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  1. Auhud08

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Not going up, not making shots, not playing fast. Havent made them move off the perimeter. Ole miss is not good but we are letting them win
  2. Auhud08

    Men vs. Murray State

    I think getting danjiel into the rotation has slowed us a bit, but id like to see him become a driver for us (i know thats not the right term). I HOPE we can play to our offensive potential and make an elite 8 run, but we’ve got some ? That need answering. Our guys still arent good at feeding the paint and then moving into open space. I agree with the boards, we won the rebound battles in almost all of our wins last season but it doesnt seem to be happening the same this year. Im also worried about the drop off between harper and the next guy(s). Although past couple of games mccormick/doughty have picked up some of the slack. Lastly, id like to see our bigs (Chuma and up) have a little more horace spencer type attitude. Be aggressive- go up strong, go get the ball. I think we’re VERY talented 1-10 but weve got to learn to play smart and for a full 40
  3. Auhud08

    Men vs. Murray State

    So cole where do you think we stand thus far into the year: what caliber team are we in the sec, mbball, and ncaa tourny?
  4. Auhud08

    UAB game

    This is what i mean
  5. Auhud08

    UAB game

    Eh- we had a few. I just recall BB being guarded extremely closely.
  6. Auhud08

    UAB game

    Lot of good points. One part of the teams game that was frustrating was their inability to create space for an open shot. UAB played tough defense but if you drive enough to force extras to commit-dish it and shoot. Thats where you get some rhythm
  7. Auhud08

    men vs Dayton Preview/Review

    Agree with the above, ill add that it doesnt seem like our bigs know how to go up to the basket. Theyre being to gentle. I know you cant be as physical as you used to but going up to the basket forcefully will result in a lot of freethrows, made baskets, and 1s. Also- our free throw shooting better pickup. Hasnt been as bad as two years ago but not close enough to last year.
  8. Siap- he “reiterated” that he is there to serve auburn. Im guessing this letter went to donors or season ticket holders and that reiteration goes as a secondary notice to those who were involved and an initial notice to those werent: that hes gonna be making the decisions. Thats the way i read it
  9. Auhud08

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Hey weve tried everyway around this. Just pull the trigger and fire the guy.
  10. Auhud08

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Just fire him already. Pay the buyout. Go get bill clark or anyone for that matter.
  11. Auhud08

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Paul johnson just retired
  12. Auhud08

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    We look so dumb right now. PTB look stupid, and i mean prez, AD, and most importantly- boosters. How have these guys and gals gotten so successful in their businesses yet cant figure out how to fore a coach. Fire him and go get Bill Clark. Not bc i think BC is the savior but because its a good solid hire. That wont happen now
  13. Gus will not save his job. I dont think hes safe if he wins the natty. By that i mean if anpther school comes calling auburn will box his stuff up for him. There is no Gus in 2020
  14. Auhud08

    Men Vs. Duke

    All yall complaining about last night and specifically any one player are ****ing crazy. They all played sloppy. It wasnt lack of effort. There was certainly some timidness in em. And yet despite ALL that and some shaky refs we inly lost by 6. This team has DRUMMED everyone and we walked outta there disappointed that we lost. That says a lot. We’ll be ok. Players will learn from this. One thing i saw in game was the adjustment to drive instead of shoot perimeter first. Against Xavier we kept shooting. We learned and adjusted. Now we gotta show up and take care of business through february
  15. Auhud08

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    The biggest frustration we have with gus is not living up to our (and his) expectations. He consistently loses games he shouldnt, and although he wins games he shouldnt he doesnt do it often enough. Many have question Brohm and whether he is the real deal or not-idk. Im buying into Bill Clark more and more though. And the number one reason-consistency. He consistently wins and builds programs up. Whether it was at Prattville, JSU, or UAB hes shown he can win. I think he’ll end up somewhere in the SEC this year but i do hope auburn gets him soon