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  1. I can 100% guarantee that there are people that fit that description out there, but If I were to purchase a firearm I would have to get an assault rifle. And they run 10k+ so I'm prolly never gonna own one. But it would be laziness that motivated me more than anything, I already have 1000's of hours training with M16 series rifles, prolly less than a tenth of that time spent with the crappy M9 pistol... then very tiny bits of time with mossberg 500, AA-12, AK-47, and as a child a .22. Outside of that I have 0 experience with firearms. Basically I would feel much more confident in my ability to protect my self and my family with an M16A2/3/4 than I would with some random pistol picked up from the store.
  2. Aww man, how cool would it have been if they sent that as an answer back.
  3. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    Not many poeple mentioning Q. Groves or C. Lemonier... both of those guys were awesome. That being said... Nick was easily the best single season performance we've had by a DL.... and if Holland gets what? 3 more sacks? He'll be tied with Fairleys number.
  4. How bad do you hate UGA

    Some just need a few more injections of Auburn than others.
  5. How bad do you hate UGA

    That's the wrong way to do it man, gotta convert them.
  6. Random person: "Black people are criminals, we need to teach them not to steal in order to lower the crime rate" Ohhh, he meant people in general are prone to criminal action if given the opportunity and if they believe there is a low chance of being caught. He meant white people and other ethnicity's as well need to be taught and held to a higher moral standard through adolescence and into adulthood if we are going to positively affect our nations crime rate. SPIN, COMPLETE.
  7. Are you a fan of her? or just playing devils advocate here? Either way, good for you for trying, Raptor could have really used you to defend his statements.... if only you two weren't the yin and yang of this board.
  8. General Kelly and the Civil War

    Most college courses do just that, at least the ones past 1000 level freshman bs. Most schools water down everything. My kids were JUST taught about the Civil War last month. It boiled down to; Southerners wanted to own slaves, Lincoln defeated them and freed slaves. Generals mentioned were left to only Lee, Jackson, Sherman, and Grant... of those only Grant was spoken of at a length of more than a sentence or two.... and that's because he went on to be president. They do that because the kids are young and having to go through many different subjects daily... but what ends up happening is kids make up or do a quick google search for the missing parts of their history, which leads to erroneous beliefs. BTW, you spelling confederate as condederate and confeferate made me laugh, and made my morning better.
  9. General Kelly and the Civil War

    The "failure to compromise" would have been on the states that seceded, not the union. They basically started the process of leaving the second Lincoln won the election. The 2nd thing, calling Lee honorable is being a bit nit-picky. tons of enemy generals to America have been seen as honorable. I feel like that was kinda thrown in at the end of the article because the writer handled the "fail to compromise" bit and wanted to lengthen stuff out a bit more.
  10. Math Perpetuates White Privilege

    Chaos and Order are currently in a tentative relationship with each other..... as far as our current understandings of the universe go.
  11. Is Obama and GW the only living presidents that don't rape women on a daily basis? Carter I'm not sure about, though he looks like a predator.
  12. Math Perpetuates White Privilege

    That's really weird, considering everyone these days call each other bro or brother.... I blame Hulk Hogan.
  13. Math Perpetuates White Privilege

    Crazy, whites have all this math privilege and still get their butt's kicked by Asians. Ice up Whites, Ice up.
  14. Finebaum: CGM to Arky plausible

    Yeah, cause before Dye, Doug Barfield did so well with his one 8 win season and 3 losing seasons. Before Shug it was the same again. Bowden had 1 losing season and was tossed, Tuberville had 1 losing season and was tossed, Chiz had 1 losing season and was tossed. As well as if you condensed our all time stats to current season length we'd be; Wins: 7.3 Losses: 4.2 Ties: .5 As an average season. Seems 8-4 is pretty typical of Auburn for longer than "Since Dye left"
  15. Arkansas score predictions.

    I predict Auburn to win: 49-14 And that I still won't feel better about last week.