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  1. Just not true, great way to coach I think, but it's not reality. Piggybacking off AUght2win basically, the sayings for coaches don't translate to in-game. 'First down-Touchdown' was drilled into me as a running back, see lanes and secure a first down then move downfield for the TD. It's a good coaching point, but things don't always work out right. Bo and receivers were to blame on a lot of them, the pass to Shenker for example, while not perfect, should have been caught. The INT off Shivers was on Bo, Pass in the backfield to a dude whose shoulders are turned away from you
  2. They about to be #1 when new rankings get released.
  3. My wifes, brothers, cousin in laws, god-son made a similar video....
  4. Why has no one asked @homersapien? Dude was born in the 1700's and has been on these forums for at least 85 years.
  5. It's the same for the covid vaccine Homer, the dead people you are getting the giggles over were not a direct threat to anyone who has gotten the vaccine. At least not anymore of a threat than all of us covid vaxxed people are.
  6. Is that your stance for everyone Homer? Cool, if every distracted driver dies, cause they were checking their phone instead of watching the road? Cool if every drunk driver dies cause it's one more bed space in ICU? Cool if every addict dies since they could have at any time chosen to get clean? Cool for every diabetic that dies cause if only they would have paid better attention to their bodies and sugar levels they'd be good? Basically you 'couldn't care one iota' for anyone who dies if they could have made a better personal choice in their life/
  7. Want me to solve this for ya? Trump = tons of vague statements that can be seen as racist, and subsequently argued by you (or anyone else) as non-racist. Biden = many completely racist statements that can be brushed off as the faux pas of an elderly (idiot) man. Basically you will never win that argument because Trump is not a 'Jesus' like figure, and Biden has an actual political history..... and 'whataboutism' stalemates everything. As for my own opinion, Biden has more historical racist quotes. Since he was in politics much longer than Trump, and Don
  8. I think Finley deserves the start vs LSU. Dunno if he'll get it though. Also, and this may be a fluke, but by that last drive I actually felt more confident in Finley when he was on the move compared to just standing in the pocket, whether that trend continues or not, who knows. For Nix, and maybe this isn't fair, but it's how I've always thought. You can't teach arm strength. You can help a guy with reading defenses, making better decisions, accuracy through reps, etc. But arm strength, either a guy has it or he don't. Finley has it, Nix does not.
  9. That actually made me laugh My opinion of him went up seeing Nix be pulled, always liked Spurrier pulling even Heisman winners if they were struggling, or having an off game.
  10. 100% Didn't the announcers even make mention of it being wrong? I get nothing could be done to overturn it in the PennState game, but it's weird they still had him sit in GAState.
  11. Cole, dude.... I'm just so glad we got rid of that Gus guy. Was so tired of having nailbiters vs weak OOC opponents. Glad that's a thing of the past now
  12. Joined 3 hours ago..... How's it going Bo? You know we still ❤️ you.
  13. Guess it just meant more to Penn State tonight.
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