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  1. 23 sounds about right. If whoever the Qb is isn’t completely in over his head then things should be alright. Chandler Cox may be the biggest loss on this team. FB is such a big part in Gus’s run O.
  2. Win4AU

    Time for a little Sunshine Pumping

    Auburn will probably only manage 30pts per half on offense against an SEC D 😁
  3. Win4AU

    Time for a little Sunshine Pumping

    Tell me if you’ve heard this before. High preseason expectations followed by a disappointing season almost gets a coach fired. Top decision makers from Auburn go talk to a Bob or Bobby about the job. News breaks of said meeting and Bob or Bobby denies interest. Auburn coach gets a chip on his shoulder. If Gus can bring what he brought against Purdue to every game watchout.
  4. Win4AU

    AU falls out of top 25.

    I think last year threw off reasonable expectations for this team. Auburn is still very much in the building phase. Each recruiting class is better than the last so I have to believe things will only get better. Auburn went from a team that couldn’t get an NIT bid to a high NCAA seed. Auburn hopeful earning around a 5 seed this season would probably match what the trajectory of this program should be.
  5. Win4AU

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Stidham didn’t help himself that first series. Very indecisive and then the fumble.
  6. Win4AU

    2019 4* RB Mark-Antony Richards

    247 had MAR a Miami lean over Auburn. My understanding is MAR is #1 and Griffin #2 on the Auburn board?
  7. Win4AU

    Freeze wanted to come to AU

    Freeze got a head coaching gig at a school where he can be successful and Gus gets to be the man in control. Win Win
  8. My only hope is the tough times are building up this team for down the road. Last year was a complete surprise and this year is probably about where Auburn should be. Talent wise this team will only continue to improve with the young guys Bruce is recruiting to Auburn. The goal to finish out the season should be a winning record in the SEC, a strong run in the SEC tourney, and a mid level seed in the NCAA tourney come March. Good news is as Gus would say “future looks bright”.
  9. Win4AU

    New RB Coach wants and news

    Be careful what you wish for. If USC tanks this season he may be available and we all know Gus is on thin ice. All it takes is another 7-5 with losses to our rivals to open that can of worms. I gotta believe coaches are either scared to come due to Gus’s precarious position or because they don’t want to coach the Gus Malzahn way. Auburn should be able to get top assistants from around the country.
  10. Win4AU

    January 18-20 Visitor Thread

    I don’t. Sorry. Misinterpreted I guess.
  11. Win4AU

    January 18-20 Visitor Thread

    I think Ira just committed per twitter. That’s some positive OT news
  12. Win4AU

    Prince Tega graded highest pass blocking

    Most the pressure came up the middle. See the LSU game where Devin White was almost taking handoffs from from Stid.
  13. Win4AU

    Playing Akron in 2021

    What Clemson wasn’t available? (Sarcasm)
  14. Win4AU

    What became of Sean White?

    Some will be upset by this but he’s the reason Gus Malzahn is still Auburn’s coach. Without Sean 2015&2016 would have been back to back losing seasons and Gus is probably shown the door. Auburn beats UGA both years and May have beaten Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl is he stays healthy. That game was pretty even till he broke his arm. Dude had guts.
  15. Win4AU

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    Best case IMO is Music City Joey also is a good passer and Auburn is able to redshirt Bo. Malik or Cord 2nd. If Joey can ball out then Auburn could be dangerous on offense. That would give Nix a year to get bigger. 2020 you’d have Joey going for a Cam like season and Nix #2. I know recent freshmen have done well but that’s a lot of stress to shoulder.