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  1. No Homer, don't trophy that lmao. I was being sarcastic. The link Salty put up also seemed to show many of those people had already been tried and found guilty and sentenced. So my thought was that this hearing was to be used to establish guilt for those who incited it. maybe? Again, I don't know... and you did not clear that up for me
  2. The mutations are random, the ones that do not kill hosts quickly are the ones that spread the most. While the ones that develop a mutation to say instantly cause it's host to drop dead, will not be around to continue to propagate..... or, you know, evolve. It seems you are hung up on the word 'goal', it's simply a word used to describe the ultimate (at the moment) type of communicable viruses. I did not mean to say DNA strands are individually sentient and making decisions on how they will mutate based on a will to achieve a chosen purpose. I did not think anyone would take it tha
  3. It will evolve, as all things do. What Barry said is in line with what ID physicians told me. While there might be upticks now and then, especially at the start, most viruses get less deadly over time not just from humans getting better at defending it, but the virus themselves evolve to be less lethal. The evolutionary goal of the virus being to continue to spread itself to new hosts, if it's outright quickly killing it's hosts it has less of a chance to spread first. The common cold is considered to be one of the most highly evolved you can get, because it is able to use us as host
  4. I have... failed to read up on this much Is this to decide blame for certain elected officials at the time? The terrorists are already being imprisoned when found right?
  5. That's my view, as far as the internet is concerned. It has caused a mob mentality without needing a physical mob to form. And mobs do not rise to the highest logical or rational thought processes, but always devolve to the LCD. I feel like you should have used yellow font... maybe? But sure, think of them as a child that you for whatever reason are not allowed to actually discipline. Teaching them, even if they are resistant is better than berating them. Though I'm on 4 hours of sleep with a newborn lmao. Maybe I'll be like fifty and start replying to myself soon...
  6. You would be surprised at the horrible things I make light of. Humor is a great way to get through trauma. And the death tolls are not relevant to what my post was about, whether it's the flu killing 60k, pneumonia killing 50k or covid killing 600k. I still think rational and compassionate discussion works better than hateful wishes and demeaning comments. You've been on this board awhile Homer, and have had your fair share of people talking down to you, how often has someone calling you a derogatory name made you want to change your stance?
  7. I'm not a healthcare worker, I work in IT. In my own home or in my own office. I was only put ahead of the at risk population due to the wide sweeping rules they put in where every single employee at a VA facility was put above our patients no matter what their position actually was.
  8. I specifically said in my post that I am not equating the death toll between covid and the flu. And I knew when I typed it you would see that as the inverse. Never change Homer ❤️ ya.
  9. As a federal employee working in a healthcare facility I'm an outlier. As in personal choice is taken out of the equation for me. I did however turn down the first batch when it came in when we were made aware the 1st batch was not enough doses to cover the elderly veteran population in our area. Gave my shot up for one of them to get it. And, surprisingly to me, I caught a lot of crap for doing that.
  10. In less than a year of the vaccine being available. Bama is the worst state and it's still pretty good, compare them to a lot of countries in the world, ahead of a lot of eastern countries and only slightly behind several western European countries. 'Monkey see - Monkey do' will raise it further as getting the vaccine yearly/bi-yearly normalizes. Likely akin to how we went with smallpox vax, but hitting each goal faster than with smallpox..
  11. You two are basically covering the same thing so I quoted both. In a country of near 350Mill we are going to have small fringes of society that reject what's good for them for various reasons. I believe we are causing those fringe numbers to increase by belittling people en masse and using hateful language. And to Aubiefifty and your 'well gosh darn then' comment; I don't believe sayin FU I hope you and yours all die cause you're so stupid and selfish' is going to make anyone go run to get the shots either. A compassionate and informed statement to unvaccinated people will work bet
  12. If you are an adult and have never known anyone to die from the flu you are very fortunate. Even without any new strains getting a strong foothold in the US and with how great we do with vaccines for it, tons still die every flu season, mostly the elderly and those with health issues. But my post was not to equate severity of the two, it was to contrast the difference in approach to those who don't have the vaccine from then to now. I don't believe the "You deserve to get sick" "I hope you die" "You're a dumbass loser" type comments to the unvaccinated is a great approach to gettin
  13. This is one of the biggest differences I see in people today. Pre covid someone says, 'I don't get the flu vaccine' and the response was along the lines of; 'I hope you don't get it then, cause s*** will be rough' FF to today and your reply is completely typical, if not a bit nicer than the norm of 'FU I hope you die'
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