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  1. Get this guy for sure. I really wish they could identify and prosecute all of those who threw a punch or threatened another's well being in anyway. Throw in all the vandals too. Stiffen up the penalties for crimes made in protests like this. They should really come down on those who organise such rallies as well. Also, I honestly wish news sites would not cover these as much. Rachet up the violence, and they get the benefit of making their statement to the whole world. Finally, I believe in free speech, but Its not helping when conservatives go into an ultra-liberal organization like Berkley then cry foul when It stirs up all the nutzo's. This is like the third time in just a few months, we all know free speech does not exist in Berkeley. We all know and have seen what happens when people with alternate views go there to speak. Its almost to the point, that if you go there to make a speech that doesn't fit berkeley's agenda, your kind of a nutzo as well, because you know what it will incite.
  2. Had to be the red white and blue one!
  3. LOL!!!
  4. I may be mistaken, but I had it in my mind that they had warheads specifically for chemical and biological sites, which can eliminate any chance they can be released. Not sure if that's something I picked up from something factual or just from some movie LOL
  5. I was leaning there, but the idea of it just gets me somehow.
  6. Does anyone think that ISIS could be the instigator in all of this? Seems like a long shot as much...or rather, as little as I know. It just seems like it would work out in ISIS favor if they could have framed Assad for the chem attack somehow to provoke a response with us to stir things up with us and Russia. Im hoping this notion can be easily struck down...
  7. I kinda wonder if it was staged. I honestly believe its some sort of fad to throw these tantrums. He probably did this more for the mad props he would get from his peers, than his sincerity on the matter. Its probably something a few...well, Im sure in his mind, the majority of people may get excited about. The reality is, the guy is a joke and discredits the saner people how are prochoice. What an idiot!
  8. United States Department of the Interior Government department The United States Department of the Interior is the United States federal executive department of the U.S. government responsible for the management and conservation of most federal land and natural ...Wikipedia Founded: March 3, 1849 Number of employees: 70,003 (2012) Headquarters: Washington, D.C. Annual budget: 20.7 billion USD (2013) Agency executives: Ryan Zinke, Secretary; Julie Lillie, Acting, Deputy Secretary; Keable, Solicitor of the Interior Formed: March 3, 1849; 168 years ago Subsidiaries: National Park Service, More Annual Budget 20.7 billion...I think his donation isnt much to brag about, but I also think cutting the budget 1.5 billion isn't much to get up in arms about either.
  9. Pence would have been criticized if he had lunch or meetings with women other than his wife. Its ridiculous, but comical to hear about stuff like this.
  10. I think its a team politics thing.
  11. What would a Obama thread be without a "but Bush..." immediately to follow? - circa 8 years ago What would a Bush thread be without a "but Clinton.." immediately to follow? - circa 16 years ago