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  1. When will this nonsense ever be looked at? Is there any hard evidence? We cannot be the only ones noticing the blatant discrepancies in officiating.
  2. That's absolutely horrible. Bama players pile on every tackle and that gets called???
  3. It's funny how they are loaded at every position, but their backup QB couldn't start at most P5 schools. Their defense has major flaws, possibly fatal ones.
  4. Fromm will have a long day against our front. Just from the looks of Alabama this year, if we find some semblance of a passing game, we can score on them too.
  5. How about our OL block when we have a free play. Holy smokes I've hated it for years but my patience with how Gustav coaches is soooo thin today.
  6. Painful for us and them. They may not even want Gus back after today.
  7. Because the universe is still getting even with us for the 13 season, the time we tore LaQuan Treadwell's ACL to beat Ole Miss in 14, and the circus catch against Bama in 15.
  8. Don't forget Shivers. He's also a touchy subject.
  9. So pretty much once we get past the scripted plays, we can't do a thing on O. We should be playing the marching band to start the 2nd half, not looking for offensive answers.
  10. If we do not find some sort of actual identity, LSU will blank us. Bo has no pocket presence. He also rarely has a pocket. We cannot line up and run the ball. There is not consistent chemistry between the quarterbacks and receivers. Something's gotta give.
  11. This is going to sound way ungrateful, but we should be up 28-0 right now.
  12. My favorite part about Auburn football is when we get a first down and then run it up the middle really fast.