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  1. Great write up. I'd love to see Wiley have a game where he can get hot. I feel like that would do a bunch for his confidence in giving him the reassurance that he can still dominant. It would also be fun to watch. Wiley dominating the post so much that defenses are forced to leave our shooters open would be an amazing addition to this team (and next years), I'm getting a little carried away but this would be a great time to move in that direction
  2. Even if we don't score when we throw it to Wiley down low but 1-2 out of every four possessions, a post presence will open things up for a good shooting team in basketball like a running game will for a good passing team in football. So when our shooters are off, it would seem like the logical thing to do would be a more post-based offense with Wiley/Spencer. In my opinion anyway.
  3. Interesting. Sure seems like we're shooting a lot less compared to other games I watch. Too much of the pros I guess
  4. DP and Harper both seem consistent with their FT shooting. Our problem FT % wise is DP, JH, MH (the guys we would expect to hit high %) don't take it to the rim very much. I would imagine we have some of the lowest total FTs taken in the country. And when we do get there, it usually seems to be people like Laron, Spencer and Wiley most of the time (shooting fouls that is). I haven't looked at any stats to confirm that but usually it seems like the teams who get to the line more shoot higher percentages because their guards and forwards are drawing shooting fouls too. hoping with the more size being added in this next class (Davion and okeke for example) we start banging around inside more and more. Just my $0.02 on it
  5. 30 times as much as Gus/Rhett
  6. Hard to tell with Wiley at this point, imo. As there aren't many that have made the same transition as him to compare him to. I think with how quick his transition from high school to college was and with how well he's already adapting to a new team that he is likely a pretty good learner and very talented. With the experience he'll have already gotten from playing in 2/3ish of this season and this up coming off season, I imagine we'll a much more dominant Wiley at the beginning of next season.
  7. Really nothing more interesting in college football at this time than a coaching search. But it would be nice to land someone who can start working before NSD. It'll allow us to bicker about how good or bad the hire was and how he's going to use/misuse this player and that player and we can get back to the oh so missed QB discussions
  8. So to keep my hopes up I'm telling myself that obviously Gus or someone would have called SD if we wanted him and he would have been like wow walk into this team and have stidham white and others at QB, Pettway KJ and others at rb, great WR prospects, bunch of returning lineman, SEC, easier to recruit, Gus said he'd give me full control, AU > TCU. So we must not have wanted him and have our standards set higher. Josh Mcdaniels? Most likely. Gonna have to play the waiting game a little longer.
  9. Winning these next two games would be big for this team especially being two home games before a couple of big road games. Hopefully Purifoy comes back quick
  10. I like Laron over Spencer sometimes. Not a knock on Spencer at all but I feel Laron is more reliable in the sense that you know what he's going to do while he's out there. He's a solid defender, can block shots, rebounds, is usually in the right position, he's gonna play help D when he can and while he's not much of an offensive presence, he always seems to be the first person to open up for a two man game to free up a ball handler being pressed when he's in. He's got a lot of non stat sheet attributes and a consistency about him that would gain minutes from me if I were coach. Spencer on the other hand can be more of a wild card. He'll call for the ball and try to generate his own shot (successful a lot of the time), great at blocking shots (probably picks up more fouls per minute than Laron, id imagine) but is also younger than Laron, who is one of the few players that provides all of this team's seniority and most of its experience. either way, seems coach Pearl does indeed know what he's doing when it comes to these big men.
  11. The team definitely shows a lot of promise. CBP did an amazing job tonight too (coach cal was quoted saying he did "a hell of a job keeping his team in this game"). I know a few of us, including myself, have bickered about his lack of time outs this season but I thought he used them perfectly tonight as well as the lineup and substitutions all being very effective. The first time he pulled Johnson and Dunnans out of the game calmed both of them down a lot and they both ended up playing well for a majority of the game, especially TJ. Harper, Johnson, TJ and everyone else that guarded Fox did way better than expected. We seemed to be more intact than I thought we would offensively without DP at Rupp. Of course TJ covered most of the gap but we were taking good shots, working the ball inside better. FT shooting wasn't good but we don't usually get many FT and our better FT shooters (I would guess our most reliable are Harper and DP) were not the ones shooting most of them tonight so that wasn't too hard to see coming. I think we played better than how much we lost by but even with the 20 point loss on the scoreboard, this is the best I've felt after coming away with a loss all season.
  12. No one in the world expected our defense to look good in the transitional role against Kentucky. I'm guessing that there's a very slim chance we see any team get close to being able to run with them until tournament time and even then it may not be done. That being said, go back and look at some of Kentucky's wins and you'll feel much better about this one. Beat (now #13) Michigan state by 21, nearly doubled Tamu and Arizona states scores, 26 over Arkansas, 23 over ole miss. Sure, we also lost by 20 but i think many of us were expecting it could have been much worse.
  13. Adebayo's face-palm on Spencer seems like a play that would be used more if it were legal...
  14. That should be a T on Fox