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  1. This plane flies to OLV all the time.. nothing to see here.
  2. Bruce Pearl's players don't seem to care either. And before today, I never knew he was so controversial. I want to see a good product on the field/court.. I'm not into judging every little thing on a person.. and if we all want to do that, then we would probably not like any of the players on the teams either. I'd guarantee they all say some very controversial stuff (depending on the person listening). And I'd guarantee all of us say controversial stuff. When did the world start expecting everybody to be perfect angels? The same ones complaining about what somebody says on twitter are probably listening to some foul mouth music as well. Who cares. 💗
  3. Kiffin is 100% an upgrade to Harsin, but my feeling is Freeze is a better option.. and Deion is high risk/extreme reward type. im prob in the minority, but I think Hugh Freeze may be my top pick by a hair. A hair over Prime (because Freeze has proven he can do it at Ole Miss and more).. With Kiffin, I think you’re always wondering when he will bolt.. eh. Who knows
  4. 1a. Prime 1b. Freeze 3. Kiffin That's my top 3. Could interchange Prime and Freeze. Prime because of his recruiting and ceiling. Freeze has proven he is a winner at the SEC level. Kiffin is also a great coach, but I just wish he recruited at a higher level. With that said, he may could recruit at a higher level at Auburn, plus the transfer portal.
  5. There are very few coaches (in the grand scheme) in college football that you know if you hire them, you're much much better off. The likes of Saban, Smart, etc. If you hire Kirby Smart, you know that your team will be good. He will recruit and coach them up. But he can't coach them alone... he hires great coaches around him. That is the key.. you must recruit and have quality coaches all around you. If you put Auburn's coaching staff in place of Georgia's (but leave Kirby as the head coach).. you have a major downgrade IMO. And if you put Georgia's staff with Harsin at Auburn, you have a major upgrade. Whether we hired Deion, Hugh Freeze, Kevin Steele, you name it.... It is still required that the other position coaches and coordinators be quality coaches. Deion can't do it alone. The questions I would ask myself are these: 1. Will he represent the team in a positive way. 2. Is he capable of hiring great coaches around him? Or would they rather not work for the guy. 3. Can he recruit? If you hire a person who other coaches would love to coach for... and you hire a guy who can bring positive energy to the team and recruit.. You've won most the battle in my crap opinion. Because now.. you have a guy that other great coaches would love to work along side.. and you have a guy who can bring in quality athletes. But my opinion means nothing.. just like the rest of yall. lol
  6. Lets say the recruits do pick up.. I would force Harsin to make a change with coaching staff or be gone. These guys are not coaching the players up. The offensive line especially miss a lot of easy assignments.. you may not be the strongest and fastest player, but at least try blocking the right guy.
  7. Can we stop acting like the 4th and 10 call lost us this game? We missed a field goal. Ashford, as well as he played, has an issue with keeping the ball secure (especially during ball exchange (fake or not)) Our trick play that our guy should've just thrown the ball away or even took the loss. Our punt returner who has been slightly risky all season also muffs a punt during a crucial point of the game - although we did get the ball right back. Ashford needs to be practicing his read option handoff all week.. and he also needs to practice throwing the ball away and not running out of bounds for a 5 yard loss. Ultimately, yes, this also falls back on coaching. But these crucial mistakes by the PLAYER is what really hurt us. I know this is not a popular opinion on the game.. and I am not taking up for Harsin... but damn at what point does the player take responsibility for fumbling, throwing an INT, muffing a punt, or missing a field goal?
  8. Just expect to end up with Rhett Lashlee. That's how Auburn works.
  9. I am in agreement with you. I don't have time to read every post on the forum, so I am sure that some people on here are still in love with CGM. I can't explain it - other than him beating Alabama a few times. But I think most of us (the ones who want better) would agree that we'd take 11-1 (with a loss to Alabama) over 8-4, 7-5, 9-3 (on a great year). My comment was just to say that CGM is a good coach. Not for Auburn, but he is a good coach. Harsin will be the same. I'd be rooting hard for Harsin - but his inability to recruit has done me in. The inability to hire the right guys to coach with him. He should've known after last season that he needs coaches with SEC experience.. Anyway.. I'm def for looking at Deion Sanders.. his ability to hype a program and recruit the way he has at JSU is pretty remarkable.
