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  1. I think 9 wins with improvement from Bo and the OL should be expected. 10 wins is a real possibility.
  2. 10+ win seasons. OL starts blocking. Bo keeps it on the read about 7-8 times per game. We have another 1000 yard rusher.
  3. First of all, thank you for your service. I guess what I'm meaning is that if someone with no degree or connection at all from the University they root for is out here bashing Auburn to my face, I'll tell them that their opinion doesn't really matter. It doesn't. They have no skin in the fight. I don't personally know you, but I doubt that you'd go up to someone who went to Alabama and trash their school. It's not really a thing that I see Auburn fans doing in my experiences. Alabama fans with no University connection do this frequently. Their opinions on Auburn University are invalid. It's the Updyke mentality.
  4. I'm leaning more along the lines of the Bammers that bully a kid with a direct family tie-in to Auburn, while the Bammers parents either went to JSU or no college at all. Their opinion about Auburn is invalid. They have no room to say anything. If I were an Auburn fan "just because," there is no chance that I'd be downing Alabama to an alumni.
  5. I think you can pull for whoever you want. I also think that if you are smack talking someone who went to a school, while you (or immediate family) did not attend the school that you are supporting, your opinion is invalid. Alabama fans love Alabama football, Auburn fans love Auburn. I would imagine the higher number of AU fans that are connected to AU contribute to our mindset.
  6. Saban is definitely Red. Everytime I tried to peg someone for Gus, I kept getting Sheldon Cooper.
  7. We would still lose at least 4 games a year. But the press conference would be much better, I'll give you that.
  8. I considered Toby from The Office, but then I couldn't help imagining Nicky as the one that would redact his birth date from all government documentation.
  9. The SEC West officially has a sitcom cast for coaches. Nick Saban is Ron Swanson. Whoever the Arkansas coach is would probably equate to a character that gets written off after a season or two.
  10. 9-3 or 10-2. I think we have an improved offense by virtue of Bo being a year older and having an actual QB coach. The schedule is a lot easier. Only losses I see that are likeley at Bama and UGA.
  11. Our entire offense is predicated on doing about 5-6 things really well. We have a lot of smoke and mirrors, but not much variation in play-calling. That makes preparation on a months notice much easier. When you pair that with the fact that we don't do those 5-6 things very well most of the time, the losses start to pile up.
  12. I agree about Bruce being the one to get paid. Worth every penny. What Gus does best is keep the program clean and have players that love him. Not worth 7 million, but it's one of his few good traits.
  13. What a break down. Why can't we run an offense similar to this?
  14. Are these the NFL replacement refs from a few years ago?
  15. We need Nix to run it about 8-10 times per game to open up the dive.