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  1. Very disappointing. Despite how you feel on pot, it is against team rules and this was a very selfish thing that they did. Sad.
  2. Well despite injury and other issues KJ really was not a very good Kick Returner. Usually ran into the crowd and went down. He's a phenomenal RB but not at KR so much. I still think Martin and Eli Stove have the best intangibles for KR and if JF3 could find a lane he would be gone.
  3. I would really like to see Eli Stove back there. He could be very dangerous.
  4. I think KJ has no right doing Kickoff Returns and Punt Returns. He is too valuable to the team and is not exceptional at them anyway. On kickoffs I would really like to see Martin and JF3 returning. If they can hold onto the ball that speed would be killer. I just worry about KJ getting injured. I am sure there are people on the team that are less valuable and can return punts and kicks. Thoughts? Who would you like to see returning punts and kicks?
  5. We will see. I really hope so.
  6. Sad life but I do not pity him. At-least our tax dollars won't be wasted keeping an evil man who was a murderer alive.
  7. War Damn Ricardo!
  8. Definitely not trying to bash Hastings at all. Just looking at him stand by other receivers he doesn't look like he's in the same league. Nothing to do with skin color! haha I thought it was a just question.
  9. He looked very good and even more important Stidham looked to very confident in him at A-Day.
  10. What do you guys think of Will Hastings being one of our top targets? He does not seem to be as athletic, fast, or as big as our other receivers. Does him showing up as a top 2 or 3 target say a whole lot about him or more about the receivers around him? Just Curious.
  11. Still do not care. I always thought it was dumb when Republicans complained about it with Obama and it is dumb now that people complain it about Trump. Hell people complained about it with Bush too. This stuff does not matter and sure Trump used it to make Obama look bad but that's a norm for politicians to do to try and get elected. Trump and Obama often did business during these so called "vacations". I look at economy, social issues, and defense for my judging of a president. People need to stop being petty over trivial things and both sides are just as bad. It's annoying and start focusing on things that matter.
  12. This is a dumb thing to complain about on both sides. Maybe we should look at how the economy is doing to judge a president?? That sounds reasonable.
  13. I went to a few practices and the three most impressive WRs I've seen (albeit limited) were JF3, Hastings, and Slayton.
  14. I wish I could find the a**hole who called him and teach that person a lesson.
  15. Troy was a 10 win program. I think JJ is scared if it is close or we lose it'll drastically hurt our recruiting. Troy is the school we need to be playing yearly. They have a decent fan base and it'd make the game at least interesting even though most years we would beat them bad. Oklahoma plays Tulsa every year and has even visited Tulsa every tenish years. They have even lost to Tulsa a long time ago. Its fun and we should get that kind of relationship with the Trojans that are only an hour and a half away. Stupid we play teams like Mercer and Samford over Troy.