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  1. Well deserved IMO. Such an interesting group of finalist. Burrow, Fields, and Hurts aren't "good enough" to be the starter at their first schools, but all end up at this ceremony. Throw in a DL and it's just an awesome story. I really love that Bama and UGA are sitting at home while their backups are in the playoffs.
  2. Dell McGee is a great recruiter, but he ain't taking a job that doesn't let him call plays. He's churning out running backs at UGA and I'd be surprised if he signs up to be micro managed.
  3. Dilly is also a smart guy. He got out before he was gotten out. It was coming.
  4. This also is huge for Bo Nix. He looked lost at times, but also excelled at times. CM could take what big game experience that Bo already has and turn him into a world beater. If this all pans out, I am genuinely thrilled to watch our O next season.
  5. Whether he calls plays or not, he's a proven recruiter and would most likely be able to have some great game planning contributions. Gus will respect what Chad Morris has to say, I don't know that any OC outside of RL had that benefit.
  6. I'll be excited to see Lane coaching that QB they have now. They will be dangerous on offense. He will recruit, he will score, and he will troll absolutely everyone. Going to be a fun few years in Oxford.
  7. Welcome to the "Fast Lane"
  8. No chance I could stay awake that late!
  9. How else would UGA, LSU, or Bama get some quality wins if they didn't always fluff us in the rankings. They are doing it with Big 10 schools this year for OSU. I'm in an a weird spot on Gus. I'm not a fan of his total body of work, and while I'm very happy with the Bama win, I'm still disappointed in what could've been with just an ounce of offense against LSU, UF, and UGA. Gus has earned next season, but if we continue to see more of the same, and still look incompetent on offense against our rivals, there's some serious soul searching to be had in the Athletic Department.
  10. I don't care if they do or don't play, but I don't think a single Auburn fan could blame them or have any sense of betrayal if they decided to sit this one out. They done their best for Auburn, and maybe they should do what's best for them now. It would also give some great experience to those who will be filling their roles next season.
  11. I'll be pulling for UK as long as they aren't playing us. For whoever said that UK will make the title game, that's a stretch. UGA, UF, and UT are all going to be much better top to bottom.
  12. Wow. I'm with you. That may have caused an earthquake in JHS had we had another pick 6.
  13. I can hear it now, "We just weren't motivated for a second rate bowl game."
  14. That was a fun read. What a bunch of Updykes. I hope they get paired up against some high flying offense in their bowl game. They'll give up another 40 points and be in total meltdown.