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  1. I’d be more on this guy if he recruited better At Minnesota but hard to not be impressed with PJ Fleck. Sounds like he’d also do the things that would make the boosters happy like shake hands and kiss babies. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._J._Fleck
  2. 42 - 16 LSU. Brian Kelly tries to make a statement Saturday.
  3. The coaching staff would have to figure out a scheme or something against LSU that helps the Oline block and keeps LBs out of the backfield. Tank had 62 yards after contact against Missouri but only 44 total yards meaning he was hit deep in the backfield and was able to improve where he was but still lose yards. That can’t happen against good teams. I think UGA will take their foot off the gas early and let some younger guys get reps. Hopefully that’ll help keep the score less embarrassing.
  4. Probably too late to do anything at this point. Can’t run the ball inside or outside. Apparently the Olinemen lack basic fundamentals so I don’t know if that allows things like misdirection. I wouldn’t trust any of the QBs to read a defense. Almost need to go Gus mode and have the coach tell him who to throw it to pre snap. Maybe quick slants would get LBs off the line but still not sure that matters with the Oline. Harsin had 2 transfer cycles and 1 true recruiting class to bring in 4-5 guys to help and didn’t. Just as much on him as Gus at this point.
  5. Having a serviceable QB will take you a long way in college football. Auburn also has not had the same OC since 2017-2018. The DC is starting to be like this too with Steele>Mason>Schmed>new guy in 2023. Auburn needs consistency on both sides of the ball from a coaching and recruiting standpoint. No one is going to play to their potential if you're recruiting guys for one system and you keep changing that system and style every season.
  6. LSU has been well ahead of Auburn since the early to mid 2000s. They led and may still lead for most players in the NFL. Even their bad years they are putting 5-6 guys in the pros and landing top 10 recruiting classes. If Brian Kelly is half the coach he's proved to be at Cincinnati and Notre Dame then watch out. TaMu is definitely on that level too. The boob they have as coach is severely under performing with the talent on that roster.
  7. I've been saying since the end of last year when people got restless that if Harsin doesn't make it Auburn is going to be on a Florida State trajectory. Also facilities are nice and needed but the thing that makes the wheel go round is the coach. Get the right coach and nothing else matters. Not saying Norvell is the right coach for FSU but he has recruited well with both high schoolers and transfers. Auburn hasn't hit bottom yet. It will take a huge portal haul after this season to make Auburn competitive against any team in the SEC. Its depressing to say but Auburn has a 2 -3 year uphill climb with the right guy. Arkansas would be another good example of what the next couple years is going to look like.
  8. Ole Miss has had one of the top portal classes the past 2 years. The recruiting leaves a lot to be desired. Lane seems to have matured quite a bit from his USC, Raiders days. Something about him doesn't scream Auburn but I can think of worse Ole Miss coaches Auburn has been interested in.
  9. I imagine it won't be too much different from what we've seen the past 3 games. Auburn has what it has. If either Calzada is still injured or Harsin isn't willing to give him a shot I'd imagine you'll see more of the TJ, Robby tandem.
  10. Auburn’s 2 biggest issues fall squarely on Harsin at this point. You can blame the Oline on Gus but Harsin had 2 cycles to bring in transfer Oline guys. He didn’t do that. All the Qbs are his and frOm what they’ve shown they are all really bad. Calzada either wasn’t held accountable for learning the play book or Is still hurt. Either way that’s not acceptable because there’s no way TJ and Robby looked good enough in practice. It’s just like 2015. There is no way a competent coach watches JJ in practice and thinks he’s the best option and still isn’t sure a year later when nothing has changed.
  11. I could definitely see 60. Defense laid down against PSU when the game was no longer in doubt. UGA could be the same. Fight for awhile and just give up when its obvious the offense isn't going to help you.
  12. That would actually be a bad look for Kirby. Complete lack of sportsmanship. I also don't think Auburn is that bad.
  13. I’m not disagreeing. I think Auburn comes out against Missouri and lays down. I’ve said in one thread that Harsin is gone by 3pm next Saturday. My only concern for the coaching staff is Carnell. He’s had to deal with 2 crap coaches and has done nothing but keep his head down and do his job. If he doesn’t find his way back to Auburn I’ll be very disappointed.
  14. You give Harsin another game to prove he is trying to get this right. If Auburn loses to Missouri, especially if it’s a multi score loss, you pull the bandaid off and start planning for the future. Matt Rhule in the NFL could probably be persuaded to leave early otherwise you reach out to a couple targets, get a commitment, and name an interim to coach the remaining games.
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