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  1. Some of yall are just some straight up P’sies. Whining ab recruiting and talking ab Tex and OK. Idgaf who comes into the conference. Bet- Auburn will end up woth a recruiting class in the 10-20 range and will bring in some needed transfers (those go unranked). Also if you cant see the quality of play thats being required and the quality of play being coached youre freaking blind. If after that game and the lsu you game you havent fully bought into harsin then just go cheer for someone else cuz youre an idiot and you dont need to be here. War damn eagle.
  2. We are one playmaker wr from being dangerous this year. Yall can say thats sunshine pumping but its the truth. If we had one wr the entire offense would open up. Defense wouldnt be as tired and we take that game into the 4th quarter. In one offseason, Harsin has taken this team to a level where they compete against the best teams in the nation.
  3. Put the team on his back! Way tp go Bo. Keep it up! And way to go Harsin
  4. @Zeekabout where would Clemons, Bobo, Harris, and tyrone webber land us?
  5. There’s a gap but good recruiting in the trenches and good coaching will close that gap quickly.
  6. If this is coming from ON3- dude is a bammer
  7. Hes been hurt a good bit too and they had Tyler Eifort who was a good TE
  8. And i cant spell...
  9. CJ UZOMAH with a great night - ✌️TDs
  10. Start TJ, gives him a chance to show out against his former team and build on his last minute heroics from this past week. If TJ is shaky or the offense isnt moving, then bring in Bo. It will be a LESS pressure situation than if he were a starter. If you start Bo and he is shaky youre only left with TJ and you dont know how he’ll perform in the moment. Bo is a known quantity
  11. Whats the best online sports book for someone who lives in alabama
  12. 1) Ill be watching to see how we defend- do we communicate better are we in position. 2) passes defended. I want to see us making plays on the ball 3) if we only rush three we better get home, or we better bring a delayed blitz or run something to get pressure 4) offensively: a clean pocket, 0 pressures, opening holes in the run game 5) bo going through progressions, settling his feet down 6) WR making plays on the ball. Go get open and get the ball bo matter what. Step up.
  13. This is a product of scheduling. Look at next year’s schedule and years past. When you start out with three cupcakes at home families make it to one of those but people arent going to go to all three. I agree, we need to sell out but its just weird timing this year. For us- we didnt go on a vacation this year- went to the ASU game, and are gonna go down to the beach for a couple of days this weekend. Another message id like to get to the PTB- need to get rid of some of the corporate areas and allows folks to tailgate closer to the stadium. We used to tailgate right across from the at
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