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  1. AuburnEagle79

    June Facilities Update

    The main transit hub loops the stadium, so I doubt they do anything to obstruct the flow of that daily operation.
  2. AuburnEagle79

    Gus fired up about new headset rule

    That's just less people that have to hear Gus overrule the OC...
  3. AuburnEagle79

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    Jimbo or Pruitt. Pruitt hates Auburn worse than any coach in the conference. I can guarantee that.
  4. AuburnEagle79

    Roundtable:What it takes to reach Playoff

    We need to not have to give our best player 42 touches a game to win. We need to not have so many hills and valleys over the course of the season, balance will be key.
  5. AuburnEagle79

    Opponent Preview: Washington

    We will win by two possessions, but per our tradition with CGM, it won't be overly pretty. Not a bash on the coach, but generally the offense doesn't click for about a month.
  6. AuburnEagle79

    Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    I think we will beat LSU by about 40 like we did that year. We will score every drive if we can. I think we will win 11 games. Loss at either Bama or UGA, but not both. The SEC is mediocre at best with the exception of a few teams.
  7. AuburnEagle79

    Men vs. Clemson

    We should not be getting handled by Clemson like this. Malzahn has to go...wait, wrong sport.
  8. AuburnEagle79

    Malik Willis looks like a starter

    We have our best QB coming back since Cam and our fan base will find a way to make a big deal about the backup. Not a post downing MW. Just think it’s funny how our fan base operates.
  9. AuburnEagle79

    AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    A lot of teams that have less talent have made it that far. It’s anyone's guess who will make it, so if we get hot in the tourney it might as well be us.
  10. AuburnEagle79

    2018 Team Goal

    10 wins, Iron Bowl needs to be SEC play-in game
  11. AuburnEagle79

    Demographic Curiosity

    24 Male Charleston, SC 2016 I work with pediatrics all day, so all of you old farts are about the only adults I interact with daily.
  12. AuburnEagle79

    Stidham Returning

    Did he really have a choice? I’m thrilled that he is coming back, but I never really thought he’d be leaving to be a 4th round pick.
  13. AuburnEagle79

    Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    I’m really just disappointed and don’t feel good about the season. It should never be that way after 10 wins and beating both rivals while they were ranked #1. This article sums it up for me. No adjustments. We were getting taken to the shed, and no adjustments. In the meantime, those rivals are playing for the natty. Unbelievable.
  14. AuburnEagle79

    Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    Crazy that we’ve played the 4 teams in the playoff this season 8 times since September 2016. No other team has been asked to do that.
  15. AuburnEagle79

    This is just the beginning

    I would leave if I were KP. Why risk another year with injuries when he could get paid with a good combine?