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  1. The Auburn Tigers prevailed with a stunning 24-20 win over the mighty 2018 Texas A&M Aggie Football Team. This was a game in which the Tigers struggled a lot, but pulled it out in the end. Even in victory, there was still a lot to learn from. They ran all over us. ...And they ran all over us. Georgia ran for 303 yards. I don’t want to hear about talent. You can talk about our talent at O-Line or RB or QB or kicker or anywhere else this season, but we have it on the front seven. No one should be running it down our throats. We are SO damn undisciplined when it comes to stopping the run. Two problems: 1) Players are getting pushing into one another 2) Missing tackles Successful running isn’t about getting “a hat on a hat.” Don’t tell me they’re running wild because they’re holding. I’d feel better if we had one-on-one battles, where one lineman negates another. Our guys are constantly out of position. We’ll have two players concentrated in one spot and the hole will be on the other side of the line. Even if their entire line holds (and they did), we should still mathematically a linebacker free to meet the RB in the running lane. But all too often, the defenders just aren’t there, and when they are, bad angles are being taken and tackles are being missed. You don’t have to rush up the field for the TFL to stop the run. Hold the line, stay flexible, and plug up the gaps. With the talent we have, we should be getting stops within 2-4 yard range with the front seven and not allowing them into the secondary. That will bring up third down situations often. We are just so, so undisciplined. Maybe this will be fixed, maybe not. Gus Malzahn, and this program in general, has just enough success that the underlying issues are never addressed. We’ve struggled with the same things for years now. Ever since Chizik came here, it seems like we forgot how to tackle. We win ugly. We’re called the “Cardiac Cats” for a reason. We’re in that zone where we win enough so that’s were not objectively a bad program (despite what some would say). And yet, sometimes our success is our own worst enemy. It’s no surprise that in recent memory, the more highly ranked preseason Auburn teams tend to be the bigger letdowns. We can’t handle success, because success only reinforces any pre-existing bad habits. In order to move forward as a program, we will have to positively leverage the successes that we have. This coaching staff has not been able to do so.
  2. Defense is worn out from being on the field because they can't get a stop.
  3. I'm gonna pile on the whine: Is it just me or are we getting some terrible spots while they're getting great spots? That first down play looked like it got 9 yards but it's 2nd and 3.
  4. Let's throw every down. We're in the midst of a disappointing season. We've got nothing to lose.
  5. The primary job of the president is to be a fundraiser and spokesperson for the University.
  6. One of the hallmarks of great teams is the ability to win close games. A great offense isn’t just the ones with the points, stats, and highlights. It must be able to execute a game-winning drive with everything on the line. Similarly, a great defense can get a stop when it needs it most. In 2013, Auburn pulled out some great, even magical, wins in clutch moments. Unfortunately, they were one stop away from a national championship in the most important defensive series in Auburn football history. Going into 2014, the message to the team was that we would be “13 seconds better.” They would go beyond being a great statistical team; they would clutch out those elusive close games. And in a cruel twist of irony, nothing could’ve been farther from the truth. Since 2014, Auburn has statistically been... not clutch at all. Let’s take a look at the record: Auburn is 3-10 when trailing/tied in close games going into the 4th quarter (8 points): Wins: 2014 South Carolina (tied) 2016 Ole Miss (trailed by 2) 2016 LSU (trailed by 1) Losses: 2014 Wisconsin (trailed by 4) 2014 Mississippi State (trailed by 8] 2015 Alabama (trailed by 6) 2015 Arkansas (trailed by 7) 2015 Ole Miss (trailed by 7) 2015 Georgia (tied) 2016 Georgia (tied) 2017 Clemson (trailed by 8] 2017 Georgia, SEC Championship (trailed by 6) 2017 UCF (tied) -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Overall, since 2014, Auburn is 9-13 in games decided within one score (8 points) or less: Wins: 2014 Kansas State (won by 6) 2014 South Carolina (won by 7) 2014 Ole Miss (won by 4) 2015 Louisville (won by 7) 2015 JSU (won by 7) 2015 Kentucky (won by 3) 2016 Vanderbilt (won by 7) 2016 LSU (won by 5) 2018 Washington (won by 5) Losses: 2014 Wisconsin (lost by 3) 2014 Texas A&M (lost by 3) 2015 Arkansas (lost by 8] 2015 Ole Miss (lost by 8] 2015 Georgia (lost by 7) 2015 Mississippi State (lost by 8] 2016 Clemson (lost by 6) 2016 Georgia (lost by 6) 2017 Clemson (lost by 8] 2017 LSU (lost by 4) 2017 UCF (lost by 7) 2018 LSU (lost by 1) 2018 Tennessee (lost by 6) -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- This is not acceptable if we want to compete at higher level. The ability to win close games against good teams is a prerequisite for being an elite football program. While Malzahn was able to pour it on quite heavily against some teams in 2017, when Auburn needed a drive at the end of the Clemson game, we couldn’t get it. We couldn’t get a drive in the 4th quarter of the LSU game. We couldn’t finish against UCF. Similarly, we couldn’t get the stop against LSU this year (granted they were aided by questionable penalties, but we still had 4th and 7). The bottom line is that when the game is on the line, we aren’t getting it done. In college football, rankings/reputation is based solely on wins and losses. And often times, the difference between a win and a loss is razor-thin. It comes down to which team has the clutch factor.
  7. As long as people have this mentality, Auburn will never be an elite program. Granted, we'll have fun seasons and it'll be all well and good. Nevertheless, unless excellence is demanded and people are held accountable, we will continue to dwell in the doldrums of mediocrity.
  8. I watched some of Stidham's old Baylor games yesterday. One common theme is that after the ball was snapped, it'd be out of his hands in less than two seconds. They ran lots of fades, seams, curls, etc. This offense is play action, hold the ball for 5 seconds, and run for your life. I truly believe Stidham has the arm talent to carry a team. We do best when we're in 4 and 5 WR sets. Anyone blaming Stidham can take two seats. He's missed on some throws but we all know that if he played for Bama, UGA, or Ohio State, he'd be a first round draft pick and a Heisman contender. If Gus can't win with Stidham because Stidham isn't "good enough," I'm not buying it.
  9. There are 11 players on our offense. Jarrett Stidham is the best one.