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  1. Damn I completely forgot about that. Makes sense and hope you are doing well.
  2. Wow Tashawn Manning went from 260 to 320? 60 pounds different?
  3. Not trolling. It is a relevant question with Stoops being recently available and it is the off-season. This is almost as relevant as talking about Auburn moving to the East. Just bored people wanting something to talk about.
  4. I think on Bob Stoops worst day he is still better than Malzahn. Malzahn may be a better recruiter but Stoops is an all time great and Malzahn has not shown to be that yet. Stoops has his issues but come on he is the most winning coach in Oklahoma history and wins 10 games or more basically every year and has dominated the SEC as of late. I don't think this is a possibility and Malzahn could end up working out and becoming a top tier coach but he has work to do. Right now it is not even close which coach is an upgrade.
  5. I disagree. Bob Stoops is much better as a football head coach. He is a top 5 HC and Malzahn is probably a top 20-25.
  6. Would you be okay with losing Malzahn after this year and pursuing Bob Stoops? Who would you rather have? It's the middle of the off-season and seems like a fun discussion.
  7. More of an Austrian Economist myself, Keynes believed in basically throwing money at problems to stimulate production. That's pretty insane.
  8. I like his dealings with China, going in the right direction to defund bad programs such as PP, working with private business for jobs instead of using government, giving access to pipelines, plans for eliminating useless regulations, I could go on. He's not great and has some massive flaws such as the wall, tariffs and not cutting government spending nearly fast enough but his first 100 days have not been bad.
  9. Yawn, I give him a B-. Not a fan of Trump but he is better than Obama was and better than Hillary would have been. I graduated from here with an econ degree and follow politics religiously. People have got to stop acting like Obama was so good and talking about golf. Good God. The unemployment rate is skewed right now due to many people leaving the work field. People that only use unemployment as an issue do not understand how it works. Unemployment is only showing people currently looking for work. The amount of people in a steady job currently is very low and that is due to Obama's administration being very liberal with welfare and other government programs. Obama's policies sound nice but cannot be sustained and Trump is much more realistic. I have things I despise about Trump such as foreign trade but he is an upgrade from both Obama and W.
  10. This was one of the dumbest boards in the history of this site.
  11. I knew this was a trap game. Troy is no joke and has been consistently the best baseball program in the state the last 5 years. We are getting better but there is still alot of work to do. Need more consistent hitting and more pitching depth. We are very good and within the next few years we could be extremely dangerous.
  12. My wife is a Troy grad so I consider Troy my 2nd favorite school. I keep up with their athletics and they are a dangerous baseball team. Arguably better than both Samford and South. They are definitely not as good as they have been in the past but are above average. I just remember them beating Bama 2 times at the FSU regional. It was glorious lol. Their pitching is mediocre but they can seriously score some runs.
  13. Troy will not be easy tonight and is a trap game. They have beaten us pretty bad previously. We need to handle business to keep from dropping further.
  14. Very disappointing. Despite how you feel on pot, it is against team rules and this was a very selfish thing that they did. Sad.
  15. Well despite injury and other issues KJ really was not a very good Kick Returner. Usually ran into the crowd and went down. He's a phenomenal RB but not at KR so much. I still think Martin and Eli Stove have the best intangibles for KR and if JF3 could find a lane he would be gone.