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  1. Bashing Gus

    Great question. Gus needs to show us many things on the offensive side of the ball as well as special teams and putting playmakers in position to succeed. I will try to condense it from my standpoint. Gus needs to show the ability to come up with an actual game plan that utilizes our strengths against the particular team we are playing every week. Up to this point he has not done that. What we have seen up to this point is Gus just running the exact same things over and over again regardless of who we are playing. To him, he has some plays and he runs them. Gus needs to show the ability to make offensive adjustments to his game plan, that he does not have, as well as personnel to adjust if needed during the game. This ability would be awesome during the game but hell at this point we will take it at halftime if needed. Stop running Pettway into the ground because you don't know of anything else to do. Gus has players at his disposal. He just REFUSES to use them. Gus needs to get over his fear of youth and put his play makers in a position to succeed. We have too many guys who offer way too much to never see the field. Nowhere is this more prevelant than on Special Teams. I'm literally shocked he does not have Pettway returning kicks and punts at this point. Put your burners back there in practice every day and find the guy that can catch the ball and use his speed to run north and south while making people miss. I have nothing against KJ and I have heard all of the arguments on his 20 something yard average but please tell me the last time we housed a punt or kickoff for 6 points against a good team. Isn't that what killed us against FSU in the Natty or am I getting old. Gus needs to quit acting like a turd in front of the media. When he feels the pressure, like the last three weeks, he answers more questions about things without being so standoffish. When he does not feel the pressure he acts like a jerk. If you are winning and kicking teams teeth in, then yeah act how you want to. My biggest complaint. Flex posted some very good information here after one of our games. It had really good insight as far as X's and O's of what we are doing wrong. This is the part that really gets me with Gus......I don't think he understands these simple concepts. Let me reword that. he does not understand why what he is doing is not working. That is the killer. Where in the hell are our TE's? Why is McClain who runs like a friggin gazelle not lined up in that spot making LBs and Safeties cringe? For all of the stuff Gus has done in the past trying to stretch the defense out wide with that horrible WR Screen why in the world does he refuse to attack the guys on defense that are blitzing every play killing us??????????? It is mind numbing to watch. And he makes 4 bills as our HC and offensive guru. If our O-line has issues then why in the world are these issues never worked out before the season? It's the same every year with this guy. Fix these and I will be on board. My fear is that he does not know how to fix the real issues of why it isn't working. If we can't run then his solution will be to pass more ect. instead of being able to diagnose why the running game is not successful. My reason for this thinking is that there is no way Al Borges and Chip Lindsey don't already see these problems and he refuses to change. Maybe just maybe he will let others have some input for the remainder of the season. My question to the Gus lovers in return is as follows If we hired Gus mainly because of his ability, that he had shown, to compete with anyone as a great offensive mind, then why would anyone want to keep him in year five of this disaster?
  2. Bashing Gus

  3. Bashing Gus

    Yes Clemson. Auburn with a lake......and a coach lol!
  4. Player Development

    Who knows. Maybe Stanton Truitt saw what Kam Martin is now seeing lol. One of the fastest guys in GA coming out of high school and can't even return kicks. The same thing Kam Pettway would be seeing if Gus wasn't forced into letting him play due to injuries. The same thing McClain is seeing right now. We are just not going to see eye to eye on this thing. "But we scored once against Clemson and got over 100 yards of offense!" - half the fans on this board
  5. Bashing Gus

    Did the Atlanta Falcons wet the bed against the Patriots after putting up huge numbers against them? Did A&M wet the bed after losing a 35 point lead in the second half to UCLA? I don't consider how many yards we gain against little sisters of the poor like Mercer a gauge to use on how you play against a very overmatched opponent. What do they say about a team that has way too many penalties? That they are coached poorly. The same goes for a team that can't move the line of scrimmage against Mercer. The same goes for a team that commits 5 turnovers. It is coaching. The buck stops with him. I don't care if we had 1000 yards against Mercer if we are needing a strong 4th quarter to just pull the game out.
  6. Bashing Gus

    There are a tremendous amount of coaches who are better other than the elite you just mentioned. Derek Mason at Vandy coaches circles around us with a heck of a lot less to work from. I don't think anyone wants Gus to fail at the expense of Auburn but dang it man. This has been going on for 4 years. Gus, who normally does not tip his hand, had a huge part in the fan base thinking this was the year. Go back and look at everything he said going into this season. Everything he said is the exact opposite he is saying now. The season is not over but we have wet the bed against two extremely weak teams. Teams where we should have been able to give our younger players some great game experience and they did not even sniff the field. The man is in way over his head when his stuff doesn't work and he has no answer or ability to correct it or coach his way through it. After being given another chance he did not deserve he brought in CL and I'll be danged if he didn't go through all of Fall camp and the first two games calling the offense. Now he does not know what to do so he tosses the house fire to Chip in the middle of the season to try to fix it. He is a dumpster fire. Our players don't have years to waste waiting on Auburn to do the right thing and just hope he is gone at the end of the year one day after the Iron Bowl. Everything our opposing coaches tell players to persuade them not to come here is being brought to light right before our eyes. He makes believers out of folks.
  7. The SEC

