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  1. Moon may reported exactly what he was told, but that doesn't mean it is true in any way. People lie all the time to create a story - He should know best, being in "politics." We all have our own right to believe or disbelieve what he tweeted - and until someone can prove one way or the other - we are all right lol. I believe he tweeted what he was told.. but past that, who knows. Don't care anymore either. We are so beyond the Bob Stoops crap.. and now they just need to focus on keeping our recruiting class together and our players from jumping ship. Don't see any possible scenario where Gus will not be the HC. $30 million thrown away? hah.
  2. Outside of the first two mentioned, did you really just name a bunch of unproven coaches? I'm not a fan of where Malzahn has the program right now, but I don't see buying him out to replace him with someone not proven. Honestly.. the only person I'd fire Malzahn (this season) for is Bob Stoops (or Dabo, but lol). Anything else is just throwing money away , IMO.
  3. I’m just curious... Josh Moon.. he’s into politics apparently? Why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut and let whatever happen, happen. Because this has done nothing but cause a complete mess. Recruiting and all. Just because use you know stuff doesn’t mean you have to go and tell the world. I know it’s reporters’ jobs, but for those that actually care about Auburn, sure would be nice to just keep it on the D/L. Im wishing hard of course.. lol. But this will not turn out well for recruiting.. so good job reporters. Lol
  4. IF what you say is true - this even more shows Leath's lack of leadership. You don't hire people you can't trust to do their job. If you feel like you need to take control of that situation, then you've done a poor job of hiring them. And then, that is IF these reports are accurate. All of this information is filled with big "IFs." The problem however, is that even if it is all lies, the damage is being done. They have done nothing yet to calm the storm. So obviously something is going on, but the latest report from PM really takes the cake. I'm lost on what to believe at this point.
  5. I agree here. Greene didn't hire almost ALL of the coaches/staff on the athletic department. Are you guys now trying to say that he should have no say for all of them? Just because HE didn't hire them? That's crazy talk.
  6. Are there any signs of these guys coming back? I’m with some of you, Wiley is an immediate impact down low. On a night when our shooting isn’t up to par, it really helps to have that. Just losing faith of either one playing this season or possibly ever at Auburn. Hoping for a surprise!
  7. Hurts is not even close to Cam Newton. He’s much closer to a Nick Marshall, but not Cam. And we got held a lot while on defense.. and also they got an easy push off TD catch. Not gonna complain because we were better so much more of the game that it didn’t even matter.
  8. Yeah him being available to speak is definitely big. Will also be interesting seeing who isn't out there practicing. I'd think if everyone is there, that's another big deal - but prob won't mean anything come time to start the season
  9. So Alabama sees no wrong doing in their 1 day internal audit, but he resigns? Right.
  10. Heron is a huge loss in itself - if true. He will go on to the NBA and have a great career I'd think. He's really good. Professional sports don't care about morals or anything else - he will be ok. Surely Wiley's parents don't need 5k that bad? Not sure they are dumb enough, but you never know. He was the only player to come during middle of season (well, December). Sucks for sure. But you guys are right in that this has been going on for years and years. The FBI using somebody to rat is probably something they haven't faced and they all thought it was like normal and could get away with it. Not so fast
  11. I do believe Stidham will get much much better very quickly. He obviously has a very accurate throw and zip as well. But like many have said, Malzahn has to rotate the backs. It's inexcuseable. And more than route running, our receivers have got to finish their blocks for our run game to get to the next level. I know the offensive line has a job as well, but when WRs aren't finishing blocks, it's just as bad.
  12. Pettway the only back we have? it's how he got hurt last season. He is not 100% Gus. And this is Mercer, we can afford to let him rest.
  13. I know it won't happen, but I'd like to see how Sean White handles the passing game. How quick does he get the ball out, etc.
  14. I know right? Why not put someone back there who has some get up and go. He can't be 100%