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  1. I was speaking more about the upcoming season. I also expect the defense to look better today as they should when installing a new offense
  2. It's gonna be all about the lines again this season. If the Oline can't pass protect and the Dline gets pushed around then 8-5 would be a good "solid" year.
  3. I need to see Alec Jackson or any of the tackles pass protect before I’ll call them an Alpha dog.
  4. Woohoo. 5 game skid snapped. SEC is a buzzsaw. Good to see the guys beat a good ACC team.
  5. Might be a little wet at Aday. I’m pretty excited about this game and glad it’ll be on ESPN app. Probably gonna be play by play from Andy and Stan. I’m sure it’ll be a lot of base formations but I also think they’ll through some gimmick plays to entertain the fans as well. Biggest questions 1) Can the Oline pass protect this year 2) How does the Dline look with JJ 3) How well the young WRs are doing
  6. Was hoping to see him at FB. Maybe we still won’t really use a fullback. Hopefully he’ll have as much potential on the Dline as on offense.
  7. Is this the same pic? Yours isn’t showing up for me.
  8. Not to mention all the off field stuff that came out. Still crazy to look back and recall that Chiz was probably gonna keep his job until Georgia and Bama completely shut out Auburn. Flip the close losses to Clemson, LSU, and Vandy and Auburn is 6-6. Maybe even say Auburn beats Arkansas with Trotter. That’s 7-5. Chiz could recruit. Maybe he gets a couple more seasons to recruit to a pro style offense and is able to compete with Bama and UGA in recruiting?Bunch of what if right there.
  9. Like what if Chiz doesn’t run off Barrett Trotter in 2012 and Auburn has a competent QB that season? What if Sean White started in 15 and doesn’t get hurt in 16? What if Kerryon doesn’t get hurt in 17?
  10. Coach Pink posted on Twitter that Auburn may be about to pull in some big fish or they “were about to be in the boat”. No clue what he was mentioning.
  11. At this point the only direction seems to be up for this program. I guess she’s known for her recruiting. Having good players will at least get you a couple sec win
  12. 3 years in a row with a 1st round pick. Recruits come running. This is AUsome!
  13. Gymnastics team just withdrew from the NCAAs due to Covid. Obviously can’t help that but another hit to what’s become a prominent athletic team for Auburn.
  14. I feel like Auburn is still very much in a transitional mode in a lot of its sports. I don’t feel like Greene has done a poor job bringing in coaches. Bruce and Butch are top notch. Harsin looks the part so far. From what little I know about softball it sounds like that coach is getting better players in school. The basketball team more or less started from scratch after not recruiting for a while. I think the biggest issue is Alabama has basically swept every sport this year. That’ll make you feel bad about Auburn sports.
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