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  1. KerryThachWDE

    AU @ TAMU set for 11 AM

    if anyone comes to college station for the game, make sure you try Goodbull BBQ. best bbq spot in town.
  2. KerryThachWDE

    Kyle Davis (update)

    the game room with all the video games and pool tables. dancing on top of pool tables, jumping off of things, lack of care for property (stunts). they were clearly not student athletes or students from what I saw. they were bragging about where they were while filming.
  3. KerryThachWDE

    Mississippi State Assessment from the Stadium

    they're starting a true freshman at QB. no threat passing. plays into our favor. A&M this year is basically Miss St. cant pass with an average Defense. If we can stop their run game we'll cruise to victory. Also we'll be coming off a bye week. JS should have a chip on his shoulder for this one. A&M chose Mond over him.
  4. KerryThachWDE

    Gus can leap forward

    since 2013 AU is 38-19. highest ranking was #2. since 2013 MSU is 35-21. highest ranking was #1. we shouldn't take them lightly.
  5. KerryThachWDE

    Chuck Person

    do you think this can end up like the Louisville situation? clearly both different but both having "rogue" assistances acting on their own?
  6. KerryThachWDE

    Sal Cannela impressing the team

    its 2017 and some of ya'll are still worried about someones appearance? why does it matter if he has long hair or short hair? if he wears loose fitting clothes or tight fitting clothes? how he looks has nothing to do with his abilities. end of conversation.
  7. KerryThachWDE

    USA Today Coaches Poll 2017

    in 2010 we weren't ranked week 1 according to the coaches poll. #22 on the AP preseason poll.
  8. KerryThachWDE

    USA Today Coaches Poll 2017

    they were actually given 7 first place votes.
  9. KerryThachWDE

    USA Today Coaches Poll 2017 1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Florida State 4. USC 5. Clemson 6. Penn State 7. Washington 8. Oklahoma 9. Michigan 10. Wisconsin 11. Oklahoma State 12. LSU 13. Auburn 14. Stanford 15. Georgia 16. Florida 17. Louisville 18. Miami 19. Kansas State 20. West Virginia 21. South Florida 22. Virginia Tech 23. Texas 24. Tennessee 25. Utah my thoughts. How is LSU ahead of us? they have so many question marks and lost 10 guys on offense. why is Tennessee even ranked?
  10. KerryThachWDE

    2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    I hope JF is smart enough to see pass the negative recruiting. I hope our staff tells him no matter what DC has to say about AU, it doesn't change the fact that he played here. No matter what Jimbo has to say, it wont change the fact that he once called AU his dream job after coaching here. AU is a special place and can recruit itself at times. Lets hope JF sees all of this and comes home.
  11. KerryThachWDE

    Jacobs (finally) Says AU Should be in the East

    if I were a mizzou fan I would dread a move to the west. they are currently bottom feeders and moving to the west wont do them any favors trying to rebuild. they'll never finish better than 5th.
  12. KerryThachWDE

    Dye on SEC Divisions

    how would we be cowards if we still played them every year? Dye suggested the move along with going to a 9 game schedule. 2 permanent cross division rivals. We would still play Bama and possibly pick up MSU. Renew rivalries with Florida and Tennessee. Bama gets to keep us and Tenn.
  13. KerryThachWDE

    Wide Receivers

    KD is back!
  14. KerryThachWDE

    Wide Receivers

    idk if this is the right place to post but Kyle Davis is back on Social media. He tweeted earlier. His twitter location says Auburn on it. Does anyone know if he's back on campus?