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  1. They may be on campus, but social distancing will still be expected. The question is when will the social distancing rules be dropped. Hard to play football and social distance at the same time...though I did once see Tre Matthews attempt a social distancing tackle against Leonard Fournette. Maybe that's the future of football.
  2. So what do y'all think the chances are of Kristen Bell choosing AU?
  3. May be just a matter of taking what's available for the 2020 season. I'm sure he wants to start, but backup QB is nothing to be ashamed of and pays rather well.
  4. Because he's Gus. Beyond that I've got nothing.
  5. I appreciate this thread as it's encouraging that so many others are turning to prayer. I believe prayer works and that God could completely wipe this virus out if he chose to. I understand that statement opens a whole can of worms about why He chooses not to and it's not my intention to go into all that. Just stating my belief of how powerful and in control God is. I pray everyday and will continue to that this time will pass and God will receive the glory. Whatever that looks like is up to Him. Seems to me that many are turning to a fatalistic mindset where little if any hope reside. Praying for them as well to find the one and only source of hope.
  6. Well that stinks. I made a lot of great points in there. Will not do it again. Politics that is.
  7. I got you. I conceded your point already. Not going to argue medical as I would be in over my head. I should have stuck to my original point that the reality star in the White House was using scientific knowledge to bar entry from China while the scientist and medical experts at WHO were denouncing him for it. And that he did it for scientific purposes not xenophobic purposes. And that when this all plays out that may have been a move that lowered the impact on this country. Regardless, it was the right move. Anyway, my family and I are following all the quarantine recommendations and am glad that health professionals like yourself ( I assume you are in the healthcare filed) are out there. Stay safe.
  8. Thanks so much. My family is doing all the requested quarantine stuff including not visiting my elderly parents which is killing my kids. With all that said, for me anyway, the fear of us getting this virus is far less then the fear of how we are going to survive the other consequences.
  9. Not so much worried about my finances as I am about feeding a family of five. How do you suggest I do that unemployed with no end in sight? Also, I'm a completely healthy 40 year old male. Seriously doubt I'm spending 4 weeks in the ICU.
  10. Serious long are we going to ask healthy people who live paycheck to paycheck to sit home and not work? People who have limited savings that they will burn through quickly as they pay rent, buy food, etc. without regular income. I don't have a job that pays me to sit home. My wife and I joked that we may loose everything and go hungry but at least we didn't get the virus! We joked, but depending on how long this drags out we won't be laughing for long.
  11. As long as Gus is roaming the hope is for a season that ends with a number less than 4 in the loss column.
  12. 1990 Peach Bowl Auburn beats Indiana Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium on a dreary December afternoon.
  13. Just wanted to give a big THANKS for the updates as unable to watch so following this thread.
  14. You couldn't be more correct.. Happens like clockwork. One of the complaints about Gus is his dismal bowl record, yet we say it's best for our future NFL players to sit during the bowl game if it's not a playoff game.
  15. I agree. Personal responsibility is essential to a safe society. In this case, neither the government nor the parents nor the individual causing the problems, are protecting the community. The community has every right to be livid at this complete failure of protection.