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  1. Praying for your son man... I know these are some of the most trying of times, so i'm praying for you as well. As an aside, what disorder is it? Is there a charity or research available for it?
  2. I think they go over their average vs Auburn.... so 63-22 Auburn
  3. Well, If UGA runs their football program the way people want Auburn ran, then we could hire Kirby Smart right now. Also.... Go Gamecocks!
  4. Hey now, Camp Lejeune is where the greatest AUFamily forums poster ever was born. <----- This guy
  5. What the avid football fans want is not the same as what many Auburn men and women are ready to settle for. Simple as that. I posted it a while ago, few seasons ago I think. Auburn either has never fired a coach after a winning season, or they did it once back around WWI or WWII.... can't remember. I do think getting rid of Gus after an 8 win season COULD happen, but a lot of pieces would have to fall into place, Like some amazing coach who let AU know he wanted to coach there long term could make something happen I think, or Gus winning 8 but having academic or other off the field problems with his guys.... but Auburn isn't gonna fire Gus for winning 8 just so they can pay him a hefty severance package and take a gamble on some unknown coach.
  6. 9 if you count the bowl game is very doable. As a 4 loss regular season will mean we aren't getting a top tier opponent for a bowl. Could easily see another 8 win reg season and a bowl game where we just destroy some northern or west coast team that's not used to Gus's offense again. But this goes back to that .631 thread, Auburn will not let Gus go over an 8 or 9 win season, It's just not what Auburn is, no matter how many fans find 8-9 wins a "bad" season. What these 8 win seasons will do is lose him any good will he has, and he won't get a pass the first time he has a truly sub-par season, and will be immediately let go.
  7. LoL, I was actually just saying ten-four to the 8-5 comment. Although I did it dumbly Before the season a lot of people were praising Auburn, but at the same time saying even a strong Auburn team this year could lose 3-5 games. As Oregon, A&M, Florida, UGA, LSU, and Bama were all supposed to also be fielding very strong teams. I do think a 8-4 regular season would be a pretty conservative guess at this point, as it stands right now only LSU, UGA, and Bama have a good shot to take Auburn down. On the flip side, Auburn has a chance to get a W in any of those games.
  8. I dunno if I'd really try to equate an 11 year olds for fun leisure activity with a grown-ups entertainment career. But I guess I dunno what that 11 year old was receiving in benefits either so... 🤷‍♂️
  9. I don't use the twatter app. But I enjoy the thread.... Odd no mention of Captain Nix training with the artillery to improve accuracy.
  10. Might have just been a "straw breaking camels back" type thing then. I'm guessing from the layout and thoughtfulness of those posts he made that he put a decent bit of work probably watching and rewatching while note taking. Might have just been getting too old/bothersome for him to keep up with.
  11. Bet you wouldn't say that to the face of some of my other anonymous personas!
  12. Was that thread pruned or something? Seems like 1 negative comment (from a banned dude) towards him and 99 positive ones.