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  1. NorthGATiger


    Ole Miss Arkansas Kentucky LSU Missouri Alabama Michigan Oklahoma Clemson Oregon 48
  2. NorthGATiger

    Ryan Davis: "We Know What We Have to Fix"

    Ok. Bad description. Regardless it is a play where the ball changes hands numerous times behind the line in order to trick the defense into thinking it is going one way and then the play going another way. What in the world would you call a trick play?
  3. NorthGATiger

    Ryan Davis: "We Know What We Have to Fix"

    One overthrown pass was on a trick play. Yes the refs cost us at least 1 TD. Let me ask you this, when is the last time you saw a game where we did not run the same plays that we run every game? You have to run plays and call plays that will work against the team you are playing that week. Gus runs the same plays every week regardless of who we are playing. Gus' offense works and works well against inferior teams. We pile up the stats, yardage, and points every year but look who they are against. MSU is not a very good team. It is a team that we should have beaten very easily. If you look at the routes we run and how many WR's are in the same place on the field you can't help but think that we need to change things up.
  4. NorthGATiger

    Ryan Davis: "We Know What We Have to Fix"

    That is the one.
  5. NorthGATiger

    Ryan Davis: "We Know What We Have to Fix"

    YES!!!!! For the love of all that is great in this world can we please stop using the shotgun for short yardage. My grandfather, API Grad, is probably being put in time out up in Heaven every time we do this. Remember the tough hard nosed we are going to slap you in the face Tigers? This ain't it when we can't get 1 yard.
  6. NorthGATiger

    Ryan Davis: "We Know What We Have to Fix"

    You have 2 years on me but the first game I remember seeing was Auburn vs Boston College in the Tangerine Bowl. I know I watched many before that one but didn't know good playcalling from bad playcalling lol.
  7. NorthGATiger

    Turnover prop

    Yes but we are having to save up our money for something that is very expensive lol
  8. NorthGATiger

    Starting to think

    If we beat UGA 6 years in a row I would be ecstatic. I don't care who was down or who was coaching
  9. NorthGATiger

    Ryan Davis: "We Know What We Have to Fix"

    The problem is playcalling. Yes the OL is struggling and so is JS but the issue is playcalling. We just run the same thing over and over and over again thinking the OL will get better or JS will get better or eventually the teams that have seen it for 5 years will play defense differently. We have to change up our plays, when we call them, and how we call them. Gus wants to talk and preach about being behind the chains and he gives up a down to 2nd and 10 every time we get a 1st down with HUNH up the middle. That is 2nd and 10 at best every time he calls it. How many drives does that end up killing? We run or throw the WR screen on 2nd and 10 and end up with 3rd and long.
  10. NorthGATiger

    Turnover prop

    I think form tackling would suffer greatly LOL!
  11. NorthGATiger

    Turnover prop

    I was thinking $100 handshake lol. Something to strive for. I'm kidding of course but a costume or a prop just doesn't inspire me.
  12. NorthGATiger

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    Thats pretty good Bird. Great recruiting tool but not so good at yards after contact lol.
  13. NorthGATiger

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    Give me 6-1 225 and I am happy. Or 5-9 210 lol. It's all personal preference but I like a thick back with some speed.
  14. NorthGATiger

    Circling the Wagons

    We will need to see vast improvement to beat A&M in my opinion. They completely shut down Snell in the run game. I honestly have never been able to get behind Gus as a Head Coach. I liked him as a OC. I have learned that it does not matter how many playmakers you have. The games in this conference are won in the trenches. That isn't groundbreaking news. There is nothing that can fix that this year. My biggest issue is our same offensive gameplan that we have trotted out for the past 4 years. Nothing has changed. Same plays, same formations, same QB slap count, same run up the middle on 1st down after a first down in HUNH. My pipe dream would be for Gus to become the CEO of this team and hire an OC to run their own system and not be involved in trying to have them run his stuff. He can be involved in the gameplanning but not making a guy run his system. We all know that will never happen. For Gus or any coach to have tenure over a long period of time they must change and adapt. Under Gus so far he has changed the person with the title of OC but he has shown no desire or ability to make real change. I don't think he ever will honestly. It's his program, job and team on the line so he will have to live with his decisions. Every hire Gus has made on the Offensive side of the ball has been a comfortable system guy that has worked under Gus that is a yes man. Just some tweaks would be nice on that side of the ball. QB under center on all short yardage situations for example. I think Gus is a good man and that 6 days a week he represents our University as well as anyone could. I would be happy to keep him as a figure head with some major changes.
  15. NorthGATiger

    Top 10 AU Running Backs

    If you take all of the personal bias away Brent Fullwood was the best back Auburn has had behind BO and it isn't close.