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  1. That does seem better for our lineup/depth. We need the rebounding help too, hopefully that trait transfers well for chuma. Im sure he'll also have an opportunity for more minutes there if DP fully transitions to the 3.
  2. i like the sound of this as a lot of us have been hoping to see DP get moved back to the 3. one of the parts I boldened has CBP mentioning that we might be playing more zone or using our length more, I'm hoping that means we keep Chuma at the 3 as well.
  3. No one is going to take us lightly this season. We're starting the season #9 (according the Athlon but I'm going to use it just for the sake of a ranking) We played one hell of a game against Clemson last year and now travel to their house to take them on after one of their greatest seasons of all time. Unless something crazy happens to us week one, we'll be walking in their with a target on our back as Clemson will want to prove they still have what they had last year and beating a top 10 SEC team can do that for you. They'll have just as much of a target on their's but there is no way they're taking us lightly. And if we do have a good team this year, especially if we have a team entering SEC play undefeated with a W against the reigning champs, no one is taking us lightly this year.
  4. I'm not suggesting leaving him on the bench at QB until he decides to transfer or graduate. But assuming QB is the position JG wants to play when he gets here, I think it would be a huge waste of talent to not put him there at first. Even if it's against Malik, Stidham, Fields (just throwing that in the mix for fun) with Nix committed, JG could still come out on top when it's all said and done if he's properly developed. i think it wouldn't be as likely as someone like Fields and would be a longer process and a bigger project than the other names mentioned but Malik only had a year of QB1 coming in and most of us love what we've seen from him so far. Other than not being QB1 in HS, JG looks like a great prospect to bring in at QB. 6'4 230, can run and sling the ball down field, we're finally (somewhat) confident in our ability to develop QBs.
  5. I agree on this. Id love to see our staff develop develop JG into what he has the potential to. It'll be interesting to watch.
  6. For those of you not ranking any of Tre/Rudi/Ronni/Cadillac/etc, is there any way Pettway can move up into that #2 spot if he has a good, healthy season? even with only a partial year under his belt he had some monumental moments. First back since Bo to put together four-straight games of 150-plus yards. i want to say there were a couple of other leader boards he climbed to the top of too but am too lazy to put the work into it. Carries in a single game? Top 5 fastest to reach 800 yards?
  7. Quindarius Monday and Master Teague. I'm liking the names we're going after! in all seriousness, the more big, talented DBs the better.
  8. IMO. If JG is playing near his potential and starts at QB for us, no one else will be our QB1 while he's on campus, barring injury. This is still the same JG that we all went crazy about when we saw his high lights for the first time and when he committed to AU. He didn't lose any of that potential or ability due to getting competition in his high school QB race. He might have lost some experience but is being pushed by a QB (who might be a better "QB" than joey) to keep getting better. I cant watch this kid push 5 different DLmen off of him like it was nothing while he stands in the pocket unfazed before deciding to take off or throw it without thinking of some certain plays from the 2010 season. Im not necessarily directing all of this at you, just venting some of my thoughts of JG in addition to replying to you. It feels like a lot of fans seem to be less pleased about JG than they were a year ago. I know his stock hasn't really risen but if we get this kid onto campus and turn him into the QB he has the potential to be, oh boy.....
  9. I was surprised to not see Dyer on any of those lists even though he only had two seasons, unless I missed him on there. I was always a big fan of Dyer until all the off the field issues started surfacing.
  10. Personally, I haven't set any final verdict on Gus. i like what he did with the defense and highly approve so far. Bringing in Champ and Co helped us get some of our funk back on that side of the ball. And so far all of his hires (post Champ) have seemed solid. I dislike how long it took him to do something about the offense. The fans were screaming for a change years before it happened and we continued to see under developed pass games and runs every first down. I do, however, approve of Gus getting rid of lashlee. I would have voted to do it earlier but he made the right call. Jury is also still out on CCL. I like what he's already started doing recruiting and coaching wise but I'll wait to make my decision until I sit through a season and notice that Gus has given "full" freedom to an OC not using a Gus written playbook.
  11. Exactly. I don't imagine playing for CRG is everybody's piece of pie either. I don't know if that's what caused AJ to leave but I wouldn't be surprised at that coaching style turning certain types of people away. i haven't kept up with this story too much so I may be missing something but I've read the articles concerning the argument. I never played college ball but can only imagine that "fights"/pushing matches happen all the time, like they did in high school. Probably less often but I'd find it hard to believe that it would be everytime two players get in an argument, one of them is kicked off.
  12. Not to hijack this thread but with the talent we could return to play with EJ his freshman year gives me slight goosebumps. Granted basketball has always been my favorite sport that I grew up loving so I'm a bit of a sunshine pumper when it comes to our team. But even if we lose Wiley, Heron, Purifoy and possibly 1-2 of Mitchell/Harper/Okeke, we should still have promising talent. But being able to add these two kids to BBrown/Spencer/EJ among others would make depth moving into 2018 much less of an issue. I don't know what the numbers look like moving into 2018 but I feel our two biggest NBA prospects moving into this season will be Wiley and Heron, possibly Purifoy but not so much at the beginning. Signing these two guys before the season would give us a little reassurance as far as (at least) providing depth for their two positions if they leave. At that point we wouldn't have to worry about much other than possibly looking for a GT if we do lose an unexpected player to the draft/transfer.
  13. Indeed, I meant 3 is the maximum he'd have. Stats not too far off from Heron's freshman stats, granted the competition may not have been quite the same, so i could see him leaving early if he shows it on the court. (Wherever he may go)
  14. They'd both sit 17 and be available in 18 to play 3, I'm assuming? That would be a solid option to replace heron, assuming he does leave, who would bring some help down low with him. Would we be looking at Gresham as a 5 if we do get them? (I see his recruiting profile says PF and the article says center)