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  1. Not trying to debunk anything, just wondering if some of you have put much research in sunspot activity? I heard a little about it on the radio, where the sun is going to go through a phase (it had a name, but I cant recall) in the next 7 or 8 years. Its supposedly a phase that we haven't seen since the 1600s during the mini ice age. It makes me wonder if sunspots have so much effect on our weather, how much could they be affecting the ice melt? Could we be going through a period of time where the sunspot activity is really high currently and we are about to see it drop off bigtime?
  2. Its not a big deal. Just enjoy the irony knowing the left would freak out over something like this if it was the other way around.
  3. Accountable if he truely was guilty of doing as you and many other claim. He may have been guilty. He was punished for it in the campaigns regardless. It may have even cost him the popular vote. As of now its kind of a dead issue. What else can be done based on the two different opinions of what people think he meant or didnt nean?
  4. How about Hillarys "CP time" debacle? Personally, I do not think Hillary is racist. I do believe it was not thought out well as she claimed and I believe her.
  5. Well I can see why you believe as you do. Maybe your right. You are definitely not the only one who thinks so. Its all opinion on wether or not he did it to make fun of his disability. Trump said he was making fun of his back tracking, there were several other times hes done it. Theres enough there to justify either sides opinion. I happen to have the opinion that this is just an attempt to make Trump look worse than he is.
  6. He was mocking his backtracking supposedly not his disability and hes done that spastic act before when people back track or whatever.
  7. The MSM is out of control, that's probably the most concerning thing to me.
  8. I can see where this will give the turds fodder to use against us to try and make us look bad or retaliate...But to worry about what they think or might do after that, kinda has that "owned" feeling, so I refuse to be concerned!!
  9. Mims is spot on as far as I see it. Its something he does that's very childish from his position. I can see where somebody with disabilities could take offence, but I really do not think he set his intentions on the reporters disability.
  10. Its a little classless if you absolutely had to put it in a negative category. I mostly see the fun and banter side of it. Nobody was harmed, nothing destroyed. I always figured sports fans have been celebrating their teams wins, and their rivals to losses for generations, especially around their college ages.
  11. Lol, homer must sleep like..."zzzzz trump....zzzzz narcissism....zzzzz trump-ump-ump-ump...zzzzz ...narcissism....zzzz...... trump....zzzz narcissism-ism-ism....zzzz...trump......"
  12. Well he just said "will pay for it" he didnt say "all of it!"...Just kidding,..I have no idea on the plans. Im nowhere near as keen on the political world as most here. As for the other questions I found this just a s a quick search In 2013, the United States gave Mexico $51.5 million in foreign aid. Of that amount, $24.8 million, the largest segment, was designated for democracy, human rights and governance. The next largest amount,$10.9 million, was designated for the environment, and $8.4 million was designated for economic development.
  13. I hear that alot, and wouldnt be surprised if something like this is on the table.
  14. Ive always took that "hate crime" was something along the lines of the degrees of murder. Im not sure why they couldn't add degrees to the crime. Like a 1st degree crime, or maybe, in this case first degree assault? It seems like that would be more in line with the legal jargon, and it would include hate crime and possibly other motives as well.
  15. I cracked up at the "HOLY JOHNNY UNITAS!!!" comment at JF3's 8 yard pass..... which was high and kinda lucky the receiver was able to jump up and grab it..