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  1. Wonder if he'll be playing a different role in the secondary with Mason as D coordinator. Tennison will be pushing for a lot of playing time this season. I could see Tennison overtaking Tutt if he returns in the same spot.
  2. I was thinking Phoenix area. Lots of folks go out there this time of year to golf.
  3. Good to see him and Kristi enjoying their time off. I’m sure it’s been a stressful couple of years.
  4. Fun fact: Auburn’s Qb Bo Nix is the son of Auburn legend Patrick Nix. Bo and Patrick both attended the 2011 National championship game that Tracy Rocker coached in. There’s even a picture of Bo with Cam at the game. I like this hire. Not everyone on the staff needs to be a recruiting guru. Garner brought in good recruits but ran a lot of them off with his tough love.
  5. I have a feeling Olinemen will come running to Auburn the next couple recruiting classes. Dline should start resembling itself in a year or two with a couple of the guys recruited this year. I think most knew the interior was going to be an issue last year but no one though it would be as bad as it was.
  6. I’m definitely ready to see Auburn get a win in Baton Rogue. Wish Auburn played there this season.
  7. Tennison would probably have over taken him this year. Good luck to Tutt but I’d be surprised if he ended up somewhere better than Auburn.
  8. Pruitt and Tennessee (and hopefully UGA) may have a mess on their hands with the NCAA. Kevin may have a short stay unless they’re gonna replace Pruitt with him when it hits the fan.
  9. At Penn State, LSU, TaMu, and Arkansas is still pretty daunting. It’ll be interesting to see who the east opponents are after this years shake up.
  10. I had high hopes for 2021 before Gus was canned. Probably looking at an average “solid” year of 8-4 maybe 7-5. Gonna depend on Oline transfers and how quick the team picks up on the new playbook. Definitely more of a rebuild year at this point. That being said Auburn coaches have been known to have big years in seasons 1&2 over the past 20-30 years.
  11. I think you are correct with Powell at the 2.
  12. Too bad Powell is still concussed. It’ll be good to get 2 months with this crew to solidify for next year.
  13. If Shivers sticks around. Tank definitely gonna get the carries for 1k yards next year.
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