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  1. Kinda Penn Stateyish with out the Orange....
  2. Yeah thats sorta what im afraid of... seeing something or even hearing something that would seriously disturb me even more than the other times...I actually left a bit out with the demon growl in the one dream. it did speak but I won't say in verbatim what I heard...but it basically growled and told me in the most filthy way possible that it basically rapes my father in hell. My dad had died like 3 months prior to that. ...It freaked me out pretty good. ...I knew was just a dream,....at the same time, I felt I couldn't possibly have imagined a statement anywhere near that evil, so there was
  3. Luckily, that was the worst of all of them. It sorta set the tone in a way for the other times. I would wake up in that state, and although nothing goes on, there was that fear that something might happen like that again. After so many times of that, and so much research...I found an article that had an interview with Cheryle Crow of all things. She mentioned the eye movement thing to snap out of it. When it worked, ...man it was the just best thing!...Now I can snap out of them when I choose to. I sometimes get curious as to what I may see or hear, but i quikly get out of my comfort zone. .
  4. My first experience with sleep Paralysis was horrible! Ill never forget it....Its a pretty good story, so I figured id go ahead an share it. ...So I was alone in my apartment asleep. I heard a loud knock on my door that woke me up. I opened my eyes and I could see the clock, it was like 3:45am. I laid there and again...another loud knock at the door...This time it was like a pissed off impatient sort of knock. I tried to get up this time and realized I couldnt move anything but my eyeballs. I started to freak out about that, and then the door knocks again, this time even more frantically and
  5. I started to get sleep paralysis in my early 20s..Still get it pretty often. Its a very scary experience the first few times it happens. I learned a trick to snap me out of it....the only thing that I can move in that state are my eyeballs. If I alternate looking left and right really fast, it always snaps me out of it for some reason. Sometimes I will choose to stay in that sort of state just to see what I may experience. Sometimes you may see or hear something that you are just dreaming up! ....I sort of wuss out more often than not and snap myself out of it. Seems like I can never get u
  6. I dream something similar to this as well. Mine starts with me being able to run really fast with no effort, and I can hold my feet in the air and glide for a bit while carrying the momentum. So like if I were a running back, I could blow past pretty much any one, and if I had to juke, I could just hold me feet off the ground for a bit while in motion, and take a second or so to think about which way I want to juke...maybe even through a fake in there, and spring any which way I decided to! lol....Always one of the best dream moments!
  7. I went with the 80v for the same reason. I think my issue may have been my charger. My hunch is that it may have been overcharging and not cutting off when it was at full charge and damaging the batteries. I had the option of Lowes replacing the Batteries and charger, but I opted to just get a refund for it instead. . I was pretty frustrated with the mower at the time, and the cost of the batteries made me thank god it was still under warranty! I ended up getting a gas powered Husqvarna and couldn't be happier.
  8. Has anyone had a Battery powered mower for more than 2-3 years? I had a $400 Kobalt brand from Lowes 4- 5 years ago. It came with 2 batteries, and it was awesome at the start. Sometime during the end of the 2nd mowing season, the Batteries started to weaken, and wouldnt hold a charge. I started to need to put the spare battery in half way through mowing. Then by the 3rd mowing season, 2 batteries would only do half my Lawn...which is normally just a 30 min mow. I went to buy new batteries and they were like $180.00 ea! I talked to Lowes and they were able to take the mower back. I ended up
  9. Id love to see this on a helmet!
  10. Im with you in this Camp! I was sold at the first moment I saw it.
  11. The one time I went a few years ago, I loved hanging out at the outdoor bar at Live Oaks. Lots of foot traffic in the area before the game, so you can do a lot of people watching. There's also a couple TVs out there, so I was able to watch some of the earlier games before Auburn kicked off at night. The beer was cold, the food was good...wound up being one of my top favorite, out of town bar/ restaurant type experiences.
  12. Ya nailed the first paragraph, feel like you over-thought the rest.....at least based on what was posted. ...I didn't see the first question in the interview, so I may not know the context...in the OP, Nix opens up "As for the second question..."...He was obviously asked how he deals with criticism, so he had to answer....I just dont see the drama.
  13. Was it really a comparison though? I though it was more of how his situation pales in comparison.
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