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  1. If that's the way it's going to go, I hope it's our first play so we can go ahead and round up the search committee. God, I'm already melting just thinking about it.
  2. I had South Carolina and Kentucky in my championship. It was looking like a great bracket until Kentucky lost.
  3. pretty much my exact reaction. This kid is huge.
  4. I know what play I'm predicting in the inevitable "what will be the first offensive play of the season" thread.
  5. Do you have any ideas on who we might go after specifically? I've seen mentions but no names and don't see a thread for it. I know everyone hasn't yet announced their transfer decision and others such as Elijah Brown have. I feel like it won't be easy to pull the biggest name at the guard position(s) with Davion, Harper and Heron to compete with (among others) to compete with.
  6. I've played pickup against wojo in Cameron lol, it's cool to see him being successful nowadays. Dude was still super talented on the court at that time (GA at Duke, I believe). Dunking over everybody, it was never fair with him playing. It was always funny to watch him take over a game against a group of unexpected high school seniors who had no idea who he was and thought he was just another one of coach K's minion GAs.
  7. Franklin at WR and PR is definitely something I'm excited to see. It'll be interesting to see how fast the new(ish) staff can bring him up to speed.
  8. Just saw this. Let's hope it's just spring he misses.
  9. I ran into him one time when I was in Durham and got to talk to him. Super inspirational dude. But I agree, I don't care for him as an analyst too much. He's no Chuck (who I honestly think is one of the best analyst in terms of his picks/things he sees when watching a game). Jay was an amazing player though. Wish he hadn't gotten hurt
  10. Jason Williams is my #1. Redick being top 5 but sometimes I liked Sheldon Willaims more from that era.
  11. Only 18 out of espn's 18 million correctly predicted the Sweet 16. Not sure if any are still 100%
  12. Imo, seemed like South Carolina was just a lot more intense. I had USCe and Arky beating both North Carolina teams because I thought they'd be too much too handle for both of them. And I'm a Duke bandwagon as a couple of my high school teammates and I would travel to Durham for Coach K's clinics, so I've always had a bunch of respect for him and his teams. with the way sin has been playing, in addition to USC's defense, once they get hot shooting wise it'll be a hard task to take them down. Same went for Arky although I thought that was a much more far our pick than USC. None the less, it's nice to see Coach Martin and that team doing as well as they are. It bodes well for our progress, hopefully.
  13. Also a solid choice, I wasn't aware that coach brown had it in him.
  14. Probably some 1-11 with some 10-2 mixed in, I've heard he's old-school.
  15. Even though it seems unlikely they'll still be alive after tonight, I've got USCe beating Duke in my bracket. Someone I've got ties with plays for USCe so it's a completely biased bracket. Sure would be fun to see one of arky/USCe beat one of these Carolina teams.