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  1. Dropping incongruous on us like its no big deal
  2. Held them to or lsu didnt have to rush against. As i recall lsu had their way throwing it that game.
  3. Name me the teams that made lsu one dimensional this year
  4. Our plan against lsu was to give up yards. We played softer coverage to keep them in front, knowing that when they got to the red zone we’d be able to cover them tighter. Which is why burrow scored one of their touchdowns. Our open field tackling was one of the best Ive ever seen. You are crazy if you think this wasnt a good db year
  5. Not sure if this should be in rivals or recruiting or what but sure would be nice to get matt luke as our OL coach. Seems like a good time to reach out
  6. Talent gap isnt far off- talent placement and coaching is. Weve got a lot of highly rated WRs (somehow & finally). Everyone knows we didnt recruit OL. If wed have recruited that position better we might be singing a different tune
  7. Cristobal Rhule Fleck there are some nfl guys too that id be interested in us looking at
  8. The biggest problem with Gus Offense is the lack of a complex route tree. We threw the ball 50 times against UGA and had a good completion % and yardage. But it was easy for Georgia to defend when they had to.
  9. Not currently OC so it would be a title upgrade, pay, step towards becoming HC
  10. SIAP- why not promote Kevin Steele and go take Brady from LSU to be OC
  11. Our defense will be able to slow them down and keep them in check. Its gonna come down to whether we can score more than 24
  12. Check new england- youll find him there
  13. Im not sure why OP is surprised. We’re ranked 12 in AP and coaches which is typically pretty close to Cfp committee. As frustrating as this year has been at times- you gotta give malzahn credit where its due. Hes rotated RBs, has called more pass plays, and has let Bo throw it. The two knocks on gus THIS year (or still this year) is his QB management, and lack of complex pass scheme. From an outside perspective though Auburn lost on the road to florida and lsu and honestly only barely lost those games. The outside wprld recognizes that a few breaks go our way we can beat anybody.
  14. @bigbird so you value years of experience over years as a head coach?