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  1. if I were a mizzou fan I would dread a move to the west. they are currently bottom feeders and moving to the west wont do them any favors trying to rebuild. they'll never finish better than 5th.
  2. how would we be cowards if we still played them every year? Dye suggested the move along with going to a 9 game schedule. 2 permanent cross division rivals. We would still play Bama and possibly pick up MSU. Renew rivalries with Florida and Tennessee. Bama gets to keep us and Tenn.
  3. KD is back!
  4. idk if this is the right place to post but Kyle Davis is back on Social media. He tweeted earlier. His twitter location says Auburn on it. Does anyone know if he's back on campus?
  5. Columbia, SC (A C Flora) Ht 6-6 Wt 198 247 Profile
  6. Kozan was invited to try out with the Bengals.
  7. Do any of you guys follow KD on twitter? during the football season he put out a tweet about his mom and she was in a wheel chair. Could he be taking care of her? his twitter page no longer exist so I cant post up what he tweeted. my guess is he's at home taking care of his mom. if she's sick I can see where Gus would expect him back during the spring. She's possibly more sick than he expected so he wasn't able to come back. who knows. its all speculation. I followed KD on twitter since his HS days and he seems like a really good kid. I don't see him getting into trouble.
  8. @ California @Alabama @Auburn they wont have anything left in the tank.
  9. They play at Alabama the week before they play us. they'll be beat up coming to JHS. I like our chances.
  10. They play in the ACC. How many Ranked Road games will they have? FSU every other year?
  11. why even go to SEC Country? This forum has turned into SEC Country Jr with all the repost.
  12. You scared me with the thread title. I thought he got kicked off the board or something.
  13. he's saying to start Sean over JS because Sean knows the playbook better. Khiel knew the playbook better than Nick. Never compared Sean to KF.
  14. I don't think that happens. you put the best player in to give you the best chance of winning. correct me if im wrong but didn't Nick Marshall come in during the Fall and beat out Khiel Frazier who knew the playbook? Stidham coming in during the spring gives him plenty of time to learn the plays.