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  1. Congratulations on winning Korn Ferry’s Utah Championship today!!! 🦅🦅 🐅🐅
  2. Don’t disagree with any of this. Prior AU leadership didn’t have “Pearl Vision”!
  3. How many of you remember the woeful 1991 and 1992 season records of 5-6 and 5-5-1, respectively? Yeah, it was at the end of CPD’s tenure with NCAA investigations, but the next year was SPECIAL. With basically the same roster, new CTB led AU to an 11-0 season and Jim Fiffe’s vintage “11-0, 11-0”. AU was in EVERY game in 2021 with the exception of UGa. We haven’t seen this competitiveness in many years from our football team and that was great to see. However, the end result of our record is not what we wanted. All of this to say that I fully expect the 2022 record to be much better than 2021 and trending upward after CBH clears the team of uncommitted players and coaches. Support CBH. Support Auburn Football. WDE!
  4. How many gave confirmed attendance? Need at least a dozen OL candidates 6’5 or taller. Where’s the focus for a vital position overlooked for too long? Maybe the coaches can have an OL, only recruiting weekend? Somethings gotta change to create OL interest.
  5. If our QB could have completed a 15 yrd swing pass to him in 2019 vs thUga, he may still be with us. He was doing well in that game but then he went AWOL afterwards.
  6. Awesome! Great team building and bonding opportunity! We used to do that in HS football 100 years ago with fumble recovery drills on a wet, muddy spot on our practice field. Good times!
  7. Looking forward to Coach Davis teaching our QBs proper ball placement. Like the missed 2-point conversion in the IB. WR has the CB beat by a step or two. TJ throws at the receiver and its picked. Lead our receiver properly and it’s completed. Just little things to correct but it’s been death by a thousand cuts for a team that can’t close games after earning double digit leads. 🦅🦅🦅
  8. Oklahoma football: Georgia DC Dan Lanning is next Oklahoma head coach by Chip Rouse19 minutes ago Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Lanning is the new Oklahoma head football coach, according to Ryan Chapman, who covers the Sooners for Sports Illustrated.
  9. Even Todd Ellis, SC radio broadcaster, questioned the 4th and 1 play selection - “I don’t understand the call”. So, its not just us that doesn’t understand the reasoning for such a call given the field location and how the game had been going to that point. Totally flipped the script in the home team’s favor.
  10. I doubt our team heard this kind of pep talk last week when the zero to zero reference was preached by our HC. Some coaches just know what motivates their players more than other. The audio puts it out in a better perspective…. Leaked Audio: Kirby Smart's halftime speech at Florida 3K Likes 220,731 Views Nov 16 2021 This audio is supposedly from Kirby Smart's halftime speech vs Florida. Language warning!! Transcript: "I still remember, like yesterday, walking out this b*tch at the half. The look and the feeling I had, looking at Tyson, looking at Stokes, looking at those guys…You know what guys? This is our f*ckin year, this is our f*ckin year and we do it by how we play. It’s zero to f*ckin zero and you make ‘em never want to play again. All that sh*t they’re talking - I love it Jamaree – you didn’t say sh*t. You don’t say sh*t to ‘em, you just laugh and point at the scoreboard. Let me get a picture JD, point at the f*ckin scoreboard. DON’T SAY SH*T to their undisciplined a$$. Because we are, WE ARE DISCIPLINED! And our asses are gonna kick the f*ckin sh*t out of ‘em, physically! Physically I want to break ‘em, I’m talkin’ bout f*ckin break these b*tches on defense and offense.”
  11. 60 Minutes! We heard this pledge 40 years ago by our beloved PFD. It’s time for our current HC to practice what he’s been preaching ad nauseam this season to no avail. Give us 60 minutes of real AU football for once this year. 🦅🦅🦅
  12. Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I guess I’ve been lucky with much shorter wait times the past 10 years or so. WDE 🦅🦅🦅
  13. Does anyone know what has happened to the City of Auburn’s traffic control? After the game, it took 60 minutes to get out of our parking lot and another 30 minutes to get to the Bent Creek/Glenn intersection to get on 85 North. I’ve seen this after Ala and Ga games but not after an Ole Miss game. The traffic flow used to not be a problem.
  14. Hoping King can be our version of the success that Evan Ingram had at Ole Miss and still in the NFL. Great hands, big frame, and a major mismatch for LBs and DBs.
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