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  1. https://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/odds/las-vegas/ Here's another site, but I find the layout eye-boggling
  2. https://madduxsports.com/college-football-lines.php Legit betting site has most of the odds-makers
  3. 1. The defense does not over pursue once they break through the line. 2. Solid tackling. No arm tackles. Get square and wrap up. Bring him down. 3. No offensive line penalties. 4. Play with courage. You've been in the weight room. You have all the gear. Let's go.
  4. The drum intro is awesome, seamlessly evolving through time signatures. The next two compositions were world class. Kudos to your musical team for putting everything together. The sound quality and compositions are top notch.
  5. Their #22 is a freaking locomotive. If we can contain that guy, our chances are better than 50/50.
  6. His thinking may have been that receivers would be looking back so the sun would be behind them. But I agree, it had an effect on the QB play and the field goal attempt.
  7. "I honestly think Steele would retire at Auburn if he could. He is adding to his Alabama State Pension and he loves Auburn. I also don't think at his age of 61 he would want to be a HC anywhere." I've seen this mentioned as Steele's intention, i.e., to accrue Alabama retirement.
  8. We're going to beat UGA and there is no way they fire Gus this season.
  9. Another aspect to consider is that next year will be a rebuilding year, regardless of who is the coach. The seniors on offensive line will be gone. Our spectacular defensive front will be gone. Just another twig on the fire. The cautionary tale is Tennessee. Be careful of over-reaching. Who are are you going to get as a replacement?
  10. Bo was facing immense pressure on passing plays. There was literally a defender on him in less than two seconds. Even seasoned QBs would suffer under that barrage. Look what our defense does to the QBs we face. And we don't get the penetration that defenses get against us. The majority of blame is on the head coach. The play calling was amateur hour. I will give Gus credit for finally learning to QB sneak from under center for short yards. But those calls up the middle... it was painful. He tries it with one running back. It fails. I know, let's put Boobee in there, that's the ticket. Same play. Same result. Okay, put Joey in, that's something different. Same play. I feel sorry for the kids on this team. They are doing the best they can under the circumstances.
  11. I like your enthusiasm. I just can't muster the moxie to think we score 45 points, though. I have to respect Florida's offense a little more. If we break 30 I'll be happy. But we will win. I think Nix and his receivers are getting it together. And our defense is going to make Trask miserable. Our running game will be effective. The noise will be a factor, of course. So I hope our defense doesn't get over-amped into jumping off sides too many times.
  12. Hey, Stuart, thanks a ton for all you do. I know you are doing your analysis as a professional on another site, and that we benefit from your talents here for free. I want to thank you for doing this. Also, kudos to Mark Petrie for the music. I love that bass intro, so moody. The drums were really deep and full. Great music.
  13. gotta get some of that "muscle relaxer"
  14. Hey, Valley, that was a lot of fun. I always appreciate when somebody knows their stuff AND can draw graphics on the computer. My favorite quote, when Seth Williams made eight yards after the catch, "...that was gangsta."
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