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  1. Near middle on most, except being progressive. Still think I may think of the questions in a different way than they mean. One question asked "Religious values should be taught in school." I clicked strongly agree, thinking it's important for children to learn about Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc what they value and what they are. But after clicking I think they may have meant the question as supporting indoctrination into religion by way of public schools, which I would strongly disagree with.
  2. Last time I read up on it, some of the leading people were favoring leaving the EU. It read like a doomsday piece It will be interesting to say the least.
  3. A like wasn't enough, spot on with this post.
  4. It's almost like she wasn't the favorite among democratic voters....
  5. The Huffington Post recently deleted a blog post in which the author fantasized about the deaths of Donald Trump supporters. tells you all you need to know, I read huffington a decent bit, enough to know I'm reading propaganda a lil bit. If they deleted it then you know it's some nut job posting drunkenly about s*** they barely understand. I get your point though, we need less liberals and more Bill O'Reaalys beating off into phones as they call subordinates.
  6. damn, raptor Homer yet again... soo insightful. You def aren't a clown that should have been removed simultaneously with your other half.
  7. Thank you for this insightful response. You obviously read the entirety of my post you quoted (then ignored it) and came up with the perfect sarcastic one liner.
  8. 1st sentence: They could have still asked the question at the end, isn't it a journalists job to "ask the hard questions"? 2nd sentence: I'm sure there are the "little boys" in the group, but PBS made a point twice in the video to say that numerous combat veterans and trained police are joining the ranks. 3rd sentence: If their word is true and they are just guys training to be a defensive militia for some sort of doomsday scenario, then whatever, no danger. If they are training to start their own terror attacks, then they are a danger now. Problem is, they say it's the 1st, PBS says it's the 2nd and our government says... they don't have enough info.
  9. That's actually what I thought might have been the reason he took off. In a lot of the low-res crappy interviews I watched of him... he seemed like a wide eyed kid in a lot of them. It can hit people like that hard when they get a payday and suddenly find out that to his "friends" he was simply a horse they could attach their wagon to in hopes of a payout. It can really shake people to their core when that happens. Think Ricky Williams had said that he had a similar situation, he wanted to run away from it all, but turned to drugs (green) instead to cope. Something about a guy he thought of as a close friend cussing him out because he wouldn't buy him a house. You start having numerous situations like that, I could see how it'd skew your views of people and your life.
  10. Yup, they'll braid your hair in your sleep and stick flowers behind your ear against your will... their hugs are also super long.
  11. I didn't see anything to be concerned about. The video also changed a bit too much, they didn't get any real good quotes from those guys to push the narrative of their video. Militiamen says "We train in case a foreign or domestic threat arises, we are purely a defensive force" --- cut to PBS graphics where the narrator says "They have failed numerous times to bomb government facilities" ....and I'm sitting here wondering why they didn't ask about that and show his response. Other time they show a short clip of one of these militiamen saying that terrorism is a problem (sure) and that unfortunately the organized terrorism we are seeing today involves people claiming to be Muslim (again, seems reasonable). ---cut to PBS graphics where they say militias are desensitized to violence and don't see Muslims as human beings. ...again I'm wondering why no questions like that were asked? These militiamen don't seem like the type that want to cover up their cause or beliefs, so why not ask those questions and show their responses. But also, yes... you should laugh at these stupid nicknames they have given themselves.
  12. LMAO, I'm loving it. Seems a lot of people forget about Trumps past, the years and years he backed, spent money on, and rah-rah'd for democrats. Then spent one election cycle saying democrats were dumb and everything they do sucks. In a way on some of these subjects, he's not reversing his stance, he's merely going back to how he was before he ran for office.
  13. I don't think there has ever been a fistfight in the forums. The double edged sword of freedom of speech, all the idiots get it too.
  14. Trump already has money! Why would he do anything to get more or save more??!!!??! Sure that pisses in the face of reality, but we aren't too big on facing reality anymore are we?