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  1. War Eagle for Burns and Williams. I hope their draft stock improves to number 1 & 2. And War eagle for burns and todd as well
  2. Jonah todd pick 6th round, 175. Angels
  3. De la torre goes 166, first pick of 6th round
  4. Boom- you think Burns stays AU or is it still wait and see?
  5. Agree, theres a lot more going on in baseball outside of Alabama. Changes to the way people coach, etc. overall development of players is low here in AL
  6. Draft is tonight! Baseball America with a state of Alabama preview. Burns is high...
  7. Replacing Bohannon

    War Eagle! Awesome
  8. Replacing Bohannon

    Thank you!
  9. Replacing Bohannon

    Thanks POD, if you have time- strengths of each?
  10. Anyone seen anything in regards to a short list of Bohannon replacements?
  11. Stoops vs. Malzahn

    I dont think Gus is better than Stoops, but i dont want Stoops at AU either
  12. Dang i didnt think we would lose J Anthony or Todd (todd was awesome this year though). How does the one year option affect these guys decision? Doesnt it work out that the team who drafts them has an option to them for a year? Ive been working on an '18 roster ill try to post it tonight
  13. Fyi first 10 rounds of baseball draft are considered high draft. So Keegan is gone. Hes gotta take the money. Tanner is gone, williams is a toss up, de la torre might be gone bc hes from PR. I think Steele sticks.
  14. Hopefully this incoming class will show some promise. It will be fun to watch them grow.
  15. There you go roberts. I like the approach