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  1. I expect Auburn to have some offensive hiccups to start similar to Kent State and Tulane and get better as the game goes. 3rd and shorts without Boobee and with a possibly injured Joey are going to be big as far as the overall success of the offense. Gus will be able to use speed on the outside unlike the Florida game.
  2. watching Florida march up and down the field on LSU speaks to the strength of Auburn’s defense. I think Auburn can hold LSU below 30 but the offense will have to find a dependable Rb this week to make the offense work. I think Boobees injury will have a bigger effect than the Florida game.
  3. Pre Boobee injury 55-17 Now Auburn 48 Pigs -17. Auburn starts a little slow trying to figure out the RB situation but finished strong.
  4. Kmart, Malik, and Shivers have plenty of experience in this offense and either of the 3 could be a serviceable back in the right situation. DJ and Harold bring potential but lack experience. I’m not sure you’d want your backfield comprised of two true freshmen even if they are AUmazing players. It’s not so much a lack of depth as in previous years. This will almost Force his hand to do a committee approach to run the offense he wants to run. Don’t sleep on Malik.
  5. I don’t want Bo to stand in the pocket and get lit up but I’ve seen way too much scrambling before it was needed. That’ll come with time I suppose. His percentage on those scramble throws is pretty low.
  6. Auburn plays Florida on a neutral field and wins 9/10. Swamp was truly the difference that day. Auburn can go toe to toe with LSU and UGA. Tulane’s big win is Houston? I wouldn’t want to play Oregon again. I don’t know what I’ve eaten but I have terrible farts tonight. Dega tomorrow. Woooo
  7. No Doubt said like Gus
  8. Their OC is pretty terrible. No reason to not run it down USC’s throat with Swift and all the other 5*s. Fromm played like garbage yet threw it over 40 times. UGAs gonna ugg
  9. Post Miss State - Gus is back! Post Florida - have we fired Gus yet?
  10. Before Florida Gus was doing a lot more running out of the 4 wide this season. If you are a big believer that Auburn’s plays are all predetermined it would make a lot more sense for Gus to have both Schwartz and Williams on the field as a form of smoke and mirrors. This will probably be the next thing that Auburn starts doing regularly and everyone beats their head against the wall for not doing this sooner. Bo will have to play better in big games for defenses not to load the box even against 4 wide formations.
  11. Dye was a little before I was old enough to know what was going on but there were a couple bad games. Pretty much every loss to Bama since Auburn was the better team during that time. Probably the game UGA stormed the field at JHS. The Tennessee blowout. Someone else can suggest more. Tubs had plenty. 01 Bama, most 2003 season, Arkansas most every year, USF and Miss State back to back 2007. Most 2008 season. Bowden actually had a really good run. 94 UGA tie, 95 LSU and Arky, 96 UGA overtime game, 97 Miss St and Tennessee Championship game. 98 train wreck. Gus to me is no worse than Tubs. Lots of high highs, lots of what the hells. Tubs may be remembered differently for beating Bama 6 years in a row but he was constantly under heat the same as Gus.
  12. I think Boobee already redshirted his freshman season due to an injury.
  13. This may all be a blessing in disguise. I remember when Carnell went down and Ronnie came in. Most folks had no clue who Ronnie Brown was but he tore it up. I haven’t seen enough of DJ to speak on him but I think we know what we have in Kmart. I don’t think he’s going to get it done. Maybe this is when Shivers breaks out or Malik proves us wrong?
  14. Gus is going to have to hear about his offense sucking for 2 weeks and Arkansas is pitiful. This will be a blood bath. North of 50 pts. Chad will understand.