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  1. Bo is still a young Qb who does some young Qb things. He’ll get better as the season goes and he gets more reps in Chad’s offense. He gets his shot next week to lead this team on the road against one of the best defenses in the country. He’ll either take that next step or he’ll struggle like he did at Florida and LSU.
  2. Defense was very reminiscent of the Oregon game last year. Got worked in the first half but held strong in the 2nd. Offense I thought looked good throughout. Oline looked just as good as last years. Gotta look at Troxell if Alec gets destroyed again next week. Tank was noticeable faster to the los than DJ. Worm looked impressive but I guess he got dinged up. Big Kat being out hurt was big for the lack of pass rush. Dbs played pretty well except a couple blown assignments. This team will get better each week and should be pretty stout by the end of the season per usual under Gus
  3. No problem with Nix being left off based on last season’s performance. Seth being 3rd team is a crime. Big Kat being 1st is interesting. Pre season rankings are what they are. Let the season play out and see what’s what.
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