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  1. Read an article I’d assume was based off the same interview where Dilly was talking about working on the Qbs feet. I’ve read a lot of complaining about footwork and Qbs throwing off their back foot over the years. Maybe Dilly is the Qb guru Gus has needed. They sure looked better in Aday.
  2. Better yet Joey’s body, Malik’s speed, and Bo’s accuracy and you’d have a helluva Qb. I hope Auburn gets enough big leads this season to let Nix play his 4 games and redshirt and Willis get mop up in the rest. Everyone gets to play and be a contributor and Nix gets an extra year.
  3. Its also one of those formations that can go several different ways. 1) run as above 2) end around 3) fake handoff , fake end around play action pass 4) fake handoff, fake end around, fake playaction pass, screen to the RB ala KJ against UGA 2017.
  4. I’d say one of the biggest things would probably be OL quality. I can’t speak on coaching or anything else.
  5. Looks like a duplicate from last year about this time. Michigan, Penn State, and Moo State don’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Everything else looks about right.
  6. Kam is going to have to learn how to run through a hole and not in a straight line into the offensive line. He did it again at A day. He’s got blazing speed but zero vision. Boobie is great about being patient and waiting for the hole to open up (if it does). Boobie, Worm, and DJ will be great options this year not to mention the kid who isn’t even on campus yet.
  7. Someone with more football knowledge than me can answer this but would moving Malik Miller to FB/HB make sense? I don’t recall how good of a blocker he is but he has great hands and certainly knows the running plays. That Prosch/Cox position is so important in a Gus offense and I worry we don’t have a bruiser to make those blocks. Nigh maybe? Guy from Arizona State?
  8. MSU ran the same play over and over. Auburn choose to defend against the RB keep instead of Fitz keep and he ate Auburn alive. Deshaun got hurt in the first half and I think that further hurt the defense. Offense a Td taken away and MSU has that bs TD right before half. That game is when I knew Gus wasn’t “running” the offense because the running game was actually having some success but Auburn kept choosing to throw screens that were getting destroyed. UT game was your typical 11am game. All that’s rear view now though.
  9. I need to see the middle of the line perform against Oregon before I say one of the best in the SEC. Still should be better than last year.
  10. He’ll be starting by his junior year. Either Gatewood lives up to the hype and leaves after next year or Nix over takes him.
  11. If you have WatchESPN you should be able to replay. Sec network will replay all of the games all week. Probably will also end up on YouTube by end of week if it’s not there already
  12. Even if Nix doesn’t win I can’t see him transferring. Dude is a. AU lifer and hopefully has a good enough head on his shoulders to know his day will be here soon. Also I’m sure he’d get plenty of snaps this year especially if Gatewood is struggling in a game. Heard his younger brother is better than Bo. Hopefully he’ll come to Auburn too.
  13. I was slightly underwhelmed by the two long shots that he slowed up on yesterday. I think one he never saw the ball and the other I don’t think he expected to get thrown to and slowed up. Gotta go non stop in the real games.