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  1. The win is great. But that post game interview with Cole was fantastic. Well done, coach Cadillac!
  2. The cameras in the 2nd half did catch a quick exchange, Harsin turned his head to Caddy and clearly said Bullsh—.
  3. Don’t know what’s best for the program, sooner or later. But that was devastating.
  4. And it strikes me as absurd that our black AD would be such a poor judge of character as to hire a racist. This coach..trying to change our culture, should be innocent until proven guilty on these rumors. Harsin’s previous success has been dependent on a strong work ethic and discipline. Perhaps in making his jump to the SEC, he doubled down on those fronts and tightened the screws to a fault. I’m sure he would change a few of his first year decisions, if he could. If after next year, the culture hasn’t changed, the results on the field and recruiting still aren’t there, it’s probably a more appropriate time to discuss support. War Eagle, coach.
  5. Duke Williams and those white gloves. He caught everything. I thought he was going to be a superstar.
  6. Super proud, what an awesome game and a great win. War Eagle.
  7. Taking the family to see us play aTm on Sunday. Our first Auburn baseball game and first sporting event in what feels like forever. Section 126, it’d be nice to meet some aufamily if you are there. War Eagle!
  8. At the very end of the Eason senior bowl video..that was Marlon Davidson standing next to him wasn’t it?
  9. Or maybe it’s because Auburn is like that really attractive girl who can’t get a second date because she is bat-s*** crazy.
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