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  1. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    Maybe I should put in huge giant words: Sarcasm. Solid take there, holmes.
  2. Shameful behavior by America

    This has been happening for awhile, I made a post on it years ago. It's bull**** how they are treated. And it makes me sad that a lot of our populace are aware of this going on and simply don't care.
  3. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    According to the nations overreacting BS... shouldn't they have cooperated? Since there was a 99.9% chance the police run in blasting everyone 2 shades above Emma Stone?
  4. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    lol, good to see our country is in such amazing shape that dumb crap like this is at the top of the discussion board. Bravo, America!
  5. Fox— your source for serious news

    Can't be bothered to find and post link but "Obama orders grey poupon!" ..."Lost touch with average American?" Story of this countries dumb politics, everyone is a hypocrite, everyone is stupid, everyone is corrupt.... but just keep cheering on your chosen party and ignore everything else.
  6. CJ Tolbert

    His dad's a great guy, and though I haven't seen CJ in person since he was in elementary I gotta figure he is too. Hoping he gets some play time this year in real games.
  7. NEWSFLASH AUFAN78! Black people are usually born with two arms and legs, they normally have hands and feet attached to those arms and legs and generally there are ten fingers and toes somewhere on the hands and feet!
  8. You are coming close to beating out Proud Tiger for being my signature.
  9. "Police kill 600 criminals annually." ~This article. He wanna cite that?
  10. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    Agreed, I wouldn't pay a penny more than $1.03 for her.
  11. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    But isn't that what everyone on this board does? At least some times?
  12. Stormy Daniels Interview

    For those who follow the thread but not the story... Whore has sex with fugly rich man, whore is paid and signs document to not tell people, under threat of monetary penalty of millions. Whore realizes she can make much more from the story than the hush money amount she agreed to, starts telling everyone... while simultaneously trying to get hush document nullified. So she can make money and not have to immediately give it up when she's sued. It's not an original story, I'm sure tons of whores and old men do this constantly. And everyone, even Trump supporters, knew he was a POS with little to no morals when they voted him in... so it's whatever. As to the lawyer paying the 130k out of pocket, it probably should be something that Trump gets in trouble for... but he won't.
  13. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    lol, Me too. I just don't think success of past top recruits weigh as heavily on them, as it would be non top-tier recruits. If everyone in the country wants you, if everyone is constantly telling you that you're NFL bound, and more than that if you truly believe you are an NFL talent.... Then you're gonna be looking for more than "what other RBs went here in the past?"
  14. Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    That's the key... Give that ability to Onterio McCalebb and he'd have a very different career.
  15. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    As far as recruiting pitches... I think Auburn has a better angle than a lot of other universities. Taking lower tiered backs and getting them their shot at the NFL would appeal more to me than another university who has had 5, 5* top 50 recruits make it to the NFL. As one pitch shows it can put anyone from a myriad of skill sets into the NFL at the position, where a university like bamas get the kids that are already supposed to be NFL bound one day. That works both ways though, as in Cam doesn't help us be "QBU" as he had talent oozing out of him and was NFL bound no matter what, I don't see how Auburn really uses Cam as a pitch to young QB recruits.... except to show that they'll let an extremely talented QB do whatever he's best at and won't pigeon hole him.