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  1. Troy was a 10 win program. I think JJ is scared if it is close or we lose it'll drastically hurt our recruiting. Troy is the school we need to be playing yearly. They have a decent fan base and it'd make the game at least interesting even though most years we would beat them bad. Oklahoma plays Tulsa every year and has even visited Tulsa every tenish years. They have even lost to Tulsa a long time ago. Its fun and we should get that kind of relationship with the Trojans that are only an hour and a half away. Stupid we play teams like Mercer and Samford over Troy.
  2. Not that it really matters but shouldn't Troy be in on this. They won 10 games last year haha I understand how lame it is to be saying a team should get into a 64 playoff CFB bracket.
  3. http://www.nycbuckets.com/current-nit-bracketology/ I think we get in.
  4. Although if we had played Troy early in the season we probably would have lost.
  5. Why not play Troy or South? seriously it is ridiculous we do not play the other D1 teams in our state.It would create at least some interest in the game.
  6. We sure do complain alot for a team that hasn't made the tourney since 2003. Look we got a good team that's young and mistake prone. We are getting close to being good enough to make the big dance. We are a team trending up FINALLY so stop crying about a W because we are not use to being a winning basketball team. Be happy that we are very close to being tourney ready and within the next few years we could become a consistent basketball power. WAR EAGLE!
  7. Burns is unproven but there were far fewer dropped passes this year. Craig was coaching beasts like Coates, Duke and Louis who all dropped the ball like it was covered in butter. Coates even admitted his coaching at Auburn was sub par. Burns did get a 4 star even though we didn't need more WRs.
  8. I'd rather have Burns any day of the week over Craig. Yall are crazy to rather have DC. He was a terrible receiver coach the WRs look much better under Burns. A good recruiter doesn't mean a good coach.
  9. Sammie Coates, Duke and especially Ricardo never reached their full potential under DC and I'd say they were just as talented as who Kodi has had. It does seem legit. DC is the most overrated coach we have had in a long time.
  10. God yall whine too much. Also D. Craig was a great recruiter but our WRs actually have looked better with Burns coaching them IMO. Have seen much fewer dropped passes.
  11. All I know is he was thought to be a great QB coach when at Troy which is extremely important.
  12. Mixed feelings. I don't like that he's from Malzahn's tree but he was very successful at Southern Miss and ASU.
  13. I would never say Brown does not care and his defense is very valuable at that position. Look at Andre Roberson for the OKC Thunder for an example of this on the biggest stage. Brown will get it together and last night he went on a streak that brought our scoring back up. I do not know what is going on with Lang and I feel bad for him honestly because when he is on he is a sniper.
  14. I know this is random but don't yall think our south cousin Troy should be at least 25 in the ranking? Troy only has only one loss to Clemson by 6 points and may have won if not for bad officiating. Want to see 3 Alabama schools ranked.
  15. I'm thinking Ohio State, Nebraska, Wisconsin , or FSU