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  1. If they're playing strict man-to-man, you should run pick plays every time. Force them into zone.
  2. You cannot have a run-first team if your runners aren't a threat to take it every time they touch the ball. You can't sustain drives. Here's the reality: 2nd and 6 is a win for the defense. Even if you have good O-Line play and can get 3-4 yards a carry, you will put yourself in 3rd down again and again. Too much attention is paid to 3rd down conversion percentage, but it gets overshadowed if you have to convert five times on third down to have a successful drive. The defense only needs one stop. You need chunk plays. You need to play like Alabama or LSU where they'll throw it 20 yards a time over the middle instead of the few passes attempted being behind the line of scrimmage. The success in the 4th quarter against Georgia (and maybe it was because their defense started playing soft) came from downfield passing. Again, if you want to have a run-first offense, you need a guy like Nick Marshall who is a threat to take it every time he has the ball. We don't have that. Whitlow is a good RB in any other scheme but he doesn't have the sheer speed for big play ability. Nix won't bust one either. And it's not a knock on them: it's just that this scheme has set the offense up for failure from the beginning. Here's a typical Auburn drive: 1st and 10 - Whitlow fights hard for three yards 2nd and 7 - Short pass behind the line of scrimmage for 5 yards 3rd and 2 - Nix keeps for 3 yards 1st and 10 - Dive up the middle for 1 yd 2nd and 9 - Another screen pass behind the line of scrimmage for 3 yards 3rd and 6 - Incomplete pass 4th and 6 - Punt You can't play like this and expect to win. You can convert half of your third downs and it doesn't matter. I know I'm repeating myself a lot, but at this point, nothing will change unless the scheme changes, and the scheme will never change unless the coach changes. We've recycled OCs year after year but the offensive philosophy has stayed the same, and it's not a good one.
  3. One thing I've noticed this season is that even when games are going poorly, the team never gives up. The defense still played their heart out when the offense couldn't do anything, and the offense kept trying. It's such a shame because this Auburn team has so much heart and deserves better than what this coaching staff is giving them.
  4. Derrick Brown came back for this.
  5. I hope Joey transfers to Oklahoma and wins a Heisman.
  6. Gus runs our RBs into the ground until they get injured every year. Pettway, Kerryon, now Boobee.
  7. Every time there's a poor performance by the offense, the O-Line seems to be the first to get the criticism after Malzahn. And it's entirely unfair. This O-Line has been paving the way for a rushing attack and has been holding up pretty good pockets most of the year. I thought they played pretty well yesterday (a hell of a lot better than Florida's O-Line at the very least). Most of this criticism comes because you guys want a scapegoat and it's super taboo on this board to call out individual players, so you blame the O-Line as a unit because it helps to dissipate the blame a bit. It's still not fair. Those guys on the line bust their ass just as much as everyone else and have played far above expectations this year (probably the best we've had since 2013). If you want to blame players (and not saying you should), don't blame our guys who maul people week after week just because it seems less abrasive to blame a unit rather than a specific player. I've seen the whole "players and families read this board" so we shouldn't target specific people. And that's fine. That's good. But that should apply to everyone (and their group), not just individuals like the QB, RB, kicker, or whatever. If you're bitching about a unit that's playing well overall, you're just making things worse and causing division.
  8. It's a dilemma. Bo Nix is a true freshman, so that can be invoked as a shield whenever he has a game like today. It calls into question: as a true freshman, is there a limit to his performance to where he could possibly be benched?
  9. The Auburn Tigers prevailed with a stunning 24-20 win over the mighty 2018 Texas A&M Aggie Football Team. This was a game in which the Tigers struggled a lot, but pulled it out in the end. Even in victory, there was still a lot to learn from. They ran all over us. ...And they ran all over us. Georgia ran for 303 yards. I don’t want to hear about talent. You can talk about our talent at O-Line or RB or QB or kicker or anywhere else this season, but we have it on the front seven. No one should be running it down our throats. We are SO damn undisciplined when it comes to stopping the run. Two problems: 1) Players are getting pushing into one another 2) Missing tackles Successful running isn’t about getting “a hat on a hat.” Don’t tell me they’re running wild because they’re holding. I’d feel better if we had one-on-one battles, where one lineman negates another. Our guys are constantly out of position. We’ll have two players concentrated in one spot and the hole will be on the other side of the line. Even if their entire line holds (and they did), we should still mathematically a linebacker free to meet the RB in the running lane. But all too often, the defenders just aren’t there, and when they are, bad angles are being taken and tackles are being missed. You don’t have to rush up the field for the TFL to stop the run. Hold the line, stay flexible, and plug up the gaps. With the talent we have, we should be getting stops within 2-4 yard range with the front seven and not allowing them into the secondary. That will bring up third down situations often. We are just so, so undisciplined. Maybe this will be fixed, maybe not. Gus Malzahn, and this program in general, has just enough success that the underlying issues are never addressed. We’ve struggled with the same things for years now. Ever since Chizik came here, it seems like we forgot how to tackle. We win ugly. We’re called the “Cardiac Cats” for a reason. We’re in that zone where we win enough so that’s were not objectively a bad program (despite what some would say). And yet, sometimes our success is our own worst enemy. It’s no surprise that in recent memory, the more highly ranked preseason Auburn teams tend to be the bigger letdowns. We can’t handle success, because success only reinforces any pre-existing bad habits. In order to move forward as a program, we will have to positively leverage the successes that we have. This coaching staff has not been able to do so.
  10. Defense is worn out from being on the field because they can't get a stop.
  11. I'm gonna pile on the whine: Is it just me or are we getting some terrible spots while they're getting great spots? That first down play looked like it got 9 yards but it's 2nd and 3.
  12. Let's throw every down. We're in the midst of a disappointing season. We've got nothing to lose.