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  1. Auhud08

    are fans fair in their remarks

    The offense we saw yesterday was run to try and establish some ground game. It didnt. Gus only went to the pass when he had to. Once we had a 10 point lead he knew we likely had the win. Im not saying i agree with it or anything im just saying the three drives against lsu vs yesterday are two different things.
  2. The way i look at it- dean is using his left to feel the receiver. The receiver is able to get his hands up in a position to catch the ball, in that sense, he is able to catch the ball. To me, he misses the catch bc of deans right hand. Dean shields him from seeing the ball at the last second
  3. So that penalty ticks me off. First if you call PI- dont say well it was D holding. Those are two different things. Second refs are taught to throw the flag when the penalty occurs and where the penalty occurs. That flag wasnt thrown until the ball was clearing the wrs head. So either, the ref gave them PI or he made the wrong call
  4. I dont think this is PI, this is hand fighting. The reciever is able to get both hands up. He misses the ball bc dean jumps in the way at the last second. Receiver doesnt even get his free hand on the ball. Like many on here have already said- if theyre gonna call that a penalty then how can you not call slaytons?
  5. Auhud08

    2019 Schedule Released

    Two bye weeks in there though
  6. Auhud08

    2019 Schedule Released

    The double bye alright. I like it.
  7. Auhud08

    Question about Gus and play design

    Our oline is not good enough (executing well enough) for us to run at will. If we could, we would. We started dominating on O because we passed. Then we ran a little then we did play action pass. We have to keep passing to keep dbs, safeties and lbs out of the box. If anything we didnt pass enough saturday
  8. Auhud08

    Gus’ Ceiling

    Hes2-3 against bama and uga. No he doesnt get a pass, but if barfield or shug or dye had done that against bear bryant then he wouldnt have been nearly as loved as he is. I give saban credit for the system hes built, but i also dont give him as much credit in that hes never gone undefeated. Somehow last year they make it into the playoff despite losing convincingly in their last game. Historically that team would fall to #5-6 and never see a championship. People want to say malzahn got lucly in ‘13 and give him ZERO credit for taking a team that went 3-9 the year prior and going 12-2 and being in the nat’l championship. Let me tell you, going 3-9 sets you back a few years. Hes made mind boggling mistakes along the way but if you cant see that our overall talent level is better then thats on you. Nothing that happened saturday IMO was on Gus. It wasnt even on steele or lindsey to me. The players didnt execute. It happens.
  9. Auhud08

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs LSU

    I dont think the dbs have misplayed very many passes. Go listen to Steele’s comments. They played most of those very well (imo). In fact on one where PI was called our db was tring to catch the ball. Idk maybe @bigbird has a different more professional opinion
  10. Auhud08

    Post-LSU -- Coordinators Speak

    I love our coordinators. Malzahn did a good job hiring them.
  11. Auhud08

    Attendance ... AU vs. LSU

    I remember as a kid, all the roads being packed with cars tailgating around the stadium. The old ag center across from the football complex is where we tailgated- now its been sold to corporate/individual tents. We used to get there early saturday morning, back up my grandads suburnban and listen to the pregame show and other football games. Now my family has an rv that they park way out and ride a bus into town. I hate it. Its comfortable, but i hate it. The atmosphere is gone
  12. Auhud08

    Upon Further Review - LSU Game

    @StatTiger thanks for posting stat. I lloked at pass vs run on 1st down and was pleaslantly surprised it was one play from 50/50 (including the two td runs, and not the kneel down). The big play on defense stat you mentioned- how much of that is driven by numver of plays defended? (Is the numerator increasing or denominator decreasing or both) thanks again always love reading your analysis
  13. Auhud08

    Gus’ Ceiling

    Bama, Uga and lsu have just as much talent. Gus is 2-3 agianst bama and uga and 2-4 against lsu. Yes id love for those to be 3-2 but to be one game under .500 right now isnt bad. Name me a team that has beaten bama and uga 2 times in the past 5 seasons
  14. Auhud08

    Gus’ Ceiling

    Nah i hear ya. I hate it to and i dont think we should accept it. I think we shpuld challenge them. But i also think were moving in the right direction. Go look at dabo. How many years did it take him to turn it around at clemson. I think *think* were moving the right way
  15. Auhud08

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    Ha no, but my brother may/may not be going there next year. Its definately bc of us though