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  1. Auburn manages a 21 to 7 half time lead, KY makes crucial adjustments at half time, we dont and struggle while KY comes roaring back and makes it a nail biter all the way to a last second field goal : Auburn 31 KY 28
  2. Plus, seems like Ive read where we will be much more pass oriented with CM's offense, if s, he wont see quite as many touches as we have been used to seeing the past few years.
  3. We can all agree and disagree...we can all go over board with our thoughts and feelings , and we can...should, or try to understand when someone with different thoughts go over board on us! ...
  4. Yes, I'm in the wrong format, and I apologize. I do not have much to prove on my comments. You all live in the same country as I do, you see the same things in the news, we interpret it our own ways....we don't need any guidance, so yeah...I think most of us can make out what's going on by our own selves!
  5. There's also several takes of the CNN crew downplaying and in a way..backing Antifa....its there, you know it, we all do...not sure why you are so dedicated to cover for it...its not going away.
  6. https://genesiustimes.com/oped-i-was-raped-by-whoever-trump-picks-to-replace-ginsburg-on-the-supreme-court/
  7. https://www.theblaze.com/news/democrats-threaten-violence-supreme-court-vacancy
  8. Great song!..can't help but wonder what Freddy mercury would do with this song,...just not sure it could be sung much better....
  9. I think you have the entire left on your side!
  10. Who cares who's mods anyways? Not like being a mod gives you an extra advantage at seriousness or whateverness lol
  11. It incites the want to pick on him, but it has a pathetic side that almost makes you feel sorry for him lol...
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