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  1. I talked to him a bit, he said his last year was 2002. He rocked the "War eagle" though and was proud to introduce himself as a former Auburn football player.
  2. I am at an applbees with TJ Jenkins football player from auburn he said. Hes with his wife talking, cant but in... Anyone remember?... Names so familiar....
  3. So what was on their mind? Were they saying that because they think she hates Trump and America, or do they all hate her for her color?
  4. I was just curious if you studied at Auburn. My older sister went and studied Psychology around the time Bo Jackson played!
  5. Homer, are you studied in Psycology? I just notice a lot of reference to Psychology in your posts.
  6. Woah!!.. I just got the mother of all facepalms! LMAO!!... Thats awesome Titan!
  7. I tell you you what, ill concede its definitely something that you could make a case for a racist comment. I just didnt take it that way. I could be wrong... God knows im always friggin wrong it seems like lol, but I just dont fear for people of different races under this president. Im sorry, I just have not made the connection.... I know how trump is with his foes, and im just not convinced the color of their skin makes a difference when he goes on the atrack.
  8. Trumps pretty arogant, i could seriously see Trump telling a political foe with a brittish accent to go back to England and do whatever lol
  9. If they had an English accent complaining how he did things, and he told them to go back to England, what would you say?
  10. I honestly dont hang much on words, but didnt he say say go back and fix wherever they came from and come back and show us how its done? Something more on those lines?... I kinda took it all as him pointing out.. If you dont like America leave, go wherever, make a better place and come back and let us know how you did it if you want. I just dont see anything wrong with that.
  11. The term is being diluted to promote political agendas.... Yeah, thats actually happening. Definitely a shame
  12. Trump is going in the opposite direction. By now, one would be only slightly surprised to hear the president simply use the N-word. Perhaps he’s saving that until the generalelection...... Lol,.... I started to scroll up to see if I could sort of get an idea of that flow of the thread.... I caught this bit like right off.... Come on, dont you all think you should reel some of this kinda stuff back a little?... I tell what, I will bet anyone here 500 bucks that the implied "N" word will never come out of Trumps mouth or as any tweet ever.... In fact ill bet 500 to anyones 50. All you have to do is take the bet. We should always have a record of it here.... All he has to do is call somebody, or any group of people the N word! Come on... This got to be one of the easiest bets youll ever make!! Its Trump!! Hes a white supremacist for god sakes!! Just take the bet!!
  13. I wonder how MSNBC fared with their day of patriotic celebration of the ole red white and blue? ........Anyone?