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  1. Mothball the Confederate Monuments

    Why not build new statues of Great African Americans in history to go along side these confederate statues? I think it would be a great symbol of strength during such suppressing times, and a testament to how far things have come.
  2. Flight travel question....

    Well just in case this question comes up for somebody else in this situation. I was able to call and they were able to wave the $200 penalty for changing the flight date and destination. Delta has great customer service over the phone. They have an option for them to call you when an agent is ready to talk so you dont have to sit though 30 minutes of on hold music. The whole process was easy, they lady was super nice, and Im happy as can be. Spent 5 minutes tops on the phone! So with that, if you ever need to change a flight, call rather than try to do it online!
  3. The ultimate beer/grill shed

    Who needs a home? Just add a hammock!
  4. I booked a trip to Boston around late October through Delta. A friend decided afterwards to tag along and we are going to check out Newport RI and that area, but to do so, I need to leave a Day earlier than planned. Id actually like to Fly into Hartford CT instead if possible since that will kind of work out better, but keep my return flight from boston. Anyways, I went to delta to try and change the date and destination, and it will cost me another $200 dollars more than Ive already paid! Ill have to try and call them tonight and see, but Im just curious if anyone has run into this and whats the best way around it if they wont work with me? I can book a one way flight for $120 bucks on the day I wan to go, and just not show for the original first flight out. I would still be paying more than I hoped, but it would be $80 bucks cheaper than deltas $200 penalty. I just wonder if they will tack some sort of a fine or fee or something on me for no showing for the original flight date? Also, will they cancel my return flight if I dont show for the incoming flight?...Im hoping I could talk to somebody at delta and they can sort it all out with out any extra fees, but not really counting on it. Any thoughts?
  5. New Kicks for Fall Camp

    So much better than some of the past few seasons shoes.....They could have made the neon green neon orange instead though!
  6. Hillary Snuggled Up to The Russians Too

    It will be dismissed as another "But Hillary" foul and will be as if it never happened....
  7. Your right, it probably is something that should be dismissed or ignored, Although, Id almost be willing to bet that this will be more of a real thing in say 10,15 or 20 years from now. Seems like there's some great human desire to be able to shame others. As they run out of reasons to shame, a guy not willing to date a post-op trans woman will be next in line to be the new scum of the earth!
  8. Yep, thats just another way to force things on people. The live and let live approach is such an easy concept. Its not hard to see that this forced stuff doesn't ever work. Thats why I feel like those who push it this way do not really care about the cause. Its like they have some ulterior motive going on, whether it be their desire to shame others to feel good about themselves or some grand scheme beyond reasoning. The secret to peace and acceptance is to accept that you have no control over people, they are not always going to do what you want them to do or think or just go about their lives. not to sound all preachy or anything, but everyone picks up something different when they read the bible, what I picked up is humble! don't expect anything from anyone,remove "deserve" entirely from your mind, take the good when it comes and take the bad when it comes, because you'll get all of it randomly. Just live your own life and navigate the obstacles. ..If everyone just did this....Ahh well, Ill just stop the rant here lol!
  9. To me, this kind of stuff will create more problems for the LGBT community. The more they force their ideals or agendas, the more resistance they will get. More people will come on board and cry foul at the resistance and they will push even harder, then they will meet harder resistance and the cycle will continue to grow and get worse.
  10. Fake Science

    Science is scientific research?...ehh...not so much..
  11. "Donald Trump is not well"

    You are right, but one thing to say here is that the media as a whole has way more influence over the people than any president does. Heck, just Michael Moore or Rush limbaugh have more influence than the president. Throw in all the news channels, news papers, talk radio, tv shows, movies, books, sports, music etc..they all have the power of suggestion behind them whereas, when you hear the same thing over and over again, from so many people, you gotta fall inline because your just weird or abnormal. The president just has a speck of that sort of power. What power he does have in influencing people is relayed to the people by non other than...the media! So it seems to me, in regards to all of that, we could at least hold the same standards from our media as we do our president....or maybe hold our president to the same standards we hold our media,..or meet someplace in the middle? Joe and Mika may not be the face of america to the world, or hold the highest seat in the land, but they are part of something very powerful...Again, I dont like what Trump tweeted, but I dont like how the media goes after Trump, I dont think Mika and Joe are innocent bystanders being bullied by something much more powerful. They will get a lot of fame from this and alot of fodder for their agenda.... I suppose that's part of why I get that "ehh...big deal" sort of thing going here
  12. "Donald Trump is not well"

    I see your point Titan, and they are good ones and hard to argue. I still think Mika and Joe have made some childish remarks, but your right, its much more acceptable in their positions. There is just something over the top with it all....I cant put my finger on just why, it just seems like this shouldn't get this much attention. Maybe I wish there was another way of calling them all out without making it feel like a soap opera. I know this doesn't dupe what you said, its just where Im at I suppose.
  13. "Donald Trump is not well"

    I wish he would stop some of these tweets myself. I think the tweets he sent about Mika and Joe are very unpresidential. With that said, I have grown to expect that this is what he does, so there is no shock value here for me. I don't think Mika or Joe are shocked either. Its a little strange to me that this gets so much hype now. Afterall, there's loads of clips of mika and Joe dishing it out to the president, and now its like some one tweet knockout below the belt so everyone cries foul? So yes its shameful that our president resorts to tweets like what we saw, hes not the only childish one of all three involved, but its nothing that we all havent observed from the three of them before.
  14. 1972 Auburn Amazin's

    Some of the college kids back in those days looked like they could be in their 30s!
  15. GOAT

    Each time I watch highlights like this of Bo, I get some kind of new appreciation for what kind of athlete he was. I don't believe Ill ever fully be able to wrap my head around how incredibly he played both sports.