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  1. I just can't support Bruce anymore man, I like winners and in 6 seasons we have 0 titles, 0 title games. Bruce can't get us past the final four, and even that was only once (we really paying 4 mill a year for "participation trophy" seasons?) I guess some fans are cool for settling for "might have been" and "so close" seasons. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Oh, you're a business owner. Is your business the highest grossing one in the country? Is it even 14th? If not I hope you know you're a loser.
  3. To both of those types though, they are just horrible fans. Whether they went to school at Bammer U or not. Got a guy at my work who went to LSU, none of us knew he was into football before this season, but he's now became insufferable... it doesn't make it better because he took his graduate courses at LSU. BTW, those types are also usually the ones the most clueless about football, LSU grad from above I spent 5 minutes trying to tell him that the football has to cross the plane for it to be a TD and he insisted I was wrong and it went off the players helmet (?lol). It's really just people being annoying and uppity, whether they went to the school or not.
  4. I disagree with this... I grew up in Auburn, 9/11 happened, I joined as soon as I turned 18. After my years were up, my family had moved to Tenn, so I ended up getting my degree there. It wasn't the typical college experience as I was older, married, and had kids. I also don't really follow UT football, I know some of the basics of the program of course but that's it. The problem with this premise you put forward makes it seem like my opinion on UT football (which I know little about) would be valid, while my opinions on AU football which I have followed extensively for decades is invalid.
  5. inability to adapt. The quick subs when D's weren't given ample time to respond to the quick personnel changes is one way Gus's offense used to crate havoc. Even though the rules have changed, Gus hasn't.
  6. I'm becoming more comfortable in my new job, so lurking these boards more.
  7. I'm a man of many feelings cole, and you just hurt every one of'em. Oh, you said mimms, not Mims... Ok, yeah I agree, that dude is terrible.
  8. I'd agree with that 99% of the time, but that is a weird way to define being a fan... hoping YOUR team loses. Does that mean I'm a gigantic cowboys fan? Since I'd love to watch them go 0-16 a few years in a row. I also believe Gus needs to go, and I've posted on here tons saying I don't believe he survives past the 2020 season, that being said... you aren't gonna find me buying a bammer jersey for the IB and rooting for AU to get stomped out.
  9. woohoo, look at the thumbs down you got for that. I think it's hilarious that on this forum the guy who says he actively rooted for Bama to beat AU in the IB gets thumbs up, and the guy who points out that's not the actions of an Auburn fan gets down voted.
  10. Nope, I concede the point 100%. Please call the NCAA and tell them that because a woman made the news for offering to sell her bathwater that all sports scouting in the USA is a sham and means nothing. Because I base my opinion of how good football teams are on watching them play, not on some meaningless list. ~ AUght2win And then please make sure to reiterate this genius point. That professionals who watch athletes and rank them are"meaningless lists" but you also watch athletes and have the "real scoop"....
  11. lmao, man a lot of people are making a crap ton of money on something meaningless then.
  12. Yup, Worm over AS for returning kicks for sure. I wonder if worm had some problems fielding them or something? He seems like a natural choice.
  13. replaced with a scrub dline... who knows. with just a average dline, prolly 2 more losses. It's cool to see this brought up for D-Linemen. Usually it's always offense skill positions. IE: how many games do we win without NM, T. Mason, C Newton, D. Adams, S.Coates?
  14. Can't take credit, as I just parroted dudes from SECN. But at the start of the season they said we'd see the best 3 loss Auburn team of the past 20+ years. I still agree, woulda been nice to snatch one more from LSU or UGA (Florida loss is easier to handle given circumstances), but it's by no means a "bad" season.