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  1. Texas A&M ran all over them. You kind of made my point though. The defense last year would have held Arkansas to 17 today. They did a good job bringing in people to improve the D. The Dline is better but the defensive backfield has regressed. It was pointed out prior to Penn State that the D was giving up a crazy amount of completions to lesser opponents. Today the d gave up 3rd and 12,15 over and over to wide open receivers. I’ve obviously upset some folks with my opinion but I think this defense should be so much better with the personnel.
  2. I’m not calling the WR flops. I just havent seen anything out of them other than Hudson. I was definitely expecting more out of Capiers and Canion this season. I said this about Bo in another thread but not every high ranking recruit comes out and balls year 1. Sometimes it take several seasons for everything to come together.
  3. Last year was not a good Kevin Steele D but most of that was in the Dline and not so much at LB and DB. You’ve got 2 lock down CBS in Simpson and McCreary. The safety play hasn’t been great and the hyper Db transfers haven’t delivered. I’m not sure who CHM is but I think you meant Gus and the only positions that are bare are OL and maybe WR.
  4. Nah. I’ll admit I’m wrong if they shut Ole Miss’s passing attack down.
  5. I thought steele did a good job of evaluating and bring in talent? Interior Dline is the only position that is low on depth. LBs and DBs should be loaded. It’s not talent that’s leaving WRs wide open on 3rd and longs. If you want to say it’s a scheme thing and players are struggling with that I can buy that but I won’t buy the talent thing for the back half of the D.
  6. Haha. 3rd down D is garbage. Remember 2014 when Auburn gave up 3 and 10+ multiple times every game? It’s happening again. Dline getting pressure in the 2nd half was the difference. We saw how hopeless this D is without McClain in the Ga State game. Just my opinion. Let see how this soft zone D does against Ole Miss in 2 weeks and maybe I’ll change my tune.
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