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  1. Plays you want to see...

    I want KJ to go for about 250 and 4 scores. Whatever plays make that happen is what I want.
  2. What do you want to see vs ULM?

    The backups
  3. How bad do you hate UGA

    Can’t stand them. I disdain Alabama, but they are winners. UGA hasn’t won anything in 30+ years and they have “the next Herschel” every single year. Biggest group of done-nothings that think they are God’s gift to football. I remember being barked at in my face by a UGA fan when I was at a game in Athens and I was like 12 years old. He was a grown man who didn’t go to UGA and probably couldn’t find Athens on the map had my dad not taken him to the game.
  4. CFP WEEK 2- Auburn at #10

    If we win out we are in. No doubt. There are only 2 coaches stand in our way.............Saban and Gustav
  5. Finebaum at it again

    I like the finebaum show. I think he’s a good journalist. I think the majority of Auburn fans have an inferiority complex and are probably too thin skinned to enjoy the show. He trolls, so what? It’s entertaining. He was very, very high on Auburn this off-season. Nobody was complaining then.
  6. UGA Ticket Curiousity

    If any of the protesters would like to sell me a couple tickets I’d appreciate it. My wife has never been to a “big” Auburn game before.
  7. Auburn #14 in Initial CFP Rankings

    Bama has the talent, but who have they beat? They had trouble with a&m. We are very capable of being down right horrible, but we are also very capable of beating anyone. It's put-up or shut-up month for Gustav.
  8. Auburn #14 in Initial CFP Rankings

    We are going to take down #1 UGA. I'm not convinced that they near as good as everyone thinks. We will see how their young QB handles laying on his back all day.
  9. No Excuse to not beat Texas A&M

    We lost to a team that lost at home to Troy. I don't put stock in how bad our opponents look in prior weeks anymore this season. We are a roller coaster.
  10. More aggressive vs. Arkansas

    Because Bilema is a tool and complained about the HUNH just as bad as Saban did. Gus can flex his muscles on Arky but not Bama.
  11. In Order to Beat Georgia and Bama

    To beat UGA and Bama... you have to have a copy of NCAA football for your Xbox
  12. Officiating In the SEC

    I counted 3 blocks in the back on the punt return for TD. Doesn't matter though, we were up 20 to a team that lost at home to Troy.
  13. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    We played the 2nd half with our hands around our throats and LSU played with house money. I'm tired of this experiment. Demolish the bad teams, get out coached by the good ones (LSU is not a good one). Dan Mullen, Tom Herman, Chad Morris, Chip Kelly, and dare I even say Lane Kiffin would turn Stidham into an all world QB. Thank you Gus for 2013. You will forever have a special place here because of that season, but it's time to move on.
  14. Bama v Texas A&M

    Alabama as a team is not that great. Talent wise they are so far ahead of pretty much everyone that it's not funny, but as an entire functioning body, they aren't there yet. Kiffin was some kind of quarterback whisperer. We can hang with them.
  15. Roku - Streaming the Games

    I exclusively use the Roku for espn/sec games and have an HD antenna for anything that the roku does not stream. It all depends on where you live though. I'm in the Charleston area and the antenna picks up great.