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  1. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    Still no sign of our other 75 RBs
  2. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    WE’re in run mode
  3. Auburn's next Head Coach

    JH still cant pass (not daboll’s fault) just sayin. Hes a work in progress. Excellent runner and calm under pressure
  4. realistic expectations

    This is the part that most frustrates me: but it's worth noting that Alabama football was in post-Bryant turmoil during that time thats how football works; teams seize control when another team tumbles. The wording makes it sound as if the only reason auburn was successful was bc alabama was in turmoil. For that matter auburn was in turmoil after dye, whatd we do- oh went 11-0 and 9-1-1. And then won the west. After we fired bowden, that coach won 6 in a row against bama. This is a bs article. So tired of this: little brother, auburn is mediocre bull****. We’re a top 10-15 program all-time (depending on the metric you want to look at) auburn expects and should expect 10 wins a year, and should expect to be a top 10-15 team year-in and year-out. War Damn Eagle
  5. Auburn's next Head Coach

    What about this guy: Billy Davis (Ohio State)
  6. Malzahn and Arkansas

    Bielema left wisky before wisky left him. Wasnt a difficult hire albeit a “big” name. I think what plays in favor of gus is that hes “one of them”. Theyve seen him be successful in arkansas and as the Nabors stated he knows the coaching and the recruiting their. Plus less expectations, etc. wouldnt surprise me if theirs more chatter after this week. Watch bielema.
  7. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Frost reminds me of malzahn. I like venables and clark bc theyve been around the coaching world long enough to know what system they want to run and what its weaknesses are. Idk if Frost has been around long enough to have his system broken-down yet
  8. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Anyone else see Will Colliers tweet ab JJ? Asking for luxury suite and season tickets for life plus golden parachute
  9. KJ quote is surprising

    Hes a very sarcastic/joking guy. If you follow him on twitter youll see what i mean
  10. Auburn's next Head Coach

  11. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Venable, Venables, Venables! New orleans, new orleans, new orleans...
  12. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I see what you did there... golf clap
  13. Fire him now. Start the search.

    Bump. Is he fired yet?
  14. Up 20-0, here's the play chart

    Yea KP hasnt learned to find the hole and then lower his shoulder. He wants to go in one dorection which is good, but this scheme asks the RB to find the gap rather than running to a spot. KJ is better suited for this blocking scheme, he picks his way through the line.
  15. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    Yes we gave chip credit bc it was pretty obvious he was calling plays- see stats breakdown of passing on first down. Then you could CLEARLY see malzahn at least influenced chip to call a run heavy offense even though it was obvious they were putting extra guys in the box. So yea i put that on gus. We have championship level talent and a coach that doesnt know how to use or is so scared to pass that he refuses to use it. Heath has every right to post that. Hes got more in this than any of us. He PLAYED for auburn. He knows what works and what doesnt. So yea i welcome his opinion