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  1. Win4AU

    Barret newest wildcard

    Barrett should get the 3rd most touches of the RBs including receptions. I feel like he’s a season away from really breaking out
  2. Win4AU

    June Facilities Update

    With the angle of the road outside the stadium it’d be hard to match it on the other side of the south endzone.
  3. Win4AU

    2018: AU vs. LSU Kickoff Set

    One of the nicest early season games I’ve been to was the 04 LSU game. Hurricane Ivan hit earlier in the week and took all the humidity with it.
  4. Win4AU

    2018: AU vs. LSU Kickoff Set

    Gonna be a hot one that early in the season.
  5. It’ll be interesting to see ESPN’s projected win loss total based off their formula. It’s been pretty close every year. The way things go with Gus’s teams Auburn will lose to UW and someone like Miss State only to win out get a bunch of NC love then lose first round of the playoffs to either Clemson or a team from outside the power 5.
  6. Just heard Gus on Roundtable say this. Not really a surprise to most.
  7. I think Gus’s biggest flaw and what cost Auburn 2 games and a playoff last year is a plan B. if things aren’t going well and the defense is stopping what the offense is doing then you have to do something else. See 2014 UGA, 2016 UGA, 2017 Clemson, 2017 LSU 2nd half, 2017 SEC championship game. Also those wanting the 2013-14 offense with Nick Marshall May get to see it next year if Willis can improve on what he learned this spring. Hopefully he’ll get plenty of mop up duty this year.
  8. Win4AU

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    I’ve been beating this drum for awhile. UGA had to play here two years in a row so let’s return the favor. Unless we can have the turds visit Auburn 2 years in a row then Athens>Tuscaloosa.
  9. I always wonder if playing a good defense everyday will push the offense to be better. In theory I have to believe so. We always talk about how bad Bama looks in their spring game and then they come out and hang 50 on USC. So here’s to hoping the offense comes out and smokes UW. The other side is how bad is the offense and is it making the defense look good? I’ve got to believe the defense is pretty good based on the past two seasons.
  10. Win4AU

    Starting QB Rankings for 2018

    I hope it keeps up so we can all sit back and laugh when it goes off the track.
  11. With all respect to the kick six I gotta say the CamBack May be the greatest Iron Bowl ever. It looked like Bama was going to embarrass Auburn in Tuscaloosa that day. The way the team fought back and went on to the championship tops anything in 2013 for me. Also remember all the pregame stuff in 2010 with Cam and the music being played. Other top SEC games 2017, 2004, 2005 UGA 2014, 2004, 1994 LSU 2004 UT 2002, 2007, 1994 UF Worst 2008 & 2012 Iron Bowls. Both completely embarrassing 2006 Arkansas- Damn you Gus! Lots of ugly games when Tubs was coach against Arky. 2006 UGA- Auburn could have played for the natty. UGA was a 500 team. Cox implosion 2003 Ole Miss - dropped a pass in the end zone.
  12. Win4AU

    Gus is ranked 16th on the hot seat

    I don’t know the details but I have to imagine the buyout for Gus is going to keep him the Auburn coach for at least 3 years. It would take a 2012 or some sort of scandal where he’d be fired with cause. I thought Kevin Steele came to Auburn to lock in his state retirement pension? I’m sure he’s made enough over his career that he’d be fine either way but I thought that was the sticking point? Also how would his age play as far as a HC? I personally hope Gus and Kevin put out another top 5 team and we keep this Bus rolling for the next 10 years!
  13. Win4AU

    Stidham about to be "turned loose"

    With a full year under his belt he should come out more confident than last year. The offense as a whole should be roaring in year 2 under Lindsey. Things I want to see 1. Throw it away 2. No more sack fests. 3. No more fumbles inside the 20. Bama could have been so much worse without that lost score in the first half. UCF possibly a win without that fumble.
  14. Win4AU

    Greene VS Jacobs

    I heard Greene steals peoples lunches from the fridge. Never a good move.
  15. Win4AU

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    Who? Muschamp? Let’s see how this season plays out before we start naming head coaches. No way Gus is going anywhere in the immediate future with the fat contract he just landed. It would take a Chizik like collapse. If you remember they were even going to give Chizik another year before getting blown out by Tamu, UGA, and Bama to end the year. Also does Muschamp even like Auburn? I know he’s coached here twice but I didn’t get the warm fuzzies from him when he left.