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  1. Before I read the rest of the thread, I'm gonna bet a bajillion dollars no one answers this question. EDIT: Hey, guess what... everyone ignored it.
  2. This might be a lil early guys... But I'm predicting an undefeated season, in 2024.
  3. Is this something people do with other literature? I have multiple signed books, but they are all signed by the historians, writers, athletes, and comedians who wrote or dictated them. Maybe Homer... You can sign my copy of Battle Cry of Freedom by McPherson if you promise to read it first.
  4. QB Joey Gatewood from No. 13 to No. 1 uh-ohs
  5. Not as big of morons as that Alabama University. You see their pro day last year was the 7th???!!! They'll never make it as a football program making those stupid decisions.
  6. You are an idiot IMO. (not a personal attack, I used IMO)
  7. LMAO... for sure. If the kid needs a low paying PHP/MySQL coding job I'll take him on. And I wouldn't even ask him "Has anyone ever been a big meanie and sent you a nasty DM?"
  8. Got 3,000 less on our return. Household income had increased by slightly over 10,000. 😖
  9. That's going pretty crazy, just because you'd never hire him doesn't mean no one ever will. and "forever damaged? How? I don't know his name now. Line him up with twelve other white kids and I couldn't even pick him outta a line up. Not to mention with the way news is compounding that within a couple years he's gonna be buried behind 1 billion other supposed outrages.
  10. I'm not read up on the '97 suit. But this kid doesn't have a business or any form of income that was hurt by this, and as far as I know he was never actually physically attacked right? Since there was no monetary or physical harm he can only come with emotional or mental stress/anguish... which I suspect isn't as large of a payout. (again, I dunno for sure. Going off limited memory )
  11. I would say public execution, but no one will go for that. So lets give her a TV show.
  12. The powers of the executive have been slowly expanding for centuries. It's a question now of; Do we have a true tyrant, or a true revolution first?
  13. There are a few things a lot of people don't recognize about that article apparently. Chiefly that they count all federal expenses from federal work as the state being "federally dependent" So all the costs of running military bases, parks, reservations, nasa, cia, fbi etc for all other alphabet orgs are counted as federal dependence for that state. This is not in direct reply to your comment as CA has tons of federal government paid areas (military bases, national parks, etc). Just something I saw a lot of people not realize when they bring this up.