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  1. Playcalling- I think people forget there are ways to scheme to your teams strengths and allow them to succeed.
  2. John Hartwell wpuld be good too
  3. Thanks for sharing and the analysis.
  4. Thats what i saw too. Looked like there wasnt but one option to that side and it was a called boot/sprint-out. I dont see a TE release, 23 stays in to protect.
  5. O-line was subbed frequently, tank held out, trox held out, shed held out. Jarquez did not play much. Vanilla O vs a stacked D. Not saying the pick doesnt indicate anything, but there was a lot more going on than what meets the headlines. last, when you get into the schedule you prep the offense for the D youre gonna face. When you scrimmage, a lot of the time youre having your Offense work on specific things not necessarily trying to “own” the defense
  6. Ill take riggins, burgess or mckenna, never-gonna-happen les snead would be awesome
  7. SIAP but harsin discussed his grading system this year and how it mimics how NFL teams grade their players. Theyre only graded during 7v7 and scrimmages (obv coaches are constantly judging the players). Most of the media window has been for warmups and vs air. I do think Finley is the starter, I also think Harsin is pushing Finley/Ashford/Calzada all the way to the end. Calzada has consistently been with the 3s during media viewing. All that said- I think Finley is named starter, but Calzada is going to get a chance to run the offense (so will ashford) ashford has shown a lot of athleticism, but hasnt shown great accuracy. We all know from Nick Marshall that you just have to hit a few to be successful with that.
  8. I dont think they give it to him, but I think Calzada gave them a reason to hold off on announcing it. Finley will start vs Mercer and likely SJSU and maybe even PSU, but if calzada keeps having good days he’ll be waiting for an opportunity should the Offense stall
  9. Yesterday it was expected TJ would be announced. He was not. Calzada is making headway
  10. Agree with all of the above. I dont think “just watch” is harsins preferred recruiting pitch but its where hes at due to the offseason and negative recruiting. Really like Harsins approach, i think hes the right guy long-term.
  11. Ashford wadnt good on Tues. inaccurate and lacked touch. Calzada and Tj both looked good Brahms is touch and go so youll likely see Tate Johnson or Council there (Tate Johnson is my pick for starter with Council as a backup and him starting guard) Best part about tate is he has another year so if he does start that just helps for ‘24 SIAP
  12. Speaking of RBs… hearing some things
  13. Yessir! Way to go guys. Fun/ gut wrenching at times but got the win. On to Ole Miss
  14. Nah just trying to see who you had in mind
  15. Smith, Greg, Dismukes is a good one... what olineman (anywhere) comes to mind when you think mauler? Whats your ideal?
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