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  1. Jeff if you ain't nothing else you are a hard headed fella for sure.
  2. If your child is an A student in the 7th Grade as a 13YO are you ok with your child being a high D low C student as an 18 YO Senior? Keep in mind, even though you are 100% against it, your wife still gives little Johnny a ridiculous $100 per every passing grade. All the other kids are getting $100 for every A they make. Their parents dang sure ain't paying their kids $100 for every C. What happened in his first year in 2013 does not change what has taken place. It did not matter that Tatter Tot set the world on fire right out of the gate. It did not matter when Chizik won the Natty in 2010. You can go through life being mediocre with splashes of greatness and people will not have a problem with it. You can't however be highly compensated with an Introvert personality and have the same results. Saban does not have to be nice or welcoming to the public. His results allow that. He came to kick your arse and chew gum. He is out of gum. Gus has plenty of gum.
  3. I'm pretty sure Booth was still in HS last year.
  4. Whew! I got my Proper PH for my face mixed up with my Preparation H for my roids. My face feels like it is shrinking and I have no acne on my arse.
  5. Yes that is true but he kept Fields from going to a rival school. Sometimes it is great to have two really good QB's and let the dust settle between them. Meanwhile you keep your rival from getting one of those great QB's and having to play against him. Should Clemson have not told Trevor Lawrence that he would probably start as a Freshman at some point over Kelly Bryant? It is a business. If Burger King could do something to make McDonalds go away then they would.
  6. Yes I think we will be fine. But it isn't just GP. It is the accumulative affect of year after year. Tre Hill, Clay Webb, Justin Fields and so on. Eventually if you lose enough players over time then you end up 3-11 against that rival over a 14 year span. That is where we are with UGA right now. Bad part is that it is only getting worse.
  7. Oh no doubt. And make no mistake it speaks volumes about the integrity of the kid and family as well. But at the end of the day one team has a game changer at the WR position and the nice team doesn't. Either Pickens will be so good you can't keep him off the field and he won't care what he did to Auburn in 3 years after signing his NFL contract, or he will be a grade casualty or personality problem and fade away. For what it's worth, as bad as I hate to say it, I think Picken's made the right choice. I just don't like or agree with how he did it.
  8. True but it must be nice to lose a Justin Fields because you have someone better. It is a luxury to lose a top 10 player due to that player knowing he will never contribute because other players are better.
  9. "Maybe". I'd say so. The problem is when you are trying to persuade and convince kids to come to Auburn you have to have relationships. I don't think the 18 YO kids are meshing with Grimes. You have to win the kid over and win the family over. Some think they are 100% going to play in the NFL with the right team and coaching. Some want someone to take care of their kid for 5 years so that he stays out of trouble and gets a good education. I think Garner is great as a recruiter because he can be both guys. For the most part I think our staff is a bunch of men who promote doing things the right way and being Auburn men. That works for some kids. What our staff lacks is a real world take the gloves off recruiter that will just tell it like it is. Yes that includes negative recruiting. Yes that includes playing the recruiting game with low lifes like Kirby Smart who tells a kid not to call other coaches to let them know you ain't coming until 5 minutes prior to your announcement. This is a business and rival schools do what it takes to succeed. It sounds great to say we have better men than that, but don't cry when we lose out in the end. Every year there is at least one kid we want badly that is drawn to another school by an Alpha coach who takes the gloves off. That kid listens to "Hey man, we are going to be in the playoffs every year here. You go to Auburn and play for that nerd then it ain't happening." "Do you really want to chance getting to the next level playing for Gus?" "We recruit winners here and it shows on the field and in the draft" Just my opinion but we have a recruiting staff that has too much of one personality. Sometimes you need to put a different voice in a kids ear and you need that coach to head up the recruitment of that kid.
  10. I could not have said it better myself. If Gus in year 6 doesn't crap the bed in a bad way like he did then there is no way coaches could have negatively recruited against him. Gus made it extremely easy to point out all of the reasons not to come to Auburn. Gus even set the bar high before the season with talk of how good this team was. To further compound the problem, he still has not learned his lesson. Grimes and anyone else that he brings in as a "comfortable hire" is not going to get it done. This is a QB and trenches game. You can be good with an average QB and a great oline. You will be awful with a great QB and poor OL. He better keep Grimes on campus and put Garner on every OL prospect he can because kids are not relating to him. It's time to swap job titles and duties for grimes and Kendall Simmons.
  11. Yeah. Per sources at the announcement he called Gus literally 5 minutes before his announcement. Straight Trash Garbage.
  12. Love the sign "Good Things Come In Pink Boxes". You damn right they do lol.
  13. The one metric I like to see when looking at RB's is the yards per carry. This greatly plays a part in number of carries as well. It is great to have the SEC's leading rusher but when other guys are very close to total yard numbers with much fewer carries then they are not taking the same beating. A RB clipping 5.7 or higher per carry is having his way and is being tackled by a bunch of secondary guys. A guy like KJ with 4.9 YPC is being abused. Look at it this way. KJ had 62 more attempts than Chubb and only had 46 more yards. If you take Chubbs 6 YPC with the same amount of carries he would have outrushed KJ by 326 yards. Sony had 129 fewer carries than KJ and only ended up being 164 yards short of KJ. His 7.9 YPC with KJ's attempts would have put him at 2251 total yards beating KJ by 860 yards. The difference to me is what some people categorize as a game changer or elite back. I love KJ. Love how hard he played and he laid it on the line every week but in my opinion he was not a game changer or elite. He was a game changer to Auburn fans because the alternative was nowhere close to his production. An elite back at Auburn with the rushing attempts that we have would put up crazy numbers. When looking at a RB I don't look at total yards but instead look at YPC.
  14. For starters you need consistency. Auburn has not put together a string of success in a loooooong time. Blue blood programs for the most part at one time or another dominated for a number of years. Unfortunately Auburn will win 11 one year and 7 the next. We are not consistently good.
  15. Dell McGee went from being an Auburn analyst to the RB coach at GA Southern before winding up at UGAG. As many already know, he was a HS coach before that. I am good with the hire but it is rare to find a great player that makes a great coach. Most good coaches were very marginal players. They are good coaches because they had to do all of the little things to try to compete while playing. The great players for the most part didn't have to be as much of a student of the game.