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  1. 3/12/21. Per Max Preps. J Smith had big game numbers but his team lost in the AAA championship game in Macon.... Cross Creek (Augusta) stunned Sandy Creek (Tyrone) 57-49 in the Class AAA title game Friday evening. The Razorbacks finished the game on a 13-0 run, overcoming 19 points, 17 rebounds and four blocks from five-star senior Jabari Smith.
  2. If he’s allowed back we will get a real glimpse of how effective our new coaches are. We’ve seen the before product for his weak edge rushing and busted outside containment. Will we see a new and improved BK or the same ole same ole after learning from the new coaching staff? I’m hoping for a new BK if he returns for his future sake and for the team’s sake.
  3. Watch #42, Baltimore Ravens HB, Patrick Ricard tonight. Same size as Pegues, 6’2” 305 range. Pure Beast. He usually trucks guys that are in his way. He used to be a DL but the Ravens wanted him on offense to help punish their opponents. It will be interesting to see how the Ravens scheme plays against the Bills to take advantage of mismatches.
  4. I hate that so many of our guys are leaving. Nevertheless, go get the UT and Southern Cal RBs in the portal so they can compete with and platoon with Tank. The USC RB (6’ 0 x 235) could be our next Pettway waiting to be turned loose and punish the opposing defenses. When 235# Pett was healthy and our starting RB, I am sure the opposing D’s didn’t look forward to playing AU.
  5. That shouldn’t be a problem if one is passing game coordinator and one is running game coordinator. I am pretty sure that Clemson was doing this for several years when their program took off.
  6. Are you implying that we may go after the UO Ducks’ OC who happened to work with Joe Brady?
  7. The family ties are AU legends Secedrick (Barfield days) and Jeris (Tubs days) McIntyre. Dylan has been AU his whole life but the prior coaching staff took him for granted and UT seized AU’s slow hand to get his commitment. This will be a sad day for AU to let this young star get away.
  8. Why did Shea not name who is being referenced in this story? Until these folks know they cannot continue to operate in the shadows, nothing much will change. As long as they are protected, they will continue to undermine the athletic department, specifically football. Who has the knowledge and cajonies to report facts? “This charade between these three boosters and Auburn University is so predictable...”
  9. Freeze. Checking the thuga and turd sec rant page about our vacancy, comments from both team pages are that Freeze would scare them the most to be AU’s HC. Cristobal, Nappier, and Fickel wouldn’t bother them too much although any would be an improvement.
  10. I heard about the machete story with the addition of Aundray only wearing gym shorts and covered in baby powder😃. In addition to the GT game dominance, he did have a great bowl game vs the USC Trojans if I recall. I know there are many more highlights of his playing days. He seemed average at times but could dominate when he wanted to do so. Those AU defenses with 6’5” Aundray on one side and 6’6” Bryan Smith on the other side were fun to watch.
  11. Yeah. You’ve heard the phrase “War Eagle Anyway?” That was a major part of the coach (no names please) before the PFD regime. Said coach was a nice person, a good OC for Shug, and a good recruiter (3 future all pro NFL RBs) just not HC material for an SEC program wanting to compete for a conference championship year-in year-out. The home loss to Wake Forest in 79 and the embarrassing 0-42 loss to UT in 80 sealed the deal for HC changes. The UT skunk game was the first home game in our newly expanded 75k seat stadium. Ouch.
  12. Agree with the OP. It’s a shame that our coaching staff doesn’t know how to create mismatches with our TEs. E.V.E.R. Especially after hearing how our TEs would be a major part of the game plan ad nauseam during preseason fall practices. The same goes for our LBs and DBs not being in a position to defend the middle of the field in the 10 - 15 yrd zone from the LOS on 3rd down. So our coaches preach getting off the field in 3rd down but blitz and leave the middle of the field wide open for the opposing team to convert for a 1st down. 🤬 🤬🤬
  13. Would love to see M Hill return punts. He was pretty electric with the ball in his hands in his HS days.
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