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  1. I only remember one "sick" player that year, but the point stands. Bowl games may be viewed as exhibition games by many, but they count on the record and Gus's bowl record is not good.
  2. Larry is more fun. Fansville is just annoying.
  3. And those Clemson games were winnable even though they had great teams. Just goes to show how tough the SEC(especially the SEC West) really is.
  4. Gus would be a fool to encourage any player who is healthy enough to play to not play. His bowl record is not good. Wins over Memphis in the Birmingham Bowl and Purdue in the Music City Bowl don't scream great coach. He has lost all the "big time" bowl games against the "big time" programs. We say we are OK with CD skipping the Peach Bowl, but then turn right around and criticize Gus for losing that game. If players want to sit (and there's no indication any of the players on this team will do that) then they need to just say so and not hide behind a coach making excuses for them. Being honest is respectable even to those who disagree, but hiding behind excuses is not.
  5. This is not the basketball forum. But with Bruce you might be wrong there too.
  6. Don't tell the NCAA these two were part of the field storming. Probably an obscure and yet discovered recruiting violation.
  7. Exactly. Ridiculous for a college football player to feel the need to apologize to a fanbase for a missed field goal. If they're apologizing...Who's going to apologize for that game ending penalty?
  8. Not a big fan of field storming as a tradition. Auburn has many great gameday traditions (Tiger Walk, Rolling Toomers) that don't need to be added to as they already make for a uniquely Auburn experience.
  9. Their kicker can kick 40+ yard field pouring rain.
  10. Bama - 24 Auburn - 10 The offense is still a work in progress so not expecting much. Maybe Gus will have this seasons offense humming come next season. I hear it takes time.
  11. There's still 2 games left in the season and Gus has a 7-3 record. One is a sure win and the other a huge rivalry game. No need to rock the boat now when the regular season ends in 8 days.
  12. Not getting my hopes up. As stated earlier, we've watched this game three times already.
  13. The biggest positive on offense this season is that Gus hasn't screwed around with the QB position. Unlike past years where he tried all sorts of stuff at that position, he's made a steadfast decision this season to only play one guy.
  14. In order to get the offense to actually do their part to win a game, Steele finally snaps and tells his guys to take the day off: Gus responds with a "performance for the ages" and wins it late. Auburn - 49 Samford - 45
  15. Glad to help. I've gotta say that "keeping this defense" and "keeping the recruits" and "hiring SEC caliber OC and DC" sounds pretty good to me though.
  16. It's being presented as a serious plan because: The big names (Meyer, Stoops, Cristobal, etc.) aren't coming. The little names (Clark, etc.) keep burning us. Hiring Steele is quick and easy.
  17. Are you saying we're going to fire Gus for not beating our rivals and then be OK with the next guy not beating our rivals? I understand grace periods exist but the length of said grace periods vary. However, with the success our rivals are enjoying in general and the success they are enjoying over us specifically, I would venture to say the grace period for the next coach beating our rivals is one season and then the pitchforks are coming out.
  18. Yep. After Taggert dumped them and with the success Cristobal has had in his 2 seasons, he's gonna get a raise.
  19. Not comparing the 2 programs. No doubt AU is in a much better place at the moment than FSU was 2 years ago or even now. Simply stating that leaving Oregon for FSU was a disaster for Taggert. Cristobal leaving Oregon (where he has gained much favor among the fans) to come to Auburn where we are going to expect him to beat LSU, UGA, and Bama right out of the gate could be a disaster for him as well. Would you advise him to leave Oregon for Auburn knowing the expectation we fans are going to put on him immediately?
  20. Stoops to Auburn = Gruden to Tennessee. Just hopes and dreams of the fans. Cristobal should take one look at Taggert and consider what he has going for him at Oregon and stay.
  21. Why is this guy wearing a Texas shirt in that picture with the hats?
  22. I'm not gonna be disappointed in a three game win streak to end the season.
  23. Think he might fall for a 10 year extension with no buyout?
  24. Believe you are correct. Better recruiting at Auburn and in the same division. Only way they take him is that their current situation is seen as so dire that 8-4 seasons sound good.
  25. If any part of this is true then Gus should be evaluated and committed.