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  1. I’ve always liked Florida outside of Auburn. I probably started watching football as Spurrier took over so I got to see them really take off. Florida is the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in and I’ve been to LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, Bammer etc. That being said I hope Dan Mullen falls on his face this season. I hope Gus beats him like he was still coaching Miss State. I’m tired of hearing how great Mullen is because of 4 weeks in 2014. I hope they run him out of town the same way they ran Zook, Muschamp, and the shark humper out. He’s a low life piece of garbage just like Urban.
  2. Right over my head. That being said it still wouldn’t surprise me if he got 1/3 of the reps the last scrimmage since it was primarily the 2s and 3s.
  3. From what I’ve read Sunday’s scrimmage concentrated on the 2nd and 3rd teams which would make sense with Cord getting the majority of the reps. I’m sure Appleton will see some time against Samford and maybe Tulane or Kent handing off to Malik and MAR.
  4. To further go down the rumor vortex I heard that Sandberg is getting extra reps in case the 2nd string Qb bolts. I think it was on the auburnsports podcast. I think both QBs stay through the season at this point unless the ratio goes 95/5 or something like that.
  5. I watched Marcello’s sim of the Oregon game on NCAA 14 with updated roster. Take it for what it is but Gatewood looked awesome. It primarily had him and Nix running a lot of reads. Boobie was also unstoppable until he was injured in Nix’s game. Nix wasn’t given a lot of throws other than screens but had a TD pass to Sal and an int to seal the game. Defense looked really good. Like I said take it for what it is.
  6. Gary Walker is listed as a Senior and if Big Kat/TD has a coming out party and gets some NFL love who knows?
  7. interesting composite rankings
  9. Terry Daniels- punted the ball so far other coaches asked the footballs to be inspected. Jimmy Brumbaugh - injured often but a force during the Terry Bowden debacle Sean White - saved the 2015 season and if not for injuries would have lead a very good 2016 season. Josh Bynes- Nick Fairley Was the star of the 2010 defense but Bynes was the glue that helped that D bend but not break during a lot of pivotal games.
  10. Purely based on returning DT players compared to the number Oline recruits coming in. Auburn will lose 4 possibly 5 defensive line guys this season.
  11. I wonder if you’ll see Alec Jackson move back to DT next season with the influx of Oline recruits and the lack of DL depth.
  12. I think he’ll name a Qb this week. I don’t think it’s a secret that both QBs will see playing time against Oregon. Bo Nix is the name that the “experts” keep saying. This is the most anxious/excited I’ve been for a season to start I think since Gus’s first. I left that Wazzou game feeling kinda nervous about the rest of the season but that worked out ok.
  13. Gotta replace the shuttle with the Saturn 5
  14. @passthebiscuits coming in at midnight dropping bombs. Bo’s dad had a pretty athletic Qb play goal line situations for him back in the day. I have no doubt you’ll see Joey play more than short yardage situations.
  15. This is the type of offense you’d have to run with Joey. Cam wasn’t asked to throw a lot in games and a lot of those throws were to back the defense up to give more running room. Cam made some amazing clutch throws but also had games like Clemson where he couldn’t complete a pass in the first half and threw 1 or 2 ints.