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  1. .....Ill read the outrage later....
  2. Be prepared to be declared you are for income inequality lol
  3. Sheesh..."functioning adults" in the very first sentence....describe functioning adults and how you get to be the one who discern between those and yours...
  4. Just post everything here in the smack talk forum..everyone reads both forums and responds in kind...having two forums is a little silly and unAmerican..I guess it's designed to separate the elite from the clowns...finding unity isn't much of a thing anymore, so it's pertinent to some that we separate everyone with different thought processes. I guess its to confirm self accredited virtrues, and condemn the "lessers" .....my fear is that what we see here on this very forum, is the future of America...our kids, friends and relatives who have kids....will be subject to as such........not the America that was intended....
  5. Weezer comes through!!...if this doesn't brighten your day, you might need drugs lol
  6. Our FBI is kinda looking like the KGB at their worst...its the new American way....
  7. https://www.16personalities.com/profile
  8. Haha ..yeah, cause Ukraine today is the new Hawaii and it was a total surprise Russia invaded it....
  9. So whats everyones take the nuclear threat from Russia? Is it real or just a bunch of "hot air"......(feel free to post your immature putin jokes here as well..)
  10. Kinda new to following B-ball....does this end the season for us?
  11. Surprised there's not a discussion on this...kind of curious to see where everyone sees this going.... I'm not sure we have seen anything like this since Germany invaded Poland. ...the world instability is a little alarming. China and Taiwan are surely watching, so is Iran and Israel...
  12. Is that video kind of a new thing? Or is that been known about for awhile?....I thought it was pretty cool how it fell in line almost by design.
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