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  1. I love seeing these every year. I wish all scholarships were awarded this way as it means so much more and nothing is taken for granted.
  2. Sometimes you have to also change up your personnel groupings. Auburn would be deadly if they mixed in some two back sets. If you have Worm and Boobie in the backfield together the possibilities are endless. Wheel routes, motion out of the backfield ect. It puts a ton of stress on the LB's especially if you are running a 2 LB set. Not only do you now have run responsibility for the QB, RB#1, and RB#2 but you throw in the TE and really stress out the LB as to what his responsibilities are. Gus wants and likes to spread you out as far as possible and gash you with the run. If he could somehow adapt to a 2 WR set with a TE and 2 backs then it could be deadly. defenses have to worry about Schwartz type speed and Seth's size outside. That requires safety help. Those two would eat DBs up if they did not have help. Then you find a TE that is a legitimate threat as a pass catching TE. That stresses the LB and safeties. Then you have a three headed monster at QB, RB, & RB running AND catching passes out of the backfield further stressing the defense both on the perimeter and up the middle. That is how you attack a defense with our athletes. One back and 4 WR makes it too easy for a good SEC defense to play nickel and stop the run.
  3. How about Boobee Whitlow for me. I can't believe he is not selected yet
  4. Man does he break on the ball quickly.
  5. For his sake I hope everything works out for him.
  6. Wow! I do not want to speculate but whatever he did at AU must have been pretty bad. Kid could easily play anywhere in the SEC without off the field issues.
  7. Kid was thought to be all in with UGA at one point. Did they run out of room for him?
  8. Those numbers are from the combine for both Tate and Fannin. I agree that BW is plenty fast for his size.
  9. I know it has been a while but please go look at Tate's speed numbers. That guy was way faster than BW. Tate was very underrated. For his size the guy could actually fly. I believe he posted a 4.4 40 time at the combine. I looked it up 5-11 220 4.43 40.5 Vertical 4.12 20 yard shuttle That is pretty dang good. I actually have felt like some of you until I went back and looked. Mario Fannin was a stud athlete with a bad shoulder and a fumbling problem. Check this out 5-10 231 WOW! 4.38 40 WOW! Top performer at the combine in the 40 and the vertical as a RB and weighing 231 pounds. If and buts and all, but if that guy did not have the shoulder problems and could hold on to the ball he could have been a stud.
  10. I love the Worm. He has the heart of a lion. That does not mean he could play left tackle though. Worm is awesome using his speed and quickness as a change of pace RB. I would not like to force him to have to carry the ball 25 times a game in the SEC. He could do it but it is not ideal to make him do that. That is not a knock on Worm. I would not want to see Lionel James or Darren Sproles do it either and they both played well in the NFL.
  11. I think this year we have enough "Quality" workhorse backs to share the load and not cripple one for the sake of getting 1000 yards ( BW, DJ, HJ, MAR as every down backs) and (Worm, Kam as change of pace backs) I think you need to recruit a 200+ LB back every year that can be a 3 down back in this league. So recruiting wise I hope we are moving in that direction. Unfortunately, our problems are not just a recruiting issue to me. As McLoofus pointed out above, we still peg RB's and all skill players into to many situational roles instead of getting all of the best talent on the field on most plays rather than bring them in to run the same play they have ran 100 times already. Gus would rather have a guy at the Y that isn't the starter there sit on the bench even though he is a better WR than two others that are starting at other WR positions. What good did it do to bring Malik Willis in at QB when you only run the zone read with him? You fooled nobody and you did absolutely nothing to prepare your QB for his future.
  12. Yes. That is my point. KJ had 1000 yards but that did us no good as he was not healthy enough to play well against UGA in the SECCG. Had we had another quality workhorse back then maybe things would have been different. Instead, Gus keyed in on riding KJ into the ground and the season was sink or swim on one man. You have got to start recruiting 2 backs a year that can carry the load and share carries.
  13. No sir. We did not have another back on the roster to carry the load to correctly have RB by committee. We had BW and situational backs that are great when they are mixed in with a power running game. Given the choice, I would much rather find myself at the end of a season with two healthy workhorse backs with 900 yards each than our only workhorse back injured with 1500 yards.
  14. Jeff if you ain't nothing else you are a hard headed fella for sure.