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  1. Lol blackballed out of professional football. I think professional teams aren't exactly looking for a freak of nature that's afraid of contact and prone to throw more interceptions than completions....
  2. I think whether we go 12-0 or 6-6 is a crapshoot, but I don't think the Oregon game is. We are bigger, faster, and stronger. The Pac-12 is a joke and a half. We should win regardless of how we do this season.
  3. Last year's offense was bad, but his offense as a whole seems to work for us. Who cares how well the NFL can evaluate it. Stidham's issue last year was our offensive line and lack of offensive identity (which probably points back to the OL).
  4. Say what you will, but this board was all over what I'm talking about last season. I'm pretty sure it was the same after Mississippi State. Once again, that is the only complaint I had for him last season. He was running for his life for the majority of it, so I have no real issues with his play. I wish him the best.
  5. Sorry, but when you're smiling and laughing on the sideline while losing to UGA, it is. Again, I'm rooting for the guy and am happy that he ended up with the pats and hope he has a great career.
  6. My biggest criticism of him was that losing didn't see to bother him that much. I hope he is Brady's heir and makes a name for himself in a big way.
  7. Has MW been red shirted yet? If not, he could red shirt at AU, finish his degree, and then go anywhere and play immediately for two seasons.
  8. Ideally, somebody separates themselves. I think it will be Gatewood because Gus cannot afford to lose, and the prospect of Cam 2.0 is too much to turn down. Either way, I'm expecting a slower start to the season and then hopefully by mid October we are hitting on all cylinders. Not being able to choose between two quarterbacks because they are good is a great problem to have.
  9. This is strictly guessing and probably wishful thinking, but I think in will probably be Joey running an offense that looks closer to 2013 than 2018. Gus had had 4 seasons to figure out that his offense works best when there is a QB that is a legitimate threat to run. Joey is big, can run around you/through you, and can make the big throws. For some reason I feel really good about our situation. I'm expecting a slower start (not necessarily losses, just not pretty), but hoping things are clicking by mid season.
  10. This will be hard for some to understand in November/December. We will still be winning games, but it won't be like March 2019 Auburn. I think by February 2020 we will be hitting a groove if not earlier.
  11. I think it's called a moral victory. It's similar to unicorns, big foot, and logical bammers. Doesn't exist.
  12. I'm not watching because I'm still sour, but I hope TT wins by about 30. If they don't win by 30, I hope they win from the line because UVA brushes a shooter on a buzzer beater. If said events happen after a missed double dribble, all the more welcome.
  13. Honestly, Harper should leave. He saw what happened to Chuma. If he can get paid now, he should. Nothing is gauranteed this time next year.
  14. I think we are a top 3 team in the conference next season. It's a given that UK will have the talent. We will be a contender for the conference, but who knows when we will be back to the final 4. It's a hard thing to do.