    Purdue has been horrible since Drew Brees was there. What he has that team looking like is very impressive to me.
  8. The SEC

    Not using Gus since he has been here for 5 years and is trending down was to take him out of the equation on coaches with the most tenure being better. Gus trending down since 2013 is a fact not an opinion. Yes I would like the next coach and or offense to not need a once in a decade type of player at QB to be successful. You must agree with me if you are attaching that thought to me hating on Gus. It's a statement. If we perform better this weekend against the 97th rated rushing defense in the country you will see less of the realist on here and more warm beautiful rays of sunshine. Some people come on here to vent and voice their frustrations. I enjoy this board, it's great information, and all of the posters here. I use this board at times to vent and talk about football. In life or behind this keyboard I call it as I see it. I don't make excuses or put a ribbon on a goats ass and call it pretty. I also won't demean someone who has a different point of view that I don't agree with. To each his own. That's why we have this board for discussions of these types of things.
  9. The SEC

    Nope. Please reread. It turned into the style of offense we have tried to run since CTT's last years. Yes Gus is a part of that. The only mention of Gus is not liking the stupid cute plays he tries to run.
  10. The SEC

    Hey DAG. It's real simple. Just ignore it or don't read it. I was trying to talk about the quality of coaches in the SEC being down as a correlation between how much weaker the conference is today. No I do not like Gus. I apologize that my post went into the style of offense he runs. I hope it did not hurt your eyes. Let me know if I can do anything to help you okay little buddy.
  11. The SEC

    I was listening to Sirius College football today while driving and they were talking about how down the SEC is this year and how other conferences are catching up or have surpassed the SEC. In the past I attributed this almost exclusively to QB play in the league. Today I switched my thinking to coaching. What made me do this is seeing guys like Purdue's coach have success this year. Over the last 5 years the SEC has slowly lost all of it's big time coaches. Some did not change with the game as it changed and some retired. When you look at the SEC this year to date the successful teams have coaches who have been there the longest. On the other hand, as expected, new coaches are struggling. Take Auburn out of the equation because Gus has trended downward since 2013. As astonishing as it sounds after 3 weeks of football, Dan Mullen appears to be the coach other than Saban who has his team running smoothly. The UGA game this weekend will tell alot. There is no more Urban Meyer. No more Les Miles. No more Houston Nutt. No more Mark Richt. No more Gary Pinkel. No more Lou Holtz. No more Hugh Freeze. No more James Franklin. These coaches could coach football like them or not. The SEC had the best collection of coaches bar none compared to any conference. All things being equal talent wise these coaches could line up and beat you by coaching alone. This is no longer the case in the SEC. Other than Saban what coach will win you an evenly matched game on coaching alone? The answers are much fewer than before. I believe the SEC is down because those great coaches are in other conferences or they have been fired or retired. This leads me to another topic which is about Auburn. For some reason, and I don't know if it was CTT that started it or Auburn's power people, Auburn decided at some point along the way that we could only win against Alabama and others with a gimmick offense. The thinking being that we needed to use smoke and mirrors to give us an advantage. This started with the Tony Franklin experiment under Tubbs and is still with us today. I'm not against changing things up to keep up with the game but I sure would like our next coach to go to a more conventional West Coast type of offense. Through recruiting we have built our talent level back up to a point where we don't have to always use stupid cute plays that Gus likes to run to be successful. I hope if this year does not work out for Gus that we go to a more conventional offense that does not rely on a RPO QB to be successful. Steve Spurrier said today that he is tired of hearing about coaches needing time to get their players for their system. He said a great coach will take what he has and go win with them putting what players he has in position to succeed. We need a coach that isn't lost if he does not have the one special player to make his system work.
  12. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    WHAT? I respect your opinion but I must disagree. I would take Vandy's coach in a second over Gus. Look what he has done with far less talent. I would put Kirby over Gus. If you want to talk about just coaches and not records due to the inability to get good players then there are many coaches who coach and develop talent in the SEC who are better than Gus.
  13. I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    I understand your fear but don't live in fear. Fear God and nothing else. Look at it like this. You are in a car heading towards the cliff ( Auburn under Gus on offense). You are scared to jump out because you are going fast and may get hurt. If you stay in the car there is a zero probability rate of surviving. You don't stay in the car. You jump out, take whatever injuries may occur and go on living your life. Getting rid of Gus will possibly cause some painful moments like recruiting and busting up the defensive staff we like so much. It will hurt short term. But it won't hurt nearly as bad as keeping Gus around longer than needed. That is like staying in the car that is going over the cliff. We need to get the he!! out of the car asap. It's only getting faster and the injuries will hurt much worse the later you make your decision.
  14. Where we are at

    I understand. But when was the last time we won in Baton Rouge? Like 97 or something.
  15. Where we are at

    I see 4 more wins on this schedule right now. Mizzou is awful, Ole Miss is bad, Arky is horrible, and La Monroe. That is it.