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  1. Moore Acuser and FBI Bias

    ....There is that desperate spin as it goes down the drain...
  2. Chad Morris wants to run Air Raid

    I wonder if they will implement the "SOOO-WIENG" pass?.....
  3. What is this Movie/ TV scene?

    Tales from the crypt came out later. I know I was still in Florida, so this would be pre 1987. I know most of the movies in there except for creep show 2. I looked up Creep show 2, but I didn't find anything that stood out in Wikipedia.
  4. What is this Movie/ TV scene?

    Nope, nothing on the actors. I half want to say it was a movie with several short stories. I thought it might be a movie called nightmares, but I looked up the stories, and kinda ruled that one out. I also half think that maybe the movie was just boring, and that was the only scene worth watching. That is, if it is a movie. Could be a made for TV movie, or TV show....Finally, not sure if this is accurate or going to throw the trail off, I somehow want to think it may have possibly been a Stephen king movie, but I cant find anything on it. The reason being, I wanted to think the movie was supposed to be scary, like a horror but being a kid, kinda felt let down by it in that regard. ...I could be mixing that feeling with my feeling about the movie Stand By me.
  5. So this has been bugging me......There was a scene from a movie made probably in the early to mid 80's, and I assume I saw it on HBO since I know I used to see the scene many times back then and HBO would be a source for repeats....Anyways, what I remember of it, there were two (maybe more) kids in a Tree house and a Gun was somehow involved. The gun went off and they cut to a dramatic scene where a kid comes flying backwards out of the tree house leaving you to feel he got shot. He laid on the ground lifeless, but snapped out of it and says that he was OK and that it only nicked or grazed his ear. This could have been a TV show, but Im pretty sure it was in a movie. Any Ideas?
  6. Gus' first and most important job

    Im no football expert, but ...Gus, work on half adjustments! It just seems to me when the original game plan doesn't work, nothing changes and we keep trying the same thing. Maybe there is more to it than what I see, but I have grown to have very little confidence that we will turn things around in the 2nd half or whenever when we are down.
  7. Thank You AU Players and Coaches

    Thank you Auburn! If we cant win natty champs, we at least beat the best of the best!
  8. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    I honestly think we got outplayed and not outcoached. The only knock I do have is lack of adjustments. Still, horrible passing and catching killed us. Put injuries above coaching as well. We had some key guys not 100% and some taken out. I for one am kinda happy with our season.
  9. Ok, I agree it shouldn't have been said, even if it was only a jab at Elizabeth Warren. I just dont think it amounts to anything more than that. The ceremony was actually pretty good outside of all that!
  10. Heres the full Ceremony. With this, I still say that if anyone is using this ceremony, its those using it bash Trump.
  11. I gotta admit, Ive only seen the clip where he makes the Jab, but I assumed it was a small moment in the ceremony honoring the Code talkers. What else did he say?
  12. My take on it all is: 1. Sure, not presidential 2. It was a Jab at Elizabeth Warren (who lied and used native American culture to advance herself). Not a Jab at the Navajos expense. 3. If you were a Navajo Indian, which of these would you think you would list in order from most offensive to least: A. Trump using the name "Pocahontas" to take a Jab at Elizabeth Warren. B. The notion that they are so sensitive and unable to recognize the Joke and who the Jab was for and the reason for it, that they now just devastated. C. The Media and outlets like these pushing "answer B" and using it and the Navajo people as means to bash a political opponent. Im going C,B,A......Id be willing to bet this is not the big deal to the Navajo as some would like it to be.
  13. Holland is out!

  14. When political racism becomes racist...

    This is at evidence that Black kids are not getting a fair shake in life. Its like letting them walk through a mine field while steering the white kids away. According to the NYT article, there seems to be all kinds of angles to teach this way, and there may be things I am not considering. It just seems to me that no angle will outdo teaching the fundamentals of language and communication to get ahead in life. Its just shocking to me...
  15. When political racism becomes racist...

    Im not exactly sure on the rule and where it came from. I didn't really question her on it. I figured somebody who knows school systems better than me would have heard something similar and would have shed a little more light by now. Since nobody has, Im thinking maybe this was just something another teacher told her or something along those lines. My niece also told me that she still will tell them the proper way to say things regardless of the rule or recommendation, so if its a rule, it doesn't seem to be strongly enforced.