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  1. SaturdayGT

    SF Now Registering Illegals to Vote

    Democrats- We need to stop foreign influence in elections. Democrats- Non-citizens have a right to vote in our elections. Anybody else struggling with figuring out how to make that work?
  2. SaturdayGT

    Lawn Equip., cordless, battery

    I have a Kobalt battery powered lawn mower I got 2 years ago. Its just as powerful as a gas operated mower. I have mostly centipede, but I have a patch of this Zoysia coming in that would bog down the Gas mower, but the Electric goes right through it. It takes me 30 to 40 minutes to mo my entire lawn without bagging. The mower came with 2 batteries, and originally, 1 battery would get me about 90% of the lawn done.....Fast forward 2 years to last Saturday......2 and half hours to get my lawn done!....Im no battery expert, but I think I killed some cells in my batteries by leaving them on the charger too long or something. I really dont know whats going on. When I charge the batteries, they will charge up, but once they charge to full, the charger turns from green to red and the batteries start to drain away. You have to take them off at just the right time now. Once charged, they last about 10 or 15 mins, so I can get part of the lawn done, then have to let them charge for 30-45 minutes....mow a little more of the yard....charge for 30-45 minutes....mow a little more......Got to do it again Saturday. New batteries are close to 100 bucks each for my lawn mower last I checked, but Im not going to pay 200 bucks every two years for two batteries!. Maybe things have come along better over the last 2 years as far as charging and batteries go, but right now, Im not to happy!!
  3. SaturdayGT

    how about this auburn tiger?

    Question, the pic made me think of this story and Im not sure its true.... Was there ever a time when Auburn used to bring a live Tiger mascot out on the field before the game or at half time, but had to quit because it once got loose and ate the Arkansas live pig mascot? I may have the teams wrong, or maybe its just something I dreamed up as a kid lol....
  4. I remember. I dont know what was behind that, but Trump can do and say some real head smackers. There was a montage of him using that same gesture to several others without disabilities, so Im not completely sold on either sides view of his intentions here, but I see your point, .....but know your Agenda! LOL
  5. It was definitely a bonehead comment. Trying to think of it fairly though, couldnt the "whomp whomp" have been a knee jerk type of comment in response to all the over the top, melodramatic, political theatrics that so many are taking part of to try and paint us all a picture in our minds of Nazi Aushwitz type concentration camps all over our border set up by Trump, and not specifically the child? Having asked that, to be clear, I think the issue with this girl and her situation, as well as all the children involved in the border issue is a horrible situation. I dont see how anyone couldn't see it any other way, and thats why I am struggling to believe that the "whomp whomp" was truly directed at kid with autism. I can see being frustrated with false narratives though. I really do not know much about this guy. For all I know, he could really be some kinda psychopathic A-hole.I dont know, but without knowing the guy, this all seems like food for the frenzy. Bonehead comment regardless though.
  6. SaturdayGT

    Space Force

  7. SaturdayGT

    Grill mats

    These are rated for 500 degrees. Some are rated at 600 that I saw later. I have a charcoal grill. I know with a charcoal grill, the grates are a little more exposed to direct flame oppsed to gas grills. Im not sure how it will hold up The pack came with 3pc, so Im giving one of them to a buddy of mine that has a gas grill. Ill try and update both when the times comes.
  8. SaturdayGT

    Grill mats

    I bought a pack of these from Amazon for $12 bucks. Thought they would be good for fish. I have yet to try it though. I am curious if anyone here have used any of these yet and what kind of experience they had?
  9. SaturdayGT

    2019 4* LB Trezmen Marshall (UGA 4/27/18)

    I think the USC trojans win the title of the most ketchuppy and mustardy program in all of college....
  10. SaturdayGT

    NFL - players will be fined for kneeling

    Im just hopeful I can watch sports not mixed with politics this year. I dont have a lot of faith in that thanks to the Media. Goodall says that if the player doesn't want to participate in standing for the flag, they can remain in the locker room....well, anyone can guess what the media is going to do, they will focus on the players that do not participate, dragging us right back in a political sports venue. More doubt than hope for me, but we will see!!
  11. SaturdayGT

    Big Green Egg

    I cooked a steak on a big green egg, and it might have been one of the best steaks I've ever cooked! Too pricey for me though. I've tried several types of grills, and Ive narrowed down my favorite to the plain old 150 dollar Weber kettle grill. They wont last like the porcelain type grills, but they will out last most of the other types. They also outcook all the other grills Ive tried and trashed after 2 or 3 years because the cost to replace the grates were about half of what a brand new grill costs...which leads to the best thing about a can get a brand new grill grate for less than 20 bucks!
  12. SaturdayGT

    A Thread Gone Awry From the OP

    Ok, pressure is dialed up for a good punchline here!...😛
  13. If there was any effective Russian influence, I wouldn't think it would be any more or less than whatever influence they have had in any of the previous elections in our lifetimes. Also, if there was Russian influence, it would be way way down on the long list of all that influences our thought processes and decision making when it comes to politics. such as friends, family, news media, TV, books, newspapers, neighbors, coworkers....sheesh, theres got to be hundreds. ...Now russia may have their hands in some of these other influences, but again, I dont think they just all of the sudden tried to influence our elections in 2016.