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  1. Just been watching film on Davis recently and his pocket presence and footwork are elite he’s so damn athletic and keeps his eyes downfield at all times, his short area quickness is reminiscent of Nick Marshall. As many flashes of greatness bo nix has shown davis looks special to me. With a new coach coming in I think we’ll have a serious battle for QB1 come Spring.
  2. No not now as he doesn’t have the needed experience needed but down the line he would be a great choice in my eyes
  3. Just a thought T-Will is a top tier recruiter. If we want to close the Talent gap we need to recruit better, not saying we should do this now but it is something I’ve thought about.
  4. decision this Friday apparently G-League isn’t in the running anymore. (For now)
  5. Do we have decent shot of landing him?
  6. He could run the floor at PG when sharife is off the floor
  7. This is a bad day for college basketball but it blows my mind that Jalen wouldn’t want to build a brand in college that gets him a huge shoe deal and other endorsements when he goes into the draft. Ain’t no one finna watch the g-league lol he left a lot of money on the table, but you can’t hate on the kid for going for a 6 figure deal.
  8. I doubt morant is concerned with Jalens decision he's got bigger fish to fry
  9. JC wasn't considering auburn, why would sharife care
  10. So.....would that be one out of Jalen and Brown and then Cardwell
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