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  1. As thin as Auburn is on talent from 2 so so recruiting classes and losing a bunch of guys during the transition I say load’em up. See if you can’t get lucky with some 3 star kids you would have normally not recruited due to the limits. It’s not really gonna affect the Bama’s and UGAs. They’ll still rack up 5*s but you only have so many positions and kids will still look for better playing time.
  2. “Just called each other’s wives fat” That is a great quote
  3. Good for the guys who work their butts off on the practice squad who wouldn’t get a scholly otherwise. Bad for everyone else. Maybe this is one of those things that will work opposite of how we think it will and teams will have instant depth of guys they wouldn’t normally recruit hard because the limits? I think the Auburns of the world would be fine but the Troys and Southern Miss’s will be destroyed from collecting the scraps.
  4. Mike Leech is a worse Gus Malzahn. Without a serviceable QB his offense doesn’t work. You’ll have a flash in the pan season and then a terrible season. At least Gus knew you need to have a running game to win in the SEC. I would say Harsin did better in his first year than the last 2 times an Auburn coach has changed the offense. See 2008, 2012. Apparently Auburn has an academic standard that is also making it harder for kids to transfer in. Not just NIL stuff. What are we talking about again?
  5. 69 wins at Boise. Nice
  6. I don’t think Bigsby will get 1500. I expect the run game to continue to struggle. If Harsin brings in a new OC it better be because someone good is available and not because the offense is struggling. Playing musical chairs with Qbs is a recipe for disaster. No way to build consistency on offense if you can’t pick a Qb and stick with him the whole season. Putting in someone new like TJ against Ga State should only be done in emergencies like Ga State.
  7. Calzada Ashford Finley only because Greiner will redshirt.
  8. That was one of those Iron Bowls that should have been a blood bath. Bama was a complete fraud at 9-1 and got exposed that day. Tommy went Into his shell and took his foot off the gas in the 2nd half.
  9. With the NIL being so new I think you're gonna see a lot of ebbs and flows similar to something like a NFT or bitcoin. Company's are still trying to figure out the impact of having a star college player advertising them so the market is still looking for the sweet spot. If the ROI isn't there you may see companies less likely to shell out a couple mill for a 18 year old that may or may not pan out. Same goes if it goes the other way. I know Nascar is struggling to find sponsors as a lot of the bigger brands have pulled back in recent years as advertising has changed. It would be a good research paper if any Auburn business school kids want to dive in.
  10. No way to know this till the games are played. Just an off-season article to fill time before the season.
  11. If Auburn can’t do better for Tank this season then forget about. Auburn will have wasted potentially one of the better RBs they’ve ever had. I don’t care if they go 3 TE heavy sets all season as long as Tank has holes to run through.
  12. Seemed like Auburn did a pretty good job getting to Rogers early in the Miss State game. Seems like whatever Auburn was doing early should have kept happening. Offense didn’t help any either
  13. I think Calzada is significantly better than TJ. Ashford is the wildcard. I may even put the true freshman ahead of the TJ if it came down to it.
  14. Outside of 2 innings Auburn played almost equal to the undisputed top team in the country at their park. So nice to see this team return to playing great after last season.
  15. 5-0 going into UGA, 2 tough road games in Athens and Oxford, rebound at home against Arky, win on the road at MooState, 2 more tough loses at the end against TaMu and Bama, Bowl game win in Florida, top 10 recruiting class. Edit to add I think you’ll see Auburn bring in a ton of top level transfers due to the huge holes you’ll have along the Lines after the season.
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