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  1. I look at what Gus was able to do with some good talent and poor coaching and I think- if Harsin can get SOME of those guys and do better job coaching- we’ll win some games. Winning will lead to better talent. That said- in my opinion the difference in a 3* and 5* has gotten smaller. Quality coaching can make that gap even smaller.
  2. In some ways, what we’re hearing and seeing from the team is good news. It confirms the need to get rid of Gus (as if we needed it). You bring in a coach who runs a more complex system and the guys arent adjusting well, shows how much they WEREN’T taught by the previous staff. Athleticism is great, athleticism with a plan is even better. We plan on being down there for A-Day, Im guessing we’re going to see some VERY base offense. Like remember the plays you ran in middle school, A gap, B gap, toss sweep, waggle? Thats my expectation. Also, because of that it will be difficult to get a goo
  3. Agree with some of the above posters: Basketball was a let down, but it was a let down that began with the sharife saga and then sealed with the probation announcement. From that point forward, as hard as the team wanted to play when you KNOW there isnt a post season you think and play different. Not worried about that program, not saying its a done deal, but I still have plenty of trust in Bruce and his staff. Baseball has been a let down. I think this sport for us was impacted more than any other by COVID. We had a good team last year and were set up to do well, then covid hit. That
  4. Praying for you man. Everything will be exactly as God plans. Take comfort in Him. All of the couches at hospitals are made to make husbands miserable and see if theyll complain. Always have: advil, pepcid, and a cup of hot coffee
  5. The $92 includes the new tennis courts complex as well? the actual football facility is $61 plus prep work of $3-4. So when you compare that to clemsons $54 its much more in the ballpark
  6. 1. 5 guys 2. Whataburger 3. Smash burger .... 99. Mcdonalds 100. In and Out Also: 1. Qdoba 2. Taco Cabana 3. Taco Mama 99. Moes 100. Chipotle
  7. Thanks E. That helps understanding what theyre doing, still think they should keep up his recruitment
  8. So i think this is the first real mistake this staff has made (thats public). You have a major position of need, you have a kid who would likely be extremely loyal should he commit, you get momentum from having a 4* OT commit, but you can still sell other kids in playing time by saying “hey look Shor is hurt, we’re hoping hes back in a year or so youre probably ahead of him” (I know a coach would likely never get that specific, but you get the point). Other than 1 recruiting spot- what did you have to lose? This is an easy win. Dont make it a glaring loss
  9. The best coaches arent beggars. Kids can see through that. The best coaches are still honest with the kids about what its going to take for them to succeed at their school. Now, for Auburn, Harsin is different. I do think you had a more salesman approach to recruiting under the Gus regime. Harsin will be more of a coaches approach. Seeing who and what hes offered Harsin understands theirs a value in talent, but even those kids need coaching. Hes gone affer a few high level guys so far but hes also filled the current class out with quality players.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-football-recruiting-how-the-early-period-and-transfers-changed-national-signing-day-2021/amp/
  11. Fair question. A few couldve been waiting to see where everyone else went and then found the best place for playing time. Some kids just arent ready to decide too, early signing day comes on the heels of your last high school football season- its a lot to process
  12. 30 total 4* or better were available after Early Signing Day
  13. @AU-24 30 Four star or better (247 rankings) were left unsigned after Early Signing Day. 30, you expected a coach to pull some great number of those kids in 43 days? Get outta here man. You cant be serious. Youre a troll
  14. Tell me what you thought a good coach wouldve done? Honestly, what were your expectations?
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