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  1. Chalk it up to ticket sales due to Covid. I'm no mathematician, but I think after this years ticket sales plus our soon to be March Madness run, we will be just fine.
  2. For what it's worth, if the PTB are up to their usual BS, Harsin has probably called them much worse than the potato gang to those in his circle, and rightfully so.
  3. Bruce is the GOAT. I have personally talked to him at least twice on football game days while he's been out and about around JHS, and each time he went out of his way to make me feel like I was doing him a service to be at a football game and didn't rush us off or anything. It was easy to overlook the fact that the team was average while he was building a new culture. I think Harsin should take many, many notes on how Bruce has embraced Auburn. Going to see the students in Pearlville this weekend was a good start.
  4. I think it's definitely gonna be an uphill climb for him, but he knows that. Either he will recruit, develop, and win, or he's gone. He recruited last year on short notice and this year. We will see how development and winning goes this Fall. If he can't put it all together, he's done, but that doesn't mean it's a sinking ship or anything like that at this very moment.
  5. FYI, you're gonna get roasted, so I won't pile on... I agree that Riley, Kelly, and Cristobal all are improvements, but you also have to look at the state that each of those programs were in to get those guys. USC and Miami have been irrelevant and Ed O was a walking NCAA violation that got lucky with Burrow/Brady (IE Chiz with Cam). Zero chance Dabo would leave Clemson for Auburn, but I was a big fan of going after Kiffin. Despite all of Gus Malzahn's shortcomings, which there were many, he didn't sink the program. He developed a terrible easy-going culture, didn't recruit/develop linemen, and didn't develop QB's. Harsin literally fits the mold of issue 1 and 3 perfectly. Culture of hard work and discipline and a QB developer, not to mention a lifetime winner, so I think it was a good hire regardless of how it turns out.
  6. Mason wanted out. Harsin was fine with it and moved on. I think it's really this simple. Mason doesn't need Auburn and Auburn doesn't need him. I don't mean that in a harsh way, both parties will be fine. Harsin can make his coaching decisions and if he wins nobody cares and if he loses he gets fired.
  7. Just hopping back in to see how many people are burying Harsin for not meshing with a guy that blew a 30 point lead to Mike leach. In all seriousness, Mason is a good coach, Harsin is a good coach, they apparently didn't get along. If Harsin can't get it done with his guys, axe him after 3, but at least he tried. I really don't see a good reason to continue to down him so much after one season. It's not like Bobo and Mason were setting the woods on fire.
  8. I could see that, but if I were him I'd let us do the job for him and put us on the hook for his $$$ for a few years. We are good for it.
  9. I heard that as well, but also there were plenty saying before Harsin was even hired that Steele was going to be the coach (which is 100% true and had been discussed by the PTB as early as after the LSU game in 2019, confirmed) and he would bring in Bobo and Mason as his coords. It just seems odd to me that Harsin comes in and brings his Boise staff plus the guys that the good ole boys wanted. I personally thought it was very smart to hire each of them to get his footing, knowing they'd both leave within a couple years.
  10. In light of this off-season, I have some questions: 1. Were Bobo and Mason chosen by CBH or were they forced on him? 2. Who was pulling the defensive strings after USC? 3. Why would Mason hang around past the carousel and recruit if these issues were apparent in November? 4. Is CBH really this big of a hard-@ss or is he just unbearable? 5. Is he just weeding out anyone that doesn't fit into his culture? I want Harsin to succeed and have his guys running the program his way, but he's not doing himself any favors. If he isn't winning this year and the next, he's toast. If this year is a total implosion, which it could very well be, ADAG and CBH are both out the door by December.
  11. I was under the assumption that most of the defensive players came because of him, but could be wrong. Got some great Juco players and built depth with transfers. Also he was all over the country recruiting according to photos by Auburn's social media. Maybe he wasn't a factor, I just assumed he was.
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