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  1. I hate to be negative but the extent of input Gus will let Chad have in this offense is the phrase Yes Sir. Same with Lindsey, same with Lashlee, and the same it would be if Lincoln Riley was the OC.
  2. Bwahahahah! Dilly is getting Gus coffee and trying his best to use his age to connect to the players in this whole debacle. Dilly probably does the grocery shopping for the Malzahns lol.
  3. You are correct on both accounts. Bowden at WV and Osborne at Nebraska. I still do not think 4 years as an OC amounts to a hill of beans when it comes to being able to hire coaches as a head coach.
  4. You made my point for me. Hiring the right offensive coordinators has not worked out for Gus. The reason is because he only wants to run what he knows and any hires he has or will make are only those that will stand by as an OC in title only. Gus had it right, he does need to be a head coach and leader of the program while letting someone else run the offense. He just can't do it. Man I tell you what, Patrick Fain Dye sure did have a rough time as a head coach who had never been and offensive or defensive coordinator. And Tom Osborne sure did struggle in his career with 1 season as an OC before getting to be a head coach. Then there is that Bobby Bowden fella who was only an assistant at FSU and West Virginia before returning to FSU to become the head coach. Boy did he struggle mightily in his career without being a full blown coordinator.
  5. To lead a program and get EVERYONE fired up and behind Auburn football 100%, we don't have to have a former coordinator. A leader will hire the right people to run the offense and defense. I think I actually prefer that the next head coach not be attached or married to a specific system. That is our problem now. We have an offense and a guy running it that does not know anything else. If the plan fails we decide not to use our pistols because we have only learned how to operate the long rifles.
  6. Praying for your son and your family.
  7. 1. Bo Jackson 2. Brent Fullwood 3. Stephen Davis 4. James Brooks 5. Ronnie Brown 6. Caddy 7. Joe Cribbs 8. Kenny Irons 9. James Bostic 10. Rudi Honorable mention Fullbacks: Tommy Agee, Joe Frazier, Tony Richardson, Fred Beasley.
  8. I think he leaves the middle of the field open du to scrimmaging against Gus lol.
  9. Schwartz missing in action Joiner missing in action Shivers missing in action Gatewood missing in action I am not sure what Gus was trying to accomplish today but he was horrid with his play calling. 1st down at the 10 and Gatewood is our best chance to punch it in. 3rd and less than 3 how many times today and no Gatewood at Wildcat. Joiner must have done something horrible because he has not sniffed the field in two weeks. Does Gus think he can redshirt him this year? What good does a roster full of playmakers matter if you don't use them?