  10. Not sure anybody on here has argued that CBH or CGM is the right guy at Auburn. But some people act like neither one has a clue about football. It is ok to say that they are both good coaches, but not the fit for Auburn. It's the same with any "relationship." Even in dating/marriages.. if I'm dating a girl and we don't work out - does that make us a horrible option for anyone else in the future? Does that mean we must step down and lower our standards in the future? Sometimes, it just doesn't work. And just because you fail at 1 P5 school doesn't mean you're a POS P5 coach. Auburn is the idiot who keeps giving paying these big buyouts... and future coaches know it.
  11. In the word of CGM, "No doubt." lol. But I think a highly attributing factor to that was his recruiting. Had he recruited at the positions needed instead of just taking every 4* player he could get (whether we needed them or not), I think he would've done much better from the X and O standpoint. And I am not advocating for CGM what so ever lol.. I was more than ready to see him go. I can't begin to express how mad I would get to go 3 and out over and over under CGM. Harsin's teams, to this point, do a much better job of controlling the clock and moving the ball.. we just always kick ourselves before we score points.
  12. I think we can all agree with Gus Malzahn is not a bad coach. You don't get to where he is being a bad coach. But what most of us want is a coach that can compete year in and out with Saban, Smart, etc. Somebody who is bringing in enough talent that we aren't questioning every aspect of their HC abilities. It is very hard to give a fair assessment of someone's coaching ability when they suck at recruiting. But look at somebody like Hugh Freeze. I am not saying he needs to be our next coach. But the guy takes LIBERTY(!!!!) and competes with about everybody they play. They win the games they're suppose to win. He knows how to coach.. it's easy to see with him. Harsin is so bad at recruiting and all the other things, that we'd never really be able to assess his gameday coaching. It currently looks bad (along with his assistants obviously), but the dude has been unable to bring in quality OL and there is nothing you can do against good teams with a crap OL. Malzahn gave him a bad starting point, yes, but Harsin was unable to bring in much of anybody.. and that is with the easy selling point of instant playing time. So.. we need a recruiter. A great recruiter, even without the on field results, puts the program in a much better spot if you need to make a coaching change. We are in a rough spot right now unfortunately.
  13. Deion Sanders would be interesting.. as long as we stay out of any NCAA issues.. He would definitely bring talent. If he can bring it to JSU, there is no reason he can't bring it to Auburn. Plus, didn't he get nice and pissed off at Saban this off season? Sounds like a win haha.
  14. I was very patient with CBH. Last year, with more proven coaches, we showed glimpses of improvement than with Malzahn. I loved that we weren't going 3 and out over and over. I liked that we could take time off the clock and keep our defense fresh. We played Georgia fairly well (considering how other teams played them), and we came very close to beating Alabama (with TJ Finley!). Fast forward to the off season... We lose our OC and DC... replaced with CBH's friends of Boise.. Bo Nix leaves.. and we fail to bring in quality OL transfers (or recruits). We needed a lot of help at the OL, and didn't get much. Now were are in a new season.. our OL is bad. Our receivers aren't running quality routes (IMO). We don't have a QB that can win the big games. We failed to take advantage of Penn State pinning their ears back. Barely any screens to the RBs.. no quick passes.. we did absolutely nothing to make Penn State pay for their defensive scheme. Horrible play calling. Horrible misuse of our talent at RB. Laziness from a blocking standpoint by our TEs and receivers. I saw so many times (this Saturday) where once the ball carrier passed one of our players.. they quit. No downfield running to help. Go to the defense.. Our defensive backs act like they don't even have the ability to turn around and defend the pass. Not getting much push on the line. LBs out of place - not reading the play very well.. Huge drop off from a scheme/playcalling standpoint on both sides of the ball. Recruiting is not good enough to be in the top half of the league. We bring in Calzada and apparently he sucks so bad that even TJ Finley and Ashford beat him out. Just a lot of bad bad bad.. recruiting may be the worse of it all. We need a big hire - or I am afraid we are in for a Tennessee like depression.
  15. Why should he shut up? I didn't see anything in that article that was embarrassing? Consult with your doctor before making a health decision.. That seems like pretty sound advice to me. There is a reason that you can't go to a vending machine and get blood pressure medicine, insulin, etc..
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