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  1. Where does everyone stand currently....I am on board....pros: I think it will go along way in helping voter confidence...especially with the border crisis. ...Cons:...none as far as I aee...thoughts?
  2. ...Whats better than a bunch of Dems, hands in pockets, groveling around kicking rocks in the dirt once their immigrant tolerance balloon flew away... .lol
  3. Reagan hated the environment..pro oil spills, anti-tree, ..the aerosol king!..thats why he took the solar panels down...
  4. It's hard to blame the OL..maybe they aren't the best; but watching GA earlier...its the schemes that dominated moreso than talent. They exposed the defense like they studied it all week long...they didn't even have to rely on the skillsets of their OL players much....Auburn felt like they were whiping up ideas and drawing them in the sand.....might be the biggest let down game....I mean there has some big ones! But thus wtf was more like...WTF!!!
  5. Anyone see a foreseeable win in our schedule for the rest of the season?
  6. My worst nightmare...my best friend is a Gamecock fan. ...for years he aligned auburn as a "the rich get richer" sorta team ..we have been friends for 15 years...all the empty motivation comments I've made... " Hey some day!!..."....now that USC has had our number the last few games......I actually cannot carry out the rest of this post....soooo....the end!!l lol
  7. Have we ever been bottom of the SEC?...like in the past 50 years?
  8. Well this frees up my Saturdays this fall at least...im dunso....ill catch the highlights
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