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  1. Thats why i would love to see tuberville back at AU insome capacity. Theres are players from his era still playing in the NFL. I think lindsey+borges makesfor some good offensive player development. Would love to see that on the D side
  2. Not cool...
  3. Seems like there is much more professionalism going on in spring this year. Dont hear too much positive or negative seems like they all want to get better
  4. Why is it that Trump is a bad guy for trying to stop these radical islamics? Its frustrating for me to sit and read (here, on twitter, and other news) how poorly Trump is portrayed yet what he's trying to do IN my opinion, is reverse what the Obama admin did. Im not pointing fingers at Obama, but one of you mentioned perspective so here's where i think trump is coming from. The previous admin tried to do something different (kudos to them for trying to solve a problem in a new way we've yet to do). But the effect of their action or inaction in this case led to a swell of radicalism in the ME and it has spread elsewhere. For Trump i think hes coming in with the thought, "that didnt work", and hes trying to find a way to protect the American people from these radicals. Thats the purpose of the ban- shell up and keep them at bay until I can figure out a way to make sure that those we let in are here for good and not to do bad. I dont understand why the hate towards trump exists on this matter. He issued a 90-day ban. Not permanent ban, not year-long or ransom ban, its 90 days. Which clearly shows he WANTS to find a way to safely let them in the country. (And im not saying that that should be ok for the refugees, theyre in a horrible situation. But until we can find a way to ensure our safety and their safety we have to keep them where they are)
  5. Win and put guys in the draft. Thats it, everything else is HS.
  6. Dont forget the tide went 10-2 during one of those seasons. And it was tubbervilles constant winning that forced them to go get saban. Tubbs put bama in the cellar it wasnt bc they were bad. We also played urban meyer led florida twice in that stretch and won both times. And it was the beginning of the SEC streak. So dont re-write history to say the SEC was weak. Tubbs was a great coach. I honestly dont understand why people dont like him
  7. Yea its funny how the critique now is "well its tough for auburn to succeed bc of bama". I remember when we said the same of them
  8. Well theres some portion of us who grew up watching the tommy tubberville teams. I have strong sentiment bc of that. Because i remember how much bama hated us and how much they whined. I remember how many guys we put in the NFL and i remember being part of the national conversation almost every year. I remember the auburn lsu game determining the west. And auburn beating every top 15 team they played. Thats where my sentiment comes from. Sounds like a pretty darn good coach to me
  9. Nooooeellll noeell nooelll nooooeelll... Im tone def
  10. Im the CEO of a company. The former and also successful CEO is absolutely someone i will be calling. In fact many former CEOs remain on boards at their companies. And many CEOs have a bad year or two and move on or get told to move on. That doesnt mean they dont hold a wealth of information for to use. I didnt mean to paint the picture of him being an "Auburn man", but rather he loves Auburn and i think would be willing to help on the cheap. Also all these folks that are available to hired for a low price- where are they? Where are these other former SEC head coaches just waiting to be hired? And Spurrier?! Youd want spurrier to advise Auburn- and you think spurrier would advise auburn? We'd have to pay him a boatload to be hired.
  11. Thats what im talking ab. Mcgriff did the same thing. He had an eye for the three star that could be great. We'll need someone who can do that since he left
  12. I dont know much about basketball but i did see those guys playing harder last night. They went after the ball. Went after the boards (except for some lazy mins) and played with much more effort than the past. It also LOOKED to me (again idk basketball) like soencer and wiley are starting to understand what the other is gonna do. I saw a few times where instead of both going for the block one stayed on the man and the other went for the block. It worked almost everytime. Last thing i noticed was wiley and the rest of the teams confidence. I think it came with the effort. Once they saw that their effort bred success they kept after it.
  13. Recruiting analyst or something
  14. Not satire. I think he could help steele as an extra set of eyes and malzahn as a fellow head coach. Everyone may not like him, but the guy was/is successful. And i think auburn means something to him since if was the pinnacle of his success. We would be dumb not to use him.