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  1. Mayhem and Chaos..... Sulking and tears..... Over crowded safe spaces, ..."Heroically bold condemnations" by humble, unselfish, unself-promoting, deeply deeply concerned, non con artist, non power hungry type politicians who have absolutely no agenda for self or party, . ...You know, the loving ones who are strictly about the people, and will sacrifice everything for the smaller guys! .....
  2. "Context", .. Parts of statements left out, .....Over looking the positive things done or said, ....."People love to yell and shake their fists while remaining blissfully ignorant of actual facts",........Wait, are you talking about Omar, or Trump here? LOL
  3. The little "reaction" button is just not enough. Not only a great read, but a great feeling knowing every single one of us here can appreciate this! Thank you Homer!
  4. Man all you guys left me with nothing to add!
  5. Wild cat on first and ten.... Then first and 20?....its like a 10 year old playing Playstation took over our play calling....
  6. Isnt it weird to have to feel compelled to put a topic like this in the snack talk forum? Lol
  7. Meanwhile.... Half of CNN reporters suggest hurricane Dorian is the result of climate change and Trump has to except responsibility...... For like the first hurricane ever!!!
  8. ...They will have to some how bring this guy back!
  9. Has the claim been made yet that Trump made this happen to cover up Russian Collusion?
  10. (I got this guys, I speak Ichy) ....I know Ichy, but you know as well as I do how sleazy the world of politics can be. You've said it many times have to basically question everything people try to sell you when it comes to this stuff. ....And to your second point, that was a little uncalled for dont you think? But yeah were are still good!
  11. Fair enough Titan, to be honest, I kind of approach anything political like Prager U as something misleading or tilted to one side or the other. I dont expect a lot of honesty. I approached your video the same way. There are points I havent considered, but then theres alot for me to be skeptical about. Mainly, the last part....Im not sure what Trump looked at the night before, but Im sorry, I just completely doubt he saw (if he even looked like Trump himself said) what that video wants us to believe he saw. Trump may be a white supremacist for all I know, but I just dont buy all the so called "Evidence". I just see a campaign of sorts to label him that way.
  12. Just to be clear....there were basically 4 kind of groups there: A) peaceful protesters who wanted to remove the statue B.) peaceful protesters who wanted to preserve the statues C) White supremacist/ neo nazt fringe right groups D) Antifa/ fringe left groups So when Trump said "good people on both sides" which two was talking about?....We know C) is your first answer, whats your answer for the other side and why do you come to that conclusion?
  13. Homer, I dont think your doing a good job making people feel stupid for not seeing this your way. From the get go, when this whole thing went down, I thought it was obvious he was talking about the peaceful protesters....There were peaceful protesters there you know? (good people) When Trump said "Good people on both sides" he was not talking about white supremacists, nor he was talking about Antifa (the other side nobody mentions) either. Its nonsense either way you shake it.