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  1. I'd rather play a home and home with Washington rather than one of these kickoff classics. Most my choices would be PAC 12 schools due to other activities available outside the game. I'd love to play in the Rose Bowl again. Autzen stadium is always touted as a great place. I have no interest in traveling to Stillwater or anywhere in the Midwest. Notre Dame, Ohio state, and Michigan would be other venues I'd be interested due to tradition in those places. I've actually heard notre dame is a bit disappointing when you go.
  2. If I was Kevin Sumlin I'd be driving the moving truck to Oxford as we speak. He needs an experienced qb in the worst way.
  3. Wonder if Auburn could get Shea Patterson to transfer over. No point wasting a talent like that in a dumpster fire
  4. Clemson would go a long way toward setting the tone. Beat Clemson at night in "Death Valley" and LSU in "Death Valley" a couple weeks later doesn't seem soo bad.
  5. Teams that have had it worse than Auburn vs Bama LSU 11 straight loses worst streak plus a current 6 year streak 51-25 Bama Tennessee 11 straight loses worst streak plus current 10 straight lose 53-38 Bama Auburn 9 straight is the worst with 3 current 45-35 Bama Ill take Auburn
  6. Even if JJ didn't do anything more than what he did against Tamu in 2015 when Sean went down then I think one of those drives gets Auburn at least a first down and maybe a Fg. KM is pretty bad about missing wide open passes. Did the same thing Aday. This all boils down to woulda coulda shoulda
  7. 2nd half was one of the worst halves of football in Auburn history. Add that Kam was hurt, Kerryon hurt, and Truitt went down early hurt and what do you do? I don't remember if kam Martin was healthy but something tells me he was hurt as well. JF3 or JJ could have made some difference. Defense was gassed by the end. They ran the same sweep play 2-3 times in a row and our front 7 was getting pushed back every play.
  8. Or you could go to the individual schools websites. The allotment Auburn will get will probably be the worst seats in the stadium. I always wear neutral colors and scalp on the road. Georgia is the only place I had a hard time finding tickets
  9. Florida is a Qb away from being pretty good and they may have gotten one. That LSU, Arkansas, TAMU road trip run in the middle of the season will make or break this team. Losing a hard fought game at LSU may set up a let down the next week at Arkansas. Same if Auburn wins a close game against LSU. First half of the schedule is pretty manageable even with going to Clemson. As always that Miss State game will set the tone.
  10. I don't know if winning the NC would have added that much to recruiting. Gus was one of the hottest coaches in the country after the turnaround in year 1. Cowherd had his famous quote about Gus being better than Saban which hasn't come true yet. I think most teams need at least 4 years under a coach to become consistent. Saban's worst season other than his first was 2010. Dabo is the same. He was almost fired after his 3rd or 4th season and then started his run of 10 win seasons. Last season could have been special if Sean and Bubba don't go down. This season could be the beginning of a long string of 9-10 win seasons with special ones mixed in.
  11. If he's even close to winning then Auburn is a playoff team. I'd imagine he'd need over 3000 yards passing and over 40 tds to sniff the heisman race
  12. Always easy to pick up tickets down there. I did the wait and see approach on these ticket packets a couple times and have had good outcomes. It's nice to not have to add $400 on top of the ticket price. This is a good example why we don't need to worry about more seats but nicer amenities. Other than being at the game itself, which is awesome, getting food and going to the bathroom is a pain. We need huge tvs in the concourse and maybe even the bathroom because you're gonna miss 15 minutes if you leave your seat.
  13. Clemson, LSU, and Alabama are just as good if not better talent wise as Auburn. Clemson will depend 100% on qb play. If they find someone to keep the opponents defense honest then their defense will do the rest. If Matt Canada can do to LSU's offense what he did at Pitt then they could be really dangerous. Bama has 5*s on top of 5*s and will continue to thrive no matter who they lose. Add that Clemson and LSU are on the road in hostile environments and cross your fingers Stidham doesn't get frazzled.
  14. I think defense will be just as good as last year. A lot of young talent Auburn brought in on defense is finally reaching upperclassman status like Cowart. Last year's defense caught 99% of Auburn fans off guard. If the offense gets going then defense shouldn't be a concern. We've won championships with less
  15. Alabama v Florida - Florida Auburn v Georgia - Athens LSU v Tennessee - slight edge UT Ole Miss - Missouri - OM Tamu - USC - unknown Ark- UK - Lexington MSU - Vandy - Nashville