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  1. I don't buy all the revenge talk. It's not like they got hosed by a bad call or something last year. AU played better at the end and wanted it more. Maybe that motivates them this year, but it's a new season and the whole revenge against Clemson thing didn't work for them either. If the defense plays to their potential (and I think they will) then AU wins a close one. It won't be pretty but: AU 19 aTm 17
  2. I haven't but would love to hear it. Also been wondering about Tebow"s roommate at Florida. Anybody know his name?
  3. I remember not being able to watch that game on tv and instead listening on the radio. Looking back I guess I was one of the lucky fans who only had to listen to it and not actually see it.
  4. Auburn - 41 Kent State - 10 Not as close as it looks. Gus runs clock in the 4th again this week.
  5. 7-5 with a trip to the Music City Bowl.
  6. We are not even close to a Top 10 team, but I'll enjoy the ranking for another few weeks.
  7. Auburn - 30 Tulane - 20 A late Tulane TD makes it look closer than it really was. On 2 occasions AU will settle for a FG after getting inside the 10. Gus will admit his play calling inside the 10 was questionable at best.
  8. Auburn - 22 Oregon - 19 AU kicks last second field goal to break the tie and avoid OT
  9. "Waffle House no longer honors my standing Saturday night reservation?"
  10. Mark my word - Gus won't blow the LSU game this year as LSU does something stupid late in the game and bails him out. Mark my word - Tua throws at least 12 interceptions in SEC games Mark my word - An AU fan will see a guy that looks like Urban Meyer attending a game and report it on social media with a grainy picture as proof. Mark my word - Tennessee vs Texas A&M in the SEC Championship Game
  11. Considering that every week of practice is a good week of practice all your gonna see is a good practice. Probably won't translate to a good showing in Nashville, but you'll get the thrill of watching a good practice nonetheless.
  12. If the jackets are reserved for those actually playing the game, then he nor anyone else not playing the game get to wear them. Very simple, the coach is correct in asking him to take it off. Going after the coach like that is a bad look for him.
  13. He would be a great replacement for Gus. Heck, we wouldn't even be able to tell them apart so maybe nobody would notice AU even made the change.
  14. Maybe that's Gus's new strategy. Win November and we all forget about September and October. Guess he hasn't thought through the whole December/January thing yet.