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  1. Maybe I'm suggesting the liberals should stop throwing their trash into the republican party.
  2. You mean during the Clinton years right? I would say it prolly started in '92. Newts threats of shutting down the government in what ('94 or 95?) got Bill to put a band-aid on our partisanship problem. But besides that one small uptick, it's been going downhill since I can remember.
  3. For a good bit before he ran for president.... yeah.
  4. Mims44

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    I don't disagree. But Auburn usually sticks to what they've always done. Years of mediocrity will slowly build towards firing. The only way to have it happen quickly are those horrible implosions. If Gus had a year like Gene Chiz's last year it wouldn't matter if his buyout was 60 mill, they would remove him. Barring that though, they'll be content to wait for his first losing year I think.
  5. Mims44

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    I've posted this before, Auburn has not made a HC change after a winning season since PRE-WWII. And we rarely have let a coach go after going even. I've lost alot... or nearly all faith in Gus to maintain playing at a highly competitive level. But he's gonna have to go from mediocre to straight sucking bad before he gets fired.
  6. Mims44

    Tebow says....

    Because they see so many teams turn things around every season, and these analysts LOVE Auburn defense. These ESPN guys just made it seem so simple; The defense is gonna keep you in every game no matter the opponent, Auburns running game just needs to get back to what they do nearly every year.
  7. Come on Elle, he's way more than that... Reality TV star, racist, rapist, sexist, xenophobe, cannibal, satanist, draft dodger, and king of the lizard people.
  8. Mims44

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    Haven't seen Tolbert, but started doing work midway through 3rd... has he gotten in the game?
  9. Mims44

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Change the Story
  10. What a quaint lil rant you got there... too bad it's pretty off topic. I want the scripture that says that we need to hate and belittle the racist, the aggressor, the fornicator, the sinner. (The Pentateuch doesn't count. ) IE: I despise a lot of who trump is and what he does, but I don't count myself as a "good" christian. If I was gonna try and be a better christian, my hate for him would be one of the things I would need to let go of.
  11. Ahh I remember that passage. And Jesus said to them " If they ain't as awesome as me, you should despise them, mock them at every turn, and whatever you do never ever support them!" Elle 34:8 Book of Elle I could never forget this scripture, I live my life by it. By the way elle, you're still a hateful dummy, never change.
  12. Mims44

    Know your opponent

    Hopefully this hasn't been posted already. Washingtons top ten things to know about Auburn. 1. They think they have the best defensive line in the country. 2. Washington may not have the best quarterback on the field. 3. Kerryon Johnson is gone, but does it matter? 4. Auburn has issues on the offensive line. 5. Washington isn’t the only team with kicker questions. 6. Deshaun Davis is Auburn’s defensive leader. 7. Questions abound in Auburn’s secondary. 8. Ryan Davis might be a problem. 9. The wildcat is alive (and well?) in Auburn’s offensive playbook. 10. History is not on Auburn’s side.
  13. punk cop should have had his mind on his business rather than begging for help from some minimum wage rent-a-cop. It's cool she lost her job, she was intentionally being a derp....but I hate to imagine how much crap that cop is taking for screaming out for a rent-a-cops help while holding a dominant position over a civvie. EDIT: TitanTiger, I'm just waiting on you to yell for help against these posters. I'll jump in and help, and not just screenshot the convo while doing nothing. I promise!
  14. Mims44

    Serena the CatWoman

    What's everyones take on this? Serena seems to take the news in stride and stays very professional (from what I've read). Meanwhile, everyone else is losing their head about it. I get it's glamour lol... but if you read the article doesn't it seem very disingenuous. With a title of Serena has the most epic comeback for catsuit ban, but the article shows her very professional responses, and then nike and BJK talking s***. PS: I know this is "fringe" political, but we fill this board with pointless BS and endless repetitive rhetoric, so whatevs.