashley

    If I have missed it on here I apologize but I keep noticing that the media depth chart after the 2nd scrimmage still has Troxell ahead of Ashley. I don't want to read too much into that but I am hoping that Troxell is just playing really well instead of Ashley struggling. Anyone have any insight?
  11. Rhett comments on his departure

    The UGA and Bama games were awesome games against really good defenses. I can't take that away and it was awesome. But when you look at the great defenses we have played in the last 5 years we typically see more of the results we have against Clemson than we see from those two games.
  12. Rhett comments on his departure

    I know you are smarter than that. It wasn't the money. It was the temperature of his seat. Hot seat = I need to pull out all stops and win these games after the LSU disaster that has the Auburn Family up in arms. Cool seat/getting paid= I am going to do it my way and I don't care what anyone thinks. We are not ever going to agree and that is fine. My view is that Auburn had a season in which we played horribly against poor teams that did not let us give the younger guys, Willis, Barrett and others, any playing time and we beat both our biggest rivals in convincing fashion when they were ranked number 1 which is nothing short of awesome. In between we had an unforgivable disaster at LSU and beat up a bunch of poor teams. You think differently and I guess thats fine. I am sure you will come around the corner with your cape on to rescue Gus everytime someone has something to say about him in a negative light.
  13. Rhett comments on his departure

    Dude I don't know what else you want me to say. I stated in my first post kudos to Gus and that I have to give him praise. "Outside of the UGA and Bama games we did not have a victory over any impressive opponents to beat our chest about." This is nothing more than a quote and a fact. Gus throttled UGA and their confused PE teacher in the first game. Total domination and an old fashion curb stomp arse whoopin'. Then he followed it up by beating a very physical team that thrives on stopping the run. I can't say enough good things about the job of coaching he did in these games. I saw a coach who was backed into a corner with a red hot seat with his name on it after the LSU debacle, which by the way was equally as bad as a great win, who coached like his job was on the line. He tore through the rest of the schedule beating the bad teams badly and winning the games we were supposed to win with ease. Then he got PAID. He took his frozen metal gloves out of the freezer and grabbed AU by the nads for 7 years and reverted back to the same ole Gus. Was KJ hurt? Yep. And he still reverted back to his stubborn philosophy of coaching that has never worked for him in the past. It's clear to me Gus has the ability to put a gameplan together to beat great teams when he wants to. It's also clear to me that he will for whatever reason pull an LSU or Mercer or Jacksonville State or Clemson whirly bird game out just when you think he has it figured out.
  14. Rhett comments on his departure

    Our 10 wins last year. Yes we won 10 and the offense put up numbers but dang look who we played GA Southern- enough said Mercer- Made it very interesting Ole Miss- Horrible last year Miss ST- Horrible Arkansas- Really Horrible Texas AM- Not very good LA Monroe- enough said Mizzou- Really bad UGA- Kudos to Gus. I give him all the praise for this one Bama- Same as above Outside of the UGA and Bama games we did not have a victory over any impressive opponents to beat our chest about. 2 Head coaches were fired and one left for another school. The problem with Gus' offense is that it works against mediocre teams and struggles mightily against good defenses. There is not a team outside of UGA and Bama last year that we beat that even has a pulse. If we can't run up the middle at will in this offense then it is over. Uga finally figured this out and sent Roquan Smith on run blitz after run blitz in the second game. He killed the run and pressured JS from getting anything done in the passing game. Everything most posters on this board are screaming for are plays to be ran to combat an aggressive defense. Make them play honest without being able to take any part of our offense away completely in a game. Gus won't do it. I think Buford High School here in GA could have set records against those defenses we played last year.
  15. What is funny is that if you ask a UGA mutt fan the same question, they think of themselves as a top tier brand name football school. They have a high opinion of themselves.