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  1. McElwain is in year two and is basically rebuilding the offense. He'll be fine. Freeze and Sumlin are the two coaches that are in the most trouble. Freeze is obvious. If TaMu comes out and struggles this season then they may go ahead and pull the plug. Gus needs to win 9 games and beat 2/3rds of either LSU, UGA, or Bama. I even think 8 wins keeps his job but his seat would be scorching.
  2. Sean White is very capable of leading this team to a very successful season. I think he'll have just as much a chance to shine this season as Stidham. Don't sleep on this guys competitive spirit. I wouldn't expect a drop off if Sean beats out Stidham.
  3. If there isn't a clear cut leader come end of fall camp then I have to believe Sean will be the starter come kickoff. He'll have 3 years playing with this team and should have more chemistry. Its also entirely possible both Sean and Stidham trade series in the first game to see who has the best success before choosing a definite starter for Clemson. My guess is Gus will have the ultimate say so because he is the head coach.
  4. Gus is the head coach and has a weekly press conference during the season where he discusses things like this. Chip may get to run the offense the way he wants but Gus will be the one announcing these decisions. Chain of command etc.
  5. I think Qb will very much be contested. Sean will miss most of spring because of the broken arm which will give Stidham 1st team reps throughout. Sean is a competitor and will come out in the fall and make Stidham earn that spot. Don't be surprised if Gus doesn't name a starter till Ga State week.
  6. Auburn either loses this game by 20 or wins by 2. No in between
  7. I don't see anyway JF3 is in the rotation come Fall if Woody sticks around. 1a. Stidham 1b. Sean 3a. Woody 3b. Tyler Queen 5. Malik Willis/RS. There is too much young talent that needs a chance to shine before JF3 gets another shot. He is obviously a phenomenal athlete with great speed but he is not an SEC level QB. Maybe make him the holder for FGs or some sort of wrinkle in the wildcat formation where he could bust a trick play from time to time.
  8. NIT would be a step in the right direction. Next year is NCAA or bust. 3-3 with a win in the SEC should lock up NIT.
  9. Clemson is in South Carolina so I guess a dig but not really
  10. Something else to watch is how quick the offense adapts to Chip. If coach Lindsey's terminology is a lot different than the Rhett and Gus show it may take a couple games for everybody to be on the same page. If Auburn is gonna lose, it'll be better to lose early than late.
  11. Lots of potential with this Auburn team even without Stidham. I have a feeling a lot of folks will be high on Auburn preseason based on that 6 game run before the injuries started. Even if Sean goes out and beats Stidham I wouldn't expect much of a slip in rankings. We'll find out how good this team is real quick over in South Carolina week 2.
  12. Typical Auburn game for this season. Either get blown out or blow a big lead. Wish Auburn played every team like they played Bama
  13. I'm not too worried about Stidham working out day 1 because a healthy Sean White is a very good option. Sean has 2 years working with the first team and building chemistry which goes a long way toward making a team great. I look at Stidham like Jacob Cooker. He was the be all end all during the preseason but didn't live up to the hype till year 2 and even then it took a couple games. Personally I'm holding my hype train at bay till after Aday and possibly till I see that first game. I don't disagree that the rest of the team is stacked.
  14. fake it till you make it!
  15. I find it interesting that Auburn would release such a harshly worded press release if they planned on transitioning him. Situations like this one and D. Craig make me wonder if something else is going on behind the scenes like recruiting violations or something of that nature. Even if it is a termination it is usually standard to lessen the blow in the press to come off more appealing to future hires.