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  1. What a s***ty story, thanks for bringing my day down Homie... And people wonder how I can be for the death penalty, just wish it didn't take so long to execute.
  2. And you're doing so well dealing with it in a realistic manner. Acting like the US has never had a d-bag POS as President before, like democracy itself will be ended by one inept idiot, as though America itself will end because he is CiC. I'm cool with calling a spade a spade... or in this case an idot an idiot. But all the over the top doomsaying is wearing.
  3. And I thought Obama made Raptor and his type crap the bed alot... Some of you guys are just getting silly with it.
  4. Come'on man... I barely pay attention to the BS news and I knew what he was talking about. I believe you and Raptor went back and forth on the "secret cash plane" thread quite a bit as well.
  5. LMAO... damn AUUSN... getting meaner as the years go by.
  6. 2.87 to 2.75 That "skyrocket" won't be getting any speeding tickets.
  7. You might... I'm not sure, ..but maybe. You might be falling into a slippery slope of literal translations Homer. Did Jesus ever say NOT to murder all bubble yum chewers? Did Jesus ever say to praise any Juicy Fruit chewers?
  8. No they do not. This is a free country, the free-est country EVER, which means you are not free to refuse service to someone. You must offer your services to anyone if you want to (legally) stay in business.
  9. Whoever doesn't get their way always feels "attacked" If it was reversed and Alabama told Christians they didn't give a crap about their beliefs and that they were going to be forced to help homosexuals, then the Christians would be posting about how the government is attacking them.
  10. Well at least Homer was smart enough to put this dumb crap in the nonsensical forum.
  11. Andrew Brown of the Guardian put it, Sweden looms large in the “fantasies of the outside world.” It is a socialist utopia, a sexually liberated Busch Gardens, or a Mad Max hell-scape, depending on your agenda.
  12. 300 years from now a child will be forced to read this in Jr High, and that child will say: "but, wut is alliteration?"
  13. I agree completely with the scenarios you described. But I also think they are much different than expecting a bunch of Muslims in India to gather and speak about a terror attack in France, GB, or USA. Also, maybe this doesn't count as enough for you. But there are lots of Muslims who are denouncing the attacks, but they get very poor coverage. There were tons that spoke against the 9/11 attacks, including famous American Muslims like Ali. And there has been outcries by many Imams since the other attacks. The Muslim Reform Movement has also been gaining ground but has been ignored by nearly all media because it 1: Doesn't fit Obama's crap line of "Don't say radical Islam" which these guys do. and 2: They reject the idea that radical Islamist are more than a tiny sliver of the Muslim population... doesn't fit the conservative line. And if you aren't towing an extreme line, then you aren't getting as many views, so the news ignores it.
  14. Silence doesn't equal consent... that's goofy. I've never rallied or marched against cops killing innocents, or civvies killing cops. Doesn't mean I give my consent to their actions. I don't feel that I need to speak out about it as it should be self evident that it is wrong, as I'm sure most of those practicing Muslims don't feel that they need to tell you that beheading innocents is a bad thing.
  15. I think it's a numbers game Elle. If white guys would stop being so lazy and start killing for Jesus more... then you would see them labeled by their religion more. The Muslim extremists control a decent sized land mass right now and have planned and executed several successful terrorist attacks in multiple wealthy western countries. Annddd ...I would hope that everyone is aware that radical Muslims are a very small minority, there are almost 2 billion Muslims in the world, if we had 2 billion Muslim radicals running around this world would be in a lot worse shape than it is.