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  1. I'm going to make it down for the first time since 2010 I believe. I'd expect between 45000-55000 which is still a big number for a scrimmage. I have a feeling we as fans won't see too many wrinkles this spring. My attention will be on the young Qbs and running backs. Depth was a big issue at these positions last year.
  2. What would really make the secondary good is if the Dline and LBs put pressure on the opponents QB the entire game. Carlton Davis got picked on a little last year and he's our best player back there. If the defense can be close to last year then this Auburn team will be ok. The defense didn't cost Auburn 5 games last year.
  3. Can we add 2-3 against Clemson? Rubber game this year. Last win 2010
  4. Guess Clemson got tired of playing us 😁
  5. Thankfully this team should only get better. If Auburn doesn't make NIT next year then Bruce might feel some heat. The talent here and on its way should make this team a beast.
  6. Hasting on a slant would be good till he gets decleated by an LB or Safety.
  7. I thought Gus already had allowed this? Hopefully our coaches are just as good as these "gurus"
  8. At least it wasn't LSU.
  9. I like 14. It gives Auburn room to move up pretty easily if they can beat Clemson early on but not soo low that if Auburn stumbles they won't disappear. LSU is completely dependent on their offense improving and the OC they hired did well at Pitt. Clemson will still be finding its way 2nd game of the season so that bodes well. UGA needs Eason to step up in year 2. Bama 's gonna Bam but could lose early to FSU. Guess we'll find out in 6 months.
  10. I'm fine with White. I think Auburn is still top 5 good with White at Qb. There is soo much talent on offense that a serviceable QB should do very well. Auburn doesn't need a Cam Newton to carry this offense this year. With Bubba, KJ, Kam, and Malik I'd be fine if Sean handed off every play and stayed healthy. Best part is if he gets hurt the backup wouldn't be a train wreck like last season.
  11. I don't see Malzahn naming a starter till game week and even then I could see Sean and Stidham sharing snaps to see who looks best. Definitely a better situation than last season.
  12. I'd like to see him on a jet sweep or in the KJ spot in the wildcat. I feel like we waste wildcat plays by not trying to throw out of them some of the time. DB would help from a depth standpoint.
  13. Auburn is stacked at RB. Built for speed and power!
  14. Must Win: UGA - at home. LSU would be my second but as we saw in 2013 there is time to recover. Gus at LSU hasn't gone well since 2009. Trap - Miss State. Even though it's at home this game is always the make or break game in a season. Last year Auburn rolled and that kick started the win streak. Years Auburn loses this game usually go badly.
  15. Lock this guy up and throw away the key.