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  1. Mims44

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    Haven't seen Tolbert, but started doing work midway through 3rd... has he gotten in the game?
  2. Mims44

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Change the Story
  3. What a quaint lil rant you got there... too bad it's pretty off topic. I want the scripture that says that we need to hate and belittle the racist, the aggressor, the fornicator, the sinner. (The Pentateuch doesn't count. ) IE: I despise a lot of who trump is and what he does, but I don't count myself as a "good" christian. If I was gonna try and be a better christian, my hate for him would be one of the things I would need to let go of.
  4. Ahh I remember that passage. And Jesus said to them " If they ain't as awesome as me, you should despise them, mock them at every turn, and whatever you do never ever support them!" Elle 34:8 Book of Elle I could never forget this scripture, I live my life by it. By the way elle, you're still a hateful dummy, never change.
  5. Mims44

    Know your opponent

    Hopefully this hasn't been posted already. Washingtons top ten things to know about Auburn. 1. They think they have the best defensive line in the country. 2. Washington may not have the best quarterback on the field. 3. Kerryon Johnson is gone, but does it matter? 4. Auburn has issues on the offensive line. 5. Washington isn’t the only team with kicker questions. 6. Deshaun Davis is Auburn’s defensive leader. 7. Questions abound in Auburn’s secondary. 8. Ryan Davis might be a problem. 9. The wildcat is alive (and well?) in Auburn’s offensive playbook. 10. History is not on Auburn’s side.
  6. punk cop should have had his mind on his business rather than begging for help from some minimum wage rent-a-cop. It's cool she lost her job, she was intentionally being a derp....but I hate to imagine how much crap that cop is taking for screaming out for a rent-a-cops help while holding a dominant position over a civvie. EDIT: TitanTiger, I'm just waiting on you to yell for help against these posters. I'll jump in and help, and not just screenshot the convo while doing nothing. I promise!
  7. Mims44

    Serena the CatWoman

    What's everyones take on this? Serena seems to take the news in stride and stays very professional (from what I've read). Meanwhile, everyone else is losing their head about it. I get it's glamour lol... but if you read the article doesn't it seem very disingenuous. With a title of Serena has the most epic comeback for catsuit ban, but the article shows her very professional responses, and then nike and BJK talking s***. PS: I know this is "fringe" political, but we fill this board with pointless BS and endless repetitive rhetoric, so whatevs.
  8. I too want to talk about Cohen and Manafort, I too cried myself to sleep every night thinking about kids being separated from family members. But this Molly tidbits thing? Don't you all know she's just some white girl from the midwest, why are we even talking about her?
  9. Mims44

    Why Can’t Trump Just Condemn Nazis?

    What? You surely can fear something that you experience. Hell the experience can make you fear it more. Not to sound too Star Warsy, but that fear can turn to anger and hate real quick. I get several messages from old friends that would probably cause fear for at least some white folk. I didn't ask for them, I just don't ever reply to anything on facebook... and some people have taken my silence to mean I'm down for the cause. To clarify... I'm not, I've always believed we grow as a country and as a people by learning from our mistakes, putting it behind us, and then moving forward... not dwelling on the mistakes or mistreatment forever. Here's a few excerpts Homer from the past week or so... TAKE ACTION FOR JUSTICE: Last week, unarmed Black man Markeis McGlockton was taken from his long-time partner and their three children after being shot dead during an altercation with a white vigilante. Dirty. Inhuman… These were the words used to encourage violence against Black people for just trying to swim in a public pool! Remember, a tiger can't change it's stripes. When 24 year old Recy Taylor was raped by 6 white boys, the system of white supremacy swept it under the rug. It's time to fight back! With racist events happening everyday, self-defense is necessary to protect ourselves and our communities. One city’s police department was exposed for injecting Black suspects with a drug that causes heart failure. Killing Black people under the guise of justice is a long American tradition. Today, there is “police brutality” but in the early 20th century, there was lynching. Whites don't change, they just change the names of what they do. An “all-white” church in Georgia was recently banned from the Southern Baptist Convention due to their overt racism toward Black members. Sadly, this form of racial discrimination has been common practice in Christian America.
  10. Mims44

    Why Can’t Trump Just Condemn Nazis?

    That is one of a plethora of options for reacting to those fears. I am not arguing that NO ONE will adopt racist beliefs because of it. Just saying the opposite is also not true. To flip the script, has every black person afraid of discrimination became a black supremacist? Sure, SOME have... but there are many different avenues to take.
  11. Mims44

    Why Can’t Trump Just Condemn Nazis?

    Fear of persecution does not equal thoughts of supremacy. The way it was put by someone in that article was a fear that the pendulum of discrimination was not swinging from black people to center, but swinging from black people to white. EDIT: There's also precedence for such fear, depending on where they look and what they read.
  12. Mims44

    Why Can’t Trump Just Condemn Nazis?

    American Preservationists (20 percent) (taken from one of those articles) So would your guess be 20% or lower of Trump supporters are white supremacists? The NYT line is a bit misleading as well. It points more to a fear of being on the receiving end of discrimination as being the motivation to vote for trump (they also cover a base of trump supporters who left Hillary due to economic and global factors). Which is different than believing in your races supremacy.
  13. Mims44

    Cam is faster

    That's why I need things like this article to keep me going. Hoping Moore comes into his own quickly and Gives Cam a reliable option at WR.
  14. Mims44

    Why Can’t Trump Just Condemn Nazis?

    holy crap, this is my last attempt to point this simple, simple, SO SIMPLE thing out. You said " Trump cannot single out White Supremacists as unacceptable because he doesn't want to upset his base" In politics, the term base refers to a group of voters who almost always support a single party's candidates for elected office.... which would mean "trump supporters" in this statement. ******* I said that in addition to the above you had shared similar thoughts before. This confused you to no end, either you did not immediately recognize what the word similar means or you did not think you had ever correlated Trumps base to Trumps fear of angering white supremacists before. ******* And I did not imply you said anything, I used your exact words and asked a question. If Trump refuses to denounce white supremacists because he doesn't want to upset his base (IE: HIS SUPPORTERS) what percentage of his base do you believe are white supremacists? It was an easy enough question and you still answered despite being flabbergasted by what I meant by using the word similar. And that is just dissecting one thing you did not understand ++++++ In my other post I said too many people have said this, so quoting them all would take forever. I then used the placeholder for all those people as "Everyone in the world" You again were completely lost and read "everyone in the world" as meaning "homer", you then decided in your post to tell me that it wasn't just you, it was half the country that made remarks correlating Trump to white supremacy.... Can you grasp the disconnect there? I say things like "too many people have done this to quote them all" and "everyone in the world". Then you respond by telling me that it wasn't just you, it was in fact half the world. I feel like I'm going around and around here but let me reiterate one more time. When I say "too many people..." or "everyone in the world" I did not mean Homer, and only Homer and no one else that exists, has ever existed or will ever exist.