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  1. That just seems weird to me man... 🤷‍♂️ If when I finished my BA some job called up and offered me a minimum of 450k a year, with pay going into the millions if I did well at my job. No way would I be like, sorry guys, but my college is just too cool. But I got my degree in Tenn.... so maybe that's why.....
  2. Apparently 1 half liter of Hennessey is not enough to discern your post. I will continue drinking until I can decipher this text.
  3. You name yourself Rex and downvote someone making a stubby arm joke....
  4. Haven't been on much the past 24hou... Past few week.... past few years?
  5. They stopped Auburn But again, don't confuse DC and HC. Plenty of capable DCs go to a HC spot and the D don't come with them. Then after they get fired and go back to DC they do well again.... hell Muschamps already done that before too
  6. I'm all for getting away from the JABA type hires, that being said... if dude wants Muschamp and Mus wants to come here, I think it's a bad idea to be against the hiring of an obviously talented DC just because he has history at Auburn. The only real negative with Muschamp is you know he will bolt for the first HC gig offered. But with his career being so positive as a DC, and pretty negative as a HC. It could be multiple years before he gets to try his hand at HC again.
  7. Agreed, that it'll become clear when staff is announced. But leaving all that, if you are a confident, and very competitive HC... That makes tons of sense. Stringing together a bunch of 10 win seasons at Boise? You'll be thought of highly... in Boise. You do that at Auburn, you are gonna be known by everyone, nationally.
  8. Is that.... is that really how it's seen by others? My first thought was, this dude is obviously confident in his abilities and willing to bet on himself to get an SEC gig. So if he had to agree to ridiculous PTB terms X, Y, and Z he will, because he believes he can overcome the hamstringing.
  9. Dude 100% deserves it. Probably the most exciting part of AU football this year, ... and as a true freshman.
  10. Shhhh, you gonna get people pissy. Best not mention dude has the lowest win % of any Boise St HC since the 90's either.
  11. By given the chance, do you mean being hamstringed by boosters and having to take whatever staff he is told to? Cause if so, I'm not sold we see that much better of a product.
  12. Now, let's all pretend to be excited...
  13. Oh man, clicked on this thinking it was a joke of KG turning down the Auburn job. Really wish that's what it woulda been. Dude was a beast and one of my favs to watch growing up. Been a pretty bad year all around for Auburn football/fans
  14. ..... I'm still gonna watch them on TV. And yes I realize that's a 'Me' problem
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