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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Wade was a senior last year and is no longer with their team. They do return Robinson, who is a guard that averaged about 13 ppg last year. Hopefully we can contain him better than we did Barry's guards. Should be an interesting first game, I hope the team is more inspired than against Barry. Glad to see us playing against some size early on, it'll be "fun"(hopefully) to see how we match up without Wiley. I've heard Spencer has developed somewhat of an outside shot this offseason, it will be interesting to see if that was just a rumor or not. Not sure what to expect from this team after the suspensions. Still a lot of talent but I'm not sure if it competes consistently enough in this year's SEC. we need to see some of last year's problems fixed, regardless of who is on the court. Thanks for the preview @JwgreDeux
  2. Investigations aside, if we are decent on defense this team could be dangerous. Tons of offensive talent, especially once Wiley is healthy. New depth should provide a decent boost to defense imo.
  3. I think Murray will play a lot early on, especially if Wiley is out/recovering. Wouldnt be surprised to see chuma chip away at his minutes. I heard Spencer has been looking good at 5, not sure if that frees up minutes at the 4 or just takes away from an already talented position (assuming Danjel would be the third or fourth go-to at the four) I think Harper will be much improved come the start of the season. At least compared to where most people think he was/is. Davion pushing him has been really good for him, apparently.
  4. AUBURN, Ala. — Auburn coach Bruce Pearl bookended Saturday's scrimmage at Auburn Arena with 10 minute quarters of "best on best." The first quarter featured the Orange Team of Davion Mitchell, Malik Dunbar, Danjel Purifoy, Desean Murray and Anfernee McLemore taking on the Blue Team of Jared Harper, Bryce Brown, Mustapha Heron, Chuma Okeke and Horace Spencer. Pearl called the Blue Team’s defense “unacceptable” in the 30-19 loss. The other quarter was much more competitive with the Orange Team of Davion Mitchell, Bryce Brown, Danjel Purifoy, Chuma Okeke and Anfernee McLemore taking on the Blue Team of Jared Harper, Mustapha Heron, Malik Dunbar, Desean Murray and Horace Spencer. The Blue Team lead 21-18 with 1:21 to go. Mitchell forced Harper to settle for a long jump shot — he missed — to get one final possession with less than 10 seconds on the clock. Brown hit a buzzer-beater falling out of bounds by his team’s bench to send the game to a two-minute overtime. The Blue Team rebounded in overtime to win 29-21. Small forward? Auburn plans on playing Desean Murray at power forward. Murray is listed on the roster at 6-foot-3. Pearl admits Murray is undersized at the position, but what the junior college transfer lacks in size he makes up for in toughness. Pearl envisions Auburn’s size elsewhere on the floor helping balance out the lineup whenever Murray is on the court. “There’s no question are wings are going to be really big,” Pearl said referencing Mustapha Heron (6-foot-5), Malik Dunbar (6-foot-6) and Danjel Purifoy (6-foot-7). the article goes into more than what I pasted. Not sure what else is known. My Orange and blue glasses see the part I bolded as hopefully a reference is Wiley. I like seeing the praise for Murray. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a big part of this team, especially early on.
  5. I'd be all over a defensive minded coach
  6. Agreed. Guessing it would already be hard to attract anyone worth spending money on not to mention it would be hard to hire anyone with how deep this investigation looks. I'm not so "in the know" for non-Auburn basketball and we are currently running our own investigation so it's a mute point but I didn't know if there was some possibility hiding off in the shadows.
  7. AUBURN, Ala — Auburn coach Bruce Pearl isn't sure what the coaching staff will look like going forward. Assistant coach Chuck Person was arrested Tuesday morning on charges of bribery and corruption. A 32-page complaint filed by the U.S. Attorney’s office and FBI alleges Person accepted $91,500 in bribes over a 10-month period. The school suspended Person without pay on Tuesday. Pearl wouldn't address whether the team is looking to hire a new assistant coach to replace Person, but the team is trying to determine what its options are for the regular season. "There have been, like when we’ve had either an illness or when there has been a staff—when the staff has changed in the past, when there have been changes, there is a mechanism by which you can elevate somebody to the assistant coaching status, and we are in discussions about that," Pearl said. Pearl's current staff includes his son Steven Pearl and Harris Adler as assistants with Chad Prewett as the program's director of basketball operations. Prewett came to Auburn from the high school ranks in June 2014. The former Lee-Scott Academy coached the boys team to the 2012 AISA State Championship. Do you think our best bet is in house I f we somehow come out with Person(/possibly player1/2) being our only losses? I know this is counting my chickens way too early but it's at least something *different* to think about.
  8. Regardless of who player 1 and 2 are, is there any chance they don't get suspended? (Either by Pearl/AU or the NCAA in the future) I know the NCAA wouldn't come right out and suspend them, but does anyone think there's a chance the NCAA just looks to make sure the rest of the program and school didn't know about anything going on? Considering the FBI has made it somewhat clear (for the time being) that the wrongdoings were on CP's behalf.
  9. Multiple players that could fit the bill that were not freshmen last year. I'm guessing we won't find out for sure until we're told.
  10. "During a telephone call with Blazer, Person said he was giving Michel a portion of the bribes, but complained that Michel was trying to "double dip." But that's what Person tried to do when he arranged for an unidentified financial adviser in Alabama to meet with a second unnamed Auburn player. The meeting occurred at Person's house in January, and the FBI believed that he "initially intended for the [advisor] and [Blazer] to jointly represent Player-2, so that Person could receive money from both individuals." ive read this multiple times now and it still sounds crazy.
  11. Has anyone heard anything about practice tomorrow?
  12. I'm guessing this situation doesn't help us much with Hagans, Brown, etc either.
  13. This is all I've seen regarding Bruce. Someone correct me if I've missed something: not sure how to take that. She also tweeted "Hoops practice is scheduled to start Friday." So I guess we'll (at the least) having something more to speculate over come the weekend.
  14. I'm worried there will be more to come. At this point, it almost seems like "fire these bad coaches, we aren't mad at the universities." Hard to imagine we get that attitude all the way through. The thing that gets me, and I'm melting harder than I should be as I haven't been able to read into it all yet, is that Person was so excited about the "one and a half and done" thing in those quotes. Something that Pearl was saying a lot of too.