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  1. The plan was probably to give each guy the same amount of reps to give fair assessment and not tip his hand. He can say that AND say they need all the reps they can get because the scrimmage was an assessment not practice. It sucks that OL didnt perform well but what matters most now is how they respond. Last year they lacked tenacity, and had $h17 technique. By all accounts they improved in the offseason, which typically points to technique and picking up assignments. It sounds like in the scrimmage they made some stupid mistakes then probably started worrying about technique which makes you lose your tenacity. Now theyve gotta go out there and play pissed off and trust their muscle memory. Otherwise its gonna be ‘18 again.
  2. Our o line recruiting is the square root of -1
  3. I liked it. I think it will also help mccormick be a better pg for us down the stretch. Agree with @cole256 -hopefully we find a way to rest him
  4. I shouldnt say we HAVENT but it seems to not be a must for BP. Just wondering if there was a scheme thing to it. Agree on D Murray. He had a lot of putbacks and gave us a lot of second chances. We miss him a ton
  5. @ellitor @cole256 looking at the roster for this year and next, why hasnt auburn gone more for guys 6-9/10+ . Akingbola is 6-8 but outside of Wiley we dont have and big guys. Yet we’re getting beat by teams with big dudes left and right?
  6. Not going up, not making shots, not playing fast. Havent made them move off the perimeter. Ole miss is not good but we are letting them win
  7. I think getting danjiel into the rotation has slowed us a bit, but id like to see him become a driver for us (i know thats not the right term). I HOPE we can play to our offensive potential and make an elite 8 run, but we’ve got some ? That need answering. Our guys still arent good at feeding the paint and then moving into open space. I agree with the boards, we won the rebound battles in almost all of our wins last season but it doesnt seem to be happening the same this year. Im also worried about the drop off between harper and the next guy(s). Although past couple of games mccormick/doughty have picked up some of the slack. Lastly, id like to see our bigs (Chuma and up) have a little more horace spencer type attitude. Be aggressive- go up strong, go get the ball. I think we’re VERY talented 1-10 but weve got to learn to play smart and for a full 40
  8. So cole where do you think we stand thus far into the year: what caliber team are we in the sec, mbball, and ncaa tourny?
  9. Eh- we had a few. I just recall BB being guarded extremely closely.
  10. Lot of good points. One part of the teams game that was frustrating was their inability to create space for an open shot. UAB played tough defense but if you drive enough to force extras to commit-dish it and shoot. Thats where you get some rhythm
  11. Agree with the above, ill add that it doesnt seem like our bigs know how to go up to the basket. Theyre being to gentle. I know you cant be as physical as you used to but going up to the basket forcefully will result in a lot of freethrows, made baskets, and 1s. Also- our free throw shooting better pickup. Hasnt been as bad as two years ago but not close enough to last year.
  12. Siap- he “reiterated” that he is there to serve auburn. Im guessing this letter went to donors or season ticket holders and that reiteration goes as a secondary notice to those who were involved and an initial notice to those werent: that hes gonna be making the decisions. Thats the way i read it