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  1. Seriously what did these people do wrong. If im a biden supporter who’s intimidated i just walk in like im voting for trump? Theres a larger wuestion here about proper etiquette and BOTH sides need to do better. But noone has any right to say this side is worse than this side. Take your blinders off and realize that both sides suck right now
  2. https://twitter.com/robertherzfeld/status/1320084859495350273?s=20
  3. His left pinky finger gets pulled back by the ball
  4. Yea i was gonna go into the whole we rank well in recruiting but then they all transfer thing but i just dont care enough to even type it...
  5. Ugh Im tired of justifying why Gus sucks this year. He hasnt lived up to expectations and hasnt taken auburn to the next level. In fact, we’re a step down from the Tuberville years. He recruits well, yet every year we have 4 losses. He doesnt build depth, he doesnt challenge new guys, there is no competition. Gus for years has put guys in the dog house, that eliminates them from competing for a job. It also shows favoritism. Gus is not an SEC caliber coach. He is not prepared for the rigors of coaching in the SEC and has always just gotten by. Lets stop coming up with excuses as to why THIS ye
  6. Yes we need to run more. No we dont need to go to gus’ offense. We need to run so much as it causes the D to account for it, then we need a more developed route tree. Force the defense and DCs to pick their poison. As it is now, we pass first but our routes are predictable, then we run, then we’re in third and long. First down needs to be balanced. Gus still sucks as a head coach. He has not lived up to expectations and we dont need to continue to give him chances. His teams have NEVER progressed season over season. Theyre hit or miss
  7. Didnt we ride the bus back from georgia or arky a few years ago? Somethin about basketball or volleyball had the plane. I thought there was some sort of decision tree on who got the plane if it was ever needed by two teams
  8. Honest question- why should we keep malzahn? What evidence do you have that shows hes capable of being successful? What makes you believe in him? Please share, no flame
  9. Everytime i look at the score predictions page we lose...
  10. Always get frustrated when we show a bunch of new stuff week one only to never see it again
  11. Biggest lesson to learn from texas- dont hire the up and coming coach thats in the lower tier programs: Big East, American, C-USA, etc. hire someone who has been successful at a top tier school (power-5) odds are that person will be more likely to succeed. Kiffin, Cristobal, coordinator at a major program
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