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  1. Make it 50,000 to 5 and I'll take it.... Don't think it'll happen, but a smart man once told me to never pass on 10,000 to 1 odds.
  2. No joke, I didn't look at who posted the thread and just assumed it was about McCalebb going to outer space. I got real excited, for a second.
  3. Quoted this one, but the original piece had me a bit confused. Are non citizens currently allowed to vote for political leaders? If not, is it the goal of the democratic party to get all non-US citizens the right to vote? Also, is it your belief that everyone regardless of citizenship has the right to vote? Are there any qualifiers in your personal opinion that are good or maybe that we should have but currently do not? And to the part I actually quoted, seemingly immoral motivations does not necessarily mean evil or bad means. If I think I have a better chance of winning an election in an area with an extremely high literacy rate because i want to disperse propaganda pamphlets. It means I have an evil plan, not that literacy itself is bad.
  4. Man... a half good post. TE's have been a majority of my unsung heroes through Auburn and NFL in general. I will forgive you though, many people don't understand my pain.
  5. I’m so ready for fb season I’m...__ Holding my newborn while talking to labor and delivery nurses about our season opener. They asking me to let them know if I have any questions and I'm standing there like; "Ma'am this is my fourth child, I know what to do and what I'm about, but let me tell you what worries me. That Gus will waste too many drives running up the gut vs 9 man boxes because he won't have enough trust in whoever he names as QB"
  6. Word check'ed for that being pedantic about terminology thing you just spoke about. A movement that included rampant racism against darker skinned people. An example of racism in Latino culture ...It's HuffPo which I believe you like/trust. So before I condemn the KKK, I should make sure it's not the lawyer group named Ku Klux Klan, because they could be cool people. Check'ed again
  7. I believe he was referring to the judge that was promoting or a member of La Raza. A group that has shown they hold very negative and racist beliefs towards black people, and arguably about white people too.
  8. I really hate that you are making me seemingly defend Trump, Homie. From that article... "On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly made explicitly racist and otherwise bigoted remarks, from calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists to proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the US to suggesting a judge should recuse himself from a case solely because of the judge’s Mexican heritage." Mexico is a country, not a race. Muslims belong to a religion, not a race. He was not against a Hispanic judge because he was Hispanic, he was against him for being part of a group that promotes racial supremacy. Don't you facepalm me , that was a poorly written article.
  9. Games from 2013 (before the 2013 season started). I doubt they made a completely new playbook for the video, so the playbook would have also been based off Auburns 2012 season.
  10. I've ran into that a few times before too... I take a pretty easy going approach to politics and enjoy talking about it in person just like I enjoy these boards. Some of the Christian = Trump crowd you just can't talk to. Even asking simple seemingly non-judgmental questions can start a fit of rage... it's really crazy juxtaposed to asking pointedly judgmental questions to the same crowd about the teachings of Jesus, and they'll have tons of compassion and patience.
  11. That seems like a silly idea, going off the census average white household earned like 25k a year more than for black households... which is for sure a gap, but I dunno where she came up with the "10 to 100" number. Giving someone a house isn't going to help them overcome the wealth gap, you have to help the income factor itself. High school graduation rates are nearly the same between black and white (5% diff). Whereas a bachelors degree sees a much larger difference (around 14%), and in today's America where any well paying non-trade school job is likely to demand a bachelors or higher that lack of education is going to hold you back big time. 100 billion is a huge number for sure, but if I was gonna be for anything getting 100B extra thrown at it, my vote would go to education. Also in the same vein as her plan, black home ownership may be the lowest, but it's markedly low for all non-whites. Even Asians with the highest average degrees and highest median salary in this country still fall well short of white home ownership. This is likely due to two chief causes, one being white homes being passed down generations and white living areas being scattered more generally across both urban and rural regions. Home ownership being much more easily obtainable in small rural areas around the country.
  12. Do you mean in person? Or some possibly PS'd pics on 4chan?
  13. I don't get this? In the same manner as "they" stood up to Kap and Nike? People say Kap and Nike are making a stupid decision that they will not support. Pretty sure that's the exact same response the kkk or other hate groups receive. Where do you live where people are having some strong showing against Kap while the klan parades around them unchecked?
  14. Good lord that was a lot of stuff you just said... Some dumb some smart, but it's hard to hit 100% firing that many rounds I guess
  15. I've wondered about this before. I think it's just some peoples nature, and it's being brought about in more people because men need some sort of turmoil, strife, or struggle in their lives. Always been my take on racism, if tomorrow we woke up and everyone in the world was the same skin color millions of people would immediately start hating one another based on eye color.