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  1. LSU will take a big step back. As long as Mond is at aTm they will not take the next step. It's Alabama's conference to lose.
  2. So, just trying to think this through. I'm assuming the travel from other parts of the country is part of the decision making for this? Why not have uniform testing and safety measures for P5 schools? UGA vs GT makes more sense than UF vs Mizzou, right? This can't be a one size fits all solution. I am not optimistic about football this Fall.
  3. I like Adidas products, but that's just a personal preference from someone with minimal athletic ability or a taste in style.
  4. Cam caught a TD and ran for many in 2010. I'll take Cam Newton and Cam Newton.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the virus runs through most teams before the season even starts. I'm hopeful for a season, but at this point who knows.
  6. Great pickup. Of Bo goes down, we have a big, athletic kid with experience. We were screwed if Bo got hurt after JG left last season, and would've been screwed this season if he went down. This signee adds a nice level of insurance.
  7. Great leadership by CGM. While I'm sure I'll have many opinions about him as a coach when he runs the dive for 2 yards after a 1st down, I will not question him as a man of character. He has a heart for the team and is a great role model.
  8. You've gotta think he will be much more productive. He really had bright spots last season on the biggest stage, but he also left a lot to be desired in terms of his completion percentage. There were many factors to contribute to some of the less than desirable results from Bo. Freshman, toughest schedule, 1-AA offensive line, etc. I believe we will see around 25-30 touchdowns, and expect the INTs to stay around the same at 6, but could increase some as he is comfortable taking more risks. I want to see us use his legs a lot more as well.
  9. This one hurts. Prayers to the Dye family. We wouldn't be what we are without him. Whatever this season ends up looking like, we better give it all we got for Coach Dye.
  10. Do I have to quit making fun of the Banners for claiming all of theirs retroactively if we start doing it too? I really enjoy giving them a hard time.
  11. I would prefer a postponment, just because you can always cancel if you need. I'm sure the logistics behind that would be a nightmare though. Being able to make it all work a month later with venues, travel, etc. Such a bummer. I hope this fizzles out soon, it could get real messy real quick. Next week will be interesting. The numbers from the additional distributed testing kits will come in. Numbers will go up and the panic will continue.
  12. The only difference is Alabama would claim it even if the tournament went on and they lost...
  13. I think we should keep the tournament's going and just give everyone some lavender essential oils. Much better than vaccines, right?
  14. I'll take our incredibly inconsistent roller coaster ride that we call Auburn Football over being consistently doomed to mediocrity like the Pigs are. What a poor pitiful me article.
  15. This team is a lot of things, but quitters is not one of them!