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  1. 5.1 is pretty decent. I used to have a coach who said if you can move the ball 3yrds a play on offense you’ll be unstoppable. Kinda old school but the math works.
  2. I’m not sure the low outputs against UGA and Bama had as much to do with the line than play calling. The UGA game I feel like Auburn gave up trying to run the ball and went pass heavy in the second half. The Iron Bowl I though was pretty decent through the first half but when Bama came out swinging in the 2nd Auburn went pass heavy again trying to keep up. I’d have to go back and look at per run avg but I think it was decent.
  3. Auburn used to have the nicest stadium in the SEC/Nation according to some. I’d be more for facilities and some cosmetic stadium work. Please don’t build gameday condos in right field.
  4. Gus’s ability to bring in talent hasn’t wavered since he got here. Transitioning that talent from high school to college has been hit or miss at times. The thing that sticks out to me is the majority of talent on the offensive side are redshirt sophomores and freshman. Defensively you have a lot of young talent at LB and DB. This is Gus’s 6th full recruiting cycle so he should have everything he wants depth wise to be successful
  5. FSU had come back on several teams that year so that wasn’t as surprising as the LSU game. 2017 LSU, 2014 TaMu May be two of the hardest games I’ve watched under Gus. Miracle in Jordan Hare should have never required a miracle so it was almost a choke job. That was not a good UGA team in 2013.
  6. D. Craig accounted for something like 80% of the offensive production his senior year and it showed the next season. Frank Sanders and maybe even Nix if Auburn can beat UGA and Bama to end the year in 94. Tre Mason 2013
  7. Hope they win tomorrow so I don’t have to sneak around at work Monday.
  8. I heard something similar last night from a buddy that lives down there. I don’t know about J&M but did hear it was somebody who has some pull down there. I don’t want to get into rumors cause I have no idea but something has felt off about this wreck since details started coming out. Maybe it’s just because it involves such a big part of the Auburn experience that I feel this way. Just sad all around. I’m sure if there’s something to it more details will surface.
  9. White out against Tulane a real thing? Is this the game Auburn breaks out some special unis?
  10. Winning cures all. 10 wins or bust for me. I think a lot of teams are overhyped due to their coaches. In the end LSU, UGA, and Bama will decide this season. Florida and TaMu are replacing a lot of pieces, Bama is replacing its entire coaching staff, UGA new coordinators as well and 1 injured Fromm away from trouble. If Auburn can be in the Championship convo till Amen Corner than I’d say Auburn and Gus will be getting some new facilities.
  11. Isn’t there statistical evidence that places that sell beer at their games actually saw a drop of alcohol related problems? Also consider the strength of alcohol being snuck in compared to 4-5% alcohol in beer. Most places I’ve been cut off alcohol either at halftime or mid 3rd qtr and $10 beers help cut down the mass consumption some.
  12. No football facility No beer sales He wanted to fire Bruce I’m not one to call for someone to get fired but...... FIRE LEATH Wonder how much revenue Auburn will miss out on with the alcohol sales? 85k beer drinkers is a lot of $$$
  13. 1st play Schwartz speed sweep ala Stove against Arkansas in 2017 for a TD. 2nd offensive play fake speed sweep, fake Qb inside zone, long bomb to Seth for a TD 3rd offensive play Kam Martin up the gut for 2 yards.
  14. 31-16 Auburn. Cristobal needs another season of recruiting to build up talent and depth in Oregon.