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  1. 1/4 of the Season

    10-2 would mean losing to either MSU or Bama. 9-3 looks doable with loses to the above mentioned teams. 8-4 also doable if UGA or LSU win. Arkansas, Ole Miss, Missouri, and Tamu look very average and should be wins. A loss to one of those 4 teams plus our traditional rivals would be very hard for Gus to overcome.
  2. Sean White arrested

    Under appreciated was more aimed at the coaches. To go through fall practice in 2015 and 2016 and not be picked based on talent available has to be mind numbing. He saved Gus's job and this teams season both times. Sean may like to have too much fun but he never got into trouble when he thought he could contribute to the team.
  3. Sean White arrested

    He's been the only qb that could run the offense the past two years. He was also one of the highest rated qbs in the country till he got hurt against Ole Miss. Auburn's offense stalled the next game against Vandy with a healthy Pettway. The rest is history. First drive vs Oklahoma was the only offense Auburn had all game. He's been the only thing that has worked out for this offense the past two years.
  4. Gus sent a 'message' yesterday

    Gus punishing Bubba is a pretty cynical view. Maybe he wanted Bubba to recoup some of the yardage he didn't gain the first two games. I'm more concerned that Pettway averaged less than 4 yards a carry against Mercer. If serves Gus better to have players happy and productive.
  5. Sean White arrested

    I feel bad for the kid. He is the most under appreciated player on any Auburn team I can remember. For 3 years in a row he has been over looked for a "savior" qb that hasn't lived up to the hype. All Sean has done is bust his tail and bail out Gus over and over. He may not have the physical attributes that JJ and Stidham have or the speed of JF3 but he's got guts and heart which are severely lacking on this team right now. If I were him I'd transfer to somewhere I could be the man and hopefully that'd keep him out of anymore trouble. Idle hands and what not.
  6. Sean White arrested

    I'd be boozin too after watching yesterday's game. Geez. At least he wasn't driving.
  7. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    have to give Sean White a shot
  8. Who Do You Want?

    Just hypothetically Mike Gundy with Kevin Steele as DC He's nothing less than consistent with 9-10 wins with far less talent offense is consistent qb's develop sweetest mullet west of the Mississippi changing coaches means this season goes sideways which I'm not a fan of. Go Gus!
  9. Prediction for Game 3

    My prediction is a sharp throwing Sean White in the 4th
  10. Stidham

    Stidham looks scared in the pocket. Clemson took full advantage and sacked him first play to set the tone. Everyone can say Sean wouldn't have survived Saturday but I don't believe Sean gets sacked 11 times. Sean may not have the physical upside Stidham has by he does have two years experience leading this team. The only time the offense has looked as bad as it did Saturday was UGA when SW was injured and Clemson last year when he shared time with 5 other "qbs". If Stidham doesn't look anymore comfortable this week then Sean has to take the reigns before the SEC season starts. Stidham has two more years to learn the offense and settle down but Gus and this team depend on a capable QB this year. Think Sims and Coker a couple years ago for the other team.
  11. Who here still likes Gus as the head coach?

    I'm not pulling the plug on Gus just yet. Clemson's offense looked just as lost as Auburn's for a large part of the night. Both those defenses are disruptive on a large scale. Gus made the changes to fix our defense and I believe he will get this offense fixed. He recruits at a top 10 level. This team will improve as the season goes on.
  12. Let's stop pretending Chip is running the O

    Is Auburn's O more or less complex than Baylor's O? Stidham looked composed in the Baylor O as a freshman yet looks confused and scared in Auburn's O. I don't think Stidham is on the JJ path but when he looks downfield it's a deer in the headlights look. Last night those lights were a semi.
  13. Scarbinsky just now on

    Put in the White kid!
  14. if Stidham holds the ball like he did tonight against Clemson he will get destroyed. I was surprised Miller didn't get more running chances. Seemed like he got skipped for Barrett. If KJ pulled a hammy it may be LSU before he's full strength I really would of liked to see Sean tonight. He keeps a cool head most of the time. If Clemson gets Stidham rattled next week it would be nice to have another option.
  15. If Michigan can do it

    Instead of changing jerseys what about a white out and wear our all whites at home. Throw some orange shakers in there and boom