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  1. A change in culture doesn't always work out for some guys, and I think this is one of those situations where both parties win. If we were having a mass exodus in the 3rd year of a coaches tenure, it would be more worrisome.
  2. This was a tough one. My deciding factor was who I thought would do better against a Bama defense from the past decade. The game and players are just so much different now. Bigger, stronger, faster.
  3. Won't be surprised at all to still see him at FB if needed. Selfishly from an entertainment standpoint, I sure hope we get the ball in his hands some, but excited to see him excel on the DL.
  4. I really like the idea of him leading the way for Tank, and then slipping into the flats on a play action boot with the option for Bo to get it out to him or he can block if Bo scrambles.
  5. If our offensive line and Bo take a step forward with some sensible coaching, then I can easily see 9-10 wins. I'm expecting 7-8 wins with some visible improvements.
  6. I hope we have an edge about us that we haven't had in quite some time. I don't know enough about the different weight lifting strategies to weigh in there (pun intended), but the change in mentality and toughness seems to be a positive thing.
  7. Exactly. We have a team full of guys that need to take the next step, young and old.
  8. Not sure how UCF receivers have been in the past as far as getting to and making it in the league, but I sure know how they are gonna be within a couple seasons.
  9. This list wasted no time in losing any credibility it may have had. Mayfield at #1 is an absolute joke. I was expecting to see Tebow at 1, and while I disagree, I would've been ok with it. Watson is top 5 for me. In no particular order, my top 5 would be Cam, Tebow, Vince, Watson, and Manziel.
  10. Time will tell. Did he live up to our expectations? Probably not, but he will be playing against some thin lines and should have his way. Compared to UGA, Bama, UF, LSU, he will be going up against some teams that feel like scout teams. I'm expecting him to be All-AAC.
  11. Smart move for NCM and Big Kat. Big Kat will feast on some of the OL's he faces. I don't know if NCM will be as big of a get as Big Kat, but his familiarity returning with Gus is bound to be better than his stint without Gus.
  12. I don't think many guys are waiting in line to hop on the bus. He's gonna hire his guys and do things his way and never change. Same thing will happen in a couple years when he leaves for the ACC or Big 12. I wish him well and great success because I like Gus the man, but Gus the coach has got to get out of his own head.
  13. Could be true, but don't discount Texas going for him after Sark goes to the NFL or is fired (both real possibilities).
  14. Tax situation has to be better in FL, right? Or does that stop applying once you make a certain amount? I really think he will go there, score a ton, and be out in a year or two once he proves that he can still coach. UCF will bring him se name notoriety and his schedule will be easier to get to a NY6 game than UT or any mid level P5 school can offer. Bottom line, he's leveraging a short stay in Orlando into a bigger job soon.
  15. I've always pulled for UCF as some of my best friends are alums, but this will make me actually watch their games more often. Extremely happy that Gus is gone from Auburn, but I still think he's a great guy and will pull for him wherever he goes.
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