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  2. ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    Any updates or thoughts/opinions/chance of playing next on the injuries
  3. Favorite game day superstition

    During the Game seat position is the key we control the games you just have to get the mush out of the room and find what seasting position works
  4. The silence is deafening.

    explain my dear friend!!!
  5. next Head Coach

    I know but tigerfanau had mentioned winning the sec wests so that means beating bama @AUIH1
  6. next Head Coach

    were not beating alabama with out a good to great coach atm so to say we need to just get rid of Gus and sign whoever is a mistake this isnt saying that Gus doesnt need to be gone asap
  7. next Head Coach

    no doubt it willl be a failure to keep gus but to sign on another mediocre coach would be even worse
  8. next Head Coach

    exactly so we cant just replace him without a plan and get Gus 2.0 and struggle for longer and longer.
  9. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    This is so much worse.
  10. next Head Coach

    If we cant get Scott Frost or a really big name I think we are making a mistake and just putting a averagee to mediocre name in as our coach that will give us mediocre success and will be here in this same situation in a few more years.
  11. next Head Coach

    Yeah I realize that that’s why I want us to go after him hard I have this suspicion that he will be an elite coach
  12. next Head Coach

    What are your opinions on Scott Frost? I have a good feeling about him and would want to get on him ASAP
  13. My apologies - I set it on FIRE

    What are your guys opinions on Scott Frost? He would be my First pick. I just have a good feeling about him
  14. Fire him now. Start the search.

    SCOTT FROST!!! I know he’ll probably go for Nebraska but if he leaves my knights he better come to my Tigers
  15. Anyone Going to LSU game?

    I Will be there for my first game in Death Valley