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  1. only because you were told to be pissy about it. How many times have you yelled at people in church for kneeling at the cross? Not insulting then eh? How about seeing renditions of knights kneeling before their king, were you amazed at the audacity they had? When you see a man kneel before the woman he loves in proposal, of course we all think "wow, such a disrespectful way to start a relationship". Kneeling is a sign of respect, if not outright subjugation. Of the near infinite ways Americans are allowed to protest, kneeling is one of the most respectful I've ever witnessed.
  2. "If the justice system will not provide justice, then it is on the citizens to secure justice for themselves."
  3. Is that because he used a knee? If so that seems weak. If I use my hands around a mans neck and continue squeezing as he begs for his life, and I continue to squeeze until he is dead. I imagine people would would say I wanted to kill him.
  4. Oh, and I didn't mean to sound like I was wanting to argue. And I didn't mean that I believed the problem was fixed, or gone away. I was just noting that public opinion was not as varied this time around. You know me from about a decade of posting on different forums now, I'm almost always tryna be cheerful and look for some type of positive... and it hurts to say I don't believe this man will get the justice he deserves, and the American people, while overall angry, still aren't ready to force the issues needed to change. I hate that you're right.
  5. To both of ya.... I get it. Those people exist. 350M in USA and Billions in the world that can comment on it via the web. There are gonna be those types around. I'm just sayin', if you compare it to say... Trayvon Martin and the number of people defending a murderer then compared to this.... it's not close. TM is just a case plucked off the top of my head by the way, you can substitute it with any highly visual case recently and it's still true.
  6. The plethora of people defending the indefensible. Lotsa people I see posting about this whose topics are usually filled with the "ya, but he shoulda complied" or "let's hear the cops side" or "he's a thug and that's what happens".... I'm not seeing that with this case. It could change, sure. But at the moment, everything I'm seeing is people in defense of this dude who was murdered by a POS. Even in this thread, unless I missed it, no one is defending this garbage ass cop.
  7. But what his wife's nipples look like aren't one of them.
  8. I don't see that happening this time Cole. On this forum and other social media, the ones that always defend the killers have so far stayed silent, or came out and agreed about the injustice. The 3rd degree whatever crap is a joke, if you are causing a man to die slowly and listen indifferently to him as he pleas for his life for minutes on end... that's just evil.
  9. Everyone allowed it, nobody cared... hospitals are normally wildly profitable. The last chain of civilian hospitals I worked with made it perfectly clear that we ARE a business first, our job is to increase profits, the way that benefits the people is that more sick will come to us if they trust we can make them better. However, like most businesses stressing for higher profits; we cut corners wherever we could. Infrastructure improvements were postponed again and again, old equipment was continually used instead of replacing with something new/better, stocks of equipment were kept at what was thought to be the lowest level needed. Then a pandemic hits, and now a lot of my old co-workers are pissed that they are being told to buy their own PPE, some have been threatened about using the hospitals PPE unless they are going into an area with a confirmed COVID case. They don't have near what they need even though our area has still not been hit too hard. Meanwhile, at the government hospital I am at now, we still, even months later have mountains of PPE available. It's not that the people running this place are geniuses and the civvy hospitals are dunces, it's that the government hospital is not ran for profit, they are instead 'allowed' a certain budget per year... which causes leadership to hoard equipment, as any money not used was lost.
  10. In a month from 1st case in county we had only went from 1 to 2. A week after spring break we got 14 confirmed, all from our local university. All had traveled for spring break to party. Gen Z AKA the tide pod eaters have struck again
  11. We are testing people everyday, have questionnaires at every entrance, mountains of extra PPE with trained medical staff assigned to each station to instruct on their proper wear, we have conference rooms turned into learning centers for people to understand better how to practice things such as social distancing, proper hand washing, etc. We had our first case of COVID19 2 weeks ago and they were immediately quarantined. In these 2 weeks no one else has become infected.... at least not with corona, we are having a outbreak of H1N1, had 18 people in a row come in with symptoms friday and every one of them had the flu... Maybe there are parts of the US that are sucking butt with their response, but it's not been my experience at my work.
  12. Thanks for quoting who wrote this, so now I'll know to avoid the dumbass in the future.
  13. Holy crap Bama has changed since I lived there... we used to get in trouble for all that stuff. 🤦‍♂️
  14. It makes a difference but it's not the end all be all... Bama is a recruiting juggernaut, hasn't helped them vs Auburn multiple times. For example, Bama and UGA are not just 1 and 2, but are far above third place in terms of skill recruited. While they are fielding great teams every year, it's not a guarantee that the NC is going to one of them.
  15. ehh, I'd put AU more in line with A&M. We recruit 4th best in conference... going off our finishes in SEC from last 5 years. 2019: 5th best team in conference. Slightly lower. 2018: 8th best underachieving 2017: 3rd best slightly overachieving 2016: 4th (UGA beat us as tie breaker) exactly where we should be 2015: bad enough that I refuse to type it out Also, depends on which sites rankings you use. Some have Florida right with us and A&M barely behind. Either way you lean though, gotta admit our recruiting is lacking... when our very best class of the past 5 years (7) is the same as our two biggest rivals worst classes of the past 5 years.
  16. Wut? My thoughts too Millions of people breaking the law every day by praying according to 78... crazy, government hasn't sent swat teams into these football locker rooms yet.
  17. Wait, for real? I've broken that rule a billion times then Everything I say is speculation.
  18. That's crazy to think about. I always assumed Rudi was a huge recruit... but looking back all I can really remember is that one radio broadcast talking him up (among other recruits). Also shows how the internet has changed the JUCO recruiting game, Rudis resume in this day and age would be non-stop talk about where he might go.
  19. Auburn talked him up real big, I always assumed that meant he was being recruited elsewhere... but with no internet back then I relied on radio mostly... and a Auburn radio station is of course gonna pump up the recruits. Rudi Johnson btw was coming off 2 straight national championships and 2 consecutive NC MVPs, as well as a record breaking rushing year in '99 and being named player of the year (he's now in the HoF).... it's crazy to me if no one but Tubbs gave him a look.
  20. 1. People putting Tre M... But I'd say Kam Pettway... never saw dude as anything but a short yardage/FB type... but he led the SEC in rushing until teams realized Kam had ankles that could be dove at. 2. Roc .... tons of hype... big letdown 3. Jovon, seemed to have a ton of talent. But laziness and a false (rape? assault?) charge done him in. 4. Mario Fannin, dude just oozed raw talent, but had injury and fumbling problems. Still averaged 6YPC in his Auburn career, and I believe over 7YPC through his jr/sr years... but a lot of people talk down about him. 5. Shaun Shivers, everybody on this board has their own reasons for getting annoyed with Gus. Worm is mine. How you see a dude play that fast and that aggressive and continually under-utilize him, and then when you do put him in and he gives you some good outside runs you then try to give him runs like he's a 6'2 230lb Kam Pettway type.... it annoys me. 😕 6. Tre Mason. Tons of talent, insanely hard worker. Tons of fun to watch play.
  21. You're just being goofy huh. I'll take this effort all day, every play, from any position. AU vs LSU 2:38 1st Quarter
  22. Is Smoke going to SS???
  23. Fromm being gone isn't a good indicator for how we'll do against them, Fromm didn't do much vs AU this year. 13-28 and like 100 yards passing? Losing that isn't a game changer. Us being able to drop 21 to 28+ on that UGA defense is what will need to be done.
  24. I figured, but it was like 12 posts deep and no one had given a non troll answer yet... So in case anyone actually wanted to know... 🤷‍♂️ AND Stat Tigers videos are nice, so any excuse to give him a shout out