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  1. Worth Replacing Gus?

    I'd take Kevin Steele as the HC today. Hire a hot shot OC and kee the defensive staff together.
  2. 2018 Schedule released

    10-2 should be the minimum with that schedule.
  3. Sean White should regain his job

    Sean would've left on a stretcher tonight. He dodged a bullet by being suspended.
  4. CGM Offense

    If you think Mary Jane is the reason we can't score then you should probably give it another puff and pass.
  5. CGM Offense

    I would agree, but he did the same last season. Embarrassing loss to Clemson that we should've won, big win vs bad LSU, get on a roll against the mediocre at best SEC West, lose to the most powerful man in the state and do it all again the next year. Jacobs will not fire Gus unless we absolutely tank. He's riding it out until Saban retires.
  6. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    Defense is stellar. I'd go as far as elite. Offense is as bad as I've seen it. To put it in perspective, the Georgia Southern team that we "dominated" was also dominated by 1AA New Hampshire today. This offense needs a miracle and I think we spent all of ours in 2013.
  7. CGM Offense

    We will lose to Bama just like we did tonight, and probably LSU too. We win the rest, Gus stays, and we deal with this average style of football with elite players for another year.
  8. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    I could be OC for us. Heck anyone could because we have the least involved OC in the country. At least don't waste money on one if Gus is gonna run the offense regardless.
  9. First Play Prediction: Georgia Southern

    Stidham sends Sean White in jet motion. Chandler Cox is lined up beside Stidham. Stidham motions out. Cox takes the direct snap and hits Sean White on a wheel route for a touchdown.
  10. Who is Auburn's 2nd toughest opponent?

    Bama at home is our second toughest game this season. At LSU is the toughest game. Bama is better, but Death Valley is a whole different animal. I honestly think that that we will handle Clemson. It took an outstanding game from Watson to beat us last season with our quarterback circus in full swing.
  11. 2017 Gameday Enhancements / DJ in student section

    As a fairly recent graduate that attended many games (but not every game) as a student, I'd say there's way too much going on in the student section. I sold my tickets as a student to pay for groceries on top of having a job. I would then buy a ticket outside the stadium for next to nothing about 15 minutes before kick off just to avoid the zoo that is the student section. Breaking my neck to watch the replays, having to listen to the poor cheerleader on the mic that gets on everyone's nerves, and putting up with all the students that couldn't give two craps about the game was just too much for me. The DJ will just add to it. I hope I'm wrong, but it just seems like they are trying too hard. We are Auburn, we don't want gimmicks, we want wins.
  12. scouting report: Georgia Southern

    Actually you lost to Samford 😉 I was there. Kevin Ellison started that one.
  13. Checking in on Georgia Southern

    Odds are you should prepare to be irritated.
  14. USA Today Coaches Poll 2017

    USC and LSU are both way too high. Given how we finished last year, I'm surprised how high they are on us. Stidham really needs to live up to all of this hype.