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  1. My question is how do you determine strength of schedule when you haven’t seen anyone play this year? You’ve got three new coaches in the West that you have no idea whether they’ll be good or dog crap. Miss State brought in a Qb that can run Leach’s scheme and Ole Miss gave Auburn everything it could handle last year. In the East Kentucky could be 6-5 or 9-3, Tennessee could be good this season or they could be still a year away. Strength of schedule is part of the deal.
  2. I've still yet to watch the 2nd half of the FSU game since witnessing it in person. I always turn it off at halftime.
  3. They should bury his body under toomers to fertilize the trees and as restitution for all the money he owes.
  4. My buddy just sent a message saying he died. I can’t find anything. Anyone else hearing this?
  5. Offensive Tackle?! He may start with the depth we have right now. Troxell is a hard sneeze from tearing another ACL at this point.
  6. I haven't looked at everyone's schedule side by side but I'd figure it'd be easy just to keep everyone in the same order and just start Sept 26. I would assume that would keep teams from overlapping. I'd assume you'd leave the back half of the schedule open for any makeup games that need to be rescheduled?
  7. Looks like he's projecting advancing the next two conference opponents as was rumored. Based on that we should see Auburn travel to Vandy next year and get Florida at home in 2022. That Florida game should be massive. 2022 home schedule will include home games against LSU, Penn State, and Florida. Can I go ahead and reserve my seats?
  8. Sounds good to me. Let the kids get back to school and see if things get worse or stay stable. Now we wait for exact details. Also should be cooling off by Sept 26 so those that do get to go won’t melt.
  9. That was back when 3&15 was a gimme for the opposing offense. What that 2014 team could have been with a good/not great defense. This game and the TaMu game we’re almost identical with USC getting up by a couple tds only for Auburn to storm back. I’d actually point to this game being when the wheels started to falloff. USC was not a good enough team to give Auburn trouble that season. I’m always amazed how bad Auburn was defensively during and post Chizik.
  10. Texas A&M is returning basically everyone. Defense was young last season as was the Oline. May be a weak comparison but almost like 2003 Auburn last year. Preseason favorite that flopped. 3 years of top 10 recruiting should also start to payoff for Jimbo. I’d put Auburn ahead of LSU but don’t disagree that Auburn is at best 3rd in the West preseason.
  11. Auburn Gold Mine (@AUGoldMine) Tweeted: SEC presidents leaning toward 10-game league-only schedule in Thursday meeting as ESPN presses league to play. Auburn adds game at South Carolina and home game vs. Missouri. Auburn crowds limited to 15,000-25,000 ▶ SEC presidents responsible for 465,000 students in a pandemic.
  12. Playing the next East teams is my preferred choice. 1) It’d be the easiest choice as far as the current rotation the SEC is using. 2) Pruitt has UT trending in the right direction and we don’t need to be his second statement win when we were already his first 3) Auburn deserves a break schedule wise. Next year is another meat grinder with Penn State, TaMu, and LSU on the road. Let Bama deal with a tough schedule for once.
  13. Lose lose for Auburn to play UNC. This would be up there with playing Clemson for UNC not so much for Auburn. Cut bait and play a cupcake to get reps for the offense.
  14. That was such an AUful game. Is that the LSU team that beat Bama in the original "game of the century" just to lose to them in the Natty? Either way total garbage game all around for both teams.
  15. Probably a lot to do with recruiting. Don’t want a bad rap for being a difficult especially when the shoe is on the other foot next time.
  16. Maybe I’m blinded by his 60 yard scamper in the 2010 SEC game but Barrett Trotter was my qb that season. I guess the Arkansas game did him in. I had season tickets that year but only remember the Florida game even though I’m sure I was at Ole Miss and Bama.
  17. I’ll stick to just Gus but I’ll start at 2012. If Gus doesn’t bolt is 2012 bad enough to get Chiz fired? 2013, 2014 if Auburn has a top 40 scoring defense they’re back to back BCS champs 2015 if Sean White comes in the 2nd half of LSU for reps and doesn’t get injured against Ole Miss Auburn finishes 8-4 possibly 9-3 depending on Ole Miss game. 2016 If Gus plays Sean through the entire Clemson game and he once again isn’t injured against Ole Miss Auburn is 10-2 possibly 11-1 with wins over Clemson, UGA and coin flip against Bama. 2017 What if Gus doesn’t run up the middle 12 straight times against LSU? What if Kerryon doesn’t get hurt? Clemson the only loss? Playoff bound? Gus’s 3rd Natty? 2018 No way to know without knowing the truth about who was running the offense. What if Gus has allowed the Oline to be recruited correctly? 2019 What if Auburn had an Oline that could establish the run? Another undefeated Auburn team with a chance for Gus’s 4th Natty? What if indeed.
  18. Worth every penny. I hope New England gets as much out of him as Auburn did. Everyone assuming NE is tanking for Trevor with Auburn Qbs at 1&2 pisses me off. I’m a Raiders fan and hate the Patriots as much as any but I’ll be rooting for them this year.
  19. While I’m all for helping the little guy I also think Auburn needs to take care of itself first. Allen Greene made it sound like the athletic department will be strained if games aren’t played.
  20. I’ve been noticing a lot of the states that were reporting spikes have plateaued and even dropped the past week including Alabama. If cases continue to decline I don’t see why you couldn’t push the season back to accommodate. Even if you had to push back to November you could still fit in 10 games and a championship before the end of January. That would end up being only a couple weeks later than normal and shouldn’t hamper NFL prospects too much.
  21. Glad to see the guys trying to get back in the swing of things. It’s hard to believe we’re almost in August and football should be starting in about 4 weeks.
  22. I wanted the Titans to draft Jason so bad. He would have been perfect to replace Steve McNair. Jason had some decent stats on some bad teams. I felt like his game and McNairs game mirrored each other.
  23. I'm watching the 89 Iron Bowl that I recorded over the weekend and can't help but think how good Slack would have been in today's offense. He wasn't a burner necessarily but he could make plays with his legs if needed and was a decent passer considering the offense Auburn ran. The obvious one is Dameyune Craig. He could have been a Heisman candidate in a Gus offense. Marshall like speed with better passing skills. I almost feel sorry for him when I watch old games that he wasn't born 20 years later. Unreal skills. Any others you guys recall?