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  1. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    I think the HC is the hitting coach. He clearly knows what hes doin.
  2. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Fell asleep- summary: we’re winning 9-4 bottom 6
  3. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Top 5 E Anderson on the hill. Gets a grounder to anthony. 1 down. Flyout to center. 2 down. Anthony gets another one to get back in the dugout. Game tied 4-4
  4. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Bottom 4 Holland leading off. Walked his 1st ab. Gets a k looking. Williams bunts, 2-3 out Bryants pitcher is grooving now. Great play by first baseman to get the 3rd out still tied at 4
  5. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Top 4 Ground out from leadoff 2nd batter gets a sungle with an error by J. Johnson. 1 out, runner on 2nd. Flyout to Johnson in right. 2 out Double to right-center scores another. Bryant cuts lead to 1. AU 4 BU 3 Balk called on Daniel. Runner moves to 3rd. 2 out Single up the middle scores the tieing run. Davis Daniel is done for the day. Final line below. LHP Elliott Anderson in to pitch. Angelini up, homered last AB Angelini lines out to left-center AU 4 BU 4 D. Daniel: 3.2 IP, 4 ER, 7 H, 2 K, 74 Pitches
  6. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Their catcher is supposed to be pretty good too roght?
  7. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Bottom 3rd AU 4 BU 2 Venter (0-0, bb, 1R) leads off with a flyout to the catcher. Anthony grounds out. 2 out 5-3 groundout for Ingram. Top 4
  8. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Top 3rd AU 4 BU 0 Leadoff single for Bryant Flyout to left. 1 on 1 out Angelini hits a 2-run homer over the monster. AU still leads 4-2 Ground out to Venter at 1B. 2 out Great stop by Anthony at 3B but runner beats the throw. 1 on 2 outs Holland catches a pop-up to end the inning. D. Daniel: 3.0 IP, 2R, 2ER, 4H, 2K, 61 Pitches
  9. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Bottom 2 AU 4 BU 0 L Jarvis: grounds out on first pitch J Estes: K (Strike zone looks to be increasing in size) C Davis: Flys out to center
  10. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Top 2nd AU 4 BU 0 1 pitch 1 out for daniel. Error by Holland at SS gets a runner on first for Bryant Davis missing the zone just a little. Up to 26 pitches so far FC gets the 2nd out. Runner on 2nd Daniel gets the K! D. Daniel 2.0IP, 0R, 1H, 2K
  11. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    Passed ball scores Venter. Tigers up 2-0. Runners on 2 & 3. 2 out still B1 Holland walks, bases loaded for steven williams. Hots it to Right, 2 score! Tigers up 4-0. Next batter grounds out. Top 2nd we go
  12. Baseball vs Bryant G2

    B1 2 quick outs then single by Davis, Walk. Josh Anthony drives a aingle up the middle to score Davis. Bases loaded after ingram walks
  13. D Daniel on the mound, gives up a leadoff single. Gets two flyouts, then comes back from a 3-0 count to get the K.
  14. Baseball vs Bryant Game 1

    Butch said their catcher was a cape cod player. He looked the part. Whole team took some good cuts esrly, but mize was lesving it up and didnt look like his normal self. Good to get a win despite that