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  1. Agree with all points! While they’re making three statues for the football stadium, go ahead a mold one for BP to go next to Sir Charles outside of the Arena when the right time occurs. What an amazing coach and great ambassador for our proud university. WDE Coach Pearl!!! 🐅🐅🐅🦅🦅🦅🦅
  2. Need to hire McGee from UGA and keep Porter from being hired by UGA. Thugs wants to damage AUs recruiting and secure B Jones signature with hiring one of our best recruiters in Porter. 😡🤬
  3. This team is better than we showed tonight but the seniors need to step up or we will see more losses. Agree with this statement wholeheartedly. 19 TO, 32% shooting, and to get outrebounded by a smaller lineup wreaks of weak player leadership from an experienced team with lots of Seniors. Sounds like the starting lineup may need to be shaken up a bit to wake people up. I have confidence in our coaching staff to make the proper adjustments for Saturday’s game with UF.
  4. “The bottom line. We lost this game because our OL sucks (nothing new there), and our defense got severely out schemed, and at times manhandled. Also, we can't stretch the field. We ran very few deep balls, and threw toalmost none of them I think. So Minnesota stacked the box, and our already bad OL is now being out numbered.” This 😡. I agree with all of the offensive inefficiencies and dysfunction being discussed. What gripes me is that our defense couldn’t stop UM and they were using a makeshift OC out of position coaches and QC staff because their OC bolted to.PSU. These makeshift guys out-schemed our DC and all of his assistant coaches. It was like watching a d&#$ rerun of the 2018 Miss State and UT games. It was a nauseating afternoon for AU fans. 3 games in 2 seasons (MSU, UT, and UM) to get out coached by lesser-talented teams is unacceptable for anyone that loves AU.
  5. Gus gas stated multiple times that AU is a “good” team. Well, good will not win championships any longer. He needs to commit to making AU a “GREAT” team and do everything in his power to make that happen. Will he? Only time will tell. I hope he can and it would be a great start with hiring an OC that can transition AU to the next level and keep us there for the long haul.
  6. Where will FSU OC Kendal Briles go?
  7. What would Kirby and uga’s record be playing LSU and bama every year? Probably not too sporty.
  8. In addition to Joe Brady, LSU hired legendary Coach John Robinson to mentor Coach O and to provide other consulting duties to the team.
  9. Without a top QB, Fisher is a Dead Man Walking. Just look at his final years at FSU and now his first 2 years at Texas A&M. Yep. It is that way for any Head Coach. Thank goodness AU is not in that situation this year.
  10. To Doc - “This is out there in left field a bit, but I have thought on several occasions maybe there are some REC moles hidden within our athletic infrastructure determined to keep us where we are. (Red elephant club...”. I’ve been thinking this for years. It doesn't make sense why AU cant get out of its own way. However, rogue boosters of another persuasion that would do anything to keep AU suppressed would be on par for the powerful REC.
  11. Agree. How will our front 7 get enough pressure on Hebert with 7 blockers (UO leaving 2 TEs to block). We didn’t get good QB pressure last year when SEC teams kept extra blockers to protect the QB. And, how will our young LBs react to short passes to RBs and TEs after they chip our pass rushers?
  12. Changing QBs too frequently. Let Bo have enough time to get into a good rhythm and not alternate series or the same series with multiple QBs. If the starter is ineffective after 3-4 series, the let #2 have several series to right the ship. I still have nightmares from the Clemson game at AU in ‘15 or ‘16 when 5 different people lined up at QB at some point. Hopefully, Gus has matured enough to not have to rely on such shenanigans.
  13. Agree! Gus needs to improve his roster management skills so we’ll have the horses to unleash when uga and bama come to town at the end of the season. The past 4 years have been so frustrating (with the exception of 2017 regular season) watching us not beat weak dawg teams and not compete well with bama due to key player injuries because of limited substitutions against weaker teams earlier in the year. Specifically not having players Gus could rely on when Shawn White and KJ were too injured to be effective but he kept them in the games nevertheless.
  14. Did they get any Under Armour Rush attire to recycle their body heat for improved performance? That would be great if it happens.
  15. Joe’s Kansas City BarBQue Restaurant and Tank 7 craft beer by Boulevard Brewing Co are must haves while visiting KC.
  16. The Jordan Hare North End Zone (NEZ) should encompass a replacement facility for Haley Center. It could encompass classrooms and offices along with luxury seating, upscale concessions, dining areas, standup viewing, and new video boards above the current seats in the NEZ. Why not knock out two birds with one stone? Haley Center is coming down according to plans and our NEZ is currently a dumpster fire. Since part of this hypothetical project will be for classes/students why not get favorable bond financing and move on it to enhance our student/athletic facilities that would benefit our campus and all could enjoy? You could even Include Petrie Hall as the front entrance if necessary. Why not use our architectural and engineering programs to offset the plan and design costs of such a project, also?
  17. This is like the major news of Cadillac and Ronnie B returning for their Senior year in 2004. Awesome!!!
  18. How was Gatewood’s sprint and dive into the end zone not a TD? I understand not reviewing it due to the score, but to not give the guy an earned TD is just wrong. There was no doubt in crossing the goal line before a knee or elbow touched the ground. He looked much more in control with running our offense than #14. Hopefully our new OC can work wonders with coaching all QBs next year.
  19. Can’t stand either team. However, if thuga beats bama a few times coupled with their (thuga) top recruiting success, we may see the REC pull out all stops to take down the dawgs off the field. The REC can’t stand for anyone else to be the new king of the SEC.
  20. Agree with OP. Who’s gonna teach him about principles of roster management and how to make in-game adjustments? The guy needs some major mentoring/tutoring on these 2 things, just to name a few.
  21. Gotta lead the receivers better. Stop underthrowing and creating jump balls. These new guys can fly so let them run under it and never break stride all the way to the EZ!
  22. Happy for the team’s performance and wishing them more success in match play tomorrow and advancing to Wednesday. Mancheno was awesome, too! Gonna be fun to watch his career blossom at AU and beyond.
  23. Glad to see AU’s interest in Tye. He’s a very underrated player. GA 4A Player of Year and leader of his back-to-back, 63-0 State Championship team. HS Head Coach is AU’s own Darrell Lockhart, who played for Sonny Smith back in the day. Seems to really like the new Ole Miss coach after signing with him at MTSU before the coach was hired for the Ole Miss HC job. If AU doesn’t get Tye, we’ll be seeing a lot of him at either Ole Miss or UGA.
  24. Go sign 6'3" PG Ty Fagan, AAAA Georgia player of year and leader if Darrell Lockhart's 63-0 Upson Lee basketball ream and back-to-back State Champs. Beat UGA, Ole Miss, and others for this young man's talent. Former signee with Middle TN who gets out of scholly when the Middle TN coach moved to Ole Miss as HC.