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  1. Bo's toast...I watched the first half..I think he could be a good QB...he just really overthinks situations , and it seems like his natural inclination of "try harder" leads him in the wrong direction. ..I hate it for the guy
  2. I bet the entire football watching population is tuning in to watch this upset brewing.....
  3. Stay home or avoid crowds, or just do what you're comfortable with. Everyone has several different ways of handling the pandemic. Theres no perfect position to be in on it all. Those who go out without any concern, risk spreading it, but they also keep certain job industries afloat providing income to people....if you stay home and choose to quarantine, you pose a smaller risk for spreading it, but you may not be doing much to help the economy. ...im not going to bash anyone for there stance or approach...any choice you choose isn't much different than all the others...at least in my view.
  4. What a nightmare situation for the facepalmers here...must be rough for you.....
  5. I'd be curious as to who stayed home during covid...once they got vaxed, how many went on with their lives....once they found out you can catch and spread the disease while vaxed....who went back into quarantine?..
  6. People have to just concentrate on themselves...if your vaccinated then you should be happy...if your vaccinated and still worried about unvaccinated people, stay home..Its your reality to deal with, not everyone elses.....much less the governments.....If you feel the Government needs to make everyone adhere to your "requirements"...you might be a Nazi....
  7. Im sorry, but the hurlfest over Trump is way over the top for me. I get the imperfections...I think the outside critics of Trump are the sketches of the group...
  8. Pulling for the people of Australia!...I so hope they overcome this sorta system of government. I would hope it would go along way for change in other governments headed in that same direction, or already there.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10225225228203143&id=1394333043
  10. If we are all under 50%, I think we are all alot more"unified" than I thought!!
  11. So how much trust should we have in Government in tenths from 10 to 100?
  12. I gotta say...All the Penn state fans I've run Cross were really great people....I need some help to build up some hate and get fired up!!
  13. Ichy, I love it when you laugh with me, so by all means...express and share by any means...you are the literal king of 3 emojis!
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