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  1. Let me guess....this is just the stepping stone to: Russians did it in cahoots with......(drum rolls).....Donald J Trump to sabotage the DNC giving him an unfair advantage in the upcoming election.
  2. Tomorrow...... Pope flashes racist symbol!!!.. ..
  3. Take a look at Clemsons schedule....who will stop them next year?
  4. Trump didn't do anything about the drone being shot down since there were no casualties, so that should give a little clue for whats in store here, although...who really knows?
  5. Clemson will win (sigh).....I think Venables finds a way to slow down Burrow enough to keep it close and Clemson wins it in the 4th. Pulling for LSU all the way though. Really impressed with Burrow, and I like to see him finish out on top. Plus I live in Clemson country and the whole area could really use a nice big dose of STFU! lol
  6. Would it surprise anyone if they are prepping the public up and keep them hyper focused on Trump getting foreign help in the election, all while his opponents do some shady dealings themselves somehow when no ones looking?...Not saying thats whats going on, but its definitely politics!
  7. Oh lord, they are already prepping a new collusion type scenario if Trump gets reelected.......
  8. Can anyone tell me the name of the song playing in this commercial? I remember it from the 90's I think but I cant figure out the name of it or who does it....
  9. Hop CCM will get us to use the TE more and make the passing game a little more dynamic.
  10. I say leave the uppity intellectual stuff to the smarmy leftist to get off agreeing with themselves. non-capable deplorable types can sit back and smile!
  11. Actually, the more you think about it....roughly half the population thinks the other half is racist, homophobic, anti climate, declaring war on women, race, genders...lots of other etc......the other half? Lol....they see lots of way way overthinking, and are vilified for that...
  12. Engage politics like football?...I think I understand now! Lol....I honestly feel you should reserve all your skepticism for politics. Disengage some and you'll see how ridiculous people get over it!
  13. I think this is the most hilarious thing about it all.....the fact that so many hung on to this as some sorta serious big deal. It was like mass gullibility! You would think by now, most should feel somewhat embarrassed for it....I mean after all, trump wasn't even elected, had no power to work out arrangements for anything close to such a scale...yet still to this day.....this has legitimacy to way, way to many really smart people. I feel like people are sacrificing their intelligence for their politics.