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  1. Noticed Saban had his team at #5, after losing the only 2 quality games he had this year.
  2. Same reason Brown is loved by everyone, same reason he's gonna be a top 10 pick... is the same reason why he'll be playing in this bowl.
  3. Pretty sure that rule doesn't apply to people in the NFL Friction. IE: Tom Brady is a over-rated system QB who awkwardly forces his son into stomach churning filmed makeout sessions.
  4. Need a gif/video of that toss he got in the LSU game also.
  5. Mims44


    You confused me there Cole, I think it's real interesting. At least for how Kentucky looks at the moment I think JG can hop in there and be a star for them. Hell, I'll actually be watching a few of their games now. I mean, there's no telling how much his passing game will improve, but dude is a hell of an athlete and Kentucky seems to love that at QB position. Either way, I think it's the most interesting transfer out we've had in years.
  6. It's always close with him, he's on the cusp for sure. We had 5 big games this year against top talent teams. We went 2-3, change that to 3-2 with a win over either LSU or Florida and I don't think there's really any grumblings. Sure, some people will always complain, but I don't think there's any real negativity if the season stays the same except we beat LSU and look just slightly better vs UGA. People love bringing up the SoS, and it can be a bane or a boon. It offers a lot of opportunity for redemption, but having a continuous losing record vs all those top tier opponents really hurts. I've been saying for a year+ that I think 2020 is Gus's last year with Auburn, I haven't really changed my mind on that... but I think people get confused and think that means I want Gus gone then, I don't. I want to see 2020 be an offensive explosion and Auburn to just wreck everything on their schedule. But I'm not betting on it.
  7. Oh for sure, I didn't mean to say there weren't more. Just that Barry and Bo were the two where they didn't even have a discussion, everybody just immediately said, "yup, they can do it" and moved on. I wish I could remember the name of it, they did current backs on it also and talked about how they thought they would perform if playing back in the day... I remember AP getting a lot of love. Speaking of Barry in a Worm thread, Barry was only 1 inch taller, but had a bit over 20lbs (in NFL, dunno college weights) on Worm. But SS is still a growing dude, no telling what another 10-12lbs of muscle might do for him.
  8. Actually watched a NFL history debate a few years back about this, had coaches and players on their panel discussing famous NFL RBs. They argued a lot of these points you two have brought up about just about everyone (Brown, Walter, Earl, Emmitt, etc)... They all agreed however, on just two guys being able to succeed in ANY era, Bo Jackson, and Barry Sanders.
  9. And since early '17 of college coaches, working with the offense, learning plays and the speed of the game. But that pales in comparison to Bo I guess. So, ... does ANY SEC team starting a true freshman at QB expect to beat Alabama if they are using a normally bench riding junior instead of their normal starter?
  10. That's because you are choosing to think of it in a negative way. ^this guy gets it.
  11. Most actual sports talking heads had Auburn with 3 to 4 losses (a lot of them had us losing to Oregon and beating Florida). Before the season started dude on SECN said Auburn would be the best 3 loss team in the nation by years end.
  12. Pretty sure those two ladies they first showed stuck in the bushes were in their mid forties.... prolly embarrassing the hell out of a couple kids at that moment.
  13. Oh man, I get alot more indirectly mean at work. "Yeah, it's tough being an Auburn fan sometimes when Auburn only won a couple of it's 5 top tier matchups this year, I just can't imagine how you feel, being a bammer and only having two big games, and losing them both."
  14. Literally had everyone at my place stop what they were doing to watch the replay Dude just wants it more than the guys opposite him, and it's awesome to watch.