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  1. Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    I gotta believe Gus is more concerned with Joey learning the base offense before throwing him out to the wildcat formation. Maybe later in the season or next year.
  2. Fun 2018 Regular Season Projection

    Washington could be a slugfest 24-14 Auburn Alabama St blowout LSU finish the job 41 - 10 Auburn Arkansas is 2 years away from decent 55 -21 SoMiss hangs around early 42-17 Auburn @Miss St could be interesting 31-17 Auburn UT has 2:30 cbs written on it 35-20 Auburn @Ole Miss can still score 63 -28 Auburn TaMu makes me nervous 35-28 Auburn @UGA will be a classic 31-24 Auburn Liberty “Auburn?!” Said like Trump @Bama defense vs defense 18-17 Auburn SEC Champ game Auburn beats UF 38-34 1st rd Auburn beats Clemson 20-7 Championship Auburn over OSU 42-24 Or 6-6 with losses to UW, UGA, Bama, TaMu, LSU, and Miss State
  3. A-Day thread

    the cliff notes version of Aday
  4. Our Backup QBs

    I completely agree. Willis and Gatewood could be special players. JF3 never stood a chance.
  5. Our Backup QBs

    Unfortunately I don’t think things will get a lot better for Gatewood and Willis till they see the field in real games. Nick Marshall was not the Qb we remember his first couple games. The Wazzou game he was especially raw. It’ll probably be the same for these guys till the offense finds that 3rd game rhythm. If you get bored YouTube has all the offensive plays from 2013. The number of missed long balls by Marshall still makes me cuss.
  6. Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    in 2014 I said if only Auburn had a decent defense the sky was the limit. Now Auburn has a dominating defense and I’m saying if only Auburn had a dominating offense. 2018 offense should be pretty good but after watching Clemson, UGA(SEC), and LSU(2nd half) shut the offense down I have my concerns. UGA was the only game in 2014 where a defense completely stopped the offense even though Kstate was a struggle. UW could be a KState kind of game. Definitely not confident facing Petersen in that cursed stadium again.
  7. Auburn a sleeper in SEC West

    TAMU would be a sleeper but I think most folks have Auburn and Bama 1a 1b in the West.
  8. Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    I remember using D Craig for goal line situations back in the 90s when Nix was a senior. I’d like to see Willis personally run the wildcat. With the exception of the jump pass the wildcat has had virtually zero passing threat with Gus. Even though KJ was usually successful it could be so much better if the pass was actually an option.
  9. Narrowing RB competition

    Sounds like Kmart, Malik, and Whitlow if I’m reading this article face value. Sounds like Devan and Asa still have some wrinkles to iron out. I really though Barrett would jump Malik this spring. Maybe Malik is coming on later in his career like Barber did in 2015.
  10. What Gus said about Second Scrimmage

    Read that Willis had a 70 yrd TD run and a 20 yrd one. That’s reassuring considering the throwing news hasn’t been great. I hope he can break off some good runs and throws next weekend.
  11. Malzahn/Lindsey reactions to scrimmage

    Sounds like Willis is struggling this Spring. Hopefully it’s a good experience and he’s getting a lot of the learning curve out of the way before next year. I’m really excited to see him lead this team next weekend and hope he puts on a good show.
  12. What Gus said about Second Scrimmage

    Any news other than the injuries?
  13. The ability to have high end draft picks especially on the defensive side of the ball cant be stressed enough. Bama’s ability to have 2-3 1st rounders every year is half the reason they recruit 5* talent up front. I have a feeling UGA is gonna start getting that type of talent as well. Gus is gonna have to keep Auburn in the game recruiting wise or we’ll get left behind by our two big rivals.
  14. spring practice updates??

    Gotta wonder how many of those interceptions were due to the defense knowing what was coming.
  15. Malzahn reviews 6th spring practice

    They were discussing whether or not Stidham would play in Aday this morning on Jox. If he does I hope it’s one series and out. I’d love to watch Malik lead the offense with Gatewood getting some work as well. Is Adams still on the team? I’m not sure who would come out for clean up duty this year. I’m not sure it really matters if anyone RB stands out prior to Washington. Seems like whoever Gus picks gets replaced 3 games in by the eventual go to. Dyer, Bubba, Robinson etc