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  1. Win4AU

    How Would You Fix This Team? Pt. 1

    I’ve always though he was under utilized as a true WR. Maybe I’ve missed something.
  2. Win4AU

    How Would You Fix This Team? Pt. 1

    I was editing as you were replying after I realized you weren’t talking 5 wide. I’m for whatever works. The big question is what do you do when Eli returns next year?
  3. Win4AU

    How Would You Fix This Team? Pt. 1

    This is more or less what Miss State ran against Auburn except Fitz ran instead of throwing. I wouldn’t have a problem with this. I’d hate to not have a Rb in the backfield as an option as well and I’d want to work Ryan Davis in there as well since he has been one of the most dependable guys on the field.
  4. Win4AU

    How Would You Fix This Team? Pt. 1

    I would say Ole Miss was old school Gus. Auburn played with tempo and didn’t sub as much as previous games. I know Ole Miss is the worst rush defense in the SEC and all that but Auburn still executed fairly well. I’d expect to see the same against the top rated rush defenses in 2 weeks. Expect lots of Schwartz in motion and the defense will have to guess if it’s a the sweep, the Zone read, a screen, or a long bomb. That’s Old school Gus. Boobee’s health unfortunately May dictate the success.
  5. Win4AU

    sticking with Carlson

    For a true freshman I think he’s done decent. If he starts doinking XP’s and chip shots on a consistent basis then it’s tome to sound the alarm. Anders is the least of Auburn’s problems for the time being.
  6. As much as Kam could help the running game with Boobee banged up I’d still put Malik Miller and Shivers ahead of him. Kam wants to run as fast as he can between the center and guard ever play and would be much better served on the outside runs and quick pitches where speed matters more. I’ve seen Miller get stopped in the backfield twice only to throw off tacklers and make a big run. Miller and Shivers would be true thunder and lightning.
  7. Win4AU

    Offensive Identity/Scheme

    Whether it’s successful or not against TaMu Auburn has to establish the run game to be successful. It can’t give up and start trying to throw its way downfield with bubble screens. Should be a good game with a rested team
  8. Win4AU

    Offensive Identity/Scheme

    I’m sure Gus hasn’t avoided recruiting OL. The ones we have weren’t poorly rated and many are still underclassmen. They looked pretty decent run blocking yesterday and Boobee did a great job waiting for the holes to open. TaMu will tell me if I’m blinded by a bad defense but yesterday was the first game I’ve seen Auburn commit to the run.
  9. Win4AU

    Offensive Identity/Scheme

    Gus has always said his offense is a power run play action team. This year they got away from that somewhat because they thought Stidham could throw Auburn to victory. Yesterday they got away from that and went old school pound the ball and looked better. Maybe it had to do with Ole Miss’s defense but it also had a lot to do with the team playing better. I think this offense could be very successful if it sticks to this game plan the rest of the season.
  10. Win4AU

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    My old distract manager used to say that people either do what they need to do in their own or they have to be pushed. Maybe Gus is someone that has to be pushed to do what he needs to do. I’m sure the last week has sucked for him and this was just a result of that stress coming out.
  11. Win4AU

    Ole Miss Game Report Card

    I don’t care if that was a bad defense. Auburn did what it does best when it’s winning and that’s run the ball. Boobee was so patient waiting for the holes and by the end of the game there was a huge hole on the left side that Auburn kept abusing. Malik Miller had another great game. That run that got called back was him just breaking tackles and making it happen. Kam needs to be limited to outside runs because for whatever reason he refuses to find the holes to run through. Stidham’s numbers could have been better if not for some dropped passes. I saw him make a lot of good decisions today. He’s also slow as dirt. The offense put the defense in a position to be successful which it hadn’t done in awhile. TaMu in 2 weeks will be fun.
  12. Win4AU

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    That was 100% Gus that game. Run run run and then run some more. Loved it! Defense stayed fresh. Hope Boobee is ok. He is the key to this offense. Shivers and Miller looked good as well.
  13. Win4AU

    Malik Willis highlights

    Does Malik have a touchdown this season? If not would he be scored -2 for the ASU safety? Seriously though if he gets a chance tomorrow I hope he tears it up. I’d love to see him break a long run off or hit a play action bomb to Schwartz. Can you imagine if he hits his deep pass?
  14. I’m heading over to Oxford and I’m hoping for an Auburn victory. Below are what I hope happens as well as what I think needs to be done for a W. 1. Whether it’s Boobee/Asa/Worm/Kmart/Miller Auburn must control the game on the ground. No more trying to pass to setup the run. That first drive against Tennessee is how Auburn wins against Ole Miss and Ole Miss has a bad rushing D. 2. Control the clock. Ole Miss has a dangerous offense and needs to be kept off the field as much as possible. Auburn’s defense needs the offense to carry the load for once. A shootout is not in Auburn’s best interest. 3. If Stidham comes out and looks timid or has more bad turnovers then he has to ride the pine. Bring in Malik or Cord and see if things get any better for a series. If they come out and look just as bad then at least we’ll know. This will hopefully light a fire under Stidham. 4. Defense must contain Ole Miss’s Qb. Make him beat Auburn through the air, which he can, but don’t let his running attack thrive. Making Ole Miss one dimensional will help get the defense off the field quicker. 5. Finally the D cannot allow 3 and long conversions. It’s not 2014 anymore so let’s tighten that up.
  15. Win4AU

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Bill Clark makes less than 1 million at UAB btw.