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  1. That's very impressive. He runs a clean ship for sure.
  2. My biggest problem with this is the idea that Jalen Hurts can score 35 on this defense. I see us going 8-4 with losses to UA, UGA, UF, and LSU.
  3. Saban: "Dont play a running back at quarterback and don't try a 60 yard FG with a second left and you should be fine. Oh, I almost forgot, make sure they never call a holding on your lazy line and it'll be much easier."
  4. I don't disagree with his picks. On a side note, it's crazy how Dan Mullen has gotten the most out of Franks. It's also probably a testament to how big of a wreck McElwain was.
  5. Same here. Alabama winning another title does nothing to negatively impact me. It's a known fact that they are really, really good. UGA winning one for the first time in forever would be unbearable.
  6. I didn't care for the late hit in the back, but the others were fine in my opinion. Fairly's low hit wasn't even intentional, he was being blocked that way. I hope Murray enjoys playing in the arena league.
  7. Best case scenario I see us winning 10, similar to 2017. A lot has to go right for that. 8 seems more likely.
  8. If they have a big say then I'm all for it. If it's all on our marketing, then that's a different story.
  9. Our slogans are soooo bad. Do players even get fired up for them? Honest question. This 5'8 frame was never in danger of being a college athlete, so I wouldn't know.
  10. We took 2 defensive linemen and Prince. Thanks though.
  11. In my opinion, that season was a 2015 cleanup job. Still no QB even though 6 of them took a snap against Clemson.... Still doesn't mean you are wrong about 2016 though, I'm just trying to back of my fire the coach ledge and be more optimistic about things. Ask me how that's going at the end of September....
  12. Hey, I didn't say full on sympathetic. The collapse of 2014 and whatever 2015 and 2018 were still burn me to my core.
  13. I like everything about that setup. I would say it could be an issue when we have to play Alabama in back to back weeks for the title when we are their only loss, but once Saban leaves we will go back to beating them more often than not anyways.
  14. Unfortunately, you are correct...
  15. Reading articles like this always make me feel somewhat sympathetic for Gus. He's gotta put it all together and win the games that we should win. It should be illegal to have this brutal of a schedule. I will be completely fine with 8-9 wins and building momentum with an experienced offense heading into 2020.