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  1. Are any of the players doing anything now to get ready?
  2. Yep! You are correct sir, I didn't pay attention to that. I have heard 2nd hand talk of outlets that gave off a sort of "he got what he deserved" kind of angle recently, and I assumed these were current. My bad.
  3. The ones outraged that he died from stealing a poster?
  4. Ok, if it is...its not the biggest concern in all of this. A boy died for stealing a poster. Some outlets are putting a disgusting twist on it. At least thats how I feel...
  5. I would imagine people of all walks of life would have their kids respect other countries laws and culture. Im sure there are some random exceptions. Regardless, kids will be kids, they will find trouble. Sure, it was a dumb thing to steal a poster, but to be tortured and die from such a thing is horrible. To try to spin it to where he some how deserved that is ridiculous no matter the reason.
  6. People get ugly when they feel they have been ugly to. People see that members of their own party they follow were attacked with a gun by a supporter of the opposing party. Its sad that it escalates, but I would not expect much different from either side in the same situation. Not justifying it or trying to make an excuse for it. It just is what it is...
  7. How about the hate spread where Trump was a racist because of david dukes supporting him, and all of Trump supporters were passive racists for continuing to support Trump.....I hope we don't see a lot of republicans saying Sanders voters are passive "pro gun down the GOP" and Sanders is some ring leader....
  8. You all are correct. Currently, it had been hard to see that it happens on both sides. When it happens, it makes situations like today hard not to get worked up to much. All of this over the top polital stuff needs to stop.
  9. After Kathy Griffin and the mock Trump beheading, the shakespeare in the park play depicting the assassination of Trum and the first lady, Chuck schumer's mocking the president etc...all just hammering away with this hate, now this?...its hard to see it happens from both sides. But you are totally correct in that it does need to stop from both sides...
  10. I did a look up of past starting QB's for auburn.. I see in 1957 and 1958 there was a Lloyd Nix. Was a grandfather?
  11. I get the impression that most dems feel they are already in the middle...
  12. I recognise the word is derogatory, and just wrong to use. I can also see the sting of its use. It would great if the use of it would diminish, but it would be more effective if the sting of it wasn't so bad. I just cant see the term fading from history as long as it causes the sting. So, seems to me if the sting or taboo of it goes, so does its use. heres a whole list of insults people do not use anymore, because there's just no sting left: If I was called a "fopdoodle" Id probably laugh,....In the 1600's, those were fightin words! LOL