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  1. I pray for comfort for his family and friends. I am comforted in the fact Nathan is with our Lord and will never be in pain again. RIP my friend. A true example of how we should all live and love.
  2. Anyone here hearing anything bad about Kevin Greene possibly passing away? Supposedly Willie Anderson posted on Twitter. I pray this is not true. Updated: Confirmed 😢
  3. With all that is going on right now please remember to say a prayer for 72 when you hit the pillow tonight. We are all upset with coaching candidates and everything else right now but in the big picture it means nothing
  4. Prayers 72. Fight like crazy brother. May God watch over you and provide peace for your family.
  5. We can argue all day about the language used and everything else in the video but we can't argue how ridiculous we look getting skull drug on the field and acting like we did something great when we make a play after giving up 8 yards. I have seen it time and time again this year. Players don't pull that crap in disciplined programs. You look like a damn fool and you are an embarrassment to your coaches, your teammates, and everyone who has worn the jersey before you. Darren is correct that it is time for some new faces and time to instill the Auburn blue collar work ethic back into this p
  6. Mine as well. He checks too many boxes needed. This is a guy that could take what we have right now and turn it around quickly. He is not married to a system where the system's success is more important than the team. He recruits the heck out of the LOS. He is the right guy at the right time to go up against Kirby and Saban. Never seen him pick his nose and I am pretty sure his favorite band of all time is not The Cars. Yes he checks all the boxes.
  7. I want to see Bo not key in on two WRs the whole game and his coach to have the routes matched to down and distance to make it happen.
  8. Guys this is why this offense only works in hurry up. If you slow this offense down and give the defense time to get proper alignment then they win 90% of the time. I also bet you the house that defenses will start watching which way Brahms is looking pre snap and blow the play up until we break that tendency. Very embarrassing to watch that.
  9. The only problem I see in what you listed is that is that if he comes here there will almost assuredly not be any assistants retained. It is rare to keep coaches from another staff. That is just the nature of the beast. We would lose T Will, Caddy, and Garner more than likely. Unfortunately as much as I hate it, I am willing to do the painful thing to make us better.
  10. I was throwing the UGA game out due to everyone saying how good they are. Now if you are asking me if that was Chads offense the answer is no. Regardless of who the OC has been for 8 years a Gus coached team does the same thing. QB under attack with no time to throw, Gus has two plays....Horizontal to the sideline or long developing play down field that we don't have time for. Zero use of the field between the hashes 5-15 yards. This by the way is where you go with the ball when the LBs are selling out after the QB.
  11. Agree on DQ. He is so gone it isn't funny. Thomas D. is gone as well. I was watching something on Gus from his house and they asked him about fishing and he said he does not fish. I guess it is hard to hold the rod and and still be able to reel it in with your finger in your nose LOL!
  12. I can't get over the fact that in year 8 we just watched our offense throw for 177 yards and rush for 39 yards. In year 8. I am only slightly exaggerating when I say that I could stand in the huddle with a marker and a napkin and design plays to get the same yardage. Seriously. 50% of the board members here could draw up plays to get 216 yards in a football game. We are paying a man millions to do this. How in the world in year 8 does our offense look worse against Kentucky than Ole Miss and MSU look against Florida and LSU? Those two schools have completely new staffs with far le
  13. I think Kirby and Saban would use PJ Fleck as a push and pull. What we want in a coach is the personality that we want on our team. We need a hard nosed sob as a coach right now. Wanna know why UT is coming out of the gutter faster than expected? Their coach, like him or not, isn't a nice guy. Players want to play for a coach that has energy and some aggression. A coach that inspires kids and gets the best out of them. Our coach listens to 80's music, lives on a lake but does not fish, and could not get folks excited enough to tear their way out of a wet paper sack with a chainsaw.
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