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  1. As opposed to UNC, UK, and Kansas, yes. Kentucky and Carolina are horrible matchups for us.
  2. Ridiculous. We should have been a 4 seed. I wanted the Gonzaga bracket. The magic will have to continue for us to make it out of this one.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the basketball game. I also have enjoyed watching the baseball team on weekends that I have the time. I also enjoy discussing Auburn football. Crazy how they all can coexist on a sports forum.
  4. 7-8 wins. Par for the course. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. Huge win. We need to show up for the SEC. We can really move up with this momentum.
  6. I think we are a lock to be a 6-8 seed after last night. We need a good showing against UT and to win at least one SEC tourney game. If that happens I think we wind up at 6, which is not a bad place to be.
  7. AuburnEagle79


    I would love to know exactly what happened with him this year. Between running for his life every other play and getting engaged, I suppose his mind was elsewhere.
  8. A $10 athletic fee per student per year would be roughly $240,000. Slap one of those, get some big donations. Borrow the rest. It'll pay for itself.
  9. This team is fully capable of beating anyone when we are hot. We are very similar to the football team. Only difference is Bruce is less stubborn and more likeable. So happy we got him.
  10. Getting screwed by SEC officials against LSU. Sounds so familiar.
  11. Not to derail, but they get the scholarship, unlimited food, free dorm (nice one too), a cost of living stipend, and most get 5 grand from FASFA each year. I was a fundraiser for AU as a student. I raised thousands for the university. I believe for the year it was close to 2 million raised by the group. We all made minimum wage, paid for school, food, and housing.
  12. At this pace we could slip to the magical 12 seed, then the Cinderella run will begin.
  13. If Cord were to be starting material, I feel like he would've been ahead of Willis last season. Given how it's not so taboo to start a freshman QB anymore, I really think Nix will be the starter by week 4 if not to start the season.
  14. Gatewood, Nix, or a transfer. It will not be Willis or Cord.