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  1. Plays you want to see...

    Or D Craig’s in the sec championship game against Tennessee. Sickest play action fake ever
  2. end the hot seat talk

    The one qualifier I can’t wrap my head around is why does it hinge on the Iron Bowl? I’ve heard a couple experts say that now. $1 to Bill Curry
  3. end the hot seat talk

    Petrino lied to the AD about an affair with a staffer so not win lose based. John L Smith was interim for 2 years so no way he could bring in recruits. I can’t remember what happened to Nutt. Bert is the only one in awhile that was given time to recruit and build but he failed. I feel like 7-8 wins and .500 in the Sec will keep you employed there for awhile.
  4. end the hot seat talk

    Maybe I can say it a different way. Gus is in a highly competitive position amongst the best of the best. Let’s say Gus is in sales instead of coaching. His first year he made some big sales. His next 3 years not so much. You could go as far as saying he blew some pretty big deals. Now his boss is riding him because Gus has a big book of business and should be producing at a higher level. This year he had some more big sales opportunities that should have been sales but didn’t come through. Finally he hits a big sale and his boss is happy again. Even in the toughest of times Gus kept working hard so understandably he’s got a chip on his shoulder from being rode so hard by his boss. Gus can either keep fighting believing he’s turned a corner or realistically take a step to a lesser company where the pressure to be a top producer won’t be as high. To me accepting the lesser job because it would be less pressure is a loser mentality. That’s been beat into my head during years of playing sports and working in sales. If Auburn fires Gus one day for not meeting expectations I’m sure Arkansas will still be there.
  5. Plays you want to see...

    I think Cam ran it a couple times as well in 2010 but it has since vanished. I often wonder if it was a chizik play because I’ve not seen it run once since then. Seems like a play Gus would run quite often. Stove wheel route off the fake jet sweep for a Td would be neat.
  6. end the hot seat talk

    Take this for what it’s worth but Clay Travis said “reliable” people have told him Gus is halfway out the door. He feels he’s been unfairly criticized over the past two years. To me this is a loser mentality. I’ve been on the Gus bus through all this garbage but if he wants to tuck his tail because his feelings are hurt so be it. They’ve got Waffle House in Arkansas. Scott Frost is either going UF or Nebraska where he played. I think this is why Chip hasn’t been announced at UF yet. Sumlin to UCLA and Jimbo to Tamu is a hot rumor. UT wants Gruden or Wake’s coach. Names I don’t want to see associated with Auburn: Kiffin, Briles, Mullen, or Strong. Chad Morris is the man IMO if Gus leaves. No major offensive changes would be needed and we could keep Steele since he’s in it for the Alabama retirement $$ anyway
  7. The stadium will be rocking. No need to wait another 4 hrs to kick off. See the 2:30 Georgia game last week
  8. Probably more about FBS vs FCS. How much did Auburn pay Mercer?
  9. ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    Better to play like this this week and not next
  10. ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    Gus thinking about real estate in Fayetteville?
  11. Arkansas wants Gus

    Maybe Jerry Jones will take over Arkansas AD and start throwing some money around. Ha
  12. Arkansas wants Gus

    Wasn’t Tommy going to Arkansas too around 2007-2008 time period? He’s from there, has family, loves to duck hunt there etc
  13. What do you want to see vs ULM?

    Not a let down between our two biggest rivals. Auburn needs to keep Bama nervous.
  14. So who wants to keep him now?

    Arkansas is a complete rebuilding job. Gus should have Auburn to the point of reloading instead of rebuilding. It would take Gus at least 3 years to turn that around. Would Gus be willing to go through all that? With the exception of UGA they play the same opponents Auburn does now so his job won’t be easier. I think this is a money grab by his agent just like Tubs to Arkansas 10 years ago. Big win makes this louder and the $$$ keeps going up.
  15. Speaking of Bubba anyone know if he’ll be back before the end of the season? As good as Kerryon is playing right now it’s always good to have another threat back there. Barrett gets about 2 plays a game and Kam comes in if we’re beating the crap out of someone. Backfield for next year looks next level if everyone returns.