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  1. I’m not getting my hopes up too high for any of the backs. I think even with Chad it’s going to be by committee starting out the season. There will be two big hurdles this offseason for the offense 1) Is it Chad running Gus’s O or is it Chad running his O? They may be similar but there still will be a learning curve 2) is the obvious which is the Oline. Breaking in 4 new guys won’t happen quickly as we learned in 2018. If the Oline cant give the RBs a lane then they all will struggle and it’ll fall on Nix’s arm. It’ll probably be UGA before any sort of pecking order becomes obvious. Hot hand will get the reps.
  2. Or leave for UNC after Roy “retires”
  3. Auburn going to have to start running a 2 TE set to appease all the TEs that are going to be on scholly. With the lack of O Tackles May just line them up there. (Joke kinda)
  4. Can we get some portajohns or renovations to account for the uptick in pee? Lines are already turrible
  5. AEW is coming to Huntsville Wednesday and I’ve got to be in Charlotte for a business trip 🤮. I’ll be shocked if Drew doesn’t take out Brock at Mania. I don’t understand the point of him winning Rumble if he’s not getting the belt at least for a little while. The Man’s days have to be numbered. She needs to lose so she can come back with a chip on her shoulder. Fiend and Reigns could go either way. I could see Reigns climbing back to the top spot but a long Fiend run would be great. Wish the WWE would do something with the tag division except 6 man tag matches. I miss the days of real teams like Demolition, Hart Foundation, Rockers etc. I would love to see Ziggler and KO get better pushes or head to AEW. They are the best mic men WWE has and they get nothing but B storylines lately. edit to say Monday Night Messiah is a terrible name.
  6. Over under how many points Auburn scores in the first 10 minutes? I’ll go with 10 since it’s at home
  7. John Andretti passed away today. He had 2 wins with one being at Daytona. He was the last win for a Richard Petty car back in 2008. He fought colon cancer for 3 years and unfortunately It won. I had been following him on twitter and hoped he would come through. 56 is too young.
  8. Auburn gonna be stacked at TE with Schnecker, Fromm, Deal, Pegges, and possibly this kid. I probably spelled half those names wrong but you guys know who I’m talking about. Also heard Chad was in Colorado scoping out 3 more for 2021. Auburn gonna become TE U?
  9. I’m not sure changing the lineup will pay huge dividends. I like to think it wouldn’t be any worse than 2 pts in the first 10 minutes but it can always be worse. Cambridge, Flanagan, and Johnson have shown some spark but lack any consistency. Someone pointed out that those 3 had 0 points in about 30 minutes played last night. Purifoy gets hot from time to time but also makes some dumb decisions that have jeopardized the team. I’d hate for Wiley to come out but he gets panicky or something under the basket and misses easy put backs or gets stripped. Samir and Javon are the de facto leaders of the team with no real replacement available and Okoro isn’t going anywhere. Not recruiting for 2 years to appease the NCAA is making its impact and probably be felt till 2022 when Auburn will have upper class men again.
  10. I can appreciate that this team isn’t what we’re used to the last two years but there is plenty of talent on this team. There is no reason to play as bad as Auburn does on the road especially tonight against a bad Ole Miss team. Hopefully Auburn can work their way back in and come out with a win.
  11. Not trying to call Bruce out but the coaches need to answer for this garbage that shows up on the road. This is a bad team Auburn is playing tonight. They should not be trailing by double digits and 20 pts in a half is embarrassing
  12. Just put in the freshmen on the road and get them experience. Samir, Wiley, McCormick, and McLemore are incapable of average play on the road.
  13. Typical Auburn road game. Can’t hit a 2 ft put back to save our life. Ole Miss shooting the lights out as well
  14. Can’t be worse than what Auburn did at Bama and Florida....... or can it? Dundun dunnnnnnn
  15. I’m pumped. Should be another good season. Hopefully I can make it to a game this season. Used to love watching the baseball games when it was starting to get warm in Auburn.