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  1. Homer, what sort plan would you have us all follow , outside of whats in place, to make things better for all?
  2. Ehh, shucks!! Audub...Can we mark this one for the times? Ill gladly go down in flames if this blows up in my face.....This has all the markings of the " If trump wins the market crashes" joke of a thread.....
  3. ....Actually,...and I think we all should know by now, politicians are greedy crooks, not interested in you or your cause or well being, only your vote!...its a business!! Its actually funny watching everyone go to the extent they do in forums everywhere....I mean people seem to be willing to battle to the death almost to defend their crooks!!....That aside, seems like the Dems are loosing bad in just about everything they had control of. They dominated the women and minority votes for decades...its slipping through their fingers!...They have been backed into socialism, reparations and all sorts of ridiculous desperation. ...They have no choice but to turn the ship around. I mean...I think they are in seriously bad shape....We just dont hear about it with the information we are fed.
  4. NEARLY HALF OF DONALD TRUMP'S 2020 CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS THIS YEAR CAME FROM FEMALE DONORS From what I saw on Fox, apparently this is more than all the Democrat candidates combined. I thought Democrats felt they had the women vote contained. Big shift?
  5. Yes!!....Prrroooobly not for those with any sort of Heart issues
  6. Because Government officials have long been a pillar of honesty. Lying to the press was unheard of until Trump and these guys took over....
  7. Any NHL fans here? Ive kinda loosely followed the sport, and have always followed the Carolina Hurricanes. They are currently tied with the NHL defending champions in a best of 7 series. Really intense game tonight!! Playoff Hockey is so intense and just a total blast!! Loving this sport!!
  8. Pronounce that name 5 times in a row!...Im still on once!! lol
  9. ....So this is where all our socks go.....
  10. I saw this tribute to John Candy and thought....What If Chris Cornell sang this??.....
  11. Have you ever though about how awesome it would have been to hear a certain song done by some other band that just never happened? One that sticks out for me would be if Nirvana redid Helter Skelter by the Beatles, that could have been so incredible, it feels like it should have been!!!. ...I can almost hear Cobains voice wailing out the lyrics with with the bands grungy style in the background...Could have easily been the best remakes of that song ever.....sigh.... So anyways, just for kicks, I thought it could be fun to get some others thoughts on this. Whats your best ideas for songs that could have been remade, or even be remade (if its still possible) and by what artists?
  12. It sounds a little like she was going for the Jab against globalists and comparing them to Hitler and it didnt go so well. Now it was trying to be made out as if she was saying that if Hitler was a Nationalist, he would be OK, including killing of jews and all non white blue eyed people right?...Surely Ive got something wrong or mixed up.
  13. To be honest, I dont really know a whole lot about her, but she kills it in this speach. Definately now a fan of hers. I know many here will disagree with what she says, but Im curious anyways as to what people think of her here on this forum, and what kind of rebutals this gets.
  14. Man I'm thankful for this thread,!!..... I wondered if I'm the only one? I saw a basketball hoop in I'm my neighbors drive way and got a flood of all kinds of bad emotions.... I tried to mindful enough to avoid doing the same thing by looking elsewhere coming back..... I never really realised.... Every. other freaking. house.... has a freaking basketball hoop!!.... It's like some sorta Hitchcock kinda movie... In less than 24 hours, I developed a basketball hoop phobia... may call out of work tomorrow because of it.....