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  1. Do we go after Clemson, FSU, Tech, and Miami?
  2. I was just thinking that the ACC would split between SEC, Big 10, and Big 12.
  3. Now if Notre Dame would just join the Big 10.
  4. I think we are 100% better off than we were in 2012. First, Loeffler and Van Gorder aren't on staff, and second, we probably have at least 2 QB's better fit for our offense than we did in 2012.
  5. Some games Bo sucked. Some games Bo was wonderful. Bo Jackson didn't suck. He was wonderful. Did I cover all of our Bo bases?
  6. Lock him up. Odds are the child porn is someone a couple years younger than him, but still a crime, and he seems to just be a self-destructive individual who needs loads of discipline and loads of help to get straightened out. I think prison would take care of both of those.
  7. No clue why reading this makes me want to pump some sunshine, but we realistically win 8 games and build momentum. 3 gimme games, Mizzou, Arky, PSU, and LSU at home are all winnable. Beat MSU on the road, and the other games are against the top two, plus two top 10-15 teams. I think we lose Ole Miss, A&M, UGA, and Bama, but really think we could shock some people and win the rest. With that being said, depending on QB situation, we could win the 3 freebies and get whipped the rest of the way too. Good times in the SEC.
  8. If CBH got the players happy meals from the same McDonalds as JP, he would've had a top class too.
  9. I think he's long gone if we don't make a bowl, especially if he isn't recruiting well. I think 6 wins and decent recruiting would warrant another year, but year 3 is make or break.
  10. I agree. I just hope he makes it to 2023.
  11. 6 or 7 wins with solid recruiting in 2022. 9 wins in 2023 with a win over Bama or UGA or he's out.
  12. Would be wise on his part, but does he really have any other option? He didn't get any other jobs, he's not just going to quit, and we aren't going to fire him. I think he comes out of all this clean in the public eye, so I don't think he will have a hard time landing on his feet if he isn't retained.
  13. I agree. I can only think of one time that we bought our way out of mediocrity, but it was totally worth it.
  14. They'll just let his contract run out, right?
  15. Funny how bad he wants to stay when nobody else will take him. I don't think the choice is his to make at this point.
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