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  1. I was listening to the Rundown this week and they mentioned he’d been performing better in practices. We’ll see how that transitions to Saturday once the season starts. Also it’s so boring to say Tank, Bo, or one of the known commodities
  2. I'm thinking about Moultry. He's underperformed his entire career but maybe with the new staff this is the year that the lightbulb comes on.
  3. Probably more a combination of Auburn having brand new coaching staff and other teams being better. Arkansas, Ole Miss, LSU, Penn State, and possibly Miss State being better than last season. Arkansas and Ole Miss could have very easily gone the other way.
  4. Things that will tell me whether or not Auburn had a good season 1) Did Auburn beat the teams it has more talent than - cupcakes + Mississippi schools, Arkansas, and South Carolina 2) Did Auburn look competitive or possibly beat the teams that are stacked with talent - Georgia, LSU, Bama, and TaMu 3) Top 20 recruiting class. I've heard the talking heads say top 30 would be good so top 20 would mean things are really going well on the trail. Auburn doesn't necessarily have to win against the top schools but can't look completely and utterly under prepared like they did agai
  5. Well with Gus gone hopefully the anger level stays low as the team adapts to Harsin’s coaching philosophy.
  6. Hopefully we can add a couple more on the Oline once reports start coming out
  7. So we're 1 week from practice starting? I'll be glad to get some real football news and less of the offseason silliness that overtakes this board in the summer.
  8. Rivals seem to think Auburn won't take another WR until they get a yes or no from this guy.
  9. I guess the proof is in the pudding or however that saying goes. I don’t follow Auburn recruiting super close but as far as I know Auburn doesn’t have many OL men on their hot list. The only one I’ve seen repeatedly is Bobo's kid and I bet he ends up at UGA unless they don’t offer him. I’d rather go play for someone other than my dad in college too so can’t blame him. I’d figure Friend would already have established relationships from being at UT and USCe that would translate to Auburn. Guess not
  10. Dukes was alluding to recruiting going better. The coaches have changed their approach and it’s starting to have an impact per Dukes. Also heard JTate say that Friend is more of a coach and not a recruiter. That was a little disappointing since Auburn needs bodies more than anything right now.
  11. Even if it’s only $5 I hate the idea of giving ESPN money.
  12. This may all change tomorrow but most of ND schedule is a quasi ACC Big10 schedule. I haven’t seen anything from the ACC but the Big10 has already said they’re good. If ND can fill up their schedule with ACC, Big10, Stanford and USC they will be fine.
  13. Somebody may have already mentioned this but as long as Notre Dame has the NBC contract and doesn’t have to split it with anyone why would they join any conference? Unless their split would be bigger than anyone else’s they aren’t going anywhere. The real winner of this deal is ESPN. If Ohio State and Michigan somehow make it to the SEC, Fox will have lost its 4 largest fan bases for College Football.
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