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  1. Propane is great for controlled temps, and its just so convenient. Seems to work great for pretty much everything... Steaks are just meh for me. Charcoal is sort of a pain to set up and get the temps just right. I think what ever you cook on a charcoal grill is going to be better tasting ...in some cases, only marginally like chicken or something slathered in sauces, ....burgers and pork a pretty good bit ...Steaks by far. ...I have no experience with a pellet grill. It sounds like you can get the flavor of a charcoal grill, with the convenience of a propane grill.....just doesnt seem you c
  2. I too agree that wages need to come up. Seems like a tiered approach would be better. Like a min wage for the the after high school part time type jobs for kids 16 to somewhere in the early 20's. Or maybe have different min wages based on the industry or maybe even the number of hours put in or something.
  3. Sounds good, but I wish I understood how a $15.00/hr min wage wont destroy small businesses. I wish I understood how shutting down the Keystone pipeline would not jack Gas prices up through the roof, causing the cost of goods to skyrocket. I do not see anything that will help small businesses at all.....
  4. Whats your predictions on the price of gas in four years? ...also, for kicks, how will they blame it on Trump if it gets crazy high? Lol
  5. Ive been interested in this Masterbuilt Gravity grill. It feeds actual charcoal in the way that a pellet grill feeds pellets. You can also control the heat much in the way you can a propane grill. It seems like it could be the perfect Grill......Just wish somebody like Weber made it. I get the hunch that it will rust out in a year or two..... heres a little more on it
  6. Oh I agree whole heartedly,...I just thought that sort of situation had such a sad touch of humor to it, that I just had to put it out there....
  7. I wonder how much we would have to pay Gus to come back??....Assuming he'd take the job lol......
  8. Late to the party...not a fan of MC. ..I haven't checked, but i bet Malzan has a better record in a better conference than MC. ...just watching here and there, ...one coach that really sparked a "dude, this guy would be awesome at auburn" is the Indiana coach....the players freaking love him in a way Clemson players love Dabo. That stuff shows on the field. And makes great programs.....
  9. Im hearing the Per fox News analyst, the betting odds just flipped from Biden to Trump...by a bunch....what do you make of it?
  10. I love this!...its a "just how different are we" kinda moment...Id totally buy the beer and cook up some of my famous burgers with ya! Haha
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