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  1. Is this a roundabout way of calling all women murderers for having a menstrual cycle?
  2. Oh, I actually meant it the opposite way around. More safety = we take away firearms, knives, easy ways to make explosives. More freedom = everyone can get anything they want. Most people don't want to go with complete safety or complete freedom, so it's all a matter of where they fall between those two extremes.
  3. wtf kinda illogical bull is this? You are smart enough to write in complete sentences, so why do you choose to be so stupid?
  4. Only the real old ones. Growing up in the '90's I have a gigantic collection. With the vast majority being worth less now than they were 25-30 years ago. Companies started making a ton more, kids were buying a ton more, and no one was throwing them away anymore, so rarity never goes up, price never goes up.
  5. It does, the matter to be discussed (for me) is how much do you value freedom or safety? This is near the argument I start off with for people 100% 2nd A. I wanna be able to house weaponized smallpox in mason jars and place them in my yard for home defense. If you don't think I should be allowed to do that, then you agree, at least somewhat to restrictions on the 2nd amendment. 1st off: M4, you can own them legally... it's just a HUGE pain in the ass. I would love it if these were more affordable. Not a right but a privilege. Being trained with M4/M16/M9's I feel most comfortable with their use. Thought the differences are minimal, to the point I would imagine only others that used the military equivalent for years would notice them... I would still like to be able to own them. Without going through all the paperwork and money.
  6. I'd make a lot more if a stadium of 90k people all paid to watch me code and fix hardware.
  7. My original one was kinda boring and similar to everyone elses. a few blocks to the SW of center. So I re-took it and gave what I believed to be the absolute most horrible answers possible. And apparently that's Hitler.
  8. Not gonna try an argue a dude outta his beliefs, especially since I can see where you are coming from regarding Jesus. But the 22 vets a month is a misquote. It was 22 veterans a day that politicians were pushing. And that includes all eras and everyone who served even a day. suicide rates per day of people who served through Iraq/Afghanistan are around 1 a day. Still a problem and still too many but the "22" thing is misleading. I'm almost at a half dozen suicides from friends I've served with. My supply SGT took his life last year, and I had just spoke to him. He seemed happy (and not the "I've found a way out" happy) He was making plans to build a house, was married and had 3 kids, had used his GI Bill to get a degree and was making decent money. I don't know what could have helped him.
  9. Do it right. Hitler-right. EDIT: I actually was close to Hitler. I think it was the "strongly agree to stop disabled people from reproducing"
  10. Man that sucks. DD214's are still dumb. Mine looks weird because I was confused by a line of questioning when I ETS'd. They asked me how long I was deployed in combat, I asked if Kuwait counted in that. They asked how long I was in Kuwait. I answered 2 weeks. My DD214 now lists all my awards and such for Iraq, but deployment times reads only "Kuwait 14 days"
  11. How long ago was that? I got mine 9 years ago. Took me roughly 8 hours total maybe less if you don't count all the waiting. My younger brothers got it done even faster than that as they got to do pretty much everything online.
  12. A lot of it is just bull. Let's see here... 1. Flint- It's received a ton of help. The help doesn't get as much coverage as the complaining. 2. Puerto Rico- I believe they also have electricity and hospitals in PR. I guess this is a reference to the storm that ravaged them... US aid to disasters has always sucked and yeah we need to quicken the pace for it. But again, they got tons of help, just not in a timely enough manner. 3. Black churches? Don't even get the reference... is there a rarity of "black" churches where this girl is at? Wouldn't repair for a church fall under the same category as repair for Notre Dame? 4. Caged children- I don't cage my children, no one I know does. I get it's about illegal immigrants needing better housing while they are illegally in the US. It sucks their parents put them in this situation. 5. Homelessness- again, something that receives crap tons of money every year. The fact that it exists doesn't mean there aren't a ton of good people out there doing their best to stifle the growth of homelessness. 6. Veteran health care- Never have I ever had a problem with my VA healthcare. It is extremely simple to get signed up, and if you lack the mental capacity to fill out the proper paperwork they have people for that as well.
  13. Same for me, but different gens. At social gatherings the 40-50+ group invites me and enjoys my conversation. The 20 somethings.... well I don't know if they want me around or not. Hard to tell when they never look up from their phone.
  14. Read that 2nd one.... actually makes me sad. Stop posting sad stuff.
  15. It's also worth mentioning how horribly clueless they can be about our country and our countries leadership. Thinking about back then after posting I remember clearly a lot of people were surprised when me and my soldiers went somewhere that we were polite, friendly, smiling, and talkative (Switzerland and France in particular). Like they expected our entrance to the bar to be reminiscent of gunslingers kicking in a saloon door. They had no reason to believe that except that whatever news they had read depicted the US at the time ('03) as a bunch of brutes. But all that said, if they think Trump is a jackass, I'd say they were spot-on atm.