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  1. I like your enthusiasm. I just can't muster the moxie to think we score 45 points, though. I have to respect Florida's offense a little more. If we break 30 I'll be happy. But we will win. I think Nix and his receivers are getting it together. And our defense is going to make Trask miserable. Our running game will be effective. The noise will be a factor, of course. So I hope our defense doesn't get over-amped into jumping off sides too many times.
  2. Hey, Stuart, thanks a ton for all you do. I know you are doing your analysis as a professional on another site, and that we benefit from your talents here for free. I want to thank you for doing this. Also, kudos to Mark Petrie for the music. I love that bass intro, so moody. The drums were really deep and full. Great music.
  3. gotta get some of that "muscle relaxer"
  4. Hey, Valley, that was a lot of fun. I always appreciate when somebody knows their stuff AND can draw graphics on the computer. My favorite quote, when Seth Williams made eight yards after the catch, "...that was gangsta."
  5. Nice improvement for the O line. Shout out to the fellas for getting it done today. Well done.
  6. The team showed definite improvement. The O line played much better, special teams improved on punt return coverage, and Gus called some different plays against his normal SOP. Our defense was very effective at creating pressure on the QB and keeping him off balance for three and a half quarters. Part of our success was tied up in Jimbo's insistance that Mond not run the ball. He finally started running more in the fourth quarter and they started having more success. Let that be a lesson to keep our offense on the attack and our defense to keep pressure on the QB. We gave up some pressure at the end. It's a darn good thing we got that 1st down when we did at the end.
  7. I am digitally challenged. I am lucky I got the pic I am using now to upload. It was a major PITA to size it until it fit, and even then, it is less than ideal. So, I ain't changing it.
  8. The school should not pay the athlete. Let the money come from endorsements or boosters. Market values will reach a limit as to who gets paid and how much. It is the only fair way to let gifted athletes benefit as to their perceived value. Other guys will just have to play for the scholarship as it is now. It will end underground cheating and put it all in the public view. This may seem unfair to smaller schools. But the scales are already tilted. The only difference will be that athletes can benefit directly and openly without fear of repercussions. Heck, even athletes at smaller schools will get money from boosters who want to win their conference.
  9. I see him making decisions all the time. He decides when to scramble out of the pocket. He decided to throw to the left corner when the defenders were running a guy off the field leaving only ten defenders. He actually changed the play call that second. I see him deciding to throw the ball away rather than take a loss.
  10. Our defense is as good as Clemson, and they shut aTm down pretty effectively. I think we do the same. It really comes down to our O line and the receivers. We have a good kicker, and that will come in handy. What scares me is Gus lost to Tennessee last year. How was that even possible? And we should have beaten LSU last year as well. So, Gus sometimes finds a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  11. McFU said, "Gus is calling a lot of pass plays, even on 1st down. ... This may be because of how the OL is performing." Tulane was stacking the box with 7 or 8 defenders. Our O line was providing fair pass coverage but not much push on run plays, especially against that nose tackle.
  12. 9 and 3 is attainable. We should beat aTm and Florida. It might be tough but our defense is a monster. The big three loom ominously, however. But, stuff happens. I just wish Gus would help Nix out with some throws to the tight end, and keep a blocking back nearby to pick up any defenders getting through the line, preferably a fullback/H-back who can catch and run the ball as well as block. But the HC is a stubborn mule about maintaining his tendencies. Consistency can be a bad thing, too. I lost faith in Gus when he was adamant about playing Jeremy Johnson while he had Jonathan Wallace sitting on the bench or moving over to receiver. That showed me he had no clue about mental toughness and poise in the pocket. Gus can be brilliant at times, or really dumb. He fluctuates from one extreme to the other.
  13. The play that stands out to me as far as slow developing, was that 3rd and 2 reverse. We were behind the 50 yard line and really needed a 1st down to keep the drive going. Running a reverse there allowed their defenders to charge north and south while we wasted time running east and west. This helped them catch us behind the line of scrimmage which forced us to punt. We needed a quicker play to get up the field quickly. I did notice after the half that Gus put a blocking back in to help pick up the slack from the O line. This helped tremendously.
  14. A spotter in the stands with a wireless mic might do the trick. NASCAR and Indy use this technique for their spotters.