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  1. Considering that every week of practice is a good week of practice all your gonna see is a good practice. Probably won't translate to a good showing in Nashville, but you'll get the thrill of watching a good practice nonetheless.
  2. If the jackets are reserved for those actually playing the game, then he nor anyone else not playing the game get to wear them. Very simple, the coach is correct in asking him to take it off. Going after the coach like that is a bad look for him.
  3. He would be a great replacement for Gus. Heck, we wouldn't even be able to tell them apart so maybe nobody would notice AU even made the change.
  4. Maybe that's Gus's new strategy. Win November and we all forget about September and October. Guess he hasn't thought through the whole December/January thing yet.
  5. Reminds me of Gus's HC career at AU. Starts off with a lot of promise, but then reality sets in.
  6. That's the part where I always cry. Can Sean not see that the system is broken or is the bottom so low that he will believe in anything? Get's me every time.
  7. Why couldn't UA have hired this guy? Saban's been there over a decade!
  8. That's a made-up quote. Any sportswriter could come up with that. Gotta sell those magazines somehow. Seriously, who buys those glossy pre-season magazines anymore?
  9. Now that you mention it, I think the correct spelling is Dobie. I was there from 95-97. Transferred in and graduated with a degree in Zoology. I guess smoking in the classroom was out by the time I was there. I do remember that he referred to North America as the New World and would often go off on rants about how HIV was going to develop into a "super virus" and never be stopped. He was quite entertaining. Don't think I missed a single day of class.
  10. When I took Evolution and Systematics, I had Dr. Dolby. His first statement on the first day of class was that God had no place in that classroom and we should leave Him at the door. Guess that he and Dr. Folkerts had some different views! I have no problem with the baptisms at the athletic complex. Maybe the players asked to be baptized there? If they did, should they be told no?
  11. I imagine Bama will opt to stay in the SEC, but they may have to increase their wages with this new competition.
  12. If I remember correctly, the original XFL brought in girls from local strip clubs to be the cheerleaders...bet that gets scratched this go round. If the XFL does just one simple thing and make a catch a catch, and not get into the convoluted mess the NFL has created, that would be a great improvement over the NFL.
  13. I agree that in the future we will see star players opt out of games against lesser opponents in the regular season. They will deem these games meaningless just as they deem bowl games meaningless and what's the point of playing in a meaningless game where the risk of injury exists? But once you start down the road of meaningless games, and keep in mind we are talking about meaningless to the player not the fan, where does it end? I believe it will diminish the game and fans and players alike will be disappointed.