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  1. Praying for your son and your family.
  2. 1. Bo Jackson 2. Brent Fullwood 3. Stephen Davis 4. James Brooks 5. Ronnie Brown 6. Caddy 7. Joe Cribbs 8. Kenny Irons 9. James Bostic 10. Rudi Honorable mention Fullbacks: Tommy Agee, Joe Frazier, Tony Richardson, Fred Beasley.
  3. I think he leaves the middle of the field open du to scrimmaging against Gus lol.
  4. Schwartz missing in action Joiner missing in action Shivers missing in action Gatewood missing in action I am not sure what Gus was trying to accomplish today but he was horrid with his play calling. 1st down at the 10 and Gatewood is our best chance to punch it in. 3rd and less than 3 how many times today and no Gatewood at Wildcat. Joiner must have done something horrible because he has not sniffed the field in two weeks. Does Gus think he can redshirt him this year? What good does a roster full of playmakers matter if you don't use them?
  5. I hope like hell I'm wrong but UF 24 AU 20. This UF defense is built for speed. I don't see the sideline to sideline gadgets working other than to keep the D honest. If we can run the ball right at them we have a great chance. There is zero possibility we go into this game and lose the turnover battle and win. Blitzing the QB is a must to get pressure. When we don't blitz QBs have eaten us alive this year early in games.
  6. It's that damn slide I tell ya. Can we please build a damn slide that Gus will go down with recruits to keep them from going to slide with Dabo over at Clemson 😁
  7. Don't have time to read all of the responses. He needs to be used like Kamara is used with the Saints. Our playcalling with him leaves little to be desired. He is a get in space guy. He needs screens and wheel routes along with the running plays. Play design for both he and Joiner have not been thought out very well. Maybe those plays are being saved for later.
  8. My point is or was, that we are not running the same plays we ran against Tulane and Kent State. If you go back and look we were not pulling or trying to do anything other than move the Dline off of the ball. That is not what we did against A&M and not what we did against Moo State. We ran Bo, ran sweeps with Schwartz, and pulled guards in those games and it worked like I said it would.
  9. Please see below from the same post 🙂 Fans, including myself, want an OL that can line up and blow inferior teams off of the ball and assert themselves and take over a game. This will not happen under Gus with the type of player he is looking for. When we play Texas A&M and the smoke and mirrors starts with this offense then you will see what many think is a much improved OL. They will be improved because of the plays that Gus is calling. We still will have trouble with short yardage situations just like always but we will be asking the OL to quickly get to the next level and seal the edges and they will look better.
  10. What are the sayings, "A blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while" or "A broken clock is right twice a day". 😄
  11. Exactly. If what I have read is correct and the videos I have seen are what Charles has firm beliefs in, then this is not a loss but this kid needs our prayers. Charles needs to surround himself with some positive loving people. The viewpoints and ideology that he was supposedly attached to are horrible and won't fit in many public institutions.
  12. Yes. I think we have guys who are barely serviceable to dominate the line of scrimmage. They need the misdirection of the play calls to be successful and we have not seen any of that.
  13. I don't think we are in disagreement on anything. I am not taking up for the OL. I am just stating why I think they are struggling.