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  1. Stidham goes crazy when Willis scores

    Just a question, since there's a video right above....Did Auburn change their blue a little bit this year? I switched from direct TV to Charter cable and thought that might just be all it was. This Video and the blue I see here makes me think otherwise. The blue just seems to pop more...kinda laserlike or something. Its Awesome!
  2. Score Prediction- Ole Miss

    Mt thoughts exactly!
  3. Antifa Leader Arrested

    Who the heck has ever heard of Prayer Patriots? And Empathy tents??...Is there a strategy of some sort to purposely be hyper-ridiculous, then play victim to the certain ridicule that comes their way and then use that as a reason to be confrontational? Thats my only way of making sense of all the non-sense.....
  4. The kneeling obviously upsets a large number of people. To me, it doesn't help their protest and it only adds to the divide. I will not watch the NFL until its ends this divisive crap. Ill also call out Trump in this. He is adding to the divide as well with the comments this past weekend. Nobody seems to be right when fighting over this debacle matter.
  5. AU Gear

    Awesome! Picked up a hat and a T-shirt not long ago... Just curious, am I the only person who prefers the art work on T-shirts to be on the back, with a small logo on the front, left hand side like they used to along time ago? You can still find a few like that, but not many. ....Of course for me, maybe the art work on the front is more pleasant to look at than my face
  6. I Just Learned Something Really New

    Couldn't a case can be made that non white races have a lot of power and influence over white people just by claiming white people are "racist"? Its the biggest shame out there and most would do just about anything to avoid the label.
  7. There seems to be a prime opportunity for another station to pop up and take the reigns with all the disgruntled ESPN folks like me and what sounds like most of us. I thought FS1 was going to be more competitive with ESPN at some point?
  8. Who Do You Want?

    I really wish this would happen.
  9. Who Do You Want?

    I wonder how Brent Venables would be as a Head coach?
  10. Who here still likes Gus as the head coach?

    If we go undefeated and get an SEC championship, Gus would be redeemed. I just know that wont happen. I mean our offenses have been able to be productive over the years, but everyone has figured it out. I knew that we lost at halftime. I knew clemson would make a few adjustments on D and that was it. We cant make any adjustments on offence to counter any changes any other teams make. Its just frustrating..
  11. Let's stop pretending Chip is running the O

    No kidding!!...Then the camera pans to Gus biting his nails and cringing when one of his three plays dosent work,,,
  12. Let's stop pretending Chip is running the O

    Can anyone name an offence less complex than ours? Thank god for talent......
  13. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    New coach...for the love of god, new coach ...please. I can figure out our O in just one half...
  14. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    one if our 3 plays will do it..
  15. I actually heard him say this on the radio..(granted maybe just a few minutes of it). Personally I did not pick up that he was trying to make the actual threat and seriousness of these storms a conspiracy. I picked up that he was trying to explain how there's an agenda to use these storms as proof of man made climate change. At least that's the context I picked up with out hearing the beginning or the end of it.