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  1. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    A lot of teams that have less talent have made it that far. It’s anyone's guess who will make it, so if we get hot in the tourney it might as well be us.
  2. 2018 Team Goal

    10 wins, Iron Bowl needs to be SEC play-in game
  3. Demographic Curiosity

    24 Male Charleston, SC 2016 I work with pediatrics all day, so all of you old farts are about the only adults I interact with daily.
  4. Stidham Returning

    Did he really have a choice? I’m thrilled that he is coming back, but I never really thought he’d be leaving to be a 4th round pick.
  5. Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    I’m really just disappointed and don’t feel good about the season. It should never be that way after 10 wins and beating both rivals while they were ranked #1. This article sums it up for me. No adjustments. We were getting taken to the shed, and no adjustments. In the meantime, those rivals are playing for the natty. Unbelievable.
  6. Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    Crazy that we’ve played the 4 teams in the playoff this season 8 times since September 2016. No other team has been asked to do that.
  7. This is just the beginning

    I would leave if I were KP. Why risk another year with injuries when he could get paid with a good combine?
  8. Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    He makes ~4 million a year in a state that has an annual average of 39k. He gets paid. We love the team. We don’t love the crazy roller coaster ride we’ve been on with a stubborn coach. He deserves whatever bonus comes with stomping UGA, Bama, and being top 10. Nothing more.
  9. Thank You AU Players and Coaches

    War Eagle on a great season. They rode the crazy roller coaster of a season better than any of us ever could’ve asked them to. Hell of a year. War Eagle always.
  10. A little perspective, please

    It will get ugly tonight. We just obliterated Bama. Can’t take that away from Gus. Also the people calling for Gus to be gone because the offense stunk will be the same ones that praised Lindsey for how great the offense has looked. We just got outplayed today, that simple.
  11. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    I think we make him a generous offer. I don’t think we get in a bidding war. This game has no bearing on that though. We are in a tough spot tonight, pretty much exact opposite of the previous UGA game.
  12. Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    War Eagle from Charleston, SC!
  13. Auburn Up to #4 in Latest AP Poll!

    We have had the talent to be the number 1 team all season, the man in charge was the only thing holding us back. That no longer appears to be the case. I think we have a legit argument for number 1, but I’m anticipating number 3. Behind 1.Clemson and 2.Oklahoma
  14. I'm saying it now

    He has won me back over as well. He seems more loose, it appears he’s letting his coaches coach, and he’s not taking his foot off the gas. He’s now had enough ups and downs that hopefully he will know how to be the CEO of an elite football program. All that being said, I wouldn’t blame him if he left, we are borderline crazy and the stress is high.
  15. Plays you want to see...

    I want KJ to go for about 250 and 4 scores. Whatever plays make that happen is what I want.