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  1. I was half joking to see what responses I’d get. That being said I don’t think Chad got a Completely fair shake at Arkansas. He basically was asked to do a complete rebuild and fired after 2 recruiting classes. His first one was one of the best they’d had in awhile. The losses he had the past two years weren’t great but I don’t know what Arkansas people were expecting at this point? He was bringing in some serious skill talent and starting a lot of under class men. Anyways. Go Tigers
  2. Cambridge 🔥🔥🔥🔥 The streak is over!
  3. If the offense flows this year do you fire Gus and promote Chad? Why would you need Gus anymore?
  4. I’d be interested in hearing some stats of year over year improvements on offenses that Chad has taken over. Is all this hope just hope or is there empirical evidence that says he can do this? Also as far as the PFF goes I do feel like Bo got better as the season went on. He isn’t to the point where he is wowing people but if you put on the Oregon game and compare it to the iron bowl you’d see a much better Qb. The long pass to Williams on 3rd down and the Td to Sal were some of his best of the season. He’ll need to improve on the road in year 2 to take the next step.
  5. I’m speaking more to putting ourselves on a self imposed recruiting hiatus for whatever transpired with them. Auburn needs someone other than a true freshman to lean on when the seniors aren’t doing the job.
  6. Why did Auburn sacrifice two recruiting classes for Wiley and Purifoy? Not trying to be ugly but why? This is like almost getting a NCAA violation for recruiting Jeremy Johnson.
  7. Seriously though pull all the seniors and let the freshmen play.
  8. last years team was pretty terrible on the road as well. As long as Auburn isn’t this bad back home it’ll be ok. We’ve got another month to get this figured out.
  9. Put in all the freshmen and let them figure it out.
  10. What the hell was that last possession?
  11. Put in Turbo. Can’t be worse at this point
  12. At least Auburn can play some defense. Hopefully Chad can bring in some better passing tendencies as OC
  13. Still can’t make a layup. Pretty pathetic
  14. If Wiley can’t make a 2 ft shot he just needs to jam it everytime
  15. Last night was the equivalent of stopping the running game on a Gus Malzahn offense. Once you do that there’s a bunch of 3 and outs and the defense suffers. Auburn has a bunch of good not great Seniors and a bunch of talented but young freshmen. When the seniors have a bad night and you make the freshmen win the game it’s gonna be hard to win a bunch of games. Kinda like making Bo throw over 40 times to spark the offense. The non recruiting during the Danjiel Wiley mess has stripped this team of juniors and sophomores like we had last year. Looking at next year Auburn may not have anyone over a Sophmore contributing in a meaningful way. Feel free to correct me but things may get bumpy till quality depth is established again.
  16. Just sit Samir the rest of the night. He literally has half of Auburn’s turnovers
  17. I’m about to turn this off. Hopefully Auburn can rebound in Gainesville. Had 7 conference losses last year and that worked out.
  18. Wouldn’t mind Bruce getting T’d up just to light a fire under this team and show the refs they are garbage.
  19. Samir made a selfish play and missed an easy layup
  20. Reese being out is big but still need to get Bama in foul trouble. Keep driving the middle and hopefully make some layups
  21. I was gonna say if Auburn could stop turning it over and hit a couple of what should be easy layups and Auburn pulls away late.