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  1. SaturdayGT

    A Thread Gone Awry From the OP

    Ok, pressure is dialed up for a good punchline here!...😛
  2. If there was any effective Russian influence, I wouldn't think it would be any more or less than whatever influence they have had in any of the previous elections in our lifetimes. Also, if there was Russian influence, it would be way way down on the long list of all that influences our thought processes and decision making when it comes to politics. such as friends, family, news media, TV, books, newspapers, neighbors, coworkers....sheesh, theres got to be hundreds. ...Now russia may have their hands in some of these other influences, but again, I dont think they just all of the sudden tried to influence our elections in 2016.
  3. Jack Driscoll,...Definitely a O-linemans name in football...Jack Driscoll hall of fame inductee! Could also have been either a hero, villain, outlaw or sheriff from the old west....The driscoll Kidd,.."The names Jack,....Jack Driscoll.." .He could have been the subject of a Johnny Cash song........Jack Driscoll could be,....the most interesting man in the world......
  4. SaturdayGT

    Bob Dorough, 1923-2018

    Always good stuff. Learned a lot from these on past Saturday mornings as a kid. ...Today they are like little nostalgic refresher courses, embarrassingly enough! LOL
  5. SaturdayGT

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Yep, all the blueberry wheats I had in New England, came with a handfull of blueberrys in them. I wish I remembered the names of the ones I tried up there, they were really good as well.
  6. SaturdayGT

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    I was a Boston International Airport eating breakfast when I discovered that wachusett blueberry beer. I was intrigued, so I asked for sample as I was waiting on my Omelette....I set aside my coffee and ordered a tall one. Now Ive got alot of crazy drinking stories from my college years, but I honestly dont think Ive ever had a beer with my morning breakfast until then...(maybe, just dont remember) Not sure Ive ever downed 3 22oz beers before 10am either, but I certainly did that day. The only thing that stopped me at that many was my flight departure! LOL
  7. SaturdayGT

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    I will give that one a shot...I did like some of the blueberry wheats I had up north.
  8. SaturdayGT

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Up North there seemed to be a lot of Blueberry wheats. I liked them as well, they were a little heavier, but not much. That Wachusett was hands down, the best beer Ive ever had! I may be willing to try a stout though!
  9. SaturdayGT

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    I know I just asked about Schaffer beer.... I had this beer in Boston last October It was along the line of a Bud light. The blueberry flavoring was on point! Cant get in the south, Ive tried...Ive tried other blueberry beers that were just meh....anyone know of a good blueberry beer to try that is kind of inline with the, what Im sure most consider tasteless bud light type beers?
  10. SaturdayGT

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Im in SC, not sure I can find it here either.
  11. SaturdayGT

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Has anyone tried Schaefer or Schaefer light beer? ...From what I gather, it used to be popular many years ago. I dont normally venture out past the bud lights or miller light type beers, and they all taste the same. Yuengling is Ok for a slight stray from the norm. Im kinda wondering how Schaefer compares to any of these or any other I havent mentioned. I may try to find some this weekend to see for my self, but until then, I figured Id ask.
  12. Its Junk news journalism to me. Its in the same category to me as the Fox news bit where they tried ask college kids what they about the state of the union by Trump a few days before it happened. I know its not exactly the same, but it is the same Jerry Springer type stuff to excite the bases. This says a lot about CNN and those who ignore the obvious attempt to try and tie her in to something thats misleading to viewers all over the country.
  13. Its probably been discussed somewhere here already, but why doesn't armed teachers or armed security in and about the schools to protect the kids get much traction? Seems like that should have been done along time ago. Sounds to me like a good way to end the weird school shooting craze....
  14. Ya know, Ive come to change my stance a lot on the violence that is promoted in video games and TV and such. Its easy to consciously write it off as no big deal, but who knows how it it effects the subconscious of some that may be a little off. ...Im not ready to hang my hat on that and say thats whats going on, but I can no longer write it off anymore. Personally, what I think the biggest culprit in all of this is are some of the prescription drugs they use to treat depression and such. I used to smoke, and the doctor prescribed me welbutrin(sp), which was supposed to help, but it was primarily for depression. I took it for a while and had to quit because for one, it made me feel like I was just a shell of sense of humor was gone, never laughed, and the biggest reason.....I kind of lost the ability to bite my tongue! It took away my discretion. Now, I would have never gone on a shooting rampage on it, but I can see how some might get the thought to do it, but not have the proper ability to reason the thought away, especially on high doses maybe. Im a little surprised there is not much discussion going on about this. Whats scary to me is, every time I go to get a physical, the doctor tells me they (Im assuming pharmaceuticals) are pushing them to check for depression. Apparently I qualified because I may feel down a few times a year! They offered me a prescription which I laughed off. All in all, its pretty disturbing to me.
  15. SaturdayGT

    Judge: Baker can refuse to make gay wedding cake

    I understand perfectly what your saying. It doesn't change the fact that you are removing a service from not just a sub-section of that group but the entirety of that group. Your just saying your okay with it. so lets explore that a little a deeper. Let's look at this example. If a business owner bakes cakes for weddings but personally believes that interracial marriage is wrong. He looks in the bible and finds justifications for that belief. He decides he will not bake any cakes for interracial couples. Lets take the legality of that and place it to one side. Would that be a discriminatory practice in your mind? If so, how does that differ from the baker that refuses to sale to a gay couple? Seems a bad example. First of all, its Gods will, not the business owners. If the business owner did this, it would not be serving a religion, it would be serving himself. Christianity defines marriage is to be between a man and a woman, and that is how most Christians see it. Just my 2 cents...