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  1. Trump Is Making MS-13 Stronger

    So, I kinda skimmed half way through... Is their argument to execute illegals instead of deporting them?
  2. Whites Shoot Up BLM Protest

    1st post ever, and it's on a 2+ year old hibernating thread. Future AUFamily historian?
  3. That's some roundabout logic, The CAUSE of the Norths "invasion" into the south was the Souths secession. The REASON for the Souths secession was the threat of slavery being ended. And comparing moving troops to a rebellious part of your country to quell the rebellion is a much different task than seeing wrong being done across the world and going to set it right.
  4. I know an easy fix... Need to get some PTSD crazed combat veterans in these schools, strap some Kevlar around their chest, arm them with M16's/M4's and tell them to, ya know... just do whatever.
  5. I don't get it either, I was pissing in the public park this morning, I held a towel over my junk as I did it... and people still got offended. Urinating is the most natural thing in the world, everyone does it.
  6. why do some people like trump so much?

    I wouldn't say significant, but I guess that's open to interpretation... 5% could be significant to some and meager to others. I think the xenomorphs and racists get more air time because of how ludicrous their beliefs are, I think a vast majority are poor dumb folk who believe this born with a silver spoon in his mouth dude actually has their lower to middle working class needs as his 1st priority.
  7. Military parade

    No idea how you can find those numbers, but I would guess Bush's large pay increase being coupled with 2 wars starting and a swelling of military forces that there were a ton more promotions then vs today. Also, you know those percentages are base pay right? BAH/COLA/etc is separate from base pay and those are what would rise or fall to reflect cost of living changes.
  8. Military parade

    Crap move by Trump. Especially to do so shortly after giving such a crap bump to pay rates. Trump 2018: 1.4% pay raise. Bush 2004: 4.6% Bush 2005: 3.5% Bush 2006: 3.1% Bush 2007: 3.4% Bush 2008: 3.5% Obama 2009: 3.9% Obama 2010: 3.4% Obama 2012: 1.6% (I know, barely) Obama 2013: 1.7% Obama 2017: 2.1% And I'll still hear about how Trump is such a good president to our military. When a democrat beat out his pay raises 5 out of his 8 years.
  9. 2020

    Going by celebrity status (and how people voted this time) Oprah would stomp him. The republicans would need to get Morgan Freeman on the ticket to have a chance.
  10. Means it could be legal in Alabama by 2218.
  11. Trolls you say? On the internet? No, don't believe it.
  12. How can a Christian Support Trump?

    Just put that on the students. I usually get a list of near 200$ worth of crap to buy (3 kids).
  13. It's not exactly nail on the head.... but I agree, there are a great many people that would like to see the power of the executive lessen rather than it's continual expansion.
  14. Poor whites that watch fox, that's who!
  15. If this doesn't open your eyes

    Give'em some credit, I can't think of the last time someone called anyone else on here "tribal". I guess you Clovis people types just can't give credit where it's due.