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  1. Mims44

    serious question........

    From 2003-2010 US Army. Joined as soon as I could due to 9/11 (like lots of people did), but finished training just in time to deploy with the expeditionary forces into Iraq. Fun times. Later went the DS route, didn't last long as I blew out my knee and needed multiple surgeries near the start of my drill sergeant career. Was given a choice of a change of MOS and permanent profile or a medical discharge.. still kinda salty about it... and am asked constantly why I have 7 years in service as it's not a number seen that often. Also interesting tidbit of family history, everyone male on my fathers side has served as far back as I have searched, they all went to war and we've even unknowingly done a round robin of branches. Great-grandfather in the Army, grandfather in Navy, father in Marines, me in Army (we skip the AF)... though I'd rather my kids not go Navy. lmao
  2. Mims44

    biggest bigots on the ballot

    Again, we are on the same... or at least similar pages concerning illegal immigration itself. I just can't see me defending my stance on illegal immigration by pointing to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  3. Mims44

    biggest bigots on the ballot

    How is it unchristian to turn your back on those in need? really? I'm against illegal immigration, but I dang sure can't say Jesus wants me to tell the cold, hungry, and tired to go to hell instead of bending over backwards to help them.
  4. The bolded part is in itself a huge problem. And the REAL problem our country has with police. You want me to start pointing out logical fallacies in your posts again? It took less than 48 hours last time before you blew a gasket on me. Either it's ok for everyone, or no one. You go where the easy marks and no police are... if you have any sense.
  5. Mims44

    biggest bigots on the ballot

    As I understand Christianity.... that is unchristian like. Though to be fair, a nation could not survive today being 100% christian like, it would go bankrupt, be unable to police its own citizens, and quickly be taken over by another nation.
  6. I laughed more than I should have at this.
  7. Mims44

    One Time We Should Listen to Obama

    That goes both ways, repubs and demos both either don't know or choose to ignore what Obama said or did when it doesn't fit their narrative. Drone use is a big one, bring it up around your friends and watch how many of both sides pretend he wasn't the drone pres
  8. Mims44

    Trump's inability to not be an a**hole

    If I see a goldmine I'm gonna mine it, I missed my chance back in the day to make him my signature when he accused me of obfuscating the truth with facts.
  9. Mims44

    Trump's inability to not be an a**hole

    What... the... f.... Please put down the keyboard, unplug the CAT5, and power down the battle station. Check yourself, US was far ahead of the curve on many aspects over the years... especially right after WWII. And to answer your question before you ask it... You are Homer, that's why I nitpick your post even when 99% is spot on.
  10. Business owners should have the right to refuse service to anyone, and people should have thick enough skin not to treat it like their family members were just murdered every time some guy or girl they rah-rah for is refused service.
  11. Mims44

    31% Think Civil War Likely Soon

    I thought you were a republican that liked trump? admittedly, there are so many XXXTiger and TigerXXX names that I get a lot of you confused.
  12. Mims44

    31% Think Civil War Likely Soon

    So they think the war would be started by the anti-war, anti-bully, effeminate unarmed transgenders?
  13. Mims44

    31% Think Civil War Likely Soon

    How weird everything has gotten... Civil war started by the Trump base? They realize they have the presidency right? humanitarian crisis at our southern border? You mean the people coming here illegally with absolutely nothing, and being given blankets, shelter, and food? I don't see how any of you call yourselves republicans or democrats without being extremely embarrassed about being one.
  14. Mims44

    How guilty people act

    C'mon PT... she obviously said yes a couple times now. In a long drawn out dumbassed way... but she did it.
  15. Mims44

    Return of the Blood Libel

    There are horrible areas of the United States, millions of Americans living the through the type of poverty and crime that a good bit of US citizens choose to ignore. There are places in the southwest and throughout Appalachia that put a lot of "third world" countries to shame in the Olympics of crappy places. Yet we don't show them this altruistic side of us when they break the law, that is saved only for non Americans illegally entering this country. Maybe we should instruct all the poor kids here with no homes and scrounging for food to go to Mexico, then turn around and come back but only say "no habla ingl├ęs" then they could get a place to sleep and food to eat, and politicians would be forced to at least pretend that they gave a damn about them.