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  1. Clemson is definitely in the replace not rebuild phase. They have done a great job recruiting and developing talent since Dabo has been there. Their Qbs didn't look soo hot in the spring game and they don't have an over powering run game. It's good that Auburn plays them early as I could see them getting better as the season progresses. Auburn should be pretty good out of the gate. It'll be a good game for sure. Doubt it'll be an 11am kickoff this time.
  2. Washington could be a top 10 team if they continue on their trajectory. I'm fine with having some fluff. 10-20 years ago we'd look at that schedule and freak out because we have a tough non conference game. I think the bigger issue is this cycle of not alternating the home and away series with Bama and UGa. I bet there is a dip in season ticket sales every other year no matter who else Auburn schedules at home.
  3. Arkansas, LSU, Bama would have been loses in 2010 without Cam. Clemson, USC, and Miss State are hard to say because Cam wasn't unleashed yet and another qb may have actually performed better. UK was on the coaches. UGA was 6-5 that year but still required a comeback in the 3rd before Auburn pulled away.
  4. I would love to play Florida every year. It's a shame that it's been 10 years since Auburn visited. Soo many great games in that series over the past 30 years. I'd definitely trade Florida, UT, and UGA for ATM, LSU, and Arkansas. U.K., Vandy, and USC are interchangeable with the Mississippi schools
  5. I'd much rather travel to the East campuses than the west campuses.
  6. 2010 was an 8-5 team without Cam.
  7. 2004 Auburn at #5. 2010 ahead of 2013 FSU. I know tebow is great and all but too many amazing undefeated teams ahead of 1 loss Florida. I'd also replace 2002 OSU with 2015 OSU
  8. I was 11 kicking my football around the backyard with my boombox as loud as I could get it. This was the game that started it all for me. I had listened and watched games before but after that season I never missed another game.
  9. I think McElwain is vastly underrated. He inherited an offensive mess from Muschamp and is having to bring in players to run his offense. My question with him would be can he keep his defense up there as well. I still don't trust Smart. I feel like he's in over his head. 8-5 would not surprise me for UGA this season. Coach O may have a Chizik like reign with Matt Canada coaching offense. Saban, Gus, McElwain, Freeze, Mullen, Burt, Sumlin, Stoops, Smart, Mason, Coach O, Jones
  10. It's pretty crazy how Gus has gone from the guru status to dufus status on offense the past 10 years. Arkansas genius, Tulsa genius, Auburn OC genius, Ark State genius, 2013 genius, 2014 genius except UGA, 2015 off year? 2016 dufus, 2017 gives up control on offense. Just like JJ forgot how to qb between ark 2014 and Louisville 2015 it appears Gus has forgotten how to coach offense. I like Gus and hopes he leads Auburn on a Clemson type run of 11 win seasons but definitely a head scratcher.
  11. Average year 9-3, 10-2 Down year 8-5 .500 or better against Rivals LSU, UGA, Bama Each coach we've had that flamed out had some sort of extracurricular activity bring them down. If Gus is going to be successful we'll find out this year. I believe it takes 5 recruiting cycles to build a top team. 1st recruiting class is your worst and it takes 4 more years to build quality depth. What Saban has done at Bama is the exception.
  12. Well at least you'll be able to see a replay from anywhere in the stadium now. I like being able to see Haley and some other campus buildings over the north end zone. Reminds me that I'm on a college campus.
  13. Kam got a ton of work in the spring so I think his role may expand more than anyone. I hope we see Miller give Bubba some rest. KJ is kind of a mystery to me. He's not big enough to be a bruiser and I haven't seen break away speed. He played well last year but the offense didn't take off till Bubba came in. He's also too good to just be a wildcat
  14. I'm interested to see if Adams wouldn't be ahead of Woody in the depth chart. I really wish they had played Woody a lot more in the spring game if they intend to redshirt Willis. Maybe give Woody a couple reps with the first team in the second half and see if he looked better.
  15. this is the pump and go I mentioned. Ran it a couple times. With a lot more passes out of the backfield this could be a good change up. Use either Eli's speed or NCM or KDs size and boom.