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  1. I googled benefits of eating dirt/soil and apparently it is very beneficial. ...Add a little miracle grow and its actually a natural Viagra!
  2. Just a question, sorry if its too far off topic...But, If you look it up, looks like the US government spends 26 Billion a year researching climate change...thats just a random website, it could be much less, either way though, Im sure we spend Billions! With that in mind, why would whatever research organizations or scientist who get these funds ever say that humans have no effect on Global Warming and there is nothing we can possibly do to stop it or effect it in any possible way? Wouldn't that make their studies pointless and put them out of a job! It would make sense for them to be desperate for the population to believe that they are needed, to keep the funds coming, right?...Im sure Im over looking alot of stuff, but just the gist of that hard to get around for me.
  3. I ran across this once years ago, and the answer I got was Michigan. ...I googled this after I asked it to be sure, but Im now getting conflicting info. Alaska by far has the most, but as far as the lower 48, it seems like you get either Florida or Michigan, and in one instance Ive seen Minnesota.....This really didnt turn out to be as good of a trivia question as I thought it would! LOL
  4. In the continental US, what state has more shoreline than any other state?
  5. Gee, I wonder.....Who was that masked face palmer??
  6. I hope your right, but somehow I get the feeling that just the mere attempt has lit the fuse to it all. I can see a gun control/Medicare for all/climate change type national emergency coming up one day and the Democrats will point to republicans and claim "You had no problem when Trump proposed it!" to justify it....yet even if THAT fails, it will sort of open up the idea that this National emergency stuff will be a little more OK than it once was, and well...the frog will be simmering!
  7. There have been studies that say that children do not become self aware until 4-5 years of age. I think 10 years ago, nobody would believe whats going on now. Its now not so hard to imagine that some 10 years from now, a large portion of people may allow their selves to be convinced that its some how not inhumane to terminate a child up until that 4-5 year range, believing that its OK because the child's brain has not fully developed and not yet fully self aware.
  8. Aww come on Ichy!! A thumbs down??!!...really??!!!!....Thats like throwing tomatoes at me!! You could have at least gave me the ole head smacker for the attempt at some light hearted fun! jeez!!!