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  1. Spring Practice Schedule

    If he goes please tell me Auburn is bringing Del McGee home. It’d be good to have the #1 recruiter back home where he should be.
  2. Are we headed in the right direction?

    I was speaking more toward the Saban vs Miles when we were having all these “games of the century”. Unfortunately it appears it’s gonna be Smart vs Saban going forward till Saban retires. I agree that Orgeron has at most 2 seasons left at LSU before they bring in a new coach. My hope is Auburn can split the series with Bama till Saban retires and Auburn can become king in West and duke it out with Smart and Mullen. Jimbo is the wildcard. If he gets Tamu up and running the way it has potential to then things could get real interesting.
  3. Are we headed in the right direction?

    If I were on the outside looking in I’d say good recruiting classes every year, winning seasons and a bowl every year under Gus, tons of potential on both sides of the ball, dominating performance against the eventual #1 and #2 teams. Problem is we all saw the LSU collapse, UGA completely shutting down the offense without Kerryon, and the UCF letdown. Those games felt a lot like Clemson, UGA, and Oklahoma in 2016. I feel like Auburn is close but needs to take that next step similar to what Clemson did a couple years ago. Otherwise the SEC will go from the LSU Bama show to the UGA Bama show.
  4. Are we going to sign anyone this year?

    I’ll bump this since I posted in the wrong thread earlier. Any news of recruits warming to Auburn with the Aumazing season the guys are putting together? I’d have a hard time imagining Bruce going anywhere with the NCAA stuff hanging over the program currently. If another team hired him away and then he was implicated in some ncaa wrong doing he’d be sabotaging 2 schools. I’d compare Bruce to pre call girl Freeze. Auburn won’t fire him unless they have to and he’s too dangerous to be swooped up by another program.
  5. I’ll start this by saying I know nothing about basketball recruiting. I noticed Auburn is sitting at 0 commitments while this team plays at the highest level in years. Are we only targeting a few top recruits? Is Auburn good on scholly numbers? Is the FBI/NCAA cloud hanging too close to Bruce and the program?
  6. Stidham and D Russ returning was a MUST

    Stidham staying is obviously huge. Willis coming in against UW with his handful of pass attempts would be tough. Losing KJ and Bubba would be my next biggest loss. In the games Auburn lost they couldn’t run the ball. When Auburn can’t run the Offense grinds to a halt even with Stidham. I think defense is next guy up at this point. Keeping Russell definitely helps with depth.
  7. Spuat or Thuga

    Based on the last two Auburn games in the new stadium and the two teams playing tonight I’m going to opt for some sort of stadium collapse. No one injured but no way to play the game. Maybe the meteor mentioned earlier could hit the stadium or something.
  8. Fun 2018 Regular Season Projection

    With Mullen at Florida and Jimbo at aTm I expect the ability of Saban and Smart to dominate in recruiting to take a hit. If Pruitt turns out to be a good coach at UT then even better for Auburn. Auburn, Bama, and aTm should control the west the next couple years. Arkansas will get better, Ole Miss is 5 years out from being where they were. Miss State all depends on the new coach. LSU will continue to decline till Orgeron is fired in 2 years. If the East can get it’s act together the SEC could turn into its own worst enemy.
  9. Fun 2018 Regular Season Projection

    Washington -win but close Alabama St blowout LSU - if Aranda and Canada leave then Auburn destroys LSU and Orgeron starts packing Ark - win Southern Miss - win but close for awhile Miss State - win Tennessee - Tennessee has talent so we’ll see but I’ll say win Ole Miss - blowout aTm - this could be tricky with Jimbo 7-8 games in. I’ll say win UGA - right now seems like an Auburn win with everything they lose but according to their fans that won’t matter. Auburn hasn’t been comeptitive in Athens since 2009. Liberty - Trump likes Auburn big Bama - probably a close loss on the road but Auburn has a chance. To me everything hinges on the running game. Stidham is worthless without a running game.
  10. AU/UCF Score Predictions

    Just read an article quoting Tray that any hangover or complacency was erased when the RB and WR for UCF started running their mouth. I hope our players give these two some nice violent “clean” hits if they get the chance. Defense will be hungry for sure.
  11. AU/UCF Score Predictions

    42-17. Auburn holds their running back to 40 yards. I bet we see some fun play calling from Chip. Kmart will rush for over 100 with some big runs. Stidham throws for 300+. Lots of young guys out there late getting used to the Mercedes Dome big game environment.
  12. Tenth Assistant coach talk (Merged)

    I heard a while back that it would be a Special teams/defensive coach as the 10th. Special teams was definitely a low point this season
  13. Malzhans thoughts on early signees

    Glad to see Gus embrace the opportunity instead of complain like so many other coaches. The best people in their profession turn problems into opportunities.
  14. Update on Peach Bowl preparation

    Wonder how much Frost and his coaches traveling back and forth from Nebraska will play into this game. Frost’s head can’t be 100% in on this game. The players are all in but coaches make such a huge difference at this level. I think Auburn will end stomping a mud hole in this team. 42-17