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  1. If Gus looked at all this he'd probably chuckle at how many experts we have here. Who cares if Chip is a yes man if Auburn puts up big offensive numbers. Winning cures all!
  2. I may be missing something but I don't understand why Chip Lindsey wouldn't be a good hire. He's a proven winner everywhere he's been. His Qb's at Southern Miss have performed well as has the offense.
  3. Have we fired Gus and JJ yet? Made Charles Barkley AD yet? Hired Chip Kelly yet? Approved to expand the stadium to 100k+ with luxury skyboxes and bottle service?
  4. Wonder if Sonny Dykes is in play? He just got canned at Cal. Auburn would be a good place to land another top tier job.
  5. This offseason's QB battle will be to see who is the best instead of seeing who is the lesser of the bad. RB is loaded WR loaded Defense should be about the same which is a big compliment compared to what most expected last year preseason. #14 is a good place to start and work our way up! PSU at 4! I'll go ahead and pick them as flop team of the year.
  6. Bruce has done a great job recruiting and the players he's bringing in are studs that being said.... I thought by season 3 Auburn would be a little more consistent than what I've seen this season. The past two games don't look any better than the past two seasons. The Vandy game was unwatchable from the start. Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon from Bruce.
  7. Based on this years performance, when healthy, I believe 2017 could be a great year. UGA, Bama, Mississippi schools at home. LSU and Clemson on road will be tough. aTm, Arky, and Ole Miss should be meh. 11-1 playoff contender best case, 9-3 middle of the road, 8-5 worst case.
  8. The Fire Everyone thread
  9. Just embarrass Joe Mixon at this point. JF3 not winning this game
  10. Rudy is a big loss with this Oklahoma offense
  11. It's all about SW in my opinion. If Sean can be serviceable then the offense should hum along. If Auburn can keep oklahoma's offense off the field then maybe this game will stay out of the 60's
  12. Stidham could be used as a baker mayfield clone similar to JF3 cloning nick in 2013
  13. Joe Mixon story is picking up steam. Wonder what if any repercussions it could have for the bowl game. I know it happened in 2014 but with the release of the video things have heated up for Mixon, stoops, and the university president. Many are calling for stoops and the president to be fired. Definitely has to be a distraction
  14. Kerryon saying the offense is back to 100% makes me excited for the game. I hope they play with a chip on their shoulder for the way the season ended
  15. Auburn 45 oklahoma 30 Auburn racks up 400+ yards rushing and 200+ passing Pettway gets 250+