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  1. Ashford wadnt good on Tues. inaccurate and lacked touch. Calzada and Tj both looked good Brahms is touch and go so youll likely see Tate Johnson or Council there (Tate Johnson is my pick for starter with Council as a backup and him starting guard) Best part about tate is he has another year so if he does start that just helps for ‘24 SIAP
  2. Speaking of RBs… hearing some things
  3. Yessir! Way to go guys. Fun/ gut wrenching at times but got the win. On to Ole Miss
  4. Nah just trying to see who you had in mind
  5. Smith, Greg, Dismukes is a good one... what olineman (anywhere) comes to mind when you think mauler? Whats your ideal?
  6. We need 4-5m annually Thats $50k per 85 scholarships
  7. Bobo probably isnt gonna stick. Shouldnt be surprising
  8. Yep. This is huge and will get overlooked in rankings and therefore by a lot of fans. If we’re able to add some OL in the portal we will be dangerous.
  9. On recruiting- im not sure what yalls expectations were. Everyone knew going into 2022 that we werent gonna have a top 10 class. Yes relationships matter, who would you trust more: someone youve watched and spoken to for 2+ years or someone you just met 10 months ago. Also, by all accounts Harsin and crew have done a great job putting ourselves in position to win some recruiting battles in ‘22. Our class could potentially end up with: Woodyard (LB), Ausberry (DB), Rhym (DB), Williams (RB), Williams (WR), Farmer (OL). Longest shot it antonio williams at WR
  10. Going into this season many of us loved what Harsin was preaching about toughness, attention to detail, winning mentality. There were obviously questions about whether Harsin could deliver on those things as a coach and more importantly whether those things would garner tangible results. I wanted to post this for perspective on our team and coaches. Where we started and what we know now. 1) Can Harsin develop players- most importantly QBs and OL? The answer here is yes. Auburns OL improved throughout the season and in fact Harsin was able to build the future their with a rotation. Bo Nix also improved- his mechanics, mentality, every aspect of his game seemingly improved. Were there regressions at both of these positions at times yes thats completely fair but overall both groups improved as the season went on. 2) Can Harsin handle an SEC schedule, a full year of big games against the best talent and some of the best coaches? Yes and No. Tonight Harsin and co went toe to toe with Saban with a severely undertalented team. Even with Bo, Anders, and Pappoe this is one of the largest talent gaps auburn has had against alabama in a long time. And Harsin held them scoreless for 3 quarters and 10 through four. Can Harsin sustain this success- is he ready for SEC- not with this roster. We need more players to consistently compete. ANY coach- Gus, Freeze, Kiffin, Cristobal wouldve run into some of the same issue that faced Harsin in that regard. Talent has to step up. 3) Can Harsin recruit at an elite level? this is TBD, but my prediction is yes. Harsin will continue to build relationships and this roster and continue to improve upon his record and building this program the right way. War Eagle!
  11. Please lock this garbage. The coaches got us in a position to win with a duck tape team. EAD OP
  12. Thats fine. Here is the place to do it. The aufamily facebook and twitter account shouldnt imo
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