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  1. AuburnEagle79

    Malzahn Presser 11-13-2018

    I have no insider info, but I'd think that the team would prefer to have a QB that isn't laughing on the sideline while getting our fannies spanked by a rival. To what Gus said about being better on offense regardless of the QB, it's awful hard to be worse than this year, so he's probably right by default.
  2. AuburnEagle79

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    I'd be all for it, I just don't think it happens.
  3. AuburnEagle79

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    No. He would not be. He tried it once and couldn't keep his hands out of the offense.
  4. AuburnEagle79

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    He will be fired on 12/1....2019.
  5. AuburnEagle79

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    Fire vs Fine. I believe he said fire, mainly out of frustrstion, to himself. If there is anyone that shouldn't be afraid to get fined, it's the 50 million dollar man. He won't get fired, but he isn't dumb, he knows he's on the chopping block.
  6. AuburnEagle79

    Deshaun Davis on fake FG

    Honestly though, why didn't Kirby just line up and score on us? He was trying to give Blankenship a big memory. We would've loved it if Daniel Carlson had thrown one on UGA.
  7. AuburnEagle79

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Our athletes are not light years behind when they step on campus though. But by the time players from the other schools have a year or so in S&C and practice, they are far better developed. That's where we fall behind.
  8. AuburnEagle79

    Where did Malzahn fail and get us where we are?

    I do not believe Gus has failed. His value was inflated. We were all deceived. Big season with Cam. 2013 was like lightning in a bottle. He is an 8 win coach. Some seasons 6, some 10. I will say, he is very stubborn. When Saban was faced with the adversity of football changing to a fast paced game, he adapted (and whined a little, but whatever). Gus has not adapted. Come hell or high water, he will force his offense.
  9. AuburnEagle79

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    If we consistently recruit top 10-15 and develop them we are fine. The issue is that they will not be developed.
  10. AuburnEagle79

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Iron bowl will be a blood bath. Bama will not be penalized like UGA has been tonight. Our coach learns nothing from his successes or failures. Stubbornly running the same mess over and over. To run the same few things over and over, you can't be as sloppy as we are.
  11. AuburnEagle79

    **Georgia Game thread***

    If we faked a screen to Davis and had Schwartz running deep he would hit his head on the goal post.
  12. AuburnEagle79

    **Georgia Game thread***

    We are every bit in this game, and he just has to try and be cute.
  13. AuburnEagle79

    **Georgia Game thread***

    It's just frustrating to watch. We are a 9-10 win team if we execute. We are just sloppy all the way around.
  14. AuburnEagle79

    Iron bowl on CBS

    Even though the commentary will be atrocious, 2:30 works with my travel schedule. Now I'll get to watch the beatdown in it's entirety instead of just the highlights...
  15. AuburnEagle79

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Everyone saying that it doesn't matter if we hire a new OC because Gus will just run his own offense needs to realize that after this season, Gus will probably not have that liberty anymore. I fully anticipate that Gus is told how the offense is going to be transitioned to a coordinator, and that will be that. Imagine if he just got out of his own way, we'd be a 10 win team each year with Steele running the defense.