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  1. So are we thinking we lose Cooper and Flanigan? Just cooper? Thor? just checked nbadraft (saw someone say its a legit source) Flanigan is the only AU top 50
  2. Nailed it- i never wanted to believe that gus kept it as simple as he did but you cant deny it when the proof is there in the field. Some of the things these guys say im a little shocked at. My dad is a hs fb coach and i know these things. on the bright side- my two takeaways are- the guys will be more mentally tough and theyll know how to read a defense. i would look for Auburn to face a STEEP learning curve in all facets. The game will be extremely fast to them at first. If they stick with it ab game 6 or so we should really see the lights come on and the team to start pl
  3. I know we want the 4/5 star guys and im glad Harsin and crew are targetting them. But im honestly relieved we’re going after guys like this. He doesnt have the stars yet but has the size and theyve obviously seen something they like on tape. Shows me that we’re actually scouting and not seeing what 247 is good or not
  4. Ibrien would be a great hire. He recovered PSU from their scandal
  5. I mean it seems like they e been targeting the right guys so far
  6. Hope he does exceptionally well next year. Cant blame him for looking at his options.
  7. Capers seems to be close (hopefully he gets back to full speed quickly) The offensive line will do better/well in Bobo scheme which is heavy play action and relies on a strong run game
  8. Let Twill and mason recruit, rocker can coach
  9. Ah flew by that pic @RunInRed i was wondering what all ammenities were included
  10. I think we’re missing the point in this hire and some of the others. Harsin wants to a) to build a large staff of professionals b) bring in guys he trusts and work like him. Im betting this guy is going to be De/Buck coach. He and these other hires are also here to establish a recruiting base in California. These guys know where to go to get someone who’s being overlooked. Im hoping this increases Auburns national footprint. Lately its been all Alabama and Georgia guys
  11. Im guessing mostly young and hungry folks?
  12. If i were a UGA fan id be pissed- number 1 recruiting class and youve got nothin to show for it
  13. Bo does not look good. His arm motion looks super ling today. Hes gotten very side arm in this game and hes not throwing accurate passes
  14. If you had to google Bryan Harsin you arent paying attention to football. His name shouldve been familiar enough, not saying its Urban Meyer, but the guy was well known. If nothing else, jogging your memory of who he is and what hes done shouldve given you a good feeling about the hire. I dont believe any of the players are leaving bc Harsin is the new coach. I think it has more to do with the Steel rumors and lack of success/development at Auburn
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