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  1. Hate to be a negative Nancy but I could see this being a bumpy season with the rebuilding of the Oline, lack of practice with the new offensive schemes, and the road games at Bama and Uga. Skipping to 2021 with hopefully a deeper line and more favorable schedule could be a blessing. I kinda felt the same way about the b-ball team possibly struggling in the NCAA tourney this season following the final four run. Who knows until you play the games though. I did like the idea of moving up the next 2 East opponents to fill the schedule. For Auburn that would be South Carolina and Missouri which I feel would be very favorable for Auburn. Bama would have to play Florida, UGA, and Tennessee from the East.
  2. I think it was at FSU last season so that’s probably correct.
  3. I would say that not having to play North Carolina early as a plus for this team but Tennessee would probably be just as tough. UNC has a big edge at QB but Tennessee has been recruiting just as well. Maybe it’ll be different with Chad but Pruitt has had Gus’s # since 2013 FSU.
  4. Wonder what kind of insurance is in place for the cupcake games? No Power 5 games would be destructive to a lot of non power teams. I assume contracts are in place and some sort of buyout has to be paid? Also does anyone know logistically how far out the SEC could wait to make a decision?
  5. I just hope people don’t lose their minds if Auburn goes .500 in conference only games. Ole Miss, Miss State, and Arkansas are all installing new everything but Auburn should win those regardless. The rest could go either way. UNC was making me nervous and they’ll probably get moved out 5 years or more. “No Doubt” Mack will have them Clemson level by then. No way Gus gets canned when most schools are just trying to figure out how to pay for sports. 2021 though.... could be pretty, pretty good.
  6. “You’re never gonna get to fly the space shuttle if you marry a stripper” - Harry Connick Jr. Independence Day
  7. I was listening to the recent Jay Tate podcast and BMatt brought up something that I kind of already knew but hadn't really looked into it. The 2020 team has a total of 7 Seniors that may start including : Stove, Newkirk, Big Cat, Truesdale, Britt, Wooten, and Peters. Potential early departures: Seth, Flash, maybe a defensive player to be named later. 2021 Backfield - Nix 3 year starter, Multiple RBs with several years of experience, H/TE Sheneker Senior, Peggues/Fromm/Deal/Frazier will have 2 years in Chad's offense 2021 Oline - Potential Senior laden multi year starters with a 3 year starter at Center depending on what happens with JC's and if top rated Tackles can beat out 2020 starters. 2021 WR - Potentially the weakness of the O if no one steps up in 2020. Williams could be gone with a big year. Flash is always a question with his track ability. 2021 Dline - Coynis could be a star in the middle, Could be thin with experience but ends should be solid. 2020 will say a lot about the ability to reload. I trust Garner 2021 LBs - Auburn has done a great job of recruiting LBs the past couple seasons. Losing Britt and Wooten will hurt but shouldn't drop off. Pappoe may have a coming out party 2021 DBs - Could be the strength of the defense with several Senior multiyear starters barring any early NFL losses. 2021 Special teams - Anders will be a Senior Home games - Bama, UGA, Mississippi Schools, cupcakes Away games - Penn State, LSU, USCe, Ark, TaMu Schedule will be a meat grinder as usual. Penn State game early will be huge.
  8. 8-5 usually equals .500 or lower in the SEC. In 8 seasons since 2012 Auburn has played for the SEC twice and won once. Surprised Florida’s record is as good as it is. 2012 is really the killer in these numbers. just me thinking out loud when I see these numbers.
  9. Nathan King’s simulation of the season has gone well so far. Maybe the NCAA can pull a Nascar and sim the games till it’s deemed safe. (This is a joke)
  10. Last night I saw the 82 Iron Bowl, 84 Sugar Bowl, and this morning I watched Del Greco shank 2 easy fgs in Athens to give Georgia their first home loss in 4 years in 1983. Greg Carr was a beast! I also came away amazed at how much more athletic the kids look now compared to then. Fun to see youngish coach Dye and Bo in action.
  11. Heard they get 1 hr with coaches then the rest is self directed. You know Ryan Russell is going to push these guys to the limit (within reason)in this summer heat. Hopefully will result in a tough team this season.