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  1. $50 mil buyout! Get it done! If that can't sway him maybe Ted Roof at Oklahoma?
  2. I wasn't saying a recruit hadn't heard of Lane. I was saying that his legacy cache of being in and around the NFL all his life because his Dad was Monte is probably not something that has any effect on a 18 year old because most of them have no idea who Monte Kiffin is.
  3. Another point for Sanders, his NFL career is regionally relevant. He covered the bases of both Atlanta and Dallas. No Falcons, Braves of Cowboys fans alive don't know who he is. He also has reach all the way to California for his brief but significant 49ers days. I'd wager that the vast majority of young NFL fans in this area gravitate to Atlanta and Dallas. Prime is on top of a major sports demographic in general fandom.
  4. Like it or not, CFB is about recruiting above all else. That's how Lil Nicky built an empire. Put yourself in the shoes of an 18 year old kid. Who makes the bigger impression on you sitting in your living room? Lifelong coach of a legendary DC that you likely never heard of? Or, the NFL Hall of Famer with Super Bowl Rings who is arguably the greatest Defensive Back to ever play the game? It's gotta be Prime Time if it's between the two. All Prime needs to do is come in and make out of the park hires for his staff and then manage the program and bring in the talent.
  5. I moved to Alabama in the 90's and quickly declared for Auburn when I got my first taste of Bammers. I've seen some great moments in Jordan Hare, including beating Spurrier's Gators in the 11-0 season. I loved the town and atmosphere so much I went to school there and I'm a proud member of the class of '00. I've never missed an Auburn-Georgia game. Not until yesterday. I didn't even put it on in the background. Just no point, too painful to even consider seeing it. And worst of all, utter apathy about it today. I lived in Nashville for a while when I was a kid, and it reminded me of the attitude Vandy fans had about their team. I now know how they feel.
  6. Wow. I saw that coming from the opening kick
  7. I'm picking Deion because I talked to a few of my fellow grads over beers (and a bit stronger) after PSU and we all agreed...wow, could you imagine him and Pearl in a room together?
  8. He had issues going through his progressions and he did make a few dubious decisions especially early. But, yeah, his receivers had drops and his OL didn't help him. And, well, time to say it, the opponent was a lot more talented. I still kind of wonder what could've been if JJ had hired Smart over Gus.
  9. Drops were horrible and critical. The QB was applying a bit too much mustard on a lot of them, but, still have to catch the football.
  10. The ref just sat there and watched it. My wife's an Auburn fan but not really as versed on football and she even saw it.
  11. Loved Nix last night. He was playing street ball because his OL wasn't helping. Reminded me of Tony Romo.
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