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  1. You're attitude is amazing. We all like to believe we would have the same attitude if faced with the same circumstances, but we will never know unless that circumstance appears. I greatly admire the way you have prepared for your family to have a home and be near family and for you to have eternity with the Lord in the case He calls you home. People often ask what the purpose of life is. One answer is to prepare for eternity. You have prepared wisely. Please know that you are being prayed for.
  2. He should take some time off. But then again, when teams keep chasing you down and paying you a million to be a DC, and tens of millions to be a below average HC, that's hard to turn down.
  3. Gus is going to be ticked wheh he finds out AU lost a bowl game and recorded loss number 5 for the seaon all in the same day...and nobody invited him. That was HIS thing.
  4. These guys could get injured in ANY game they play in. Maybe they should just opt out of all games prior to the NFL draft. Why take a chance when you have millions just waiting on you?
  5. This was known well before COVID came along.
  6. I think it's safe to say Gus won't be calling the plays.
  7. "A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices". We rejoice in the birth of a Savior! Merry Christmas!!
  8. Slow down there. Some of us prefer our misinformation at no cost.
  9. It will be interseting to see if the boosters who supposedly caused all the problems with this search are still hanging around the program in the coming years. If they are still around I'm going to have doubts about the trouble they caused.
  10. I find it interesting that he went to Arkansas State as HC just after Gus left there as HC. He's already cleaned up after Gus once so he has experience in that aspect.
  11. Nailed it! Gus would bring in Top 10 classes filled with skill players and tight ends. We would get all excited about speed, highlight reels, stars, etc., but then the OL looked like hot garbage made up of grad transfers while the QB looked progressviely worse each game/season. I'll take a coach over a genius any time.
  12. You totally nailed it. The time to fire her was 2 years ago when instead she got an extension.
  13. There's a reason they are called power brokers.
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