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  1. Thank you. I prefer complete ineptness on both sides of the ball.
  2. Win4AU

    Ideas for the Program

    Get rid of corporate tailgating. Bring back the eagle cage. Do something with the north end zone score board. If Auburn isn’t going to renovate then spend the money on a modest video board in the north end zone.
  3. Not sure what a game played two months ago has to do with playing Purdue in a bowl game? If we’re just picking bad games I’d be more concerned with the Miss State game than the Tennessee game. Auburn had 20 runs by RBs compared to 45 pass attempts against UT. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 45 runs compared to 20 passes if Gus is calling plays against PU.
  4. I’d never bet on Auburn in any season. I’ve been an Auburn Fan way too long. I really don’t understand the negativity about the bowl game. This is a Purdue team that went 2-3 after the Ohio State game including a blow out loss to Minnesota. Auburn got blown out by the #1 team in the country and beaten badly by probably the 2nd best team in the country. When all the chips are down is when Gus and Auburn thrive. Auburn has only had one practice to prepare for the bowl and Gus seemed pretty locked in yesterday. He knows what’s up and I expect this team to be ready.
  5. Last I checked they have the 120th ranked pass defense in the nation so passing shouldn’t be an issue as long as it’s over 5 yards.
  6. Best case scenario is Auburn gets up big on Purdue in the first half and starts bringing in Willis and Cord. No reason Auburn shouldn’t be able to do this against a very average Purdue team. As far as next year I don’t think Auburn is as bad off as everyone thinks. The only Qb anyone has seen enough to form an opinion is Malik. Cord looked good in limited action, Joey has the athleticism to be good with some coaching, Nix is sliced bread according to most. It took Jason Campbell till his senior year and Al Borges to really hit his stride. Maybe Malik just needs another off season to find himself.
  7. Hey look how good our rivals are recruiting 😁. Honestly Texas A&M scares me the most on that list. They are a sleeping giant with tons of money in a state that is loaded with talent.
  8. Whether any of this stuff happened Gus stood up for himself and said the things he needed to say. He could have given a bunch of nothing statements but came out and sounded like a man in control. Good for him
  9. Win4AU

    Mullen opening practice

    unless it’s a scrimmage practice would be incredibly boring to watch. Add a bunch of fans and the players aren’t concentrating like they should be. Only real upside would be to see Cord and Joey throw a pass.
  10. Win4AU

    Saban to Green Bay

    Too far from his lake house in North Georgia
  11. Win4AU

    Chizik weighs in on gus

    In 2013 & 2014 Auburn averaged around 39 pts/game and close to 500yds/game. 2015 was a step back with 369yds/game 27pts/ game with JJ and a freshman SW. If you look at this year with a much more talented offense the numbers weren’t much different than 15. Running up the middle worked great in 13,14 because he had the threat of Marshall outside the tackles. I can’t speak on slants and mid range passes but passing was more to complement the running game than lead the offense as was attempted this year. If you take the 13,14 offense with 16,17,18 defenses you’d have a pretty good team.
  12. Win4AU

    Chizik weighs in on gus

    In Gus’s time as a head coach/playcaller from 2013-2016 there are only 2 games that I would put squarely on play calling as being the reason for loses and that was 2014 UGA and 2016 Clemson. You can blame player development, injuries, bad defense, and lack of depth which a lot of is on Gus but I’m not sure you can say it was play calling. I’d be interested to hear any other opinions on games Gus blew from a play calling standpoint.
  13. Win4AU

    2019 4* Juco OT Bamidele Olaseni

    I’ve seen a couple tweets that he enjoyed his Auburn visit. A lot of big hitters on his list. Where do you think Auburn falls @ellitor?
  14. Win4AU


    AUsome and well deserved. Even when injured you could tell he was putting in that extra effort. I look forward to seeing him next year behind a more experienced Oline.
  15. Win4AU

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Whether you were in the Gus camp or Chip camp it’s still Gus’s offense for the most part and a lot of the reads and calls are going to be the same. Chip added a couple wrinkles to the passing game but the base offense is Gus’s. So he’s been in Gus’s system for a year.