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  1. Auhud08

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    The biggest frustration we have with gus is not living up to our (and his) expectations. He consistently loses games he shouldnt, and although he wins games he shouldnt he doesnt do it often enough. Many have question Brohm and whether he is the real deal or not-idk. Im buying into Bill Clark more and more though. And the number one reason-consistency. He consistently wins and builds programs up. Whether it was at Prattville, JSU, or UAB hes shown he can win. I think he’ll end up somewhere in the SEC this year but i do hope auburn gets him soon
  2. Auhud08

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Chryst and richt are in their final jobs. Chryst is a UW alum and richt is in his twilight years at the U. The best guy is VTs coach but he seems to really like it their, would take a lot of money to move him. To me the chance is to go after a coach who has exceeded expectations, built a program, at a B list school
  3. Auhud08

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Does noone want mark stoops- dude has made UK a contender in the East. I think him, shaw, clark, or campbell
  4. Auhud08

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    I am not defending the dude- but how did he beat georgia and bama last year. Seriously...
  5. Auhud08

    Sources that pay Gus' and staff salaries you may have to enter in auburn... net income was $20m last year. Football generated $49m of net income, basketball (mens) generated $270k. All other sports are in the red. Total rev: $147m total expenses: $126m football rev: $91.6m football exp: $42.8m
  6. Auhud08

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    The biggest problem is that any coach who comes here WILL NOT be given full control. If i bought out a coach for $35m then im gonna have a say in what happens thereafter
  7. Auhud08


    Aight. Thanks, was just making sure i hadnt broken a rule
  8. Auhud08


    Can someone explain why my puke and rally topic got deleted. I sent a message using the contact us button.
  9. Auhud08

    Hypothetically - HC

    Mullen and dabo aint happening. Those are beyond pipe dreams. Mark Stoops is a good one, brohm im not sure about- can he build a program? Dino babers fits the profile in a sense but not really the best choice. Iowa states coach seems to have his stuff together. Not a lot of good choices out there
  10. Auhud08

    Mississippi State Post Game Thread

    Corners got held all night. Not an execuse but its what happened
  11. Auhud08

    Mississippi State Post Game Thread

    Offensive line wasnt bad tonight. play calling played to their advantage especially early on. Stidham did not execute on critical passes. The play calling was decent- my only gripe is that we went away from straight passes and went to PA passes too much in the 2H. Defense missed ab 1m tackles. They had to tackle two dudes: the rb and fitzgerald. Thats it. Steele is talking ab it right now hes pissed
  12. Auhud08

    Mississippi State Post Game Thread

    They missed tackles and got out physicalled from the first possession. Defense was bad tonight- ted roof style tackling
  13. Auhud08

    For the Tom Herman Doubters

    That was a beautiful drive. The first play was good too. Delay qb keeper
  14. Auhud08

    Malzahn Press Conference 10-2-18

    I heard it on the radio- sounded like he was preparing for a field position battle and was gonna lean on the defense/st. Ill be watching to see if he slows the offense down as much as possible to let the D rest