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  1. Gr82batigr

    Derrick Brown returning!

    This is like the major news of Cadillac and Ronnie B returning for their Senior year in 2004. Awesome!!!
  2. Gr82batigr

    Gatewood in only

    How was Gatewood’s sprint and dive into the end zone not a TD? I understand not reviewing it due to the score, but to not give the guy an earned TD is just wrong. There was no doubt in crossing the goal line before a knee or elbow touched the ground. He looked much more in control with running our offense than #14. Hopefully our new OC can work wonders with coaching all QBs next year.
  3. Gr82batigr

    SECCG 2018

    Can’t stand either team. However, if thuga beats bama a few times coupled with their (thuga) top recruiting success, we may see the REC pull out all stops to take down the dawgs off the field. The REC can’t stand for anyone else to be the new king of the SEC.
  4. Gr82batigr

    Here is what Gus needs to do

    Agree with OP. Who’s gonna teach him about principles of roster management and how to make in-game adjustments? The guy needs some major mentoring/tutoring on these 2 things, just to name a few.
  5. Gr82batigr

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    Gotta lead the receivers better. Stop underthrowing and creating jump balls. These new guys can fly so let them run under it and never break stride all the way to the EZ!
  6. Gr82batigr

    NCAA's Men's Golf Championship Stroke Play

    Happy for the team’s performance and wishing them more success in match play tomorrow and advancing to Wednesday. Mancheno was awesome, too! Gonna be fun to watch his career blossom at AU and beyond.
  7. Gr82batigr

    2018 offseason recruiting

    Glad to see AU’s interest in Tye. He’s a very underrated player. GA 4A Player of Year and leader of his back-to-back, 63-0 State Championship team. HS Head Coach is AU’s own Darrell Lockhart, who played for Sonny Smith back in the day. Seems to really like the new Ole Miss coach after signing with him at MTSU before the coach was hired for the Ole Miss HC job. If AU doesn’t get Tye, we’ll be seeing a lot of him at either Ole Miss or UGA.
  8. Gr82batigr

    Davion Mitchell Transferring

    Go sign 6'3" PG Ty Fagan, AAAA Georgia player of year and leader if Darrell Lockhart's 63-0 Upson Lee basketball ream and back-to-back State Champs. Beat UGA, Ole Miss, and others for this young man's talent. Former signee with Middle TN who gets out of scholly when the Middle TN coach moved to Ole Miss as HC.
  9. Gr82batigr

    Clemson Recruiting

    FYI. Dabo was in Perry, GA last week watching Trayvon Walker, Thomaston Upson Lee playing Perry in basketball. Trayvon is the starting center for the UL Knights, coached by AU basketball legend Darryl Lockhart and their 53 game winning streak. Trayvon is a coveted TE/DE that Dabo is interested in at a solid 6'5" 260. Kirby Smart just helicoptered in to Thomaston this morning, 1/23/18, to visit Trayvon and his coaches. When do our coaches begin building relationships with future recruits and do the AU coaches have Trayvon on our radar for the 2019 class?
  10. Gr82batigr

    Demographic Curiosity

    57 Male Georgia 1982 - Industrial Management I was 9 when my parents took me to my first AU game in 1969. Pat Sullivan lead AU to a 44-3 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats. Auburn had me hook, line, and sinker. WDE!!!
  11. Gr82batigr

    2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    Even with our early playing opportunities, how important to Trey is joining his former HS teammate and starting QB at uga who happens to be SEC Freshman of the Year? Tons of pup fans in Warner Robins, too. Tall hill to climb for getting him to choose the good guys.
  12. Gr82batigr

    Thank You AU Players and Coaches

    Great thread. Very proud of our players and coaches for an impressive final stretch of the season! The Championship game was disappointing, no doubt. In a 4 week stretch, our Tigers went 2-1 against 3 number 1 ranked teams (at some point) and that honestly is mentally and physically draining. You could see it play out last night with lacking sharpness in executing plays and with multiple injuries. To say the team’s tank was empty is an understatement, but our men laid it on the field for the Auburn Family.
  13. Gr82batigr

    The Trenches

    Prince Tega and Harrell really made a huge difference after they entered the 1st game. Not sure if James and Horton are 100% healthy, but those 2 backups had a super game, so they should be chomping at the bit to play in this game. Loved seeing them lead KJ down the sideline on the last TD. Of course we need Braden S to continue mauling their DL like he did in the 1st game too.
  14. Thanks for the Marta info!  WDE!!!

  15. Gr82batigr

    SEC Championship Tickets

    What is the most common Marta Station along I85 for AU fans to ride on game day? Prefer to ride with more good guys instead of a train loaded with too many dawg barkers.