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  1. Win4AU

    Home and Home vs. Baylor and UCLA

    I hope Baylor can get back to being halfway decent and not a bad team like they were before Briles. UCLA in the Rose Bowl will be Ausome! Hopefully Auburn finds its way back there sooner than 2027 for the playoffs.
  2. I don’t think this is a surprise. Asa will get plenty of carries in mop up duty. Gotta feel bad for Malik. Dude can’t stay healthy.
  3. Win4AU

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 2

    Scoop and score isn’t the kind of big play I was hoping for. would love to see Willis or Gatewood used like D Craig back in the day in the wildcat. Get some game reps in where they might actually pass. A passing threat in the wildcat could open the run even more.
  4. Win4AU

    Mark My Word 2018

    Mark My Words: Auburn beats LSU by the largest margin in 30 years Mark My Words: Auburn will have a a 1k yard receiver and 1k yard rusher Mark My Words: Auburn will return a kickoff or punt for a TD. I can’t remember the last time this happened
  5. Win4AU

    2018 Official Prediction Thread

    I’m close to you Washington 24-20 win. Defense stops a late drive Alabama St. blowout LSU 45-7. Gus does not take the foot off the gas Arkanslaw 52-20. Gus being friends with Morris keeps this from 60 Southern Miss 41-17 Miss State 45-24. I agree about Fitz being a turnover machine. Cowbells are way overrated UT 38-10. Neither Pruitt nor Tennessee scares me. Ole Miss 45-24. Similar to last year. If there is a “letdown” game this could be it. Tamu- 34-20. This game makes me nervous. Fisher will have this team competing for the West but this could be personal for Gus after 2013. THUGA- 24-21. Everyone will say payback for the Dawgs but Auburn will win a classic between the hedges Bammer. 31-21. In Tua I trust to feel the pressure and make Sophmore mistakes. SEC Auburn 38- UGA 21. Auburn fans will get to buy tickets this time. playoffs Auburn 23-Clempson 10. Kelly Bryant isn’t great Auburn 27- Wisky 14. Id say this would be Ohio State 2 weeks ago. Urban Meyer’s winless streak against Auburn continues.
  6. Win4AU

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    2pm Sept 1st
  7. Win4AU

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    I like the future of that right side if Ashley sticks at right guard and Troxell at RT.
  8. Win4AU

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    Wonder if Driscoll playing with 2nd team last week and 1st this week was an acclimation process and now he’s taking over at RT?
  9. Win4AU

    2018 Fall Camp Schedule

    Is there and when would a second scrimmage take place?
  10. Win4AU

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    Who’s #37? Shivers? Pretty sweet spin move in that short video. Bring Freeze on as a consultant but don’t let him have any phones.
  11. Win4AU

    2018 Depth Chart, Let's Talk

    if Malik redshirted Auburn would have a complete mess at Qb next year. Rsoph Malik, Gatewood soph, Cord soph, Nix freshman. With all the eligibility left I’d have to believe Auburn would lose one of these guys. It’s a great problem to have but I’d hate to see any of these guys leave. If Malik doesn’t redshirt you’d have a junior Qb stepping up ever other year to take the reigns. If Gatewood is Cam jr then he could blow everything I said up.
  12. Win4AU

    2018 Depth Chart, Let's Talk

    Good deal. I was worried something had happened to him that I missed after all the buzz in the spring.
  13. Win4AU

    2018 Depth Chart, Let's Talk

    Smoke Is a name I have not heard since Spring. Is he just not as productive so far this fall?
  14. Win4AU

    2018 Season Simulation

    I used to do this every year when the games came out. Fun fact is in 2010 it simulated the BCSNC on my first run. That being said this simulation is hot garbage. If Auburn gives up 41 to anyone I’d be shocked. It’s not 2014 anymore. Also if Auburn struggles with Arkansas or even LSU Gus may have to give back some of that money.
  15. Win4AU

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    Any word how Kmart did? Heard Asa and Boobie both had some good runs but didn’t hear anything about Kam. Glad to hear that Willis’s lone Int was due to a great play by Myers