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  1. Do we have decent shot of landing him?
  2. He could run the floor at PG when sharife is off the floor
  3. This is a bad day for college basketball but it blows my mind that Jalen wouldn’t want to build a brand in college that gets him a huge shoe deal and other endorsements when he goes into the draft. Ain’t no one finna watch the g-league lol he left a lot of money on the table, but you can’t hate on the kid for going for a 6 figure deal.
  4. I doubt morant is concerned with Jalens decision he's got bigger fish to fry
  5. JC wasn't considering auburn, why would sharife care
  6. So.....would that be one out of Jalen and Brown and then Cardwell
  7. Sooo I was on twitter and came across momma greens page and her likes are filled with auburn posts.....I can’t believe Ive gone this low Lmao
  8. Refs weren’t great this game but their not the reason we lost we shot to many damn threes(34) we know our strength getting to the FT line and finishing we didn’t stick to it because we came out hot from three to start the game and they kept trying to go back to it.
  9. This is more so because college has been the status quo I think it will continue to be but you can’t look at this list and come to the conclusion college has been a major impact on these players becoming stars. There stars because there elite they would’ve most likely ended up there regardless of if they went to college or the pro route.
  10. Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet Anyways sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good lol