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  1. I don't know if it's because the team got used to relying one a 20-25 point outing with one of the freshmen or Dunnans or a lack of options for when they aren't scoring but we don't have that same second half burst we were getting in some of our better wins. I think this next recruiting class will help a lot. (Dunnans will be hard to replace for sure but I'm assuming we keep everyone else). Having roughly the same starting 5 as we've had in some games this year and being able to go to Spencer/Purifoy/McLemore (depending on the starters) as well as Davion, Chuma and others will give us a lot more options for when our starters hit a rut. But I watched the way we played that first half against a team most are expecting in the sweet 16 and couldn't complain about much of anything except the kid named Canyon and hope that's what we are capable of when Bruce has "his team". Once we get tired and can't use his favorable lineups as well, we slow down (second half). Once he can sub in the next top 100 kid for a tired starter, we won't see that as much. We also won't see tired starters every much. That's what I hope I'm seeing. I'm optimistic because of how much I love the sport and want auburn to contend. But I've always respected the hell outta coach Pearl too, I loved his UTk teams and was very happy about the AU hire. So that may be some biased confidence but I once again reference what Bruce said before the season. It was something along the lines of "I've finally got the ground floor in for what I want this program to be. I know everyone is anxious and this will be the year you start to see wins. I don't think we'll put it all together but we will start winning most of the games we should." And we have long surpassed last years win total. We've lost a few bad ones, that we should have won, but thats what we've all been expecting. I think most of us were hoping for a uk, scar or UF type win in a surprising upset but we have still played good against most of them (in the first halves anyway).
  2. Hate it for Spencer and the team. Horace has been one of my favorite players to watch on this years team. On the "bright" side, I imagine it'll make it easier to justify playing Wiley through more tough spots.
  3. Hopefully at Auburn playing for CRG after this years draft! In all seriousness though, even with only 7.5 tackles for loss and 2 sacks in two seasons at ttu and not being eligible until next year he'd be solid addition this years DL class. Great size.
  4. Woo, my favorite part of the AU football season...preseason hype!
  5. Still needing to get better at closing the games. Johnson seemed like he was doing just that but he also seemed to rush it a little much towards the end and caused a few unnecessary turnovers. We haven't seen much pressing from other teams and tonight's bad attempts to break it probably had to do with the fact that it came during a mid wake up slap in the face from msu turning it into a two possession game. We attempted to break the press with the same attitude/enthusiasm that we played with and we needed better. I think a lot of that still has to do with the fact that our go to ball handlers at either freshmen or RJ/TJD who can both be a bit of a wild card at times. We have no veteran that we can give the ball to and know exactly what to expect come late in a close game (see Sindarius Thornwell tonight for example). A good outing though even though we didn't (again) finish as well as we hoped for. The fact that we kept it a 15-20pt margin for a majority of the game says a lot. We held that lead longer than we usually do, imo. all in all:
  6. Bumping for Harper, via everyone's favorite AD
  7. That UT loss is going to hurt us in the sense of how much better we'd be looking with a W there. Winning these next two is definitely crucial. We need as much going for us as possible when UF comes to town.
  8. I don't like fans communicating negatively with players or players communicating negatively with fans. Especially on social media. All it does is make the situation worse and makes everyone (especially AUBURN) look bad. Some fans live and die with wins and losses just like the players do. Take your frustrations out on twitter, that's fine just don't @ the players. that being said, im sure CBP and the team are just as mad as we are. That was a very meaningful game for the team and the team we were expecting did not show up. i think it's obvious we have to pass the ball around more. If getting Wiley the ball is our game plan, it needs to be more than Harper to Heron on the wing and then an entry pass from heron to Wiley in the post, that caused so many turnovers. the lack of assists was appalling
  9. Almost seems like there was something else that had to do with him signing with Bama. I mean, starts getting buzz because he learns he'll have to grey shirt if he goes to uat. Starts talking to other schools crystal balls start going to other schools ??????? decides to grey shirt with Bama
  10. So a 4* going to a university that is going to GREY SHIRT him when he has offers to play at places that play on the same level as Bama, without grey shirting and possibly playing early. I understand that playing time isn't everything, especially when going to bama. But why grey shirt? Does he have family connections to Bama or something?
  11. There are only two 5* players playing in the Super Bowl. (Julio and Michael Floyd). They must be doing something wrong, not only going after players who were 5*s. There can't be any reason for that
  12. i mean, worst comes to worst, if it was a violation he'd just have to pay for the fish...right, Julio?
  13. Didn't see this posted yet