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  1. Good hire but raises a lot of questions like 1. How long of a hire is this? 1-2 years max? 2. Gus still has 100% control of the offense right? Ive got other but don’t want to sound overly negative. Definitely good to get another guru in play.
  2. Seriously though Ole Miss had some of the best coordinators last year. The DC they had turned around their D. Their Qb is going to be a pain in the butt moving forward.
  3. Welp Luke is UGA official. No inside info but pretty confident it’s going to be Kodi and someone to be passing coordinator ala Joe Brady. I think Morris is going to get a better offer somewhere else like a Tulsa and I just can’t see him being a glorified analyst at this point.
  4. I have a hard time believing an established OC is going to come and basically become an analyst. Gus is not and at this point should not turn over play calling duties. Dell could fall under that category but would Carnell be affected? I guess Matt Luke is just message board fodder even though he makes a great deal of sense. It’s gonna be Kodi with maybe an “up and comer” hired as a passing coordinator. At this point bring in someone who can recruit Olinemen and call it a day.
  5. 10 wins is huge. I heard this morning that Gus would have more 10 win seasons than any other Auburn coach in the same time frame. If you told most folks Auburn would end the season with 10 wins and an Iron Bowl victory after last year I think they’d been a little surprised.
  6. To be honest the only stadium renovations I care about are ones to help me pee and get a drink without missing an entire quarter of football. If they want to put on a Pink Floyd laser light show on between plays I really don’t care as long as I don’t miss 30 minutes doing something that shouldn’t take more than 10.
  7. So getting back to Matt Luke .... is this the part where we say hire someone to coach the Qb and let Gus call the plays? I do agree that Chad may be too many cooks in the kitchen and end up getting them both canned if Auburn had another 2018 with 2 offensive gurus on board.
  8. Saw where he is being mentioned for a couple mid tier head coaching jobs. The one at UTSA is already filled. Tulsa would be the next to watch. I wonder if he’s turning these down with the hopes a season or 2 at Auburn would propel him faster? Also how funny is it two Gus protégés got 2 big name jobs in the last week? Watch out Saban. That Gus tree is branching out.
  9. Chad had some elite skill players either on the roster or on the way especially in the area of QB. I still think Arkansas screwed up cutting bate so soon. Once again their loss Auburn’s gain.
  10. This thread is Auburn fast. My question for Chad would be who is calling the plays? Would Chad let Gus run the show or would this be another who’s calling the plays scenario? Luke would check a couple more boxes for Auburn needs. This offense is a dominant line away from being scary again.
  11. I had a thought while walking my dog that Luke would be a huge get if Grimey retired after the bowl game. He’s got passion and seems like a guy that would do well on the cruitin trail. Probably wouldn’t stick around long if another opportunity became available.
  12. Doesn’t surprise and good for him on becoming a true OC. Hope this doesn’t effect recruiting #1 and #2 who replaces him? Go ahead and make Kodi the OC and being in a new WR coach?
  13. Stephen Davis also got a concussion on the first drive of the game.
  14. Huntsville’s arena has replaced all their lights with LEDs and use it for the minor league hockey team up here. Every sports/ entertainment venue will adopt this in the next 5 years until the next thing comes along.
  15. For the 2nd year in a row Gus gets to go against a coach that some wanted to replace him. No lack of motivation on the coaches end.