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  1. Wow. I saw that coming from the opening kick
  2. I'm picking Deion because I talked to a few of my fellow grads over beers (and a bit stronger) after PSU and we all agreed...wow, could you imagine him and Pearl in a room together?
  3. He had issues going through his progressions and he did make a few dubious decisions especially early. But, yeah, his receivers had drops and his OL didn't help him. And, well, time to say it, the opponent was a lot more talented. I still kind of wonder what could've been if JJ had hired Smart over Gus.
  4. Drops were horrible and critical. The QB was applying a bit too much mustard on a lot of them, but, still have to catch the football.
  5. The ref just sat there and watched it. My wife's an Auburn fan but not really as versed on football and she even saw it.
  6. Loved Nix last night. He was playing street ball because his OL wasn't helping. Reminded me of Tony Romo.
  7. I really wanted to see a lot more of the Auburn RB's tonight but...I'm taking the win.
  8. I will. I've always been hesitant because even though I'm an Auburn grad that saw us beat Florida in the stadium in '93 that I'm a expat from Texas that is a Cowboys fan that has like 20k posts on the Cowboys message board. I mean, I'm a kid from Texas that traveled around the world and had the luck to end up getting a degree from Auburn. I love the plains. I thought I was a Longhorns fan till I went to Jordan Hare. Don't know if this is the place for this. But...you want to know how much the plains can take a person that isn't from there, a Texan... I'm forever a Dallas Cowboy, I have literally met Tex Schramm and Tom Landy. But, till I die, I'm all Auburn. War Eagle all!
  9. I wish. First time I'm posting here ever.. I'm class of '00 and rolled the trees more than a few times. I really wish I could be there tonight. I'm sitting in Montgomery instead and there with my TP in spirit.
  10. I've got NFL concerns tomorrow, but tonight.....yeah. It's party time.
  11. So many years I've lurked here. But...WAR EAGLE!
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