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  1. aamudawg

    Who Do You Want?

    Completely unrealistic, but Dan Mullen would raise holy hell at AU
  2. We've got a spot for them. Our last transfer from AU was a 4 year starter at QB and won a conference title his JR year...
  3. God Bless America! This too shall pass
  4. aamudawg

    PTBs Effect on our Program

    Every university has PTB that interject their influence. Most times, they are hard to get around. The key is finding a HC that can win in spite of them. Tough task, but its doable. I'm an outsider so my view is limited, but to me it seems the main issue is the A.D. If there are indeed power plays being made behind the scenes, the AD is supposed to be the mouse trap that keeps that stuff at a minimum.
  5. aamudawg

    Players not happy...

    If JF3 isn't happy, AAMU would be glad to take him. We have an open spot. Did anybody see what Grambling did with the Ole Miss 3rd string transfer? 1st team all conference and on his way to a conference title and a degree. Some guys are better off in FCS land. Remember Kelcy Luke?
  6. aamudawg

    Auburn-Alabama A&M Score Predictions

    Last time we played AU was at the end of the 2012 season. We were much more talented and better coached then. AU was at the end of a rough year. 56-3, if AU doesn't attempt to run the score up. If AU is motivated, 66-0. SEC talent and depth is just too much for us. MTSU beat us 55-0. Grambling beat us 56-17 (our own conference opponent). Enjoy the band and thanks for the opportunity for our players!
  7. Go Fuller! Fellow J.O. Johnson Jaguar! I remember that Florida game like it was yesterday.
  8. aamudawg

    The World Isn't Falling

    I dont post much here but I read often. What does it take for people to see reality for what it is? Gus is not an SEC head coach. This is not just "one game." This was the culmination of poor QB recruiting and development and the inability to adjust to what he has. That offensive gameplan was about the worst I've seen in my life. Its time for AU people to ignore the variables, stop making excuses for Malzahn and move on to a more worthy HC. Those players worked too hard to have poor decision making take the game from them.
  9. aamudawg

    Lashlee "Taps the Brakes" on JF3

    Didn't Lashlee & Gus not offer the guy a scholarship to play QB?
  10. aamudawg

    JF3 in Netflix Documentary- airing 7/29

    I think its important to remember that he signed with FSU out of high school. JF has abilities, they just didn't match the JUCO coaches system. AAMU has a dual threat JC transfer QB that played in a traditional offense at the JC. His JC stats weren't good, but our coaches saw he wasn't in a fitting system. He comes here, and tears up the conference until injuries to he and the OL piled up. As far as JF's attitude...I cant take up for that. At times, he seems very immature and cocky. Almost Manziel-like, but that could also be because of his surroundings. I hope he works out at AU. He'll be in a different culture and environment, so I don't expect that attitude to be the same.
  11. Not sure of the depth situation but I can see NCM & Malik Miller having an early impact.
  12. aamudawg

    Will Auburn be the Dark Horse this year?

    Lots of talent on the 2015 AU team. Nobody saw Jeremy Johnson folding. That will affect any team.
  13. aamudawg

    Will Auburn be the Dark Horse this year?

    If JF3 starts, AU wins no less than 9 games, and here's why I say that: He would have had to beat out 2 players who were already in the system (albeit, those 2 didn't exactly shock the world), but for a JUCO QB who was virtually unknown this time last year to do that speaks volumes to his capability to handle the offense. MSU, Arkansas and even Ole Miss are beatable. LSU will be tough but Les refuses to play modern football (points are a premium and AU can score with the right QB). Bama will be tough to beat, but look how close the Iron Bowl was last year... Don't count yourselves out based on last year. There is talent on this team and Gus can win with talent.
  14. aamudawg

    Updated roster and weights

    That defensive line is going to be a demonic terror in a year or two. Good grief.
  15. He's not around & has not been for months. I think he's busy with school. Oh ok, thanks!