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  1. Its exactly what I figured. lol
  2. I think I know what you mean, but just to be clear. When you say "criminals" , do you mean immigrants or illegal immigrants? I saw Ichys response and it makes it sound like you're talking about all immigrants, where I pick up that you were talking just the illegal ones.
  3. I heard Trump was looking into voter fraud, any chance this would be whats going on up there?
  4. This is true.
  5. I'm not on this witch hunt against Trump, looking for any and every possible thing to be outraged over. The Tax thing is disturbing. You know there's something there he doesn't want out. Trump not taking a salary for the presidents position helps, but who knows how much that will make up for what ever he is hiding. Regardless, it doesn't make me worry to much about our future with him based on the tax thing alone. Im also one who is convinced that most, if not all in politics and corporate billionaires have some shady things going on regarding taxes, so it almost feels like the norm.
  6. So when do you think Trump and the KKK are going to round up all the black people? I say we all arm ourselves to the teeth right now, and get ready to fight off this impending holocaust....
  7. Lol, I had nothing to do with it. Just going by what Ive observed. I really dont know much about the tea party protests. I never paid attention to it to be honest.
  8. I wonder what the publics true overall opinion is of all the people protesting Trump. I cant think of anyone, republican or democrat, who think its nothing but a bunch of whining. Sure the crowd size is impressive in a way, but they all get made fun of bipartisanally it seems....I just do not think they are having any productive effect in the way they hope. In fact, it seems to behirting their cause more than anything. Thats just my observation of it. Dont get me wrong either, im all for being able to protest....just think it can be silly at times or in some situations.
  9. Soooo......Nanny nanny boo boo?
  10. I agree. Good post!!
  11. If he feels its a step down, thats a good thing. Makes it seem like hes in it for us rather than himself to me. Id rather it be that way, than the other way around.
  12. Its Obama! Announcement after noon tomorrow!
  13. We are only on page 99, it cant be Noel!
  14. 2 more pages to 100 and we will have our OC!!
  15. Its hilarious extent they went....Scary as hell to think there are people running networks that are like...