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  1. Understandable. How many times can you keep moving to Auburn? Haha
  2. Whispers around have said Muschamp may want to come back, I'd be up for that. I'd expect Caddy and Ethridge to stay. Does Freeze call his own plays?
  3. We've missed on two other coaches if it's Freeze. He'd win here, but it's not him.
  4. You must be a blast at parties.
  5. Lots of pressure on QB. Generate a couple turnovers and we can't turn it over. Solid run game and a few big plays through the air to keep them honest. The odds are long, but they've shown that they can play to the level of their opponent this year, up or down, so we have a chance.
  6. It would certainly be settling if he does end up here.
  7. He recruits and isn't from Idaho. Sure the line is no good, but it's been no good. We whiffed in the portal and got stuck with all of our 11th year seniors that are still playing college football for a reason...
  8. That's true. But denying the big say and also losing the big $ is not always a good idea. It's a fine line to walk here.
  9. It's a situation that happens most places. You give big $$$ and you get some pull.
  10. I mean, if Auburn boosters ran with a fabricated story that could've destroyed a family, wouldn't that be disgraceful? I can be thrilled that he's gone and also not be happy with February at the same time.
  11. Wouldn't necessarily have to be a RB coach, but it's not uncommon for a coach to be held over if it can bridge a gap. Wasn't that Caddy's situation before?
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