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  1. Raising revenue sure, and hell.. maybe for people who have large families that drank a ton of it it'll cause less consumption. But thinking about my family (just me and wife, kids aren't allowed soda), and I believe we drink too much soda...you're talking 10 cans a week at 12oz per can. an extra $1.20 a week isn't gonna be the thing that makes us start drinking less. Now, start taxing it like they tax tobacco and you'll see some major changes I think.
  2. I don't think 1 cent per ounce is gonna fix any obesity problem.
  3. sadly, the voters won't learn unless he does something like destroy the economy blatantly or start a nuclear war.
  4. Emory Blake for sure. I think tons of people liked Sammie Coates same for Darvin, so maybe they're not eligible. McCalebb is another. wait... no one really talks about Dansby anymore do they?
  5. Seriously Homer I'm happy for any topics that aren't Trump-centric... even if this is just slightly off center.
  6. what an odd way of looking at things for Walsh. We can't take a woman seriously dressed "girlie", ...so dress more like a man? But Walsh prefaced it with "not to be sexist" so... no problem right?
  7. c'mon, you guys were doing a good job of bashing Ann... do all roads really have to lead to Trump?
  8. Some of the cringiest TV I've ever watched was Ann trying her hand at being funny at a comedy central roast. However, people making fun of her at the roast was... pretty funny. (NSFW)
  9. Sadly, I could fill a library with all the things I have forgotten.
  10. I think it would make an excellent house of cards script!!!
  11. I wish the country would outlaw beer, yet by some weird circumstance let me be one of only 12 people allowed to sell it legally.
  12. Please forgive my ignorance... Is there no grandfather clause? I always assumed people who had been here for a generation would be considered naturalized and good to stay. Also, I thought marrying a citizen meant you got to stay here... is that not so? But dude married and had kids and was still deported?!?!?! who tf thinks that's a good idea?
  13. Hey now, I decide what posters to plaster all over my sanctuary.
  14. That's actually an awesome picture... I need with one with Gus face tho.... for the lulz.