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  1. Mims44

    Political Reality in 2019...

    1st off, we're arguing from separate but similar subjects. I am for the legalization of marijuana because I don't see a reason for it to be illegal. I have never used it, and even if it was legalized I probably would never use it. I am happy to see it being legal medically in so many places however, my wife works oncology and has told me numerous times how much it has helped some of her patients with the negative effects of chemo. Add into that, that again it seems to me to be in the same vein as alcohol and tobacco products (which I do use) and I just don't understand why people can be so gung ho about giving similar sentences for marijuana as they do for criminal offenses that actually harm others or others property. That less people would be filling the prisons for it is just an added bonus.
  2. Mims44

    Political Reality in 2019...

    I feel like you are waiting on me to lob ya a easy softball over the middle, and it's been a great day for me so I'll oblige and spread the love. You got me! All of them, complete anarchy is the key. Thinking weed should be looked at the same as our other legal consumer drugs means I secretly want rape, murder, and torture to be legal and I'm going to attain that goal through the guise of simply wanting less populated prisons.
  3. Mims44

    Political Reality in 2019...

    The first cut off would be, "Do they harm another person or another persons property" . If Bill next door smokes weed, smokes tobacco, drinks a beer, puts in a chew. That does not harm me or my property. I would be against Bill being thrown in prison for any of those things.
  4. Mims44

    Political Reality in 2019...

    That's an oddly weird way of looking at what should or should not be crimes. In your viewpoint the only legal actions people should be allowed to do are those that benefit society, productivity, or "the children"? You could take your exact same argument and apply it to alcohol during prohibition, and it would be just as antithetical to reason as when you apply it to marijuana.
  5. The last guy I enjoyed watching as much was Bynes. Who by the way has made a way for himself in the NFL, and was doing well till an injury this year. Hoping the same for Deshaun!
  6. Mims44

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    *unless you have Gus as your coach, then the SEC becomes easier than everything.
  7. Mims44

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    Cam's overall % in the NFL is right around what he did at Blinn, 60%. Hence Gus Malzahn is the greatest QB coach ever and the only one capable of getting a 66%+ Cam Newton.
  8. Mims44

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    he had near 200 yards passing and rushing his very first game for AU and 5 TDs. I'd say his talent was recognized from the start. Though to your earlier point, I think Gus has this weird thing where he thinks it helps QBs to not name a starter or publicly announce anything prominent about a QB before the season starts. And that can be a detriment to some players psyche, especially if they feel and know they are head and shoulders above the competition.
  9. Mims44

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    That's not how that works. QBs tend to get lower comp % when going to the NFL (In most cases). The reason cited is the increased talent and speed of the NFL compared to the NCAA. It doesn't matter that the QB now has NFL talent at receiver also. The game is still faster, the holes generally smaller, and the repercussions of a mistake are bigger. The same is said in moving from a JUCO to a high talent conference in NCAA, or from a high school to college.
  10. Mims44

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    Can't speak on the others but this just makes no sense in Cams case. His biggest drawbacks were his passing. He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn in Florida, and while at Blinn he managed to complete 60% of his passes, everyone expected that to fall a decent bit due to the increase in competition and speed in the SEC. Instead Cams completion percentage went to 66%. There is a reason that Gus was thought of as "good" at developing QBs back then. If you wanted to make the argument that Gus can only help the already truly "elite" QBs or could only help the extremely athletic ones... you would have some good arguing points. But saying even the stars were hindered by Gus is a bit of an overstatement.
  11. Mims44

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    Sure, I think we could have beat Iowa, Boise, NW. But the final rankings have to look at body of work for the year. Not just the Purdue game. ... and that UT game was horrifyingly bad.
  12. Mims44

    ‘Heaven Itself Is Gonna Have A Wall’

    i don't think comparing the USA to heaven is a good look. Is it because the topic is so old and ongoing that no one even tries using common sense reasons for a wall anymore?
  13. hmmm, I'm usually so cynical. But maybe prayer does work
  14. Does he not post anymore? He's the one and only person I've ever put on "ignore".... Just figured I couldn't see his posts. Just as well though as his horribly misspelled posts were the most headache inducing incoherent crap these boards ever had. This x1000! I've always enjoyed hearing people preach, from multiple religions... but never liked the condemnation I hear from the three major offshoots of religion from Abraham.
  15. To switch to a new point from above.... declaring something a "mistake" is merely an opinion and is not inherently bad. Seeing people who have differences as "lesser thans" or deserving of less freedoms or rights because they have something "wrong" with them is the problem. After all, you could easily apply this train of thought to many others such as; You could easily make the argument that a man with low mobility sperm is a genetic mistake, same with ED, or a woman with a tilted or inverted uterus. A man or woman attracted to the same sex...etc